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I Understand But Not Really

, , , , , , , | Right | November 14, 2022

A woman comes into the pharmacy to pick up her medication. She is getting two of the same meds that are different doses; she alternates taking them daily, so for a month’s supply, she gets fifteen of each instead of thirty.

Thirty minutes after purchasing, she returns to the pharmacy.

Customer: “Why did you only give me fifteen of each instead of thirty?”

Me: “You have to alternate both doses, and they will make up a full month’s supply.”

Customer: “I’m not happy with this! I want thirty of each!”

Me: “Your insurance won’t cover sixty pills for thirty days.”

Customer: “Okay. I understand. No problem.”

Me: “Have a good day!”

Customer: “But where is the rest of my medication? I want thirty!”

I am so confused at this point, so I explain again.

Customer: “Okay. I understand.”

I walk away, and she calls me back.

Customer: “But where are the rest of my medications?”

I explain a third time.

Customer: “Okay, sure, but why are you withholding my medication?”

This happened enough times that I got frustrated and had to get the pharmacist. It was just so crazy because she said she understood what I said but then asked why I wasn’t giving her the medication!

Corporate’s Solution To Pickup Picking Up

, , , , , , | Working | November 1, 2022

I work grocery pickup. Recently, corporate has reduced the hours that we have to shop orders. We had four hours, then three, and now two. In addition, corporate will automatically send a text telling people to come to pick up their order an hour before their pickup time whether or not we have finished shopping their order. For context, we need to shop the entire hour before we can send it in to billing.

A customer arrives half an hour before their pickup time.

Customer: “Hello, I’m here to pick up my order.”

Me: “And what’s the name on the order?”

Customer: “It’s [Customer].”

Me: “Sadly, the order is not ready yet, and will not be until [time].”

Customer: “What do you mean? I got a text saying it’s ready.”

Me: “Corporate will send out those texts an hour before pickup time as a reminder. They send them regardless of the progress on the order. We’re waiting for the deli for your order at the moment.”

Customer: “But I didn’t order any deli. Why do I have to wait?”

Me: “Because we can’t send your order in to billing due to having to send the whole hour in at once.”

Customer: “That’s not very professional, is it?”

Me: “Well, I could bring you out your order, as you didn’t get any deli, but I would not be able to give you a paper receipt. You’d get one through email.”

Customer: “That is unacceptable. My order should be ready when I am ready to pick it up.”

Me: “Sadly, there is only one person in the deli, so they have been behind today.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager. I shop here often, and you always mess up my order.”

The customer got a $25 gift card from my spineless manager. She also didn’t want two out of the three substitutions we gave her and complained for half an hour to the manager after I took her order out.

Oh, and it was her first order, so she lied about shopping often. Gotta love retail.

Grannies Drop Bombshells Not Bombs

, , , , , , | Right | September 23, 2022

Security on this airline is known to be really tough. I am waiting to go through security behind the quintessential sweet little old lady.

She is setting off all sorts of bells and whistles but apparently having trouble hearing or understanding the security guard. He looks at her, rolls his eyes, and waves her on through.

I am through quickly and as I am passing her, she catches my eye.

Little Old Lady: “Humph! He didn’t think I could be a terrorist, did he?!”

PTSD Versus I-Am-Needy

, , , , , , | Right | March 17, 2022

My spouse and I are walking through the clothing section when a lady calls out to us, pointing to my spouse.

Customer: “Hey, you! Where can I find these pants in a size fourteen?”

Spouse: “Sorry, I don’t work here. I think there’s an employee by the dressing rooms.”

We continue walking.

Customer: “Hey! Hey! Get back here! I’m not done talking to you!”

I turn around, unfortunately just in time to see the lady grab my spouse’s arm.

Me: “Lady, wait—”

Too late. My spouse shrieks, grabs the lady, and throws her over them onto the floor. They back up afterward, muttering apologies all the while.

Customer: “Ow! F***! The a**hole threw me!”

Me: “My spouse already said they don’t work here! And even if they did, you shouldn’t be grabbing employees, much less ones who are combat veterans!”

While I was trying to comfort my spouse, the commotion attracted the attention of several actual employees, who subsequently called security. After questioning all of us, they determined that my spouse was acting in self-defense, and they and I were free to go. While the customer was able to get up and walk, she was taken to medical services anyway.

I thought that would be the end of it, but a month later, we received a notice from the customer’s lawyer that she was trying to charge us for assault due to the incident. Thankfully, the store was more than willing to provide security footage and witness accounts to prove otherwise, and the case was dropped.

From Fire And Brimstone To Rainbows

, , , , , , , | Friendly | December 3, 2021

Back in college, there was a very loud religious advocacy group that would visit campus, set up their speakers, and “preach” the gospel to the students passing by. Now, I say “preach” because it was less “Glory to God who loves you!” and more “You’re all going to Hell because of who you are! Change your minds or burn!”

One such day, they set up right outside our performance center. It was obviously intentional, as a majority of the performance majors were part of the LGBT community, and the theater majors were not happy about having their space taken over. I had a class in the building behind the performance center, so I walked by the crowd gathering.

One of the advocates had a mic in one hand and was holding hands with a young woman I have seen in a few theater productions. The advocate seemed to be praying while the young woman stood there, half-smiling and nearly crying.

Advocate: “Lord, help this girl see the error of her ways! Help her, God, to see that her homosexual fornications are not what you want for her, but that she is here to bear children with a man, to love his family, to—”

Young Woman: *With a very dramatic tone* “Lord! You died for me!”

Surprised, the advocate shook her arm almost violently.

Advocate: “Yes… Yes, He did! He did die for you! The Lord loves you, child! Spread the word!”

The advocate passed his mic to the young woman, who stepped forward proudly.

Young Woman: “Jesus died for the gays! He loves us!”

There was a cheer from the crowd. The advocate dropped her hand and glared at her. I don’t know what he was trying to say because he was drowned out by the screaming crowd. The young woman took a bow and walked away. I went on my way to class, but when I came back, the advocacy group had packed up and left campus. They came back a few more times over the years and the message never changed, but I don’t think they tried to openly save anyone after that.