Eats People Like You Up For Breakfast

| Natchitoches, LA, USA | Working | May 22, 2017

(I am eight-months pregnant and have a terrible craving for a breakfast sandwich from a popular fast food chain. The chain stops serving breakfast at 10:30. I pull up to the drive-thru speak at 10:20.)

Employee: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. I’ll be right with you.”

(There are no other vehicles in line and more than 10 minutes pass, but I desperately want my sandwich so I wait.)

Employee: “Can I take your order?”

Me: “Yes I’d like a [Sandwich].”

Employee: “I’m sorry, we don’t serve breakfast after 10:30.”

(I look at the clock; it’s 10:32.)

Me: “I’ve been here since 10:20. You made me wait.”

Employee: “Sorry, breakfast is over.”

(Pregnant and angry, I pull around to the entrance and demand to speak to the manager. After explaining what happened she gave me a voucher to get the sandwich for free the next day. As i was leaving I could hear her yelling at the employee.)

Clawing For An “I Told You So”

, | USA | Working | May 22, 2017

(I’ve worked at this vet’s office for over a year. I’ve found myself butting heads with a sort-of new coworker, who worked at a different vet for a few years and will stubbornly try to conform all our documents and protocols to what her old workplace did. She’s started assuming anything I do or say is automatically wrong. On this particular workday, a cat that stays with us regularly has arrived.)

Coworker #1: “I’m bringing back, uh, [Cat] to board.”

Supervisor: “Put him in one of the big cages.”

Me: “I’ll grab the sign.”

(I grab one of our warning signs and go to hang it on the cat’s cage door.)

Coworker #1: “Woah, woah woah, he doesn’t need that! He’s been sweet so far!”

Me: “I’ve met him before, and he’ll rip your face off.”

Coworker #1: “No, he would NOT! You can’t just go saying things like that!”

Coworker #2: *silently dying of laughter behind Coworker #1*

(Fast-forward a couple weeks. I arrive at work and see that the same cat has arrived the day before. Then Coworker #1 arrives, with some recent claw marks on her face and neck. When she’s out of earshot, Coworker #2 comes up to me.)

Coworker #2: “You know, [Cat] tried to rip [Coworker #1]’s face off yesterday.”

Me: “Really? I warned her, didn’t I?”

Coworker #2: *laughs* “Oh, yeah, you did!”

(We had to suffer through even more bossy and angrily manic behavior than usual. Guess we deserved it, for making fun.)

Ah Forget IT

| New Zealand | Working | May 22, 2017

(We are having a very big sale day, I notice a message to call our IT help desk if a specific problem comes up. One of our assistants is having trouble with a customer’s sale. She calls me over.)

Coworker: “[My Name], I can’t get this coupon to work.”

Me: “That’s right, I’ll have to call help desk for this one” *to the customer* “I’m sorry, but I’ll be right back with you.”

(The customer is very patient, but her toddler is not and starts screaming. I call IT but get no answer. I try again and again.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I have to go check the number. It doesn’t seem to be working.”

Customer: *still patient* “That’s okay.” *she is still trying to placate her child*

(I find the number is right and call it again finally getting a recorded message to leave a message and they will call me back.)

Me: “Well, that’s a lot of help, I’m sorry but I can’t let you wait longer so I’ll just do it my way.” *I give the customer a discount to match her coupon; she thanks me and leaves.*

(Almost 20 minutes later IT finally rings back. I explain what I did.)

IT: “What? You shouldn’t have done it that way. There was a specific way to do it. You should have waited for us to call back.”

Me: “The customer had already waited for 10 minutes with a screaming child and was starting to get upset. There was no way I was going to make her wait any longer. I called you 20 minutes ago so I took the INITIATIVE and did it that way or she would have walked out and not bought anything.”

IT: *not used to being stood up to* “Oh, uh, um… You did the right thing, then.” *after a few moments pause* “Do you want me to tell you the right way?”

Me: “Yeah, that would be nice.”

(They explained a very simple fix — one that they could have explained in about 10 words on the original message.)

Announcement: Mid-2017 Update

| Friendly Hopeless Learning Related Right Romantic Working | May 22, 2017

Hey readers! We have some exciting changes to share with you:

Not Always Right – In addition to our new logo, you may have noticed all sites now bear the “Not Always Right” logo. This was done on purpose: having multiple sites was problematic and inefficient for both readers and staff. From now on, there will only be one site and one brand: Not Always Right. For our loyal, long-time readers, don’t worry — the former sister sites will remain in separate categories, but under a single unified brand.

All Tab – This new tab is exactly as it sounds: all stories from all categories under a single tab.

Popular Tab – Read our most popular recent stories from all categories.

Unified Unfiltered Tab – Unfiltered also gets unified, with all unfiltered stories from all categories under this tab.

New Commenting System – This was a tough call for us, but we’ve decided to switch commenting systems to Disqus. The main benefit will be that anyone (not just Facebook users) will finally be able to comment. The big downside is the loss of the old Facebook comments. Please note we are actively investigating a way to provide access to the legacy Facebook comments.

Unified Facebook Page – For our Facebook users, all stories from all categories will be posted to the Not Always Right page. The former sister site pages will no longer be maintained.

Random (under construction) – Thanks for everyone who noticed issues with the Random button! We’ve temporarily removed it so we can get it working properly. We’re also looking into making it pull only stories from the category you are in.

Got comments, suggestions, or criticisms? Please let us know in the comments below! And thank you as always for being a loyal reader and visitor!

PS – Please try clearing your browser’s cache if you have any problems.

The Store Is Closing Permanently For You

| OK, USA | Working | May 21, 2017

(My daughter’s first job is at a nearby department store. Many of the locations have been closing around the country. But one would think someone applying for a job would have more sense than this.)

Daughter: *working at the front counter* “Hello, can I help you find something today?”

Man: *who has just come in* “Nah, I have an interview.”

Daughter: “Is it with [Manager]? I’ll call her up.”

Man: “I don’t know. I got an email saying I had an interview. Frankly, I was surprised. I didn’t know any of these stores were still open. I hear they’re closing all over. I’m really surprised this one hasn’t. Does anyone even shop here anymore?”

Manager: *having heard most of what the man said* “Hello, would you like to step back here for the interview?”

Man: “Sure, but is it even worth it? Is this store going to close soon? Does anyone ever shop here?”

(Daughter tells me she never saw the guy again. He must not have gotten the job.)

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