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I work at parts store for lawnmowers and one day we had a guy come in looking for a belt for his 46″ cut Murray. Since there can literally be dozens of varieties I as ked for his particular model number. The instant deer in headlights look said no model number. Miraculously I found the correct belt but we had to order it. Disgusted he looked up and saw dozens of belts hanging from the wall and asked if the numbers on them told what deck size they fit. I honestly answered yes along with the part number they also some times include information pertaining to the deck they are intended for. So he smugly pointed out I had a Murray branded belt that said it would fit a 46″ deck and how “he didn’t need no computer neither and something about parts people these days being lazy and all murray 46″ decks are all the same” so while I am imagining him falling into an active volcano I retrieved the belt and lo and behold it was about a foot too long as he compared it to the old belt he already had he asked me as if it was my fault “how come this is different” when I explained that Murray used about six different decks in his size he made me check to see if the right belt was in the right sleeve when he left without the belt without ordering the right belt and more confused than ever it took all I had not to ask if he learned anything

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(I work at a grocery store, and for a while I was scheduled on lot service about once a week during the winter. I got better days, but it was still below freezing, nearing 0 degrees Fahrenheit)

Customer: *comes running up to me with a few dollars in her hand* You must be freezing out here. Here, take this and get yourself a cup of coffee to warm up.

Me: I’m sorry, miss, but I’m not allowed to take tips from customers.

Customer: Oh, I thought that was just for bringing groceries out. But please, take it. I’m not going to tell anyone.

Me: I’m sorry, but I really can’t.

Customer: Take it, I won’t leave until you do. You’ve been out here all night in the cold, you’ve earned it.

(This went on for a while, until I finally wore down and took the money. I feel a little bad about taking it, but it’s one of the nicest things a customer has ever done for me.)

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(A man approaches.)

Man: “I need to check in. I have a reservation.”

Me: “Okay what is your name?”

Man: “Under the name [Name].”

(I pull up his reservation.)

Me: “Ok, just to verify, this reservation is made until next Saturday, correct? That’s a week from now.”

Man: “Oh yeah, but I maybe will not stay the whole week. I’m not sure.”

Me: “Ok, well, once you know, just let us know, okay? And just to let you know, if you do decide to shorten your stay, your rate will be higher.”

Man: “WHAT! That’s not fair!”

Me: “E-excuse me?”

Man: “Why shouldn’t my rate stay the same? Just because of that?”

Me: “Because you have the special rate for the whole 7 nights, sir. If that’s not done, then your rate will go higher.”

Man: “That’s Bulls***! Every time this happens, every single time!”

(He rants about pulling the old bait and switch trick on him, and how we are con artists out to get his money and he won’t have it. The manager heard him yelling her head off at me and approaches.)

Manager: “Is there a problem?”

Man: “Yes, there is a problem, you guys are trying to trick me! You guys said that rate is [special week rate] and that’s what’s gonna be!! I don’t give a hoot if I stay a week or not, I can leave when I please!! And I’m gonna keep my rate that I was promised!!”

Manager: “Sir, it’s our policy and when you make a reservation with us, you agree to all our policies.”

Man: *sneers* “This policy is somethin’ you just pulled outta your a** right now!” *waves a printout of his reservation in our faces* ” “Where does it say? Huh?”

(The manager shows him on the printout that the man had where it said ‘Rates may change if the reservation is changed’ in fine print.)

Manager: “See?”

Man: “Oh.” *silent for a moment*

(We relax, thinking he FINALLY understands.)

Man: “…But I STILL want my RATE to not change if I don’t stay the week!!! I have half a mind to go to your competitor next door right now!!!”

(The manager continues to try to reason with him, but he finally goes next door, smugly. Jokes on him, though. That hotel is also owned by the same owner! Next morning we get an email from them about him: ‘WTF?!’)

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(Our bathrooms are out of order, due to something deep in the pipes. Toilets, sinks, water fountain, all out. All are located in a short hallway near the front door, which we block with a bench. We then post “OUT OF ORDER” signs all over the bench, the walls, etc. And yet, as I work the register just outside the hall, I get someone walking up, looking at the signs, asking me, every ten minutes or so, “Are the bathrooms out of order?” Finally, I can’t take it anymore…)

Customer: *walks up, looks at signs, turns to me* “Hey, are the bathrooms out of order?”

Me: “No. It was a test. I’m sorry, but you failed.”

Customer: *looks at me, looks at signs again* “Oh. Okay.”

(And then, he literally hung his head and wandered away.)

When In Doubt, Be Kind

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I work at a public elementary school in an area characterized by opioid addiction and homelessness. I am working closely with one particular student who I know is experiencing homelessness. He lives alone with his mother, who is neglectful and borderline abusive. Whenever he says something about it I send in a report, but there’s nothing I can do beyond that. The school social worker visits their home regularly and is working with his mother on being more present, but I don’t know if that helped at all.

Additionally, though he doesn’t have an official diagnosis, he shows many characteristics of autism and is frequently bullied by his classmates. We have been working together all school year on social-emotional health, finding ways to control his temper and articulate his emotional needs. He has been making incredible progress all year.

For one of our sessions, I decide to play a text-based computer game with him that simulates living in poverty. You have to balance work, rent, health emergencies, and other situations on a very limited budget. In the game, you have a child, and various scenarios regarding your child appear throughout the game; for example, your child is in a play, and you have to choose between going to the play and accepting an extra shift at work for some bonus money.

My student chooses the options that would best benefit the child, every. Single. Time. Even if it costs more money than he can realistically afford, he is so invested that he wants his imaginary child to have the best life possible. When we finish the game, he turns to me and says, “I’m a good dad.”

I still get choked up thinking about this child who had every reason to be angry at the world, but still chose kindness every. Single. Time.

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