The End Is Just The Beginning

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I work for a company that manufactures technology for quick-service restaurants. My team supports a computer we made for a large fast food chain that is used to view training videos.

A customer calls in on July 4th. Since we have a limited staff, I’m not able to get to this ticket until two days later. The restaurant phone number we have on file is no longer in service, so I call the customer on his cell.

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name] from [Company]. I was calling about your training computer.”

Customer: “I called this in over 24 hours ago! Why are you only calling me now?”

Me: “I apologize for the delay; we had a limited staff over the holiday and most of us were pulled to work on other products. I’m just now working through the backlog.”

Customer: “Well, this is ridiculous. I should be getting help right away! Why aren’t you guys more reliable?!”

Me: “Again, I apologize for the delay. The ticket I have here says you weren’t able to watch some of the training videos. Can you describe the issue in more detail?”

Customer: “Every time I watch the ‘Getting Started’ video, it stops at a certain point and won’t go forward.”

I check to make sure the software is running properly, the network connection is stable, etc.

Me: “Well, I’m not seeing anything wrong at the moment. Would you be able to go through the video with me while I monitor the software to check for any errors?”

Customer: “I’m not at the restaurant. You’ll have to call me on Monday.”

On Monday, I call the customer and get a similar tirade on how this is taking too long, etc. We go through the video and he tells me where it stops.

Me: “Okay, I think I see the problem here. That’s the end of the video. You need to close it and start the next one.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, it shouldn’t have taken you so long to figure that out!” *Click*

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The Older They Are, The More Childishly They Behave

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An elderly woman comes up to my till, continuously reminding her husband to mention the elder discount. I’m new at my job, but I doubt that the store has a discount for the elderly.

Woman: “We would like to use our elder discount. We are over fifty so we get it.”

Me: *Turning to a coworker* “Do we have a discount specifically for the elders?”

Coworker: “Not that I know of; let me go check.”

While my coworker is checking, the woman goes down the line that is growing, letting them know that our store is a poor place to shop and that they don’t appreciate their customers. I stand there, not knowing what to do, so I just ignore her. When my coworker returns, things get more out of hand.

Coworker: “There was an ad in the paper for a [Same Brand Store] in another town.”

Woman: “This is an outrage! I’m fifty and I deserve a discount! I read it in the paper and you have to give it to me!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that was for a different branch.”

Woman: “I’m over fifty, so I deserve a discount. I’m never shopping here again!”

She continues yelling this at me a couple of times. Still not reacting to her childish behavior, I hand her her change and receipt, looking at her directly in the eyes with a large grin. 

Me: “Well, have a wonderful July 4th.” 

While leaving the store, she began to fist pump and chant that our store sucks, hoping to have the other customers back her up. When she realized no one would, she sighed heavily and left.

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A Good Kind Of Tea Party This Time

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We have a regular who comes in and gets two large drink cups. Sometimes we’ll just give them to her without ringing them in because she’s nice and we’re lazy. Today, the Fourth of July, she comes in holding a bag from the grocery store across the street.

Cashier: “Just the two large iced teas, today?”

Customer: “Yeah, but I also have something for you.”

She puts the bag on the counter and pulls out two boxes of frosted sugar cookies and cupcakes.

Customer: “I bought these for you guys because you’re open on the Fourth of July and still have my tea.”

Cashier: “Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much!”

After reading so many stories on here about customers asking why stores are open on holidays, it’s nice to have customers like this every now and then. And the cookies were delicious.

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A Great July 4th Starts On July 3rd

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It is the fourth of July. I’m stopping to pick up some donuts and I notice a sign on the door stating they are closing at 2:00 pm for the holiday. It is about 10:00 am when I hear this exchange.

Customer: *To the clerk* “You guys get an easy day today, huh?”

Clerk: “Um, sort of.”

Customer: “Well, the sign says you close at 2.”

Clerk: “Yeah, but I’ve been here since 5.”

Customer: “Oh.”

Seriously, man. Do you really think a donut shop is nine-to-five?

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Being Handsome Can Cover Many Offenses

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My mom and I are watching a movie where some good-looking guy is crazy and is sniping off people in a tower while cackling. He gets up to use a bottle and pees in it madly with an insane grin.

Mom: “Ew… did he just pee in the bottle??”

Me: “Yeah.”

Mom: “Disgustang!

Me: “That’s what disgusts you?!”

Mom: “Well, the shooting people part is gross, too. But [Actor] is cute so…” *trails off, mumbling*