Or, The One That Made Her Own Choice

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I overhear the following conversation between a sullen-looking man and a bartender at a rather large wedding.

Bartender: “You doing all right? You seem pretty down. Anything I can get you?”

Man: “I’ll take a [scotch]. Just saw the ‘one that got away’ and it hit me like a punch to the gut.”

Bartender: “That’s rough. What does she look like? I’ll keep an eye out and give you a heads up if she heads this way.”

Man: “She’s the one in white.”

At that point, the bartender just turned his single into a double and didn’t say a word.

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All Employees Look The Same To These People

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I am from a country that has a school system nothing like America’s. We have different types of high schools and I happen to be in school for tourism. In our school, we learn how to be waiters/waitresses, cooks, receptionists, etc. And after this high school, we can go to college but it’s not necessary as we already have experience.

One year, our teacher will send us to work in a hotel or restaurant to gain experience and knowledge for a few weeks. It’s not easy but it is nice. We get paid and are allowed to keep tips.

One summer, I am a waitress. I get my uniform and I went to my hometown to work in a restaurant. My mother, my father, my two younger sisters, my aunt, and I go to drink some coffee in one of many bars across the parking lot from my work. I already have my uniform on and my hair up, and I am just sitting there laughing at my sister’s jokes.

Me: “Oh, it’s 11:50. I need to head to work now.”

Family: “Okay. We’ll see you later!”

As I’m on my way out, this random lady marches up and starts yelling at me.

Lady: “Excuuuuuuse meee?!”

Me: “Umm, yes?”

Lady: “I saw you sitting down with this family over there—” *points to my parents* “—and I’ve been waiting forever to get my order. It’s not even busy.”

Me: *Startled* “Ma’am, I’m sorry, I don’t—”

Lady: “Don’t you dare interrupt me. It’s not my fault you lazy teens don’t know how to work. Now take my order, and I want to pay right now so I can use the change to pay for my parking.”

I look at my family in disbelief. I am wearing a full-on uniform for the restaurant I work in; in my part of the country, people working in bars almost always just have a black shirt with the bar’s name on it and jeans.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I don’t work here. I can’t do that for you.”

Lady: “YES, YOU DO! Why else would you wear a uniform?!”

My parents look at her and confirm what I said.

Lady: *Angry and turning red* “Well, at least give me some change in coins so I can pay for my parking.”

Ummm, sorry, what?! First, she yelled at me, and now she wants my money? WTF?!

Me: “Sorry, but I don’t have any, and I wouldn’t give it to you anyway because I. Don’t. Work. Here!”

I just turned around and walked out. The look on her face when she noticed I was raising my voice at her was priceless. When I left, she went back to her seat and started telling my parents how I was clearly not raised properly. Yeah, right! My aunt, who is super protective of me, gave the lady a piece of her mind, and my dad said she left almost crying.

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A Blizzard Of Karma

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I’m the general manager at a recently opened sports bar. Most of the staff there are great people to work with, but the owner is a selfish woman who constantly puts her own interests ahead of everyone else’s.

A major snowstorm expected to bring upwards of two feet of snow is headed our way, and the day that it is forecast to hit our area just so happens to be the same day that the owner is holding a mandatory meeting for all staff. Still, considering how serious the storm is — a state of emergency has been declared, in fact — I decide to talk to the owner about it near the end of my shift before I go home.

Me: “Are you sure you want to hold the meeting on Saturday? Aren’t you worried about the blizzard?”

Owner: “So what? It’s just a snowstorm. I’m holding the meeting as scheduled, and everyone is expected to attend.”

Me: “It’s not just a snowstorm; it’s a blizzard.”

Owner: “Same difference.”

Me: “It’s expected to bring over two feet of snow! Can’t you hold it on another day? It’s going to be too dangerous to drive through those conditions! H***, they even declared a state of—”

Owner: “You’re lucky that I like you enough to not fire you for insubordination right now. The meeting is going to go forward; I don’t care what the circumstances are. No more questions, no more talking. Finish what you were doing and then you can go home. I expect to see you here Saturday.”

I know I’m not going to win this argument so I just finish my duties, clock out, and leave. The fact that the owner is refusing to reschedule the meeting despite the imminent blizzard is bad enough. Even though my car is more than capable of handling the snow, the six-mile commute is too much to go through in the coming conditions for a one-hour meeting. Then, on Friday, the day before the storm, I get this email from the owner.

Owner’s Email: “Attention all staff: the upcoming staff meeting will take place as scheduled at 7:00 am on [date of the storm]. Attendance is mandatory, and anyone who fails or refuses to attend will be fired. No exceptions, no excuses. Period.”

