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USA | Unfiltered | July 25, 2017

(I’m in a group of people, though I only know one of them. Note: my friend and I are huge geeks and, while I don’t know about the others, I’m sure it’s a safe assumption that they’re just as geeky.)

Friend: “You know Babylon 5, right?”

Me: “No, actually, I’ve never seen it.”

(My friend proceeds to toss references back and forth with a random person while I watch, completely lost.)

Me: “Is this what it’s normally like talking to me?”

Friend and Random Person: (in unison) “Yes!”

(I guess she made the same assumption about my geekiness!)

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Arizona | Unfiltered | July 25, 2017

This happened when I was in middle school. I was sitting in my history class, reading a book and this boy comes up to me.

Boy: *while I’m reading* Do you like reading?

Me: *sarcastically* Nooo, I absolutely hate it.

Boy: Then why are you reading?

Me: Are you serious?

Boy: *blank stare*

Me: Okay…

(Honestly, this dude hasn’t even spoken to me, that was the first and last time we spoke.)

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Maracay,Venezuela | Unfiltered | July 24, 2017

This happened today me and my friend are bronies we’re very moderate about that only speaking of It with other brony friends or if someone ask us about well…while I was haging out at his home to make plans for the season 7 premiere and just having fun his uncle and very young I’ll say at most 6 year old cousin came and he let him play with his PS3 but he had an MLP wallpaper and as soon as his uncle saw that started saying how he’s inmature for liking such a thing while being an adult(he turned 18 last year I’m 22)how his carrer choice sucks(journalism)among other stuff and I took a glance at his kid how was playing GTA 5 I didn’t say a thing but couldn’t help but think:Aren’t you being kind of a hypocrite for telling a legal adult multiple insults for his choices in life and liking something that’s for kids(It’s the inteded audience but what the heck multple adults like and also watch stuff that’s ment for kids) while your kid is playing a game inteded for adults in which you can commit every crime your mind can come up with???

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Queen Creek, AZ, USA | Unfiltered | July 24, 2017

(In chemistry, after doing a review game, my teacher decides to pull up a movie quiz. Me and my partner end up getting 2nd place. He ran out of food stuff from the review game and was giving out plastic cutlery.)

Teacher: Alright, [Team name]?

Me & Friend: *goes up to him*

Teacher: So, you guys pick: A spoon or a fork?

We both picked spoons, and I still have my spoon!

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UK | Unfiltered | July 23, 2017

We are completing coursework in one of my school’s IT suites. My friend, who is meant to be working on the same coursework, has taken to talking the entire time. I am typing up my notes while listening to her talk. I’m not saying much, but umm-ing and ah-ing at every other word.

Friend: Are you even listening? You know, it’s rude to ignore your best friend.

Me: I haven’t been ignoring you.

Friend: Prove it.

I describe her last rant in near perfect detail.

Friend: Well, you dont have to be so f**king rude about it! *storms off*

I later got in trouble because she went to our teacher and told her I wasn’t helping, despite everyone needing to work solo, and she managed to blow it up to such proportions that I was put at risk of failing until multiple statements were given from people who were in the suite with us at the time.

Unsurprisingly we aren’t friends anymore. I don’t even know if she passed.

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