Made That Moment Beautiful

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(I am shopping with my boyfriend. I’m 20 and he is 21. I am helping him pick out jeans when a girl who looks about 15 years of age comes up to us; she is wearing red hipster sunglasses and a red One Direction T-shirt.)

Girl: “Hello, mind if I tell you guys something?”

Me: *curious* “Go ahead!”

(Suddenly, “What Makes You Beautiful” starts playing from somewhere. This girl sings us the whole song with dance moves and everything.)

Girl: *after the song is finished* “I really meant what I said; you are very pretty and your friend is quite handsome. Stay you and don’t change.” *walks away smiling*

Boyfriend: “That was interesting, but it made my day.”

 Me: “Yeah, that was very sweet.”

(A couple of minutes later, we see her singing to an old couple. The manager walks up.)

Manager: “Excuse me miss, please turn off your music and exit the store. You are disrupting the customers.”

Girl: “Oh, did you receive a complaint?”

Manager: “No, but I think you are being annoying and pestering our customers. This is obviously a YouTube stunt, and I don’t appreciate it.”

Girl: “The only thing hidden here is my amp; I have no cameras. I just believe the world should smile a little more often and cry a little less, so I make people smile by singing to them, which will hopefully prevent them from crying for a bit.”

Manager: *shocked* “Well, I’m sure these customers did not enjoy it.” *gestures to older couple*

Older Woman: “I loved it; she made my day!”

Boyfriend: “She made mine, as well!”

 (She left with the older couple, leaving the manager standing there shocked.)

People In Minimum Wage Jobs Are Ironically In It For The Money

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(I’ve worked at a large-scale pet store chain for several years. It’s before opening and we’re having a meeting in the back.)

Manager: “I have a big surprise! I’ve been given permission to give out a special raise to whoever proves themselves most worthy. I’m not going to say how much it is, but trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll get a set amount of money each week.”

(She goes on for several minutes about all the things we could buy with this raise, painting the picture like it’s life-changing. Everyone seems quite excited, and I, a poor college student, am desperate to get this raise. For the next several weeks, I volunteer to do the least favorable jobs, like cleaning the cages and accidents made by dogs brought to the store. I put in for hours that no one wants, like the closing shift where we have to clean at the end of the night. All seems well, and I believe I’m going to get the raise. I’m called into the manager’s office about a month after the announcement.)

Manager: “So, [My Name]. I’ve noticed you’ve been working really hard the last month or so.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’ve been trying my hardest.”

Manager: “Uh-huh. I don’t like suck-ups, [My Name].”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Manager: “I know you’re only working hard for the raise, and I know that you’re just a lazy piece of s*** who wants to get your grubby little hands on the extra cash.”

Me: *stunned silence*

Manager: “But not everyone saw through your plan, so the raise is yours via my boss. Here’s the money for this week. Enjoy it, pig.”

(She slides a check over on the table and gives me a death glare. I grab the check and quickly walk out of the room, making a beeline for the bathroom. I sit in the bathroom for about five minutes, crying, as I’m sleep deprived and emotional from not only balancing work and college, but working the extra hours and later shifts the last month. I power through the rest of my shift, which is only about thirty minutes, and am just leaving when I happen to run into my manager’s boss, which isn’t unusual, as he often hangs around our store. I know him somewhat personally, as he’s friends with my father.)

Manager’s Boss: “Are you okay, [My Name]? Your eyes are red.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you for the raise. I really needed it.”

Manager’s Boss: “You sure you’re okay?”

Me: *on the verge of tears again* “It’s just that [Manager] called me a lazy piece of s*** and a pig because I got the raise.”

Manager’s Boss: “SHE DID WHAT? Go home, [My Name]. I’m taking care of this.”

(Worried, I go home. I haven’t had time, so I look at the check. It’s only for two cents a week. I call my manager, as with the way she described it, it must have been more.)

Manager: “WHAT?”

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry to bother you… It’s just that the check that you gave me… is, um… just for two cents. I think it was a typo.”

Manager: *smug* “Oh, so you were just doing it for the money, huh?”

Me: *fed up* “All right, you want to know the truth? I’m a poor college student barely making minimum wage. I have to skip meals because I can’t afford to eat. So, yeah, I’m mostly in it for the money. Happy, b****?”

Manager: *click*

(I come in the next day and am not surprised to be called into my manager’s office. I expect to be fired, and I really regret what I said. I’m surprised to find my manager and her boss in the office as I take a seat.)

Manager’s Boss: “So, ladies. What’s the issue?”

Manager: “She called me a b****.”

(Her boss doesn’t even flinch.)

Me: “I was trying to call because the check she gave me was for two cents. She called me a pig. I’m sorry for losing my temper, ma’am.”

Manager’s Boss: “Don’t apologise, [My Name]. That check was for $30. What the h***, [Manager]?”

(My manager turned bright red and began to stutter. Apparently, the manager had been taking cuts from bonus checks. We had to call the police to escort her from the property. We got a new, much better manager, and I got my bonus. I quit the next year when I was offered a better job.)

