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(I work at a popular fast food chain that sells burgers. Hamburgers usually come with Ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions. I am