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My boss takes customer service very seriously, and sometimes agrees to go an extra mile or two for some of them. One of our regulars, a nice man with a Russian accent, comes in while she’s grumbling and struggling with a difficult shipping job that one such customer had asked her to do. He asks what’s going on, so she explains and tells him what the other customer is expecting from her.

Regular: “You should show him 50%.”

We all look at him in confusion.

Boss: “50%?”

Regular: “Yes. See the hand?”

He holds up his hand towards us, splaying out all five fingers.

Regular: *Mischievously* “Which one is 50%?”

He also suggested that, since we’re ladies, we could call the other customer “a donkey-hole”. Naturally, we love this guy.

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I am an 18 year-old part time sales assistant for a very high end retail store, that does women’s and children’s fashion and accessories. My branch specialises in female occasionware – this includes for little girls from 6months. Prices are steep. Our best sellers are the little girl items. They make up almost 70% of our profit, primarily because we’re the only store who actually do occasion kids clothing in the location. It’s gotten to the point where we’re asked to stock the boys clothes too, which we feed back to our head office.

Head office do make a change. They decide to remove ALL kids clothing from our store. We argue about it, and they say they’ve looked at sales of the shops around us – the ones that don’t even stock kids clothing – and feel kids clothing won’t do well here despite the fact we’re always above target. We’re extremely angry about the decision, and our branch manager points out this fact but they don’t listen and have it taken out.

Our customers are pretty upset by it, and we give them the customer complaint number and email as we literally have zero say. We advise that they’ll only change it back if customer’s complain, that it must come from them via those contact details.

All customers so far have been fine with this and promise to call and email. One customer,an older lady, who came in gasped when she goes to the previously-kids section, coming straight over to me to ask what happened. I explain, give her the complaint number and general speel of what to do. She’s upset, and explains she was coming in to buy dresses for her granddaughters as they were being bridesmaids for their mum. Since she knew the exact sizes, style and colour she needed, I told her she could order them – a facility we have in store – bit the customer isn’t sure as the wedding is two weeks away. My branch manager overhears and states she can put in a code to give the older lady same day delivery for free. She is thrilled and goes with my branch manager, those tells me she’ll make a complaint with the number I gave her though state the staff were super helpful.

I’m glad the issue is resolved and go back to what I was doing.. A few minutes later, a different customer, a younger woman probably mid 30s, comes up and asks. I explain the situation and she goes completely off on me, yelling at me saying how dare I get rid of the kids stuff, that I must hate kids and that I’m discriminating against mothers. I keep trying to explain the procedure, but she won’t listen. She’s absolutely irate. I try to help but she just continues to scream at me.

Suddenly, “WHY DONT YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” Is yelled from across the store. It’s the previous customer. The younger woman splutters, but the older lady isn’t having any of it, telling the younger woman how she should mind her manners and how stupid she is if she thinks a sales assistant has any say in it. The younger woman looks abashed and has quiets down, so I asked her if she needed kids items today or tomorrow. She said no, she just wanted to browse it – in fact she didn’t even have kids and admitted she just was in a bad mood. The older lady scolded her again for causing such a ruckus for no reason, so the younger woman leaves. I thank the older lady for her helping out, which she said she knew we couldn’t do anything to stop her. My store manager knocks 70% off her purchase – our maximum that can be authorised.

Eventually, our head office put back the kids stuff, including boys this time, in our store claiming it was an ‘admin error’. That ‘admin error’ lost us thousands and resulted in me getting screeched at by some woman who just wanted to make someone else’s day bad. On the plus side, the older lady regularly comes in for a chat and a browse.

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(I am working the lunch shift at drive-thru when a woman comes to the speaker).

Me: Hello, welcome to (blank). What can we make for you today?

Customer: Hi, I would like a number 5 combo.

Me: Would you like that small, medium, or large?

Customer: I would also like a sprite with that.

Me: Absolutely. And would you like the small, medium, or large?

And, I kid you not, this woman starts SCREAMING. And I don’t mean yelling, I’m talking about piercing screams, as if she were being murdered or something. I took off my headset and stood there in shock for a minute, having no clue what would cause her to react like that. My manager, who is wearing another headset, comes up to me.

“What the heck was that?”

I shrug, and get back to taking orders. I assumed that the customer drove off or something, but a couple minutes later she comes up to the window.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! A bee flew into my car and scared me to death.”

So…yup. Turns out is was just a bee, and that’s why she was screaming like that. Anyway, it was definitely one of the strangest experiences I had working there. And that’s saying something.

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A few months ago, I worked at a well known fast food joint. Although I only worked there 5 months, i honestly felt like forever. But one of the weirdest (and funniest) thing happened while I was working the drive thru.

Customer: Hi, I would like the number 5 meal.

Me: And would you like that small, medium, or large?

Customer: I want a sprite with that.

Me: Absolutely, And did you want that meal small, medium, or large?

And, no joke, this woman started SCREAMING. I don’t mean yelling, I mean like crazy, piercing screams. I actually had to take my headset off. I stood there, stunned, and had no clue what would provoke her to do something like that. My manager, who was wearing another headset, came over. “Who the heck was that?” I shrugged my shoulders, and went back to taking orders, assuming the woman had driven away. To my surprise, she actually came to the window. Apparently a bee had gotten into her car and thats why she was screaming. LOL

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(Many years ago me, my family and some friends of our family were visiting France from Denmark. My mom had had French back in high school, but she could only remember a few phrases. One morning my mom and her friend decided to go to a local farmers market. Note, my mom was in her late forties at this time).

Mom: *Wanting to buy some cherries from a young guy and not really think.* Umh.. cheri.

(The farmers market guy was visible blushing while his coworker was laughing hysterically.)

Mom: *Now realizing her mistake, also blushing.* No, no cerise, cerise!

(In the end my mom got her cherries in spite of the language barrier. I feel so sorry for that young guy though. He was probably thinking that this older woman was hitting on him.)

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