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Customer: “I see oranges and apples but might you have banana?”

Me: “Let me check the kitchen.”

(The kitchen is closed, by only a sliding door. I open it and find his banana, give it to him and close the door behind me.)

Customer: “Thank you.” *leaves*

(Not two minutes later, I see him in the closed off kitchen, rooting through and grabbing all the bananas! Don’t go into closed off employee only areas, folks. Use your brain and ask!)

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“Washing Away the Generation Gap”

This was back in my twenties, I’m in a theater’s restroom, going to wash my hands. A movie had just ended, so the restroom was packed and loud with guys talking, water running, toilets flushing, paper towel dispensers whirring, and hand dryers going off. It’s almost chaos with how busy it is.

There’s a man, probably in his seventies, two sinks to my right. He had soap already in his hands, as he side-stepped to the sink next to me.

I start washing my hands, and see the gentleman stick his hands under the water nozzle, but nothing happens. I notice he looks left at the sink I’m using, and seems frustrated seeing the sink to the right (the one he just walked away from) now working.

He shoves his hands under the water nozzle once more, but the water still won’t come out.

I wait a few beats for him to figure it out, as I don’t want to make him feel foolish…

Without a word, I reach my hand over, and turn the large handle for the water on.

The man immediately guffaws, and blushing furiously, “I can’t believe it! I’m so used to those automatic sinks!”

We both had a good laugh, especially when he pointed out that he’ll use the paper towels instead automatic hand dryers!

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My Dad and I are at the checkout in the grocery store. I’m waiting at the end of the till, while my Dad is paying. There’s a lady also waiting to bag/box her groceries, who’s also at the end. I think I’m in her way, so I step aside, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

She tells me, “Oh, no. Don’t worry about me. I’m the bagger/boxer, just like your Dad… or is that your Grandpa?” I kill myself laughing, because I believe my Dad looks more like a Grandfather, because of his grey beard and glasses. Even though I call him old, I never thought someone else would! She then questions, “That’s your Dad, isn’t it?” I just nod, still laughing.

I then rush over to my Dad, after calming my laughing, and tell him, “That lady just called you old!”

She then says, “I didn’t call him old; I just wasn’t sure if he was your Father or Grandfather!”

Since I look twelve, even though I’m nineteen, my Dad says, “Tell her age, and then it’ll be more believable.”

“I’m nineteen.” I tell her.

Her reply, “Oh, well, that makes sense, then!”

It was the greatest thing ever!

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I work in a store themed to one fandom. In the middle of the store are 3 outfits designed to just be displayed and dont go o any characters but everyone always tries to say “this outfit was this characters” etc. Usually when i tell people they’re originals for the store they accept it. One day while I was on register (and have a full view of the 3 outfits) this one woman would not give up on trying to put a character to each.

customer: who wore the dress in the middle?

me: no one, its an orginal design to be displayed in the store.

customer: but someone wore it, who?

me: no one, it was designed for the store.

customer: i know, i get that. but that’s [character 1]’s (points to far right outfit), thats [character 2]’s (points to far left), but who wore the middle one? [character 3]?

me: no one wore any of then, they are [fake store owner to theme with fandom] originals designed to be displayed in the store.

customer’s child: she’s told you that 3 times.

customer: i understand what youre saying, but it was based of [character 3]’s dress?

me: NO! its an original! no one wore it!

customer: oh

she leaves with her children who look as fed up and frustrated as i feel now. i didnt realize it was so hard to understand that NO ONE wore the outfit on display, it was designed FOR the store. lol

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I was working in a group home and my co-worker and I had taken the clients shopping for supplies and food for the house. We were in line ready to check out and I double checked their shopping list only to realize we had forgotten the toilet paper. I said I would run to the back and get the giant bundle, they could stay in line, I wouldn’t be long.

I flew to the back of the store and grabbed the huge economy size package and hoisted it onto my shoulder when a woman stopped me.

Her: “Where is (whatever product she was looking for)?”

Me: “I really don’t know, I don’t work here”
(For whatever reason, this tends to happen to me a lot. I must look like the perpetually disgruntled employee)

Her: “Yes you do, you’re lying to me! Now where is (whatever product she was looking for).?”

Me: “Lady, seriously, I don’t have a clue. I don’t work here!”

Her: “I can’t believe you’re not helping me! Go to the back and find (her needed product) right now!”

Me: (Standing in the middle of the paper product aisle with a giant package of toilet paper on my shoulder, not wearing the store’s uniform, no name tag on me) “You have got to be kidding me, I just told you I don’t work here.”

Her: (Becoming louder & more irrational) “I can’t believe you’re lying to me! I’m turning you in to the manager! I’ll get you fired! This is uncalled for! Where is your Manager?”

Me: “You go right ahead and do that, I’m sure they won’t miss me. Have a nice day”

(She proceeded to get louder and more verbally abusive while threatening me with getting fired from a place I didn’t even work at)

I practically ran to the front of the store and found my co-worker and my clients. I told them we needed to get out of there fast because some lady was going to tell my manager what a horrible Walmart employee I was and get me fired. The look of shock on their faces was priceless as they realized I had gotten myself into another predicament, then they began to laugh as we hurriedly checked out and went back home, all the while looking over our shoulders to make sure the woman wasn’t coming after me.