Hope For Humanity Dies At The End

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(For an education class, I have to observe preschool children at play. I’m sitting in a closet-sized observation booth with two of my instructors, who are chatting.)

Instructor #1: “Did you see [Popular Movie] yet?”

Instructor #2: “I did! I can’t believe [Main Character] dies at the end.”

Me: “I guess there’s no reason for me to see that movie now.”

Instructor #1: “You shouldn’t have been eavesdropping.”

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Chutney: Totally Worth Blowing Up Over

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(I am out to dinner with my family at a small place I’ve never been to. It’s not themed or anything and its menu is plain and simple. I order a hamburger and chips. The menu doesn’t list the ingredients, but I just assume that it’ll be your standard burger maybe with lettuce, tomato, and other assorted vegetables. I’m not picky, so I don’t usually mind what comes on it. The burger arrives and it appears to just have one big leaf of lettuce aside from burger and bun. I take a bite, and immediately, I can tell this isn’t a regular burger. I open it up to find that under the big piece of lettuce is what I can only assume is chutney with slices of onion throughout it. It’s at this point that I think it’s my own fault for not asking what comes on the burger. I scrape off as much as I can of the chutney and eat as much of the burger as I can. When the waitress comes back to collect the plates, she frowns.) 

Waitress: “Did you not like the burger?”

Me: “Oh, no, it was fine, I’m just not a super fan of chutney or onions, and they just overwhelmed the burger taste a bit.”

(She still looked unhappy but continued her work. I thought that was the end of it until the bill came and a rather angry man followed our waitress to the table. Turns out he was the chef and he proceeded to shout and scream at me about how I was ungrateful and greedy for not loving his cooking no matter what it was.)

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A Double Dose Of TMI

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(I am paying for my items when this exchange occurs:)

Me: *to the cashier* “Hello, how are you today?”

Cashier: “I‘m a bit tired. I‘m working a double-shift today.”

Me: “Oh, well, you should treat yourself to a coffee. It might wake you up a bit.”

Cashier: “No, coffee makes me poop.”

Me: “Oh… well, I guess you could get a tea?”

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Millennials: The Waitress Years

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My older sister and I worked in a cafeteria/restaurant. One day, the elderly waitresses banded together and demanded the younger waitresses split their tips with the older waitresses because, “They’re younger and get from table to table faster than we do.” 

They also tried demanding the younger waitresses bus their tables for them.

None of this flew with corporate, or even the manager of that particular building, but it was still pretty sad that that was even attempted.

If you feel you’re too old to work as a waitress sufficiently enough to make the money you need, don’t expect the younger folks to pay you their cut.

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Power Of Attorney Pales Compared To The Power Of Listening

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(My dad has recently suffered a head injury; I have been granted power of attorney until he recovers. As he is now unable to drive, I have decided to cancel his car insurance. I call up to see what the process is for confirming my ability to manage his policy.)

Insurance Agent #1: “Hello, this is [Insurance Agent #1]. Could I please take your policy number?”

Me: Hi. I’m calling with regards to my dad. He’s just had an–”

Insurance Agent #1: We are unable to discuss someone else’s policy with you, unless you have been previously approved.”

Me: “Yes. I understand–”

Insurance Agent #1: “Are you approved?”

Me: “No, but–”

Insurance Agent #1: “Then we cannot discuss your father’s policy with you.”

Me: “If I could please explain–”

Insurance Agent #1: “We cannot discuss someone else’s policy with you.”

Me: “Please, I’m just needing–”

Insurance Agent #1: “We cannot discuss someone else’s policy with you.”

Me: “Could I speak to someone else, please?”

Insurance Agent #1: ‘We cannot–”

Me: “I would like to speak to someone else.”

Insurance Agent #1: “Please hold.”

(I’m put on hold for about five minutes.)

Insurance Agent #2:  “Hello. You’re speaking to [Insurance Agent #2]. How can I assist you today?”

(I explain the issue and she is silent throughout with the exception of the occasional, “Ah,” and, “I see.”)

Insurance Agent #2: “I’m afraid I haven’t dealt with this before. I’ll just quickly put you on hold.” *assuming she fails to put me on hold and doesn’t realise* “She wants to know about power of attorney, you oaf!”

(Realising she’s talking to the previous agent, I burst out laughing. She panicked and profusely apologised. I told her it was fine and that it had brightened my mood. She put me on hold again — this time for real — and came back with everything I needed a couple of minutes later.)

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