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The customer is NOT always right!

If You’re Behind A Bad Customer, Be A Good One

, , , , | Right | October 25, 2021

I am a customer in line, standing behind an older lady who just reeks of “Can I speak to your manager?” She is trying to pay with three different gift cards, and the last one is having trouble going through. She then peers at the cashier, her eyes raising above her glasses and looking so smug.

Customer: “You need to clean this machine; it clearly isn’t working. Or is that too much work for you?”

She tries one more time and then decides to pay the rest in cash. She then walks off in a huff. As soon as I get up and pay with my card, it gets accepted immediately.

Me: “My card works just fine. I think her brain was broken, not the machine.”

The cashier just smiled and the customer behind me laughed.

Hackers R Us

, , , , , | Right | October 25, 2021

I am in the phone center for an online retailer. A portion of our calls is helping people navigate the website, reset passwords — very basic tech troubleshooting. Since we’re not an Internet provider or actual tech support, we cannot nor have we ever been able to remotely access a customer’s computer. I get this type of call maybe two or three times a month.

Me: “[Company], this is [My Name]. How can I help?”

Caller: “I’m having trouble with your website. I’m trying to place an order, and it’s giving me the spinny thingy.”

Me: “Let’s take a look. Can you describe the issue in further detail? Are you getting any sort of error message?”

Caller: “Well, can you see what’s on my screen right now? It’s doing that.”

A word of unsolicited advice: if our company, or any company, can magically beam onto your device from a phone call and view what you’re doing without you giving any sort of identifying information, let alone permission for them to do so, YOU SHOULD HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.

How Katy Perry Orders Chips

, , , | Right | October 25, 2021

It’s 10:30 am, and our first batch of hot chips has just been put into the Bain-Marie. I give a lady a portion of chips.

Customer: “For $6.50, these should be hot.”

Me: “Uh, these were just brought out a few minutes ago; they should still be hot.”

Customer: “Well, these are soggy and cold.”

The customer’s daughter is eating the chips with no problems. I check the machine thermometer; it’s 84°C.

Me: “I’m so sorry about that. I’ll get you some new ones.”

I go to get her new chips.

Customer: “No, you have to get the ones at the front.”

I get her chips from the front.

Me: “There you go. Did you want me to throw those away for you?”

She gives her old chips to me.

Me: “I’m so sorry about that.”

They leave and my supervisor gets the thermometer to test the chips.

Next Customer: “Hello! Could I get some hot cold chips, please?”

We all laugh.

Next Customer: “Seriously, you ladies have far more patience than I do!”

Supervisor: “Yeah, I don’t know what she was talking about. They’re 70°C and climbing!”

Sadly, There Is No Vaccine Against Entitlement

, , , , | Right | October 25, 2021

I work for mobile vaccination units on busses that travel to various parts of the city to offer vaccines to people right on the side of the street. My job is basically to help patients with everything except the vaccination itself: run the line outside of the vehicles, register people, point them in the direction of a vaccinator once they’re ready, help them set up appointments if they need another dose, etc.

We do set up tents, chairs, and tables to try to make things as comfortable as possible, but due to the mobile nature of our sites, sometimes people are stuck standing in line outside.

As I am coming back from lunch one day, I see an elderly woman seated in the shade under one of our tents, a spot that people normally aren’t allowed to be in when we’re on lunch, with a fellow employee nearby. It’s clear that the employee has seen that she was uncomfortable standing in line and has allowed her to enter the tent area and sit until we were able to get back from lunch and register her. She seems content and as comfortable as possible considering the situation.

A man who I assume is her husband is pacing back and forth near the line and is absolutely fuming as I approach the tent.

Patient’s Husband: “Finally! Someone is here! She has been forced to wait outside in a long line like a dog! It’s inhumane!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but due to our limited space and the fact that this is a medical site, the only place for the line is outside. And if waiting outside is uncomfortable or unhealthy for her, I encourage you to take her to a non-mobile site where she can wait inside. But our vaccinators are coming back from lunch right now; I’m sure we can get her registered and on her way as quickly as possible.”

Patient’s Husband: “This is unconstitutional! You can’t treat people like that! I’m a retired lawyer, and this is illegal!”

Me: “Sir, I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that having a line outside isn’t unconstitutional. Not to mention, our sites are run by the city and they regularly check to see that we meet their standards. There is no question that nothing we’re doing is illegal, and we are doing what we can to make her comfortable.”

Patient’s Husband: “What’s your name?”

I provide my name.

Patient’s Husband: “Get ready for a lawsuit! I’m suing this whole operation, and your name is going to be on the suit!”

I can’t wait for the lawsuit in which a low-level city employee is named for the unconstitutional act of having an elderly woman sit in a chair in the shade.

Just Your Regular Underage Trespasser

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: AdrielBast | October 25, 2021

I work at a gas station. This has been an ongoing problem I didn’t notice until last night. There’s a regular who comes in frequently but usually at times I’m too busy to really pay him any mind. I’ve noticed him go into the casino multiple times — our gas station is one of those that have a lottery room — but again, I’m busy at those times so I don’t think much of it.

You have to be twenty-one to even go in there. You can’t just go through it to come in and out of the store if you’re under twenty-one.

Last night, the regular and a friend — an older guy I know is over twenty-one — came in right before we locked up; we were supposed to close in two minutes. The regular made a beeline for the casino. I had only these two in the store, so I actually noticed that he had a pretty young face and didn’t look old enough. Sure enough, after an ID check, he wasn’t even out of his teens. I made him leave after explaining that he had to be twenty-one or over to be in there.

I came in today and explained to my manager, and I learned from her and a coworker that this regular frequently sneaks in and lies about his age or says the owner said it’s cool. Nope.

He came in later today. He bought some soda, and I crossed paths with him on his way to the casino as I was heading out to the main floor.

Me: “Sir, you can’t go in there.”

Regular: “I’m just leaving.”

Me: “You have to use the main doors. Our store doesn’t allow you to even enter the lottery room to go in and out of the store if you’re not twenty-one.”

He just ignored me.

Now, I had to keep my eyes out for him to make sure he wasn’t sneaking in. I decided to talk to my manager because, if he keeps doing this, I think it’s best we stop selling to him until he understands he’s not above the rules. We’ve agreed that if I catch him again, I should inform her, and that I am to inform him that if he keeps it up, we will be calling the police. I don’t know how he’ll react, but I know I sure as h*** wouldn’t want to risk the fines — apparently, they range from $500 to $1,000 just for underage gambling, and trespassing has a wider range — and potentially thirty days sitting in jail.