On A Bus To Get Somewhere Hopeful

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(I’m waiting at a bus stop on my way to work. A Hispanic guy, about my age, nervously comes over.)

Guy: “I… sorry, bad English…”

Me: *in Spanish* “I speak Spanish. Do you need help?”

(He suddenly looks hopeful, and continues in Spanish.)

Guy: “I’m trying to get down to [Government Office], but my phone died and I don’t know how to get there on the bus.”

Me: “Oh, hold on!”

(I get up my phone, pull up the office, and get him the bus number and which stop to get off at.)

Guy: “Thank you! So much!”

Me: “You’re welcome! Do you have a bus pass?”

(He suddenly looks crestfallen.)

Guy: “Oh, no… I don’t have any money right now.”

(I pull an all-day pass out of my wallet and hand it to him.)

Me: “Here. I keep a spare on me just in case. Good luck!”

(A couple of weeks later, I run into him at the same stop.)

Guy: “Hey, you’re the girl that helped me out!”

Me: “I remember you! Did you get down there all right?”

Guy: “Yeah! Thank you so much!”

(Turns out, he was a recent immigrant and was trying to get some forms dropped off for his citizenship. We ended up exchanging social media to keep in touch.)

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A Welcoming Heart-Warming During A Heatwave

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For my freshman year and first half of my sophomore year of high school, our campus has no air conditioning save for two rooms: the auditorium and one staff office. We have a few unusually hot, humid days near the start of my freshman year. The temperatures climb high enough that a lot of sports games are canceled and even classes let out for a few days. We receive emails about keeping cool and staying hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion.

One afternoon, I’m sitting in my art class when, out of nowhere, an ice cream truck jingle plays over the loudspeaker. We students look at each other in confusion for a few seconds before an upperclassman wheels a school lunch cart through the classroom door… stacked high with boxes of popsicles.

Upperclassmen were going around the school, distributing carts full of popsicles to every class so we could cool down a little bit. I have no idea how they set up the music over the loudspeaker, but it was certainly a good way to weather a hot day.

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Cats Always Land On Their Feet, Wherever They Are

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(I have recently adopted a new kitten. I am taking him to the vet to get his vaccinations and to get neutered. He is sitting in a cat carrier next to me in the waiting room. As cats often do, he is sitting with his paws all tucked under his body so you can’t see any of them. A little girl, about five or so, approaches me and we have the following exchange:)

Girl: “I have a really important question about your cat!”

Me: “Absolutely. What’s up?”

Girl: “I’ve never had a cat! I’ve got a dog–” *points to her dog* “–and I was wondering if you brought your cat to the vet because he doesn’t have any feet? I would worry if my dog didn’t have any feet.”

(I start laughing and pull my kitten out of the carrier, revealing that he did in fact, have feet. She was very relieved.)

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Creating A Cycle Of Laughter

, , , , , , | Friendly | October 12, 2019

(I am going for a walk in the park near my home. Due to the lovely day, there are a lot of cyclists who will generally warn you when they are approaching. One cyclist gives me a heads up.)

Cyclist: “To your left. You’re gonna smile!”

(Sure enough, after moving to the side for her and getting a closer look, I notice that sharing her seat is a life-sized plastic skeleton. Sitting back-to-back with that skeleton is another skeleton. This one is wearing overalls and a straw hat and “playing” a banjo. I am highly amused by this and do indeed get a laugh out of it.)

Cyclist: “Told you!”

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You Can’t Outrun Your Finances

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(I am shopping in a miniature mall: three stores shared the same entrance. Suddenly, I hear:)

Lady: “Sir! Sir!”

(I look to the woman who is trying to rush after a man while pulling a “trolley” — a “suitcase for groceries” — obviously filled with groceries. The trolley slows her down a lot. A lot of people look up, except for one man, who has a pace quite a bit faster than hers.)

Lady: “Sir! Sir-with-the-brown-jacket-and-blond-hair!”

(This causes the man to stop and look back.)

Lady: *catches breath* “Sir, you lost your wallet!”

Man: “My… my… Oh, thank you!”

Lady: “Here you go, sir.”

Man: “Thank you, thank you! How did you know?”

Lady: “I saw you drop it in front of [Store]. It wouldn’t feel right to just let it go if I knew who it belonged to, right? Now, have a nice day!”

Man: “But… Wait… Don’t you want…?” *opening his wallet*

Lady: “What? Why? It’s your wallet, not mine. Have a nice day!”

(The lady left the storefront and I saw the man looking around a few times, checking his wallet, and then putting the wallet away. Thinking back, seeing that lady trying to rush through the hall with her heavy trolley was a silly sight, but in the end, she did catch up with him!)

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