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(At the time I was a very young female manager. One thing I’m good at is picking up languages.)

Customer in Russian: Put it in your purse! The dumb kid won’t notice!

Me in English: yeah, this dumb kid won’t notice a thing.

(I actually thought about inspiring runners after seeing them take off.)

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Me: “Thank you for calling [Restaurant]. How may I assist you?”
Caller: “Hi. Hello.”
Me: “Hello. How many I assist you?”
Caller: “Can I make reservation? Tonight?”
Me: “I’m sorry; we’re fully booked. Is there another date that works for you?”
Caller: “Okay. Mhmm.” *Click.*

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(I’m a Certified Pharmacy Technician. It’s a pretty busy day at the Pharmacy. An older –but not elderly– woman walks up to pick up her prescriptions. I start taking care of her and then she explains she needs to get her insulin syringes refilled as well. I look at her profile to get the syringes refilled. As it turns out, it’s about 17 days too soon to get them refilled. I explain this to her)

Customer: No, that’s not right! I’m all out.

ME: Well, you’re using them once a day, correct?

Customer: No, the doctor told me to use them twice a day.

ME: Right, well, we need that as a new prescription from him.

Customer: But he told me..

ME: Yes, ma’am, I understand that he told you that, but your insurance won’t let us put it through until we have the new prescription with the correct instructions. So we just sent a fax requesting the new prescription from your doctor with new instructions.

Customer: Well, what am I supposed to do until he approves it? I’m all out!

ME: Well, we sell a ten pack of insulin syringes for $7 if you’d like to buy some.

Customer: Yeah, I’ll take the box then.

ME: No, ma’am, I can’t sell you the entire box without a prescription. I can only sell you a ten-pack from the box. That’s ten syringes for $7.

Customer: No! That’s too expensive!

ME: (obviously weary. shrugs)

Customer: Well, what am I supposed to do?!

ME:(weary smile) Buy a ten-pack for $7? (Customer leaves after paying for her other prescriptions which she also gave me a hard time about. Claiming that they needed to be paid for on separate cards even though she had not informed me of this. I’m so sorry ma’am. I must have forgotten to turn on my telepathic abilities for you!)

Pharmacist: $7 too expensive for 10 syringes?

ME: The tweakers that come in here never gripe about paying $7 for clean needles.

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(I work at a members only lakeside park/campground and on days that are extra hot and sunny I sit in the shack by the gate to make sure that the whole town doesn’t try to flow in. The main way to keep it private is with our card reader; when at the shack I frequently put tape over it and draw an arrow and smilely face in order to make people actually talk to me. After my lunch one day I decided to write “No, it’s not broken. Pull forward.” Because I was getting tired of a frequent question. After a couple of cars have completely avoided what it says one car pulls up and with the lady laughing in the passanger seat.)

Husband: *shaking his head*

Wife: He saw it and the first thing he said was ‘is it broken?’!

Me: *chuckling* That’s why I eventually put that there.

(That my afternoon.)

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A lady brings her cat into the clinic for a vaccine. While in the exam room, she tells the Doctor the cat got out a week ago and seems to be feeling ill since. The doctor examines the cat and finds that he cat has a significant upper respiratory infection. The vet explains that the cat will need antibiotics and should definitely not be vaccinated until it’s feeling better. The owner is upset. “Well I want him to have he vaccine because he gets so stressed out in the car!” Vet: “Ma’am, he is not healthy enough to vaccinate. It will make him feel worse than he already does. He needs a course of antibiotics.” “There’s no way I can medicate him. Absolutely no way. He’s just so stressed out.” “We can give an injection, but it’s about double the cost of oral antibiotics.” “Oh well I’ll figure it out. Just give me the antibiotics.” The vet, surprised at this change of heart, took time to explain to the owner how important it was to give the antibiotics every day, twice a day. She also recommended a medication to help with the anxiety of traveling in a car- the owner declined it, and insisted she would give the antibiotic. The owner paid her bill, took the antibiotics, and left. She later called back to complain that the vet had swindled her and that all she wanted was a vaccine for her cat, and the vet just wanted to charge her more money. She wanted a refund for her antibiotics and for the exam. The receptionist declined to refund her for either one. I doubt that cat will get better.