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My daughter and I were at a popular fast food burger chain grabbing breakfast after an early morning doctors appointment. As we were waiting for take out a very well dressed young woman approached the counter – and she had an attitude.

Woman: I would like a [breakfast sandwich] and do you have cheddar cheese to go on that?

Clerk cannot get an answer in before the woman goes on.

Woman: Now, I would like a skinny latte with that.

Clerk: A what?

Woman: I want [breakfast sandwich] with cheddar cheese and a skinny latte.

Clerk: We cannot do that.

Woman: I want a skinny latte with…

Clerk: Ma’am we cannot do that.

My daughter and I are trying not to break out laughing. When my daughter pipes up.

Daughter: Does she realize she is at [popular fast food burger chain] and not [popular coffee chain]?

As we left the woman was still trying to figure out that at this place what you see on the menu is what you get.

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So it had been a particularly normal busy day at work. This was probably a few weeks before Christmas. We had no problems all day until these two ladies come to check out. I was chatting with them and it was going great. I commented what a great deal they were getting since they got their clothes from our clearance and they were very excited.

Then one of them made a comment about where we put our security tags. “We can’t see the size on the shirts. Someone needs to learn how to do their job.” One, we have separate tags on the shirts that show the size, two the size wasn’t covered, and three it’s corporate who decides where they go.

I told the woman corporate has us put the tags there. She goes full rabid on me screaming. Her daughter starts screaming. They don’t want to speak to the manager they want to talk to corporate. The daughter starts screaming at me to hurry because it’s hot and we keep the store too hot and she complaining to fire us.

My other coworker who was helping had no idea what was going on and what even sparked this fit. I stayed calm and quiet and finished their transaction. The mother throws her money at me and I honestly had it by then, but I handed her change back and told her to have a nice day as i handed her the bags she rips them from me and her and her daughter storm off.

I never realized security tags caused such anguish in people’s lives, but I never did see those ladies ever again.

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I had just finished pumping gas at the self-serve pump, after having used my rewards card to get my 3 cents per gallon discount. I heard an old man yelling at the attendant that he wasn’t getting his discount, because, apparently, he didn’t follow the clear instructions on how to use the rewards card. After calling the attendant several names and screaming at him, I had had enough. I went to his car and said, “Excuse me, but you owe him an apology. You have been abusing him about something over which he has no control. You claim he didn’t give you clear enough directions, but he politely explained to him several times how to do it. I heard him, and I understood every word he said. Frankly it’s a******s like you that make a job like his job unpleasant.” So the old guy turned his wrath on me and said, “You…. you… YOU MUST BE A DEMOCRAT!”

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We have one day a week where our signature burger is on sale. Over the years our prices have gone up, the sale price included. At this point it’s $4 plus tax, compared to the $6 plus tax it normally is. This takes place regularly on these sale days.

Customer: “one [burger] please”

Cashier: “that will be [price]”

Customer: “but it’s the sale day!”

Cashier: “it is, normally it’s [regular price]”

Customer: “but the sale is for [price from 4 years ago]”

Cashier: “our priced have changed over the years, this is still a discount”

Customer: “but I want the sale price. It’s sale day”

This goes round and round until they either concede and pay, or storm off complaining about the price.

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A regular comes into the store with his girlfriend. I had sold him 2 phones a couple of months ago. I smiled and welcomed them in. While troubleshooting some problems, he mentioned he didn’t like the phones.
Me: “Oh, why not?”
Him: “There’s a bunch of problems”
Girlfriend cuts in: His phone was hacked!
Me knowing this rarely ever happens: What happened?
Girlfriend: we were texting back and forth while he was in his semi and I decided to call him. A woman answered the phone and I was surprised but asked if *customer name was there. The woman said he was sleeping. I asked who she was and she paused before hanging up on me.
Me trying not to laugh: looks at customer, back at girlfriend, back at him. Speechless.
Him: I swear on my parents graves I didn’t have anyone in the truck with me.
Me: Uhhh maybe someone snuck in while you were sleeping.
Him: No I would shoot them.
Me gives him a look because I’m trying to skip the fact that he was blatantly cheating and she was too dumb to believe it and he just argued my cover story.
Me: well hacking is really rare but I’ve seen it before.

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