From Off The Shelf To Straight Down Your Throat

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I work in a high-end department store. As such, customers can be a little… particular. This is fine, though, as we are used to it and can handle it well. One woman comes in and chooses some very expensive sunglasses. This happens as I’m checking her out.

Customer: “And I would like a fresh pair from the back.”

Me: “Of course, ma’am. Let me go check that we have them.”

I go through our stock, but the only extra pair is also out on the shelf. I bring the extra pair to the register in case she likes the condition of these more. But before I can get a word in, she barks at me:

Customer: “I just saw what you did! You just took those off the shelf!”

Me: “I did, ma’am. These are the only two pairs I have left, but we can easily order you a brand new one if you like.”

Customer: *Grumbles* “Fine, order it.”

I cancel the transaction and start an order when she suddenly speaks up again.

Customer: “No. You know what? Cancel everything. I don’t want them. I saw what you did. I won’t take a used pair!”

She stormed off. I assume she thought I was trying to pass the other pair off as the new pair, but she jumped down my throat before I could explain and then didn’t seem to believe me anyway when I did. Some people can never be pleased.

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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 11

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My husband got home two weeks ago from spending two months in the hospital. We gave the hospital and doctor’s office our home phone number instead of his cell phone. He has a dozen follow-up appointments scheduled with many different departments, not to mention four different departments of in-home nurses calling and coming all throughout the week. Our phone is ringing off the hook. To let him rest as much as possible, I handle all the calls and scheduling of appointments.

He receives this call on his cell phone, which is listed as the non-primary number.

Husband: “Hello?”

The lady speaks without any introduction or greeting or anything.

Lady: “You want to cancel your appointment?”

Husband: “What?”

Lady: “You want to cancel your appointment?”

Husband: “Who is calling? Which appointment?”

Lady: “This is [Doctor]’s office.”

He gets me on the phone and she repeats which office she’s calling from. Unfortunately, my husband has eight new doctors that want follow-ups, and in the chaos, I didn’t grab my notes. It takes five minutes of me asking what department this doctor is in and me guessing upcoming appointments I have memorized for her to answer.

Lady: “I am with [department]. So, you want to cancel tomorrow’s appointment?”

Me: “No! We need this appointment! Why would we want to cancel?”

Lady: “We received a voicemail from you.”

It finally clicks. Two weeks ago, when my husband was first released, I called this office to MOVE the appointment. I left a detailed message repeating that, if possible, we wanted to move it one day, when we’ll be coming back to that same building for another appointment. I left my name and my number. 

Me: “No. I left a message two weeks ago. After not getting a call back, I called again. This is already resolved.”

Lady: “You want to cancel?”

Me: “No! We wanted to move it to Wednesday because we’ll already be in [building] that day, but the doctor isn’t there Wednesday.”

Lady: “We could move it to Thursday.”

Me: “That doesn’t help because we’ll be there on Wednesday. We’ll keep this appointment.”

Lady: “What about next week?”

Around and around and around we went for five more minutes until I could convince her that this was already resolved. And for those wondering, my husband is doing great!

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Like A Retail Unicorn

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My roommates and I are at a local big box store picking up our weekly rations, and we decide to swing by the electronics department. On the shelf, we see a battered and dog-eared copy of a strategy guide for a popular game that came out almost twenty years ago and has had a sequel but no remakes or other circumstances that would merit reprinting a guide. We debate how it came to be there and decide to find out what they are charging for it, out of sheer curiosity. 

At the register, the barcode does not scan, and the cashier can’t find the book in inventory. After a brief consultation with her supervisor, they decide that we can just take it so they don’t have to deal with the inventory headache.

Walking out, it hits us: this may be the only time “It didn’t ring up, so it must be free” was said by the staff to the customers.

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Kids Drain You Of All Your Power

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I am grocery shopping with my son. I don’t have my debit card on hand but I have one of those digital pay services that I know is accepted at the store. They also have an ATM you can access without your card through online banking. I have used both these options before and never had a problem.

Halfway through shopping, my son gets restless and decides to turn into a banshee, so I hand him the phone to put on a video. Finally, I am done picking everything out and we get to the checkout. I go to pay and realize my phone is dead!

Somehow, my son remained calm after it died, so I had no clue until paying. I am terribly embarrassed and kind of panicking as this is my only form of payment.

The cashier suspends my stuff and puts it to the side, lets me keep the receipt so it doesn’t get lost, and even goes to find a manager so she can get a charger for me to finish the transaction!

To the lady who truly cares about her job and helped me out, you are my rockstar. I sat for fifteen minutes using their charger and completed my transaction just because someone cared enough to help out. I feel like a complete idiot, but a grateful one.

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Refunder Blunder, Part 52

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I am a manager at a large chain pet store. I get a call from an older man.

Customer: “Is there another manager around?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, they are off, but I can try and help you.”

Customer: “I bought dog treats from you that made my dog sick and I want to know if I can get a refund.”

Me: “No problem. Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “I don’t.”

Me: “No problem. Do you have the packaging?”

Customer: “I don’t. The treats were taken to a boarding kennel for my dog and the staff threw them out because they were stale and made my dog vomit.”

Me: “Okay. Did you use your rewards membership?”

Customer: “Actually, I didn’t buy them; a friend did and they paid cash, without using any rewards membership.”

Me: “So, sir, let me make sure I understand. You would like to get a refund for a product that you do not have, with no receipt, no packaging, and no way to prove that it was even brought from here.”

Customer: “Yes. Is that going to be a problem?”

Me: “Unfortunately, yes. I need something. Even though I am not supposed to, I could make it work even if you had the product with no packaging. I need something in order to process the return.”

Customer: “Can’t I just come in and point to what I bought on the shelf and you give me a refund?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “This is terrible customer service! I should be able to get a refund! I don’t know why I need to have the product, receipt, or way to prove that I got the product from you!”

Me: “…”

I didn’t okay the refund and fortunately, he never came in.

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