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  • Stick to specific events: We prefer to tell stories which depict specific events that happened, keeping the story tight with only the necessary details. Long-winded rants and complaints about something general usually do not get published.
  • Have a conclusion: The best stories generally have a strong ending or punchline. Not every good story is necessarily funny, but having a conclusion can make or break a story. Good karma and inspirational stories are also always welcome!
  • Avoid gross or obscene scenarios: While NAR is generally about people behaving badly and doing bad things, we might not publish stories containing gross or obscene content for the sake of our more sensitive readers.
  • Keep it (relatively) realistic: Sometimes, things get exaggerated in the telling of a good story, and while we understand that everybody has a different experience of what realistic is, stories that are “too out there” may not get published. Relatable/realistic stories do well because readers are able to relate on some level.
  • Dialogue is not required: While most of our stories are dialogue, we equally welcome non-dialogue stories!