Didn’t Provide That Nugget Of Information

, | Pittsburg, CA, USA | Right | May 25, 2017

(A well-known burger place is running a promotion of 10 chicken nuggets for just under $1.50. I order the nuggets and fries at the drive-thru. When I reach the window, the employee looks at me, confused.)

Employee: “Um, can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I ordered the nuggets and fries?”

(His eyes get huge, he leans out the window to stare at the truck ahead of me, which is leaving.)

Employee: “Uh, please wait one moment!”

(He races out of sight, presumably to check the queue of orders. He comes back, still looking confused.)

Employee: “I’m so, so sorry, ma’am. I recognize your voice. The lady in the car ahead of you never placed an order. She just paid for, and took, your meal.”

Me: “Well that’s a new one on me…”

(I paid for my order and got it, of course. Does anyone want to bet that she came back later, complaining that she got the ‘wrong order’ for the food she never ordered in the first place?)

Internationally It’s Breakfast Somewhere

| MT, USA | Right | May 24, 2017

(Overheard at a diner known internationally for their pancakes, around 11:45 in the morning:)

Woman: “They’re STILL serving breakfast? I don’t want pancakes…”

That’s The Last Time You Wing It

| Minneapolis, MN, USA | Right | May 23, 2017

(I’m in line at a Chinese fast-food restaurant and there will be a two minute wait until a fresh batch of fried rice is ready.)

Employee: “That was six wings?”

Customer: “Yes, but I need those in two separate containers.”

(Employee puts three in one container, and then moves to the second.)

Employee: “I’m adding a couple of extra to apologize for the wait.”

Customer: *angrily* “Well, how many are in the other one?”

Employee: “Three.”

Customer: “Hmph!” *stomps away to the register*

Setting A Bad Ex-Sample

| Washington, DC, USA | Working | May 23, 2017

(I am on a trip to D.C. with my parents and stop by a restaurant for lunch. This particular restaurant makes its own beer and has a sample deal where they give you a sample of six different beers in teeny shot glasses if you ask for them. My parents do this.)

Waiter: *bringing the samples to the table* “Here are your samples. Enjoy! Are you ready to order yet?”

(We do, and after he leaves with our order, we just chat, not touching the beers. The waiter comes back to check on us.)

Waiter: *seeing our full sample glasses* “Is there something wrong with the beer?”

Dad: “Oh, no, we just want to eat something first before drinking, or we’ll get drunk!”

Waiter: *gives us a confused look* “Okay…”

(He walked off, still confused. We noticed that a woman at a nearby booth that had arrived soon after us was already totally plastered and we looked at each other bewildered.)

In A Momentary Vegetative State

| WI, USA | Related | May 22, 2017

(My mom and I have just been served our entrees.)

Mom: “This is nice, but I wish it came with some vegetables.”

Me: “Mom. You ordered eggplant spinach parmesan. It is vegetables.”

Mom: “Oh. I guess it is.”

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