Their Ignorance Is Glutinous Maximus

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(I have Celiac Disease, which means I have to be on a STRICT gluten-free diet. I’m very careful when researching what I can and can’t have. One night, my dad stops on the way home at a well-known burger chain.)

Dad: “I need a [popular burger] with no bun; my daughter has a severe gluten allergy.”

Worker: “Oh, so, she doesn’t want the bottom bread?”

Dad: “No… She wants no bread whatsoever. She’s allergic to it. It will make her sick.”

Worker: “No, no, the top bun doesn’t have gluten in it! Only the bottom.”

Dad: “My daughter cannot have any bread and her burger cannot touch any bread or she will have a reaction. I don’t care what you think. Don’t put a top bun anywhere near her food.”

Worker: *begrudgingly* “Fine, then… but I know what I’m talking about. Top buns are totally fine.”

(My burger came bun-less. I still had a reaction.)

The Killing Joke

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(My wife and I and two other couples go to a casual restaurant together one evening that we go to often. All six of us are sitting in a corner booth.)

Waitress: *sitting down in the booth next to my wife* “Hi! Before I take your orders, I have a joke to tell you.” *tells the joke, which isn’t funny to any of us* “Oh, I guess it wasn’t that funny. What can I get all of you to drink?”

(She takes our drink orders — at this place the waitress makes the drinks — and then drops them off at our table.)

Waitress: “I’ll be right back.”

(She then goes to another table, sits down, tells the same joke, and then takes their drink order and wanders off. We wait for a long time for her to come back to take our order, and we see her return to other tables and take their orders, but for some reason she never returns to us. We finally flag her down.)

Me: “Excuse me, you never took our order. Can we please order sometime soon?”

Waitress: “I did take your order. See, you have drinks. Let me go check the kitchen to find out why your food isn’t ready.”

Me: “We never told you our food order.”

Waitress: “Yes, you did. I’ll be right back.”

(She returns a couple minutes later.)

Waitress: “I’m really sorry, but it looks like the kitchen lost your order. I need to take it again.”

(We all kind of look at her weird but just place our orders with her. She then wanders off. At this point, all of our drinks need refills, but she never does that. We wait for a long time, to the point where other tables have had their food, eaten, and left, and we still have no food. We don’t see our waitress anywhere, so I go up to the counter. Our waitress sees me.)

Waitress: “Hi. Do you need something?”

Me: “Our food.”

Waitress: “You need to order more food?”

Me: “No, we need the food we ordered. We never got it.”

Waitress: “I brought you your food.”

Me: “No, you didn’t. Can you please find out where our order is?”

Waitress: “Let me go check.”

(I go back to my seat and wait a couple minutes. The waitress comes by.)

Waitress: “I checked the kitchen, and your food is not being made right now. I know I delivered your food.”

Me: “If you gave us our food, why are there no plates here, and why is all the silverware still clean and on the napkins just like they were when we sat down?”

Waitress: *funny look* “Let me see.”

(The waitress leaves and doesn’t come back. After about five minutes, I go up and find a man in a shirt and tie and ask him if he’s the manager. He says no, but he’ll get the manager to come to my table. He comes, and we explain that we’ve only had drinks, that the waitress had to take our order twice, and that we still don’t have food. The manager comes back after a couple minutes.)

Manager: “I’m really sorry. I checked the waitress’s ordering book and found your order; she had never given it to the kitchen. I’m not sure why. I don’t know why she’s arguing with you, either. I see you guys in here all the time, so I’m going to give you your meals and a dessert for free.”

(We finally ended up with our food after about two hours. We did go back there again, but never saw that waitress again.)

In A Bad (Inter)State

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(I, unfortunately, find myself unable to pay my credit card bill. I am driving on the interstate in heavy traffic while it’s raining. My phone rings. Normally, I would let it go to voicemail, but as I’m stopped at that second I take a moment to answer. I realize it’s someone from my credit card company, calling for their missed payment. After running through her little script, she asks me something about discussing payment options. Politely, I respond to her.)

Me: “Well, I’m sorry to say this, but I actually can’t — and shouldn’t — be talking right now. I’m driving in heavy traffic on the interstate and it’s raining. I can call back later; is that okay?”

(There’s a moment of silence before she replies with this gem:)

Agent: “Oh, well… Is there any way you could pull over and we could discuss this?”

(I am momentarily stunned, but when I get my voice I respond.)

Me: “Ma’am, with all due respect, I just told you I was driving in heavy traffic, in the rain, on the interstate. To be honest with you, I only answered because I’m stopped in traffic. Furthermore, I am not going to traverse through two lanes of traffic to pull over, on the interstate, to discuss a missed payment. I wouldn’t pull over even if I weren’t stuck in traffic. Sorry to sound rude, but that is a ridiculous request. Now, I have to focus on driving. I’m sorry, but I will be calling back later.”

(I hung up because I was trying to get into the rightmost lane so I could get ready to get off at my exit. I felt bad for saying all that, and for hanging up on her, but in my opinion, asking someone to pull over on the interstate to talk maybe ten minutes about payment options is ridiculous, when I could just do that when I arrived home, safe.)

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