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I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 39

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I work at a famous coffee chain inside a large superstore. My uniform is different from the regular retail employees who all wear red with khakis.

I’m shopping in the store for new boots for the upcoming winter. I head on over to the shoe section, select some boots I like, and try them on. Just as I sit down and pull one on, a gentleman stops where I’m sitting.

Customer: “Excuse me, where can I find the DVDs?”

I stare up at him, a little perplexed, but point in the general area and give him some simple directions. He thanks me and walks back to his friend.

Customer’s Friend: “Dude, did you seriously just stop a random girl, trying on shoes, to ask for directions? She’s not even wearing red!”

The guy looks back at me, surprised, and then shrugs.

Customer: “She looked like she knew where to go.”

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Ser Buena Persona

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Years ago, I was serving at a casual restaurant. I’m very white with blonde hair, so you wouldn’t know by looking at me that I’m almost fluent in Spanish.

As I was cleaning a table one night, the one right next to it was seated for me. While wiping the dirty table, I heard the new table talking loudly about me in Spanish. They were saying how big my butt was, how fat I was, and how they didn’t want to be served by someone so disgusting, not knowing that I 100% understood them.

My initial reaction was anger and tears; I wanted to give them bad service and not even try to be nice. But I wanted to be the bigger person. I walked to the table and did my “Welcome to [Restaurant]! My name is [My Name] and I’m here to help you out” spiel, but I said it all in Spanish.

The look of shock and embarrassment on their faces gave me one of the greatest feelings ever.

Then, I listed every burger, every milkshake flavor, and every side item in Spanish. For the entire meal, I spoke no English at all, and I gave them the kindest and most attentive service I’ve ever given anyone. The nicer I was, the more humiliated and ashamed they were.

When one of them asked quietly if he could have some more water, I already had a tray in my hand with his water on it. They refused to speak Spanish to me and would hardly even look at me. When they left, they closed their $25 check and left me a $50 bill under a plate for my tip.

Such a glorious day! Everyone always asks why I didn’t spit in their food, give them bad service, or ring in their order wrong. Kill people with kindness, baby! That’s the way I do it.

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What It Means To Be A Woman In The Service Industry

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I work the third shift as a hotel auditor. It’s been a very busy night and it’s very late. I’m finishing up with some computer work before I start the audit when a man walks in.

Me: “Hi, what can I help you with?”

Guest: “I just want a tour of the place.”

Me: “Uh… right now?”

He nods and I glance at my watch nervously. It’s after two am. I know tours of hotels are fairly common, especially for extended-stay hotels, but I’m not working for one of those. And even so, I’m not really willing to do a tour of the hotel alone for safety reasons.

Me: “Um, well, I’m sorry, sir, but it is after two am. I can’t really take you around the property right now. But I’m more than happy to give you a rundown of the area.”

Guest: “What? Why not?”

Me: “It’s just our protocol. We can do tours in the morning and afternoon, but we stop doing them after seven pm, just so we don’t bother any sleeping guests.”

This is half the reason, but the more obvious reason is that I’m a young woman working alone, and I’m not wandering around a hotel alone with a man.

He grunts. I point out our lobby, breakfast area, and the general direction where the pool and exercise rooms are, and I explain general basics about the hotel.

Guest: “Can I look at one of the rooms?”

Me: “Unfortunately, not at this time, sir. I don’t have any vacant rooms to show, and I’m not allowed to leave the desk, anyway. If you want to look at a room, please come by in the morning when my manager is here. He’ll be more than happy to help you further.”

He scowls at me.

Guest: “Look, I just want to look at the rooms. I live close by, and we need a hotel whilst we do renovations.”

Me: “I understand, sir, but I’m not showing you the rooms at this time of night.”

Guest: “I don’t see why you can’t just show me a room.”

Me: *Finally fed up and dropping my customer service voice* “Because it’s really late at night and I’m not allowed to. You can go to our website and look at the gallery for a general idea if you want, but to physically see the room, you’ll have to wait until morning.”

He huffed a bit and then walked out the door with a mumbled “goodbye.” It wasn’t until after he left that I realized my hand had been clutching the pepper spray I keep clipped to my belt loop.

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Lack Of Register Does Not Register, Part 17

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I am twenty years old and working my first job in retail. A customer comes up to me with his purchases. It’s a Saturday afternoon and the store is busy.

Customer: “You should really have more registers open. More than half the people are putting their purchases down and walking out. If I didn’t have [Store Coupon], I would have left!”

This is in no way true. We have had all the registers open; it’s been a sort of all-hands-on-deck situation. As for customers walking out without their purchases, I have seen nothing of the sort. It’s been a pretty normal day at the store. Most customers seem happy on their way out and they’ve been nice and understanding for the most part.

Me: “Well—”

Customer: “You should really talk to a manager about this. Every time I come here, there’s some sort of problem. This store is terribly mismanaged.”

Me: “I apologize for the wait, but—”

I was about to say we were doing everything we could when the customer stormed out. I was left bewildered. What did he expect us to do? I can’t just materialize cashiers and registers. I’m just glad that I got to take my lunch break immediately after.

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10 Crazy Stories About How Some People Fail College At The Admissions Stage

| Right | July 28, 2021

Dear readers,

Getting into college is a very stressful experience. There are forms and expenses, some require evidence of extra-curricular activities, and sometimes good grades in school aren’t enough. It comes as no surprise, then, that even the admissions process is a grueling exercise that not everyone survives.

However, there are a select few who misunderstand the whole concept of college (and how to actually get in) so entirely that we had to make a roundup about them. Here are ten crazy stories from the Not Always Right archives about people who failed college before they even got in.


Women’s Studies, Not Studying Women – Hits from the comments: “Sounds like the beginning of a warm-hearted comedy in which everyone learns something along the way.”

Double The Pictures, Half The Brain – How do you make it to applying-to-college-age like this?!

Freedom Of Screech – You have a direct line to God? Amazing!


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