Not Going To Give Them Any Credit

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(I have just turned eighteen, and I am out in a mall department store when a couple of sales people walk up to me with a large box of makeup and skincare samples.)

Sales #1: “Hi there! Would you be interested in signing up for a [Store] rewards card?”

Me: “Not really. I don’t shop here much.”

Sales #2: “Are you sure? If you sign up for this rewards card, you get this box of samples for free now!”

(I spot a couple things I wouldn’t mind trying in the box, and figure there’s no harm in getting it.)

Me: “Well, okay. Just to clarify, though, this isn’t a credit card, right?”

Sales #1: “Oh, no no no! Just a rewards card.”

(I start signing up. The pin pad screen then asks for my drivers’ license.)

Me: “Hold on. This isn’t a credit card, is it?”

Sales #2: “No, no, just rewards. It’s just easier to get information from your license than from asking you to spell everything out.”

(I keep going. The PIN pad then asks for my social security number.)

Me: “I’m just making totally sure; I am not signing up for a credit card, am I?”

Sales #1: “No, don’t worry! It’s not a credit card.”

(I finish the application.)

Sales #2: “Okay, you’ll find out whether you got the card in seven to ten business days. Thank you so much!”

(She bags the sample box and hands it to me with a big grin, and I continue on my way. A week later, an envelope from [Store] credit services arrives at my house.)

Me: “What the h***?”

(I opened and read it, and found out that I had been approved for the [Store] credit card, and the card itself was enclosed. I immediately called the number on the letter and cancelled the card. I really wish I had thought to call the store and complain about those dishonest sales clerks.)

Marketplace Disgrace

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Me: “I’ll have the turkey, lettuce, and avocado sandwich, please.”

(The employee makes my sandwich and writes the cost for a turkey sandwich, extra for avocado, on the wrapper.)

Me: “This is a ‘Marketplace sandwich,’ without the Swiss cheese. Why are you charging more?”

Employee: “How did you order it? Did you order a Marketplace sandwich?”

Me: “No. I see what happened. I ordered the components… but it’s exactly the same, except the cheese.”

Employee: “You should have ordered a Marketplace sandwich.”

Me: “Okay, yes, I understand, but can’t you just rewrite the price?”

Employee: “I can’t charge you for a Marketplace sandwich if you didn’t order one.”

Me: “But it’s the same thing.”

(The employee then THREW AWAY THE SANDWICH and proceeded to make a Marketplace. I was speechless.)

Passing Out From The Incompetence

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(I have a sleep disorder. This disability is mitigated by my service dog, a Labrador. I am taken to a store for some items I need. This is generally not an issue. My service dog goes with me, because it isn’t safe to leave her home. Unfortunately, I begin to have issues. My dog alerts me, so I quickly stop what I am doing to find a worker.)

Me: “Listen. I have exactly one minute before I pass out. Please do not call the EMTs. I will be fine.”

(My service dog is whining and pawing at me, basically getting in my way, and trying to get me on the floor before I pass out — basically, what she’s trained to do.)

Employee: “Yeah, whatever.”

(I knew this was a bad sign, but I didn’t exactly have the time to find someone else. I sat on the floor nearby and promptly passed out. I woke up being loaded into an ambulance while animal control was taking my service dog into a cage. My dog was understandably freaking out, trying to come to me, because they were disrupting her work. I have a medical alert bracelet that says NOT to separate my dog from me on my wrist. I was still a bit out of it from passing out. I did the only thing I could think to do: scream at the top of my lungs. Everyone stopped to look at me. It took ten minutes to convince the EMTs to let me go, and longer to get animal control to give my dog back to me. This was all because an employee didn’t listen. Apparently, they had panicked when they saw me on the floor. They ran over, which prompted my dog to gently nudge her away from me — not aggressively, just a gentle push. She is a larger dog, though. The employee called 911, saying that my dog had attacked me and tried to hurt them. Mind you, my service dog was in full dress: a harness that says, “service dog.” on both sides, a collar that also says, “service dog,” on it, a tag stating that she is for medical alerts, AND a leash that says, “Service Dog. Do Not Pet.” I realize that retail isn’t a fun time, but that whole incident could easily have been avoided. I did inform their manager, but they still work there, so I don’t know what all happened. They glare at me every time they see me, though.)

Getting A Medium Is A Large Problem

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(I am in line at a fast food restaurant. After reading the menu, I note that the menu states the value meal includes a small drink and small French fry. I pull up to the speaker and order.)

Cashier: *on speaker* “What can I get you?”

Me: “I would like a #4 value meal with a [Soda]. That will be all, thank you.”

Cashier: *on speaker* “That will be $6.98. Please pull forward.”

Me: *even though it seems a little high* “Okay, thanks.”

(I pull to the window and the cashier hands out my food with the order ticket taped to the bag. I hand her my debit card for payment and I glance at the order ticket.)

Me: *to cashier bending over register* “Hey, you charged me an extra $0.58 for a medium drink and a medium fry. The meal comes standard with small sizes.”

Cashier: *sputters* “Well, we were trained to up-size if the customer doesn’t say they only want small.”

(The manager notices us and comes to the window. The cashier closes the window to confer with him.)

Manager: *opens window back up* “I am sorry about that. Let me refund that for you. She is new and is supposed to be trained to ask if you want medium sizes. Please let me see your receipt and debit card for refund.”

Me: *hands debit card and receipt back to him* “I literally asked for the meal number with a [Soda] to drink. I did not ask for anything extra and she didn’t ask. I assumed I would get what the menu states.”

Manager: *returns debit card and refund receipt* “Again, sorry about that.”

Me: “I cannot hold those big size drink cups, and a lot of customer don’t want the extra calories.”

(I pulled out of the parking lot thinking that they only want to squeeze every penny out of unsuspecting customers.)

Should Have Said You’re From Middle Earth

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My friend and I were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We are both New Zealanders. We met up with my American cousin and we were having a few drinks. We went to a different bar, and my friend and cousin went to order.

Shortly afterwards, my cousin came back to me saying I needed to go help at the bar. I went up and saw that the bartender had my friend’s passport and was arguing with her. Turns out the bartender thought it was fake, and was yelling at my friend about how our country isn’t real. I stepped in, showed her my passport, and got the same response. We Googled New Zealand on our phones and showed her, but she still refused to believe that our passports were legit or that New Zealand exists.

We decided to go elsewhere and the bartender wouldn’t give the passport back, still going on about how it was fake. I leaned over and wrenched it off her and ran out before she could call any security. Who knows? The security might never have seen a world map, either!

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