The Points Were A Bonus

| ON, Canada | Working | July 24, 2017

(I’m in a hurry to my first shift for an overnight job and stop to pick up an energy drink at a gas station to help me last the night. I have a rewards card with this particular gas station, but no cash so I use my debit card to pay. While I’m inputting my PIN on the machine, another customer comes in behind me and leaves almost instantly. When I look up, the cashier is holding $40 and looking annoyed.)

Cashier: “I hate it when they throw money at me. Hey, give me your [Rewards Card].”

Me: “Huh? Um, okay…?”

(I hand her my rewards card and she scans it, adding more reward points. She added the points that last customer would have had if he hadn’t run out on her so fast!)

Cashier: “You now have [higher amount of bonus points] instead of [bonus points listed on my receipt]. Have a good night!”

Me: “Wow, thanks!”

(I left with a smile on my face. This is why I love that particular gas station!)

They’re Trying Mucho Hard

| IL, USA | Working | July 24, 2017

(My coworker generally leaves before I do. This exchange takes place as he’s leaving.)

Coworker: “All right, that’s it. I’m out of here! I will see you, uh… mañana.”

Me: “Hasta mañana, Señor [Coworker]!”

Coworker: *laughs* “Muchos tacos to you! …That’s all I know, really.”

Wish He Would Just Sit Down And Stay

| USA | Working | July 24, 2017

(I see an ad that a store is going out of business and having a liquidation sale. Excited, I go to see, since I’ve been looking for a chair. But I’m disappointed because the prices are in the $1000 range. A salesman comes over.)

Salesman: “Hello, what’re you looking for? A bed? A sofa? A rug?”

Me: “A chair.”

Salesman: “We have those! And also tables, and curios, and…”

(He goes on and on. I’m becoming bored.)

Me: “Okay… I’ll just have look around.”

Salesman: “Sure! Look! Don’t look at those prices; just buy what your heart wants!”

(So I look, but then he starts following me, everywhere. I’m becoming more and more skeeved out, so I head for the door.)

Salesman: “Wait, look at this chair, it reclines!”

(I laughed, which made him angry, so I left. I don’t know how overly aggressive salespeople like him ever make money. The furniture was nice but he wasn’t.)

A-Dressing Their Plus-Sized Issues

Casper, WY, USA | Working | July 24, 2017

(My older sister is getting married and I am her maid of honor. I am a truck driver for a construction company and have just got off a ten-hour shift laying asphalt, so I am kinda on the dirty side. In addition, I am a plus-sized woman who has done her research on dresses available in my measurements. I have around $1000 dollars in my pocket to pay for my dress.)

Consultant: “I know we set up this appointment over the phone, but we don’t carry your size now that I see you.”

Me: “Actually, I have been on your website and all we really need to do is measurements so the dress I want can be special ordered.”

Consultant: “I know we can’t help you.”

Me: *being exhausted and tired of rude people, considering I was muscular not fat* “No, you can help me right now. We will just use the measurements I have with me and order this dress now.”

Consultant: “Fine, but it will be too small when it comes in. Also you have to pay 10% upfront.”

Me: “I am sure it will be close enough, maybe too big because these measurements are over a year old and I have lost weight. Plus, I am paying the full price today.”

(The consultant refused to take new measurements. As a result, when we get to the counter, her manager is waiting.)

Manager: “[Consultant], please go wait in my office. Ms. [My Name] I am sorry for how [Consultant] treated you. I can guarantee she will not get the commission for your dress; would you like to get proper measurements done?”

Me: “No. I have had a long day and just want to get this ordered so it will be here on time for my sister’s wedding.”

Manager: “Okay.”

(The manager gave me a 20% discount on an $800 dress. Two weeks later it came in and was two sizes too big. I ended up wearing a totally different dress because we just could not change the cut to re-size it. That store is no longer open. Turns out that a few plus-sized women had issues with them.)

The Hostess With Mostessssssst

| Chicago, IL, USA | Working | July 24, 2017

(My husband and I approach the host stand in a restaurant where you do NOT seat yourself.)

Husband: “Table for two, please.”

Hostess: “Do you know where you want to sit? Iiiinsiiiide, ouuuutsiiiide?” *she continuously drags out her words as she talks*

Husband & Me: “Inside, please.”

Hostess: “Okaaaay… do you knoooooow… where? Like, what tabllllle? Over therrrrrre?” *gestures to one side of the dining room* “Or therrrrre?” *gestures to other side* “Orrrrr…” *trails off*

Husband: *to me* “Let’s just go sit down somewhere.”

(We went over to a table and seated ourselves. The hostess waited until we sat down, and then came to the table with menus. I’m not sure she actually knew what a hostess does.)

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