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I took over the responsibility of running a small team at work, it was clear that they were unhappy so i did all i could to help them out, talk with them regularly and generally keep them running smoothly.

Things improved quickly, but one person always had a complaint, be it work related or otherwise.

He asked to speak to me in private.

Worker: I’ve got a problem, why am i being paid much less than everyone else?

Me: I don’t know your exact wage, but i don’t think you are.

Worker: Well i know that i am! (worker 1) and (worker 2) get paid a lot more than me.

Me; They have been in the position for much longer than you, have completed their training and have had pay increases based on their yearly performance.

Worker: Ok, well how do i complete my training?

Me: You have to show competence in each area of the job, there is a sign off sheet for each skill. When you and I are happy with the skill we will both sign. When you have signed all of them, you are officially trained.

Worker: Ok i want to do that.

(I collect all of the training sheets, they have been written to cover one skill each, i improved them to make sure it was very clear. You could actually use the sheet to help you in the job. Under each one you signed to say that you are competent in that skill and have received training, that if you fail to follow the instruction you may be questioned and possibly (in extreme cases) disciplined.
I give the pack to him and hear nothing until i am called into HR.

HR manager: We have had a complaint about unfair treatment and entrapment. Apparently you have asked (worker) to sign something that will get him in trouble.

Me: That would be the training document, have you read it?

HR manager: Yes.

Me: And you can see that it is nothing like entrapment and everyone has been treated the same?

HR manager: Yes, that was all thanks.

(Not to be put off, i explained everything to the worker again and how this was fair and normal, he accepted and i heard nothing back until i get called into HR again.)

HR manager: We have had a complaint that you are paying someone who works for you less, because of his race,

Me: This would be (worker)?

HR manager: I cannot say.

Me: Ok, i am going to pretend that (Worker) is the only person reporting to me of a different race and explain. (worker) will be paid the full amount for the role minus merit increases earned by others for their long service. He can only do this once he has signed the training documents. This has been explained.

HR manager: And if her refuses to sign?

Me: No one can make a mistake and not face discipline if it is appropriate. That is what this is about. If he truly believes that he cannot do the job after several months, multiple training sessions, i will happily transfer him to any other department that needs him.

HR manager: To be honest with you, i have already spoken to the individual, and think that this is the case but i need to follow the process.

(I hoped that this was all over, i had been nothing but patient and tried to help and explain again he seemed to understand and be happy with the extra effort i was doing to get him more money. To my surprise the worker took me to an independent tribunal which sided in my favour, he then took me to another tribunal that sided in my favour. He later signed the documents and got the payrise without issue.

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I pulled up to the speaker at a local fast-food restaurant and ordered a barbecue chicken sandwich “without mayonnaise, please.” The clerk said, rather condescendingly, “The barbecue chicken sandwich doesn’t have mayo, ma’am. It comes with barbecue sauce.”

I drove up to the window; the clerk took my money and then, as I watched, she suddenly yelled to the cook in the back, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I heard the cook yell, “What?” She said, “That’s a barbecue chicken sandwich! Why are you putting mayo on it?!” The cook yelled, “Well, what are you SUPPOSED to put on a barbecue chicken sandwich?”

When the clerk came back to the window, I said, “That’s why I order it without mayo.”

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(I recently had surgery. The surgeon found a growthwith black stuff on it. She got it all out, but I’m freaked out.)

Me: “Doctor, did the surgeon send you the pathology? It’s endometriosis. She said that as long as I stay on birth control it won’t be a problem. Is that really all I need to do?”

Doctor: “Well, it’s not like you want kids, right? So you can just stay on birth control and I agree that you don’t need to worry beyond that.”

(So if you’re a woman whose doctors don’t believe that you don’t want kids, apparently being diagnosed with endometriosis will help them respect that.)

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(Rag Week is supposed to be a week of fundraising activities in third-level colleges (RAG = Raise and Give), but it’s typically just a week-long drinking session. It has just started in the town I live in with a rave during the daytime in a nightclub in the middle of town, and I happen to be going home as it is ending. A large group of students at varying levels of intoxication are walking the opposite way to me, and one of them nearly walks right into my baby daughter’s stroller.)

Student: “*Sidestepping at the last second* … THAT IS ONE CUTE BABY!!! DID YOU SEE HOW CUTE THAT BABY WAS??”

(I’ve seen much worse in my ten years here, but this one sticks out a lot…)

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As a supervisor I am supposed to check and sign any refund receipts to make sure they are correct. I’d been out of the store getting some lunch and when I return my co-worker asks me to sign a refund she’d done.

Me “This isn’t a refund, it’s a sale, did you give me the wrong receipt?”

Co-worker “Let me look” she takes the receipt “Oh sh*t, how could I have charged him?”

Me “Did you scan each item in?”

Co-worker “No I scanned one and changed the amount”

Me “And forgot to add the minus sign?”

Co-worker “Sh*t… at least I put his details in”

Me “He’s not a member so the details didn’t save” *I’ll ring his bank and ask them if they can do something.

I call the bank and give them all the details on the card, explaining what has happened and asking if they could contact the customer to let him know what had happened.

Bank “We can’t give you his personal details”

Me “I’m not asking for his details, I’m asking if you could somehow contact him and get him to call me back”.

Bank “I can’t give you his details, I don’t know what you are going to do with them”

Me “I’m trying to get $3000 refunded to his account and asked if you could help by contacting the customer”

Bank ” I can’t give you his details” *I realise I am talking to a brick wall and end the call. I keep both the receipts in the office, hoping that the customer will call when he finds out. Each week I check and it’s still there, almost 5 weeks later I notice the receipts are gone.

Me *to manager “Where have those receipts I kept gone?”

Manager “I got sick of seeing them and threw them out”. *he’s a throw out and ask questions later type.

Me “You what?? I wrote ‘do not throw out’ on them for a reason and I told you what they were”

Manager *cracks grin “HA HA, got you. That guy finally came in for his refund”.

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