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In sixth grade science, we were learning about different animals and our teacher asked the class what bees and wolves had in common. After a few seconds, no one knew so I raised my hand. I said that they both lived in groups of families. This was the right answer, but my teacher got all angry all of a sudden and accused me of getting the answer from one of my BFFs who had the class earlier. We went back and forth with me denying all possibilities of having gotten it from her. Eventually the teacher gave up, and we moved on. She was actually one of my favorite teachers and I never had a problem with her again, in fact towards the end of the year she gave her geology samples to me and my two BFFs, knowing we loved geology and had a substantial collection between the three of us.

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I work at retirement home. I am a server.

On the menu that day was scallops. Previous to the incident I got tons of compliments on the scallops.

Resident: Excuse me!!
Me: Hi (residents name) what can I do for you?
Resident: These scallops are awful!
Me: Im so sorry to hear that!
*Note: there isn’t much I can do as the cook has left to go clean up elsewhere and I cannot give the resident new food.
Resident: I want this to go.
She has tater tots and scallops on her plate
Me: No problem! Lemme gran that for you and I’ll be right back.
I wrap up her tater tots and throw away the scallops. I then walk back to her table and give her the food to go.
Me: I thought you didn’t like them?
Resident: That doesn’t mean I won’t eat them!
Me: *speechless* I’m sorry (residents name) I threw those away because I thought you didn’t want them. Unfortunately (the cook) is not in the kitchen and has taken all the food.
Resident: *huffs and stands up to leave*

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I’ve recently been trying to 100% finish a popular cowboy game. It’s my second day at a new job, and as I’m walking into the kitchen, I pass by coworker and say “Howdy pardner.” Without missing a beat, he replied with “I could swear i recognize your face from somewhere.”, to which another coworker munching a sandwich replied “Saw something similar when I lifted my horses tail.” I think I’m going to fit in just fine.

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(I live in a flat right by a Canterbury tourist attraction, a medieval gateway that’s the largest of its kind in the country. It’s a frequent stop for guided tours of the city. I work from home and, as such, get to hear a lot of facts about the gateway as the guides talk to their groups. One summer I have the window wide open when I hear this:)

Guide: And this gateway was paid for by a man called…

(He dries up, leaving an awkward pause. I decide to help the poor guy out and yell out of my window.)

Me: Simon Sudbury, 1380.

(He looks around, surprised, trying to work out where my voice is coming from. He doesn’t look up and see me, however. After a pause, he calls out “Thanks” and continues with the rest of his spiel. As a volunteer tour guide elsewhere in Canterbury, I know what it’s like to suddenly forget a name in a speech you’ve done hundreds of times, I just hope the poor man wasn’t too confused by the ‘helpful ghost’, and got the rest of his tour done smoothly!)

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A resident is sitting in the lobby near my desk, talking to a student from the local university.

Student: So you were in both the military and the air force?
Resident: *pauses for a moment* The air force is part of the military.

The resident went on to explain to this 20-something college guy about the branches of the military. 20-some years old and didn’t know the air force was part of the military. He had a midwest accent, so he was definitely from around here and not a different country or something, but d*** I just can’t even.