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(My sister and I are at a Gelato shop. She is lactose intolerant so can only have sorbet. )

Sister: Hey, I’m really sorry but I’m about to ask a really dumb question.

Employee: What’s the question?

Sister: *In a really meek and embarrassesed voice* Is the chocolate sorbet dairy free?

Employee: … yes the sorbet is dairy free

(My sister is blushing profusely at this point and I’m trying not to laugh)

Sister: Sorry, I just have to ask! The last place I went to, the server confused sorbet with Gelato and I got really sick!

Employee: *laughing* No problem. This is definitely dairy free sorbet. Cup or a cone?

Sister: cone please

(We got our frozen treats and my sister’s was 100% dairy free!)

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(It is a crazy busy night. We are sold out of three shows of a film that is showing only two days and we only have on concession stand and we ran out of a few food items and borrowed them from our theatre’s closest location, such as hot dogs and pretzels which both take a bit to cook. We are telling everyone that it may be upwards of 20 minutes for hot dogs).

Woman: Hi I’d like two hot dogs, a number one combo, and snickers bites.

Trainee: Okay, just so you know hot dogs will take about 20 minutes to cook because we ran out earlier and had to borrow them from our other location. Could I interest you in something else like nachos or pizza instead?

Woman: No I’ll just wait for my hot dogs.

Trainee: Okay, that will be [total]

(About 5 minutes pass and the woman comes to the girl’s register)

Woman: I’ve been waiting forever for these hot dogs! Why is this taking so long?

Trainee: I’m sorry. I told you that we had run out earlier and that it would take 20 minutes to cook them.

Woman: This is unacceptable. I’m going to bring my food up to my theatre and when I come back these hot dogs better be ready.

(About 5 more minutes pass and the woman returns cutting to the front of the line, still well under the 20 minute mark that this woman was given).

Woman: Where are my hot dogs?

(The Trainee calls me over as I am her trainer for the evening).

Me: What seems to be the issue?

Woman: I’ve been waiting forever for these hot dogs that this idiot sold to me.

Me: There is no need to call anyone here and idiot ma’am. May I please see your receipt?

Woman: (Throws crumpled up receipt at me) Here.

Me: Well it looks like the order was only processed about 10 minutes ago and I know we’ve been telling everyone that it would take upwards of 20 minutes for hot dogs. I do apologize but they are a very popular item and we actually ran out. We only got additional ones maybe 35 minutes ago and they take a while to cook.

Woman: This is b*******! I want my hot dogs! Get me my f****** hot dogs right now or I’ll have your a** fired!

Me: Well I checked the temperature of the hot dogs maybe 2 minutes before you came over here and yelled at my trainee. If you’d like to get food poisoning I’d happily give you your hot dogs. But the fact of the matter is they aren’t ready and I know you were told you’d have to wait as you paid cash and were given a pick up receipt.

Woman: This is unacceptable! Get me your manager.

Me: Not a problem.

(My manager comes over, she’s about 19, is very petite, but is one of the best managers I’ve ever had)

Manager: Hi I heard you asked for a manager, how can I help you?

Woman: I don’t want to speak to a f****** child! I want a real manager!

Manager: Ma’am I am the manager on duty for the evening. And if you continue to curse like this I will have to ask you to leave this building. You can either wait patiently like everyone else, you can leave, or I can give you a refund on the item. But I cannot have you standing here cursing at my employees.

(After a few more minutes of arguing the woman got her refund, for her entire order rather than just the hot dogs. She called the theatre a few days later when I was in our customer service department and asked to speak to our GM because we were violating her freedom of speech by asking her not to call people idiots and curse and child labor laws by employing a child as a manager)

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(My mom is a rheumatologist with her own practice, and I usually help out at the front desk whenever I have school holidays. Since my family is Chinese-American, many of my mother’s patients are elderly senior-home residents who only speak some form of Chinese and come to their appointments alone, without an English-speaking friend or relative. I cannot imagine how the regular front desk staff communicates with these patients without understanding Chinese based on my experiences with them with one female patient in particular. So far, she has dumped a pile of plastic cards onto the counter and understands that I speak Mandarin rather poorly.)
Me: Ma’am, which one of these cards is your primary insurance card?
Elderly Patient: I don’t know, but my daughter probably does. *pulls out an old cellphone and a piece of paper with many telephone numbers scribbled onto it.* Can you please call my daughter for me?
(By this time, the waiting room is getting kind of crowded. Even though it is our business to check with the insurance company what a patient’s primary insurance is, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact their own relatives and transportation. However, since the elderly patient is starting to panic, I dial her daughter’s number into the cellphone and hand it over to her so I can register others while she is calling. She is still speaking loudly by the time everyone is seated and is clearly disturbing the other patients.)
Other Patient: *obviously fed up* Can you please tell her to take her call outside or something?
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. Yes, of course. *to the elderly patient* Ma’am, may you please take your call outside? Ma’am?
(The elderly patient shushes me and continues her loud conversation, which is not even about her insurance anymore, in the office for another five minutes. Finally, somehow, we sort her insurance situation out.)
Me: Next time you have a call, can you please take it outside? We don’t want to disturb the other patients.
Elderly Patient: Oh, okay. I didn’t know that was a rule in your office.
(I’m not surprised that she doesn’t realize it’s more of a common courtesy thing in America, but I’m tired and I really don’t feel like correcting her. The rest of her appointment goes smoothly on my part until the end, when my mother comes out of the examination room with a very annoyed expression and tells me to make the patient’s next appointment.)
Elderly Patient: *shoves the same cellphone and the same telephone-numbered paper into my hands* Young lady, since the doctor won’t do it, can you call my driver for me now?

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(I have a commercial space to let in my house. A potential renter is late by 10 minutes, then wants to wait for her husband, who shows up even later. By the time the viewing starts, 20 minutes past the initial appointment, I have already decided that I’m not going to rent anything to them ever, no matter what they are offering.)

Man: “You said the building dates back to classicism? Well, it’s old, so can we have it cheaply?”

Me: *patiently* “That’s not how this works. This house has been carefully restored for over two years, preserving the original facade while having high-end interiors. I suppose this space is too expensive for your project?”

Woman: “Expensive? No way! That’s not up to you to decide! The owner will be happy to get our offer!”

Me: *just wanting to get rid of them* “Okay, sure, I can’t stop you from making any offers. Send an e-mail to [my work e-mail].”

Man: “You are useless! Who’s the owner and how can we contact him?”

Me: “That’s me.”

Woman: “He didn’t mean it like that! I think you are a wonderful person, such a lovely young woman, don’t you agree, [husband]?”

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(I work in a store that sells pretty much everything. Just like every store, we are having a HUGE Black Friday sale. I was supervising an area of the store that sells electronics, such as TVs, computers, games, and phones. A kid pulls off the price tag for a brand new phone from a very popular company, and sticks it to his shirt. I was just about to get the tag back when suddenly, I hear screaming. I cautiously turn around to see a huge mob.)

Man #2: HOW DARE YOU!? YOU JUST WANT THE MONEY FOR YOURSELF! LETS GET HIM!( He then proceeds to start punching me.)
(Nobody heard me, and they started to break wires and displays to steal the phones. They started to move towards the exits, so I radioed the security team. Security had to block all exits in order to sort things out. Luckily, I wasn’t too much injured, and no phones were stolen.)