Opposites Attract: Stupid Employees And Smart Techies

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Back in the late nineties, I was an IT manager for a radio station conglomerate. 

I had a sales rep email me and tell me that her desktop computer was acting funky and to please look at it. I asked her to bring the tower to my office. She did. I ran a diagnostic on it and it was indeed acting weird: programs not running, missing files, the like. 

The HDD was reporting fine, so I reloaded all the programs that she needed and told her to come pick it up.

Two days later, she emailed me, yet again, that the computer was wonky. I told her to bring it back to me and I’d sort it out. Same issues. This time I replaced the HDD and sent it back, confident that it was okay now.

Two days later, she emailed me, my boss, the general manager, and the owner, and said that I was incompetent because her computer was dead yet again, I should be fired, I didn’t know what I was doing, ad I was costing her lost sales, I couldn’t keep the computers running, and I was useless. 

I agreed to meet all of them at her cubicle and sort it out then and there.

We all met there at 1:00 pm on the dot. 

Her desktop case was covered with refrigerator magnets! All sides, front and back! These were removed before she brought it to me, as she “didn’t want me stealing them.”

Herein lies the rub: these people making a lot more than me didn’t realize that magnets can screw up HDDs. 

I had to rebuild the machine, yet again, test it with all programs that she needed, and put it on my test-bench with a commercial demagnetizer — used for bulk tape erasure in a radio environment — to prove that magnets were kinda bad for a computer. 

The chick still argued that the magnets didn’t do anything wrong to her machine.

I got out of IT soon after. I don’t have much patience.

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How An Interviewer Fails An Interview

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I am currently searching for a job. I currently work full-time, so I need a bit of notice when it comes to interviews.

One day, I come back from lunch and sit at my desk. My mobile phone has been ringing continuously and it’s all from the same local number.

Calling back, I’m greeted by an irate and rude man telling me there is no way that I will ever work for his company! How dare I?!

As soon as he stops shouting, I ask him what his problem is. He quickly tells me that I missed a job interview that afternoon. I search my call history and email and inform him that this is the first time I am hearing from him. I have never even been invited to an interview.

Suddenly, the man goes sheepish as he realises what has happened.

It transpires that he had organised an interview and had spoken to HR, the team, and everyone in his company. However, he had neglected to actually tell me about the interview.

He then tried to rearrange an interview… after shouting at me and calling me a b****. I said no.

I’d say I dodged a bullet there.

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I Swear I Don’t Know What You Mean

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As a teenager, my best friend and I both speak languages other than English at home; I speak German and she speaks Urdu. We try to pick up some of each.

One day, I am at her house. As her dad fixes something in the kitchen, where we are, she is pointing to various foods and slowly telling me the words in Urdu.

“Apple… Mango… Fork… Chair…”

She continues as her dad gets frustrated with the repair. He suddenly says a word I have never heard before, which I repeat and then expect a translation from my friend.

She responds with a horrified look, “NO!”

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If The Paranoia Glove Fits…

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I work at a grocery store. This happens when the panic buying and craziness is going around, although there are no confirmed cases in this state at the time. I am bagging a woman’s groceries, and she is telling the cashier how nervous she is about the outbreak. She’s got rubber gloves on to prove this point.

All of a sudden, I cough slightly, not a big one, though. The woman gives me a look of horror and says, “Stay away from me,” and tells me to go bag somewhere else. I oblige, but she walks past me with her hands up towards me as she leaves the store.

I mean, if you’re that scared of an illness, just put yourself in a giant bubble.

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All Aboard The Inadequate Training Train

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I’m in high school and just got hired at a music/movie store. On my first shift, I am wearing the uniform but only doing training. This includes watching videos on one of the small machines customers can use to listen to music. I’m wearing headphones and focusing on the video when a customer approaches me. 

The woman asks for help finding something in the store. I haven’t even gotten to that part of my training yet so I tell her I’m new and in training, and I can’t help her. I go back to my video thinking she’ll find someone else. That’s where I am wrong. 

She does find someone else, but not to help. She immediately seeks out the store manager and complains about me. They come back to find me together and the woman continues yelling about me to my manager in front of me. She goes on about my horrible customer service and how I am just standing there doing nothing, not helping anyone. 

My manager tells the woman she’ll deal with me later, helps her find her CDs, and checks her out. My manager does talk to me later in the back, but it’s to say that I should’ve helped the woman from the beginning.

That’s how I got yelled at and written up on my first day of work… for not knowing something I wasn’t yet taught.

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