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This story is actually about twenty years old, but I still remember it clearly as if it was yesterday.

Our family of six had just finished up a ski vacation when we arrived in bad weather at the old Stapleton Airport. Almost every flight was cancelled due to the snow storms and high winds. We were at the service counter for our airline in a long line. Almost all of the customers were tired and grumpy to say the least.

There was a single elderly customer service agent handling the crushing workload. We noticed that as every customer left the counter, there was a big smile on their faces. We had no idea what they were smiling about.

When it was finally our turn after a two-hour wait, he helped book us on another flight. As he was handing our new tickets to us, he smiled and said “I was able to get you inside seats!” meaning we didn’t have to sit on the wing!

I know it seems kind of silly, but I’ve never forgotten the kindness that this stranger showed everyone in a difficult situation. He made a difference.

Animatedly Enthusiastic  

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(My husband and I are checking in our one suitcase at the airport. The airline of our flight has multiple “DIY check-in stations” and several employees walking around to assist. The QR code that needs to be scanned is on my husband’s phone. He sticks the phone inside a hole in the station that clearly has some laser-scanning action going on inside, but nothing happens. An employee is already stepping up to help us out as I point out the animation playing on the screen on the station to my husband.)

Me: “You have to point the screen downward to scan, not upward. See?”

Husband: “Ah, d***, and it was so obviously pointed out right in front of me. I feel like an idiot.”

(He flips his phone around and the machine beeps.)

Employee: “Ah, sir, you need to– Oh.”

Me: “Sorry for not paying attention to the animation right away.”

Employee: “I… I have been working here for five years and I have never seen someone pay attention to the animation. You are the first to do it right without any assistance!”

Me: “Wow, that sounds… terribly frustrating. The animation is so obvious!” 

Husband: “Thanks for the assistance, anyway!”

Employee: “You are most welcome!”

(The employee turns around to help out someone else while the machine prints the label we need to stick around the handle of the suitcase. I take it and see that there are directions printed on the backside: instead of peeling off a sheet to make the ends stick together, the label will stick all on its own according to the two drawings. NOTHING on the ends seems sticky but I trust that the drawings are correct, so I stick the label through the handle and press both ends together. By magic, they stick like glue immediately. A second employee steps up to help halfway through my actions.)

Employee #2: “Ma’am, you need to… oh…”

(I have not seen a woman so baffled, impressed, and hopeful for humanity all at once. I cannot help but think that they talked about “this crazy couple that did everything by themselves at the DIY station” at their coffee break!)

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I worked at a VA international airport as a ramp agent. It was one of those evenings when flights were delayed and we had to stay a few extra hours to get everything out. It was after 1AM, I should have been home asleep, but there I was, tired and not in a good mood.

At one point I was instructed to go to one of our gates and get the flights going. For some reason I walked through the terminal instead of going directly outside. I was in full uniform: blue shirt with the airline logo, navy blue pants, black shoes, (rather over-sized) yellow reflective vest with the company name in big letters on the back, billed cap with “777” on the front, and my SIDA badge strapped to my arm. As I was making my way to the gate, I hear someone behind me calling out. I turn to face a passenger who was looking worried.
Me: “Yes, sir?”
Passenger: “Excuse me……do you work here?”

Their Brain Is Fully Cashed Out

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(I work at the airport where I give the tax back to tourists. They apply if they buy souvenirs, clothing, etc. I always ask if they want the money back in Norwegian kroner in cash, or back to a card. This customer is from the United States.)

Me: “All right, do you want the money back to your debit or credit card, or would you like the money back in Norwegian kroner in cash?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Um… Norwegian cash or back to a credit card?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Card or cash?”

Customer: “Yes.”

(She’s obviously not listening to me, and since I can’t give her money back to the card without sliding it, I decide to give her cash as there’s a line and I don’t have time to wait for her forever.)

Customer: “I wanted this back to the credit card!”

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Nothing To Riverview Review

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(Rather embarrassingly, I am the customer in this story. My boyfriend and I are traveling in South East Asia and are staying one night in Bangkok before flying to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we can’t remember the exact name of the hotel we’ve booked and can’t find anywhere in the airport to get Wi-Fi or access the Internet and look it up, so I go to the tourist information office.)

Me: “Excuse me, my boyfriend and I are booked into a hotel but we can’t quite remember the name. It’s the ‘Something’ Riverview, but I’m not sure exactly.”

Lady: *behind the desk* “Okay, do you know which street it’s on?”

Me: “No.”

Lady: “Do you know where in the city it is?”

Me: “Not exactly.”

Lady: “Do you know how many stars it has?”

Me: *turning beet red by this point* “Sorry, no.”

Lady: “Ma’am, I apologise, but do you know anything? There are hundreds of hotels in Bangkok!”

(Fortunately, another lady in the office looked up a list of names that roughly matched Riverview and I recognised one straight away. After that, they booked us a taxi to take us there!)

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