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TN | Unfiltered | May 26, 2017

Woman: (Speaking to a group of us) This Army man is trying to date my little girl! I won’t allow it!

Me: OMG. How old is he?

Woman: Nineteen!

Me: (Thinking she was talking about her 12 year old daughter) How old is she?

Woman: … Eighteen.

Me: Oh…

After that, the conversation died out. Going on about an army *man* trying to date a little *girl* is one thing, but when it turns out the female is a consenting adult… it’s a bit less dramatic than what her mother was trying to make it out to be.

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CA, USA | Unfiltered | May 25, 2017

(I’m a college athlete. The student parking lot at our college is a half mile away from the gym, so it’s a bit of a walk. We’re lucky enough to have practice at 6:00 am every day, when no campus shuttles are running. On this day, it’s absolutely pouring rain as what’s being called the storm of the century hits town. The wind is also howling in our faces as I walk to the gym with a couple of my teammates.)

Teammate 1: what’s up boys? (Jumps on teammate 2’s back)

Teammate 2: please get off me

Teammate 1: aww don’t be such a sour puss. Isn’t today such a beautiful day?

Teammate 2: only good weather for ducks and dicks man

Teammate 1: don’t put me out of my good mood. Go to hell man.

(Suddenly a huge downpour picks up and drenches us.)

Teammate 2: fuck it man. Hell cant be worse than this.

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USA | Unfiltered | May 25, 2017

(My friend and I are having dinner in a fairly up-scale restaurant. She is a transgender woman, but her transition was almost twenty years ago. Although she is about six feet tall, there is nothing about her that looks particularly masculine in my opinion. She has long hair and is wearing a tank top and skirt. When the server brings our food, this exchange occurs:)

Server: Would you like another drink, sir?

Friend: No thank you.

(After he leaves)

Me: Did he just call you “sir”?

Friend: Welcome to my life.

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Denmark | Unfiltered | May 25, 2017

(I go to a school with very small classes, so all teachers and students end up getting the sort of relationship where they tease and joke with each other. I have just hit the age where I’m grouchy at everything and generally try to rebel in little ways, also the age where just about anything embarrases me.)

Teacher: Come on, [My Name], time to go.

Me: *sticks out tongue*

Teacher: What a long tongue! You’ll probably be a great kisser!

(I promptly covered my mouth and sulked off, cherry red. She sure knew how to shut me up.)

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WALES, UK | Unfiltered | May 25, 2017

I work in a Computer Repair shop which also sells stationery. We also have a few branded giftware items for [educational establishment] which we inherited when [nearby shop] changed hands.

An elderly lady rings up enquiring about said branded items, and we have the following conversation.

Customer: Hi I would like to speak to the person in charge of ordering clothing.

Me: I’m afraid the manager isn’t here at the moment, can I help at all?

Customer: I would like to complain about the lack of scarves in [establishment].

Me: … Um, ok… Well this is a computer shop and we only have a few items available.

Customer: Well surely the first thing that students want when arriving at [educational establishment] is a scarf.

*The students typically arrive in August/September, so even in Wales, the weather is usually OK, and definitely not scarf weather! I’m not sure whether the customer is serious or not but I assume she is*

Me: I do apologise, but as I mentioned, this is a computer shop – we only have a few giftware items left.

Customer: Well when will you be getting new stock in?

Me: We won’t be. [Shop across the way] may have some.

Customer: Well I think it’s ridiculous that students could catch a cold because of this.

Me: Well I’m sorry that I can’t help, you can try [other shop]

Customer: Can you put me through please?

*I can’t remember their number and they’re not on the internal pone *

Me: They’re on a different phone system I’m afraid, you’ll have to ring them.

Customer: But I don’t know their number.

Me: You could look it up on Google.

Customer: …

Me: Ok I’ll do it.

*Google only has the number for the other company’s main branch in town…! I inform customer about this.

Customer: Oh I expect the manager’s hiding the number after all these people are complaining about the scarf situation.

*hangs up*

Me: (To co-worker) Wow..

I later found out from the manager of the other shop that she had rung him and complained. They didn’t have any either so she wrote a strongly worded letter to the Vice-Chancellor of [establishment]. Over some scarves…

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