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(I’m at a Target that almost always had employees wearing red, I’m in the stores at the electronics section browsing, I’m 14 at the time wearing cargo pants a blue shirt and no name tag when the following exchange happens)

Stranger 1: Excuse me so you know where the mixers are?

Me: I’m sorry I don’t work here, I thought employees wore red here?

Stranger 1: No no, I swear I saw employees wearing blue so you must work here, where are the mixers?
(At this point I don’t think she understands so I just send her to a random aisle to have her leave me alone)
Me: I’m sorry but I don’t work here I think they are in aisle three though.

Stranger 1:Was that so hard!

(Not more than 15 minutes later)

Stranger 2:Hi do you work here?

Me: No… Someone else just asked me the same question a couple minutes ago…

Stranger 2:Oh sorry it’s just that you are wearing their colors.

Me: …

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(As a librarian, part of my job involves answering questions over the phone. It’s not unusual to take requests for directions or phone numbers of various businesses. I don’t mind helping these people out, as most of them don’t own computers, but some of them can push things too far.)

Me: [Library System and Branch], how may I help you?
Caller: I need the name, phone number and address for the CEO of [National Car Rental Company].
Me (*Googles*): All right, the CEO is [Name], but I might not be able to find her address and phone number, since many people choose not to list their personal information publicly. (I give this spiel to patrons asking for personal information as a matter of course, because it isn’t unusual for me to search for a name and come up with nothing. While many understand this, others take it as a personal affront.)
Caller (growing irate): Well, that’s ridiculous!
Me (politely): Well, many people choose not to list their information because it opens the door to harassment.
Caller: Well, let me tell YOU that this woman has PLENTY of people between me and her that’ll stop her from being harassed! Now, give me her address and phone number!
(I’m beginning to see that this call will not end well, but I search for the information anyway. Unsurprisingly, nothing comes up.)
Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry, but her address and phone number aren’t listed. I can get you the address and number for the company itself, but her information isn’t listed.
Caller: This is ridiculous! Give me her address and phone number!
(I’m tempted to ask if she would want an angry person with a grievance against her to have her address and phone number, but at this point, I just want to end the call as quickly as possible.)
Me: Ma’am, it isn’t listed.
(This goes back and forth for a few minutes as I search for the address and phone number of the company headquarters, which is surprisingly difficult to find. Once I give it to her….)
Caller: Do you have a degree in library science?
(I do, but I sense a personal attack and am not about to take the bait.)
Me: May I ask how this question is relevant to your search?
Caller: Just answer the question! Do you have a degree in library science or not?
Me: Ma’am, I fail to see how this is relevant. Now, if you have another question about the company–
Caller: What is your name?
(I hung up on her right away. Thankfully, she didn’t call back.)

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(I’m a REALLY regular customer at a game store where my friend is the manager, so I often spend hours in the store just hanging out. You see a lot of weird customers when you’re around for this long, but this one was special. I had just bought a bunch of cheap games at another store and brought them to this one to sell them. While the worker is checking out my games a person with a backpack comes in and is extremely agitated.)

Customer: Excuse me- can I get my Xbox One priced?

Employee: Yup, I’m just in the middle of something. If you wouldn’t mind waiting, I’ll be like five minutes.

Customer: … *just walks off and around the store for a while*.

(A few minutes pass, the guy tries to make conversation with me about how much money his Xbox was worth, even though I’m texting someone and not really paying him any attention. Eventually my stuff gets priced and the customer walks up.)

Customer: I brought my Xbox One today. It’s the one terrabyte model, I’m hoping to get $930 for it.

Employee: … sorry, that’s a bit much. Generally we sell them for $300, so I could only offer you half that.

Customer: But it has over $1,000 worth of games on it, plus a year of Xbox Live!

Employee: We wipe our consoles before selling them, so the games add no value.

Customer: Can you do $500 then?

Employee: Sorry, there’s nothing we can do. It’s $150.

(The customer then says nothing and walks away. I’m glad he didn’t raise a fuss or anything over it. Apparently he’s a regular customer and has admitted to forgetting to take his meds some morning and freaks out at people.)

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I am a manager at a huge theme park and am in charge of 5 locations, one of which is an extra charge location.

I get a call from a weepy associate about a rude guest. She said the guest asked for a refund but continued to play the game and was verbally abusive to her. I told her she couldn’t give a refund if he continued to play. She told the guest that while still on the phone with me and the guest began screaming at her so I ran out of my store to calm the guest down.

I let her take a 5 minute breathing period.

Than I go on my lunch break and am approached by my Sup who told me a guest complained about my associate and we have to talk to her about it. I told her what really happened but my sup said we still had to talk to her and write her up. I felt so bad for this girl because she did nothing wrong.

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On the phone:
Me: Good evening, (store name)
Customer: Hi, I’m in your men’s washroom and I need more toilet paper.
Me: Uh, we’ll have some out right away.

Thank fully I did not have to deliver the toilet paper.