Have You Tried Turning Yourself Off And On Again?

, , | Romantic | June 24, 2017

(My husband works in IT, and is a bit stressed at work. One night, I am sick and running a fever. I get up in the middle of the night and check my temperature. I am coming back to bed.)

Me: “I still have a high fever. The meds don’t seem to be working. ”

Husband: *half asleep* “Did you run updates? That usually helps.”

This Just Isn’t Going To Cowork

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(I am 17 and my coworker is old enough to be my mother. One day her son, who is a little older than I am, comes to bring her lunch while I’m working. The next day…)

Coworker: “So, [Son] had a lot of questions about you last night.”

Me: “Questions? All I did was let him in the door.”

Coworker: “He thought you were real pretty! Wanted to know if I had your number in my phone.”

Me: “Was he disappointed when you didn’t?”

Coworker: *laughing* “He was. If we didn’t work together I’d be rooting for you, though. I know you’re not crazy like his last girlfriend.”

(The next week her son is in the office again and waggles his eyebrows at me, walking in my direction. Suddenly, my coworker reaches up and grabs his shirt collar.)

Coworker: “[Son], I never thought I’d have to tell you this, but you are not allowed to date MY coworkers!”

Today I Feel Like Doing Sweet Nothings

, , | Romantic | June 22, 2017

Boyfriend: *whispering* “I love you.”

Me: “I love you, too.”

Boyfriend: “Know why I whispered it?”

Me: *expecting something romantic* “Why?”

Boyfriend: “Because I’m lazy.”

H2-Slow, Part 16

, , | Romantic | June 21, 2017

(I promise I am usually not a stupid person, but for some reason on some days I have severe pregnancy brain, especially since hitting third trimester. I am at the supermarket with my husband, and we have to pick up — amongst other things — water and milk. We get to the water and he takes a pack of six big bottles, then we move on to get milk. In the aisle with the milk is also milk powder, and while I look at it a *genius* thought comes to my mind.)

Me: “Milk powder is actually really smart. You can carry it easily and you can get a lot of milk from it.”

Husband: “That’s true.”

Me: “I wonder if they will ever make that for water as well. Then I could buy it without you, because I could carry it on my own.”

Husband: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, just like milk powder, if they would dehydrate water and make water powder, then you could buy it at the store and at home, if you need water, then you just…” *at this point I realize that what I am about to say is not as smart as it sounded in my head just a minute ago* “…add water.”

(My husband looked at me not knowing what to say without making me feel stupid, so he just laughed, hugged me, and never spoke of it again.)

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The Ring-Bearer Of Bad News

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(My husband and I have been married for about six months and he is great at losing things, including his wedding ring a few times. Yesterday evening he was smoking chicken and ribs and decided to take his ring off and set it by the sink. Worried that it would be lost down the drain, I moved it to the pocket of my pajamas.  At one point I was seated on the couch and he decided to tickle me. After wrestling around I got up and walked away, only to put my hand in my pocket and find it empty.)

Me: “Honey? Um… I might have sort of lost something.”

Husband: “What did you lose?”

Me: “I may possibly have lost your wedding ring.”

Husband: “No you didn’t. I put it by the sink while I was cooking.”

Me: “Right… And I picked it up and put it in my pocket so that it wouldn’t get pushed down the drain.”

Husband: “It wouldn’t get pushed down the drain anyway. It was by the sink, not in it.”

Me: “On the edge. And with our luck, yes, it would have fallen down and I didn’t want you to lose it again.”

Husband: “So you put it in your pocket, and then lost it?”

Me: “That sounds accurate.”

(Since he had been tickling me, we immediately began pulling the cushions off of the couch. I was beginning to panic and became frustrated with myself when we couldn’t locate it. We went through every single cushion, with my husband holding it up and reaching his hand back while I shined a flashlight and checked underneath. Finally, he sat back laughing as I was on the verge of tears.)

Husband: “Honey… Stop. It’s okay.”

Me: “No! It’s not! I lost your ring.”

Husband: “No, you didn’t.”

Me: “It’s missing, and I last had it, so yes, I did.”

Husband: “No, love. Look.”

(He then held his hand up, with a huge grin on his face. He was wearing his wedding ring. Apparently he had found it halfway through our search, slipped it on while I was checking under the couch, and then had me shine the light where he was feeling around in hopes that I would see he was wearing it. I was completely oblivious because I was so focused on checking the couch!)

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