Great. Now I have no choice but to risk it if I want to keep my job. I make sure to get up and leave earlier than usual the following morning. The snow is already several inches deep by the time I get out the door and is still coming down heavily, so I have to drive extremely carefully. The drive ends up being a nightmare; not only am I driving at much less than the normal speed, but visibility is minimal, to say nothing of the numerous road closures forcing me to take several detours, some very far out of the way.

Miraculously, I arrive less than a minute late, despite all the snowy shenanigans. When I walk in, the only other people there are the owner, five servers, two bartenders, and the cook. Out of twenty-five people on the staff roster, only ten showed up to the meeting.

The meeting itself? It ends up being just an hour of the owner essentially patting herself on the back for a “job well done” during the high volumes we got for the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl, without ever mentioning our efforts. After the meeting ends, the owner pulls me aside. She has a writeup in her hand.

Owner: “Sign this.”

Me: “What?”

Owner: “You have a lot of nerve talking to me about this meeting the way you did the other day and then showing up late for it.”

My jaw drops.

Me: “You’re kidding me! I was only a minute late! You’re lucky I even made it here in the conditions outside!”

Owner: “Doesn’t matter. Late is still late. Any other employee would have been fired. Sign the writeup. Now.”

Me: “I don’t get it. I literally risk life and limb driving through a blizzard to sit through a whole hour of you taking all the credit for the hard work we did, and you seriously have the audacity to write me up for being one minute late? One minute?

Owner: “You watch your mouth, young lady, or you’re gonna be out of a job!”

Me: “Then I will save you the trouble: I quit! I’m not going to continue working for an egotistical, narcissistic b**** who cares more about her image than she does about her employees!”

I then tore the writeup in half, handed her my nametag out of my purse, flipped her off, and walked out the door. I would have driven home, but the road conditions by this point were simply too dangerous. One of the bartenders who attended the meeting and was good friends with me ended up offering to let me stay at her apartment just across the street until the storm died down. I agreed, and we watched movies together for about eight hours until the roads were cleared enough for me to return home safely.

According to my bartender friend, the owner really did carry out her threat in the email and fired everyone who didn’t show up. This included most of the bartenders, the assistant manager, and the entire kitchen staff except for the cook. When the cook brought this up with the owner, she simply fired him, too, for questioning her authority. This resulted in the bar closing down temporarily because there were not enough staff to open it.

Before she could even start hiring replacements, the assistant manager, the cook, and several of the other fired employees brought a lawsuit against her for wrongful termination. Not only did they win their suit thanks to the owner’s email, but the cook also brought to light the fact that she never paid any of the people who did attend the meeting. Suddenly, the Department of Labor took an interest in her business practices.

I don’t know what they dug up in their investigation, but whatever it was proved to be the killing blow, and by the time hockey playoffs started, the bar’s temporary closure had become permanent. From what I heard, the owner had to sell several of her possessions and move out of her house to cover the legal fees and damages from the lawsuit, the fines from the Department of Labor, and the back pay she had to give to everyone who went to the meeting. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since then, but if she would’ve just taken my advice to postpone that stupid meeting in the first place, she could’ve avoided the whole avalanche that came down on her business and reputation.

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So That’s Why They Say That Thing About Lending And Borrowing

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I paid my way through my degree working part-time around my studies in a job that paid slightly more than minimum wage. Although I was staying with my parents, I was pretty much living from payday to payday.

It was coming up for my sister’s birthday and she asked for a loan.

Me: “I’m really, really skint at the moment. I could loan you £30, but your night out is a week before I get paid. If you don’t pay me back first, I can’t afford to go to your night out.”

Sister: “Of course I’ll pay you back; I want you there for my birthday. Thank you so much.”

The night out came along and I met her at the bar, gave her my gift, and used my last £10 to buy us both drinks. I waited for her to pay me back and the night went on and on and on without her mentioning it.

Me: “Hey, sorry to ask, but do you have the money you borrowed? Remember I told you I was skint? I only have my bus fare home left at the moment.”

Sister: “I can’t believe you are asking for money on my birthday! That’s really classy.”

Me: “Hey, I told you before I gave you the money that I needed it back or I couldn’t come. You promised it wouldn’t be an issue.”

Sister: “Whatever, f*** you.”

She took the money out of her pocket, threw it at me, and stormed off.

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Just Another Regular Jerk

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Customer: *Screaming* “I ordered ‘the regular!’ How do you not know what I want?!”

Me: “Sir, it’s my first time meeting you.”

Customer: *Still screaming* “Don’t you know who I am?!”

He shouted this over and over and made such a big scene that his “regular” order was written out, laminated, and pinned to the cash register after that.

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