With Waves Of Rainbows And Sprays Of Glitter

| England, UK | Friendly | May 23, 2017

(I am swimming with a few friends on a hot day. A ball splashes next to me and I see a woman swimming up. I hold onto it until she gets to me. I am male.)

Me: “Sorry, but balls aren’t allowed in the water on this part of the beach. You can use them on the sand though.”

Woman: *snide* “And how would you know!”

Me: “My husband is a lifeguard on duty. I know a lot of the rules.”

(Her eyes widen and she looks me up and down before turning and swimming away.)

Woman: “Kids, get out of water! Quick!”

(Her children protest.)

Woman: “There’s a [slur]! It’s in the water. It’ll turn the whole ocean gay!” *turns back* It’s already happening!”

(My friends and I watch as three children and the mother sprint out of the water and into their car. They’re still wet as they drive off.)

Friend #1: “That was really weird.”

Me: “What did she mean, ‘It’s already happening?’”

Friend #2: “Oh, [Friend #3] and I decided to start snogging when we realised where it was headed.”

You Should Just Ignore The Ephelant In The Room

| NM, USA | Friendly | May 22, 2017

(I overhear this conversation between two students, a guy and a girl.)

Girl: “I just can’t say it!”

Guy: “Okay, just try. Say ‘eh.'”

Girl: “Eh…”

Guy: “…le…”

Girl: “…le…”

Guy: “…phant.”

Girl: “…phant.”

Guy: “Elephant!”

Girl: “Ephalent!”

My Friend The Cockroach

| CA, USA | Friendly | May 22, 2017

(Overheard in class:)

Girl: “I had to kill a bunch of bugs at work today, and I thought of you.”

Being Taller Is A Final Fantasy

| London, England, UK | Friendly | May 22, 2017

(I am at my friend’s flat, and she is very, very small. She is showing me a very short anime/OVA of a recently released game from a popular franchise, and the anime shows the game characters at young ages, including an eight-year-old version of the character she plans to cosplay as.)

Me: *after the episode of eight year old version of character* “You should cosplay young Ignis.”

Friend: “Oh, what? Get a kid group together?”

Me: “No, you cosplay young Ignis; everyone else cosplay the adult version. Then we’d all be the correct character height!”

Friend: “Heeeeeeeeeey!”

(We had a good laugh about it.)

Announcement: Mid-2017 Update

| Friendly Hopeless Learning Related Right Romantic Working | May 22, 2017

Hey readers! We have some exciting changes to share with you:

Not Always Right – In addition to our new logo, you may have noticed all sites now bear the “Not Always Right” logo. This was done on purpose: having multiple sites was problematic and inefficient for both readers and staff. From now on, there will only be one site and one brand: Not Always Right. For our loyal, long-time readers, don’t worry — the former sister sites will remain in separate categories, but under a single unified brand.

All Tab – This new tab is exactly as it sounds: all stories from all categories under a single tab.

Popular Tab – Read our most popular recent stories from all categories.

Unified Unfiltered Tab – Unfiltered also gets unified, with all unfiltered stories from all categories under this tab.

New Commenting System – This was a tough call for us, but we’ve decided to switch commenting systems to Disqus. The main benefit will be that anyone (not just Facebook users) will finally be able to comment. The big downside is the loss of the old Facebook comments. Please note we are actively investigating a way to provide access to the legacy Facebook comments.

Unified Facebook Page – For our Facebook users, all stories from all categories will be posted to the Not Always Right page. The former sister site pages will no longer be maintained.

Random (under construction) – Thanks for everyone who noticed issues with the Random button! We’ve temporarily removed it so we can get it working properly. We’re also looking into making it pull only stories from the category you are in.

Got comments, suggestions, or criticisms? Please let us know in the comments below! And thank you as always for being a loyal reader and visitor!

PS – Please try clearing your browser’s cache if you have any problems.

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