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[I am the inattentive customer in this story. During my university course a few years back I got really into a particular theatre practitioner and writer. I go around all the local bookstores asking if they have a copy of his last written work. In the last bookstore, I have the following conversation.]

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you have a copy of “To Have Done With The Judgement of God” by Antonin Artaud?

Employee: I can’t say I’ve heard of it, and it doesn’t sound like the kind of title we would ever hold.

Me: Oh, may I ask why?

Employee: We are a Christian bookstore.

Me: … I’ll find it somewhere else. Thanks anyway.

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I am taking some pies out of the oven when a customer comes in.

Me: Hello. Is there anything I can get you?

Customer: *sniffs* This places wreaks of sin.

She takes a bottle of water out of her bag and spills half of it in the floor. She then walks out without another word. The water stunk, so I assume it was either unclean or had become stagnant. She tries to come in every other week, but I politely as her to leave. She makes it obvious that it’s her, as she takes out a bible and kisses before coming in.

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(I’m in line at the DMV when I overhear this. The clerk is walking back up with papers, which prompts it.)

Customer: That’s it! That stuff is mine.
Clerk: I’m not giving you anything until you show me some ID.
Customer: What?? You mean I have to go all the way back to my car?
Clerk: Yes.
Customer: I’m not doing that. Look, here’s my Facebook, you can see it’s my face and my name. Isn’t that good enough?
Clerk: No.
Customer: (heavy put-upon sigh) UGH! I can’t believe this. This is some bullsh**.

(They storm past the rest of the line and flounce outside. Later when I’m sitting and waiting I see them come back inside. They waltz right up to the counter, show the ID, demand their papers and then go off again. All for something the DMV *tells* you you need when you visit!)

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I walk to a register to help a Team Captain with a cash pickup and varifying what she’s taking out. A coworker is on the register we need to pick up from so when she finishes the transaction with thecurrent customer she moves over and tells the next person she’ll help them there. They continue to place their items at the old register my captain has now logged into and started the pick up.

Captain: [coworker] can help you at the middle regiser, ma’am.

The customer looks at us and then my coworker and picks up her stuff. She then hands them to my coworker from where she is standing (a good foot or two away from the register my coworker has moved to).

Customer: So i should hand this to you then?

Coworker: yeah, I can take that and make it easier.

We continue the pick up and then realize the customer still hasn’t moved when we look up. The customer looks at us for a minute and then my coworker who is now ringing up and folding items for her.

Customer: (gesturing to other register) do I have to go over there?

Captain: yes ma’am, she can only process payment from that regiser.

I’ve worked at this store for awhile now but sometimes people (like this) make me laugh and question common sense

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I’m working on a ferry, when a little 5 year old comes up to the counter asking for a knife. I direct her to the silverware behing her but she needs a big knife.
I’m not really comfortable handing a large knife over to this child, so I go with her and har the knife directly to her mother.
Five minutes later this little child comes running up to the counter with a knife the size of her arm, and i almost had a stroke right there.

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