The customer is NOT always right!

We All Nerd Out In Our Own Way

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My best friend sells handmade crafts and accessories at conventions and craft shows. At this event, an elderly woman with an accent comes to the booth and is very excited about the scarves my best friend and I made.

Woman: “I am always so cold! I wear a coat in the summer and people ask me, ‘Are you cold?’ And I say, ‘NO, I am making a FASHION STATEMENT!'”

That little old lady with no knowledge of sci-fi bought a flannel fandom-inspired scarf and made my day!

In Line And Out Of Line, Part 13

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We usually only have a manager and two sellers. One of those sellers is also designated cashier.

I’m the cashier this morning, and we aren’t very busy. Suddenly, I have a small line of about four people, the other seller has to help someone in the fitting room, and my manager has to go to the back to accept shipment. There is no one to cover the floor and definitely no one to help me ring up.

I’m ringing out [Customer #1]’s decently-sized purchase and [Customer #2] right behind her starts sighing loudly and sucking her teeth.

[Customer #2] then comes up to the counter next to [Customer #1] and slams her stuff down.

Customer #2: “Isn’t there anyone else who can ring?”

Me: “Actually, no. Unfortunately, I’m the only one available as my coworker is assisting a customer in the fitting room and my manager had to go to the back to accept shipment. We’re not busy on Thursday mornings, as you can see, so we normally only have three people working. But thank you so much for being patient; I really appreciate it.”

[Customer #2] looked shocked and said a small, “Oh,” right as I finished up with [Customer #1].

I was expecting [Customer #2] to continue to be rude, because that’s how it usually goes, but she actually apologized and said she hurt her back at the gym, so standing there for so long — she was in line for maybe two minutes, max — was hurting. Either way, it was nice to have a customer actually apologize for their behavior.

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On The Need For Hazard Pay, Part 22

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This happens during my first week on the job as a food runner for [Restaurant]. I’ve just delivered some meals to a table in the bar and am checking if they want anything else. I feel someone poke me, hard, in the ribs. I yelp in pain and shock, spinning around to see a couple on the next table over. The man starts loudly complaining at me, oblivious to my startled scream.

Customer: “My food is cold!”

He holds the plate out to me. It’s a partially-eaten gammon steak, with a couple of wet mouthfuls of chewed food piled next to it. Other people’s saliva deeply grosses me out, and I can’t help but flinch away from the plate. He shoves it closer and all but yells in my face.

Customer: “Touch it! Feel how cold this food is!”

I am pointedly ignoring his request while trying to recover my composure.

Me: “I‘m so sorry that’s happened! Here, let me take that. Would you like me to get the chefs to make you a fresh one?”

Customer: *Accusingly* “You don’t believe me, do you?! I’m not making this up!”

Me: *Desperately* “I do believe you, I promise, can I just—”

I moved to take the plate from him, and he GRABBED MY WRIST and forcibly smooshed my hand into the chewed food. I don’t remember anything about whether it was actually cold or not; it took all the concentration I had to not throw up in my mouth.

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They’ve Opened A Branch On Krypton

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I’m standing in the back of a store waiting for someone to help me make a payment on my layaway. They’ve been taking over twenty minutes and I’m pretty frustrated. I distract myself with my phone and just lean on one of the cashier counters. Up comes a man with a cart full of items. I’m wearing a black and red shirt with a large Superman symbol over the chest, jean shorts, and sandals.

Customer: “So, can I just pay for my stuff here?”

I look up and stare at him with disbelief for a few seconds.

Me: “I… don’t work here.”

Customer: “Really?”

Me: “Yup. Superman shirt, shorts, sandals, no vest… I’m not an employee.”

Customer: “Oh, so you need a [Store] shirt to work here?”

Me: “Yes. I would think so.”

The customer walked away talking to himself about not knowing where to go.

Receiving No Change Results In A Change In Attitude

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I work at a business center within a grocery store. Most customers’ lost and found items come to us for safekeeping.

Customer: “I was at the self-checkout and I got money back but I was in such a hurry I forgot it in the machine.”

Me: “Okay, did you talk to the clerk of the self-checkout area? Sometimes they keep it until the end of the night.”

Customer: “He said to ask you.”

Me: “Okay! No problem! Let me ask my bookkeeper to see if she received anything.”

I go to ask the clerk and look in the drawer at the self-checkout desk just in case. I don’t find anything.

Mind you, this is on a really busy Friday evening. Most likely, someone behind him nabbed it. At that point, it’s out of our hands. This customer seems at wit’s end but is nice up until this point.

I come back empty-handed.

Me: “No, sir, it looks like it wasn’t found. I’m really sorry about that.”

Customer: “Okay, well, y’all can go f*** yourselves.”

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