Easter Bunny Is Cool, But Santa Might Be An Issue

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(I am visiting my sister at work around Easter time; she owns a small bookshop. I am the only person under forty in the shop and I’m sat near the children’s section drinking a cup of coffee. A customer comes in to pick up a book and I see her chatting to my sister at the till about her children. She stops mid-sentence to glance over at me, and then whispers the rest. My sister laughs and whispers something back which causes the customer to look embarrassed and she leaves.)

Me: “What was that about?”

Sister: “She was telling me about her youngest child still believing in the Easter Bunny but didn’t want to say it too loud in case you still believed in it, too!”

Me: “Really?! What did you tell her?”

Sister: “That it shouldn’t be a problem as you’re turning 21 next week!”

(I’ve often been told I look younger than my actual age, and have even been ID’d for a 15-rated movie, but this was the worst one!)

Seemed Like Destiny Initially

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(I work in a pretty large chain store. My coworker and I are chatting and the topic of names comes up. She says her parents have the same initials.)

Me: “Their relationship must be fate!”

Coworker: “They’re divorced…”

Passing Up That Opportunity

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(I’m on a major university campus, though I don’t attend the school. My bus home runs right through, and I get off to find some food. While wandering, I’m stopped by someone holding a Bible.)

Guy: “Hi there! Are you a new student?”

Me: “Oh, no–”

Guy: “Have you found a church here? [Church] has a lot to offer!”

Me: “I’m just passing through, thanks.”

Guy: “Oh, we’re really all just passing through life!”

(I tried very hard not to laugh as I walked away.)

Deaf To Their Own Ignorance

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(My wife and I speak fluent American Sign Language since we have some deaf relatives and a number of deaf friends. Sometimes we use sign rather than speaking out loud, whether we’re home or we’re out. It’s good practice to keep sharp, and it has some other benefits. One night we are out to dinner at a crowded but classy restaurant. After ordering and receiving our food, we begin signing to each other. Another couple is then seated at the table next to us. It’s impossible not to overhear them unless we were truly deaf.)

Man: “Look, those two are deaf and dumb.”

(My wife and I physically shudder so hard that I think he might notice. “Deaf and dumb” is a very old and ignorant expression. The couple continues making comments about us as they order and start to eat, amid other conversation. Here are a few remarks.)

Man: “Do you think they can drive? I don’t think they should be allowed.”

Woman: “Do you think they can have kids?”

Man: “Flopping their hands like that is stupid; they should just learn to lip-read.”

Woman: “How can they read the menu? The restaurant must have one in braille.”

Man: “They look so weird. Why did they even come here?”

(Our server comes up to check on us)

Server: “How are you doing? Do you two need anything?”

Me: *speaking, loud and clear* “We’re doing great! Thanks. Just the bill soon, I think.”

Wife: *speaking, loud and clear* “The food was great. My compliments to the chef.”

(The other couple just sat there staring for a few moments. It seemed to take forever for them to come to the realization that we could hear them the entire time. The man seemed almost offended, and even sputtered a few times, as if wanting to say something to us, but neither actually said another word. My wife and I, however, were able to continue signing freely about how ignorant they were, and how fun it was to see their reaction. How can anyone be so dense as to think deaf people can’t have kids?! Of everything they said, that was the worst.)

Well Suited For Friendship

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(I’m on the bus to work, and I have a crochet project out. As it’s rush hour, the bus is close to full. Two young men in suits get on and sit next to me. One watches me work for a bit.)

Suit Guy: “Wow, you’re making it look easy!”

Me: “After a bit, it’s more muscle memory than anything. I’ve been crocheting for four years now, so I’d hope I’ve got something down by now!”

(We talk for a bit about various art-related hobbies. I mention doing some cosplay work while living on the west coast.)

Suit Guy: “Oh! I’m from Idaho! What brings you out here?”

Me: “My grandma wanted me to live closer to her, and offered to pay for the move. What about you?”

(He suddenly looks nervous. The guy with him just kind of nods. He turns so I can see his name tag, where I can read, “Latter-Day Saints.”)

Me: “Oh! Okay! That makes sense.”

Suit Guy: “Sorry, we get a lot of people who get loud and in our faces about religion. It’s… frustrating after a while.”

(I turn my bag to show them the pride patch I’ve put on there.)

Me: “I completely understand being treated badly because of loving who you are. And you’ve given me no reason to see why I should have anything against you.”

(We ended up exchanging numbers before they got off the bus. We’ve run into each other a few more times and they’re always happy to see my current project!)

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