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(I’m at Urgent Care because I suspect I have a bladder infection, and my regular doctor is on vacation. I’m in my 20’s and female. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with some “female” problems that require a specific type of medication. The doctor has just come back in with my test results.)

Doctor: Well, it’s not an infection. Tests are negative.

Me: I’m having all the symptoms of a bladder infection. Is there something else that could be causing it?

Doctor: Are you pregnant?

(I can’t help myself: I bust out laughing. The doctor raises an eyebrow.)

Me: Ah, sorry. It would be the immaculate conception, if you know what I’m saying.

(My regular doctor always laughs at that joke. This doctor frowns at me.)

Doctor: *in a snotty tone* Well, you COULD be. It’s not impossible, you know.

Me: Let me put it this way: I’m a virgin. Technically impossible.

Doctor: Yeah? It says on your chart that you take birth control. What do you need that for, if you’re a virgin?

Me: Because my periods are horrific without it!! Not everyone takes birth control just to have sex!

(There was no more talk of pregnancy after that. I was diagnosed with a stomach virus. Next time, I’ll wait until my regular doctor comes back. Yikes!)

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(I work at a restaurant that does catering deliveries for offices, schools, parties, etc. and when we set the deliveries up by putting all of the required utensils, plates, etc. in the box, we get just enough plates in the box, so if there’s a delivery for 20 people, we give them 20 plates – if they request more on the paper, we give them extra.)

Customer: Is this enough plates for the delivery? I ordered for 10 people. *counts the plates which is a result of 10*

Me: (knowing I counted the plates before I left, so I was entertained by her counting to ten and she complains anyways – customers can be full of crap sometimes) Well, on my paper, it says 10 people so we got enough plates for that amount.

Customer: I still don’t think this’ll be enough.

Me: *face palm* Well, I’m sorry, but that’s how much they gave us.

Customer: It’s OK, don’t worry. *calls somebody on her phone saying that they only have 10 plates which apparently isn’t enough for 10 people and asking them to bring more*

My manager laughed his ass off when I told him what happened. I’ve dealt with rude customers, but never had I had to deal with ignorant customers. It’s hilarious.

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(I’m working the refunds desk when a very chipper woman comes to the counter)

Me: “Hello, what can I help you with today?”

Woman (with a huge smile): “Hi there, so I bought this shirt here yesterday but I need to return it.” (hands me the receipt)

Me: “Alrighty, no problem. May I ask what was wrong with it?”

Woman: “It was a couple sizes too big, can I get an exchange for a smaller size. God, I haven’t been able to say that in 10 years. I’m so freaking happy right know.”

Me: “Excellent, congrats on that. Absolutely you can, just bring it to the other side of the desk when you have it.”

Woman: “Thanks so much. Today is an awesome freaking day”

(I have seen her often over the years. She doesn’t shop in plus size anymore and last time I saw her she was wearing an engagement ring)

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(My sister and I had attended an event at an all-boys high school that a couple of our cousins went to. Our aunt and uncle gave us a ride to a restaurant and hotel that is owned by our grandmother and her brothers. We were going to wait in the lobby of the hotel for the next train, which would not arrive at the station across the street for another thirty minutes. There were often wedding parties hosted there, and on that day there were people from two different weddings taking pictures in the lobby. My sister and I had a few bags with us, so we were sitting on a couch in an area in the lobby that the guests had not entered yet. Suddenly a group of about ten people come into the area carrying bags. One woman turns to my sister and I sitting on the couch and glares.)

Woman: “rudely” Are you a part of the wedding party?

Me: Oh, do you need these seats?

Woman: “rudely” Yes, can you leave?

(I was appalled at her attitude, but I didn’t say anything, so my sister and I gathered our bags and left to go to the train station early. I learned later that this woman was not a family member or friend, but the photographer for the wedding party. She had absolutely no right to demand that my sister and I leave our seats in a very public area, but at the time I was just focused on getting my sister and myself home and did not think the other guests would support me.)

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( I am the husband in this story we are currently having a bit of a financial problem and my wife is having trouble with the items we are trying to buy. We had milk , eggs , bread , a water filter , some trash bags , and a coat for our 4 year old daughter. It totals up to 15$ which is 5$ over our budget. The cashier seems rather pissed at us for taking so long and my wife apologizes and hands me the filter to put back. As I’m walking away I take a look back at the cashier and realize I know him. The following conversation takes place while I am putting the water filter back)

Wife : I’m so sorry we are having a bit of a financial problem as the person renting our house hasn’t been paying and refuses to leave.
Daughter : yea he’s a real poop!
Cashier : Both of you morons just shut up I don’t care about your god*** f***ing problems just let me scan these in peace.
Wife : *in an agitated and hurt voice* please don’t cuss in front of my daughter sir
Daughter : *starts crying*
Wife : Wh..wh..what?
Me : *comes back over in my military uniform*
Cashier : *not realizing she is my wife and daughter* Ah see someone who would realize that since I am joining the army soon I am more important than these two b****es.
Me : If you ever and I mean EVER talk to my wife and daughter like that again you will regret it.
Cashier : you are her…husband?
*is clearly shaken*
Me : Hell yea I am and talk to them like that again and I’m telling you now I know the military doesn’t accept the homeless
( this isn’t true but I say it anyway )
Cashier : *in a smug tone* Well I’m not homeless in fact-
Me : *cuts him off* Call your landlord
Cashier : Why
Me : just do it!
Cashier : *calls his landlord*
Me : *phone rings in pocket and I answer it* Well hello there!

( He ended up getting fired and owed us 1000$ of dollars in late payment. He lied about being in the military and lost the privilege of renting out home. We also got a bunch of apology letters and gift cards from that store for his behavior)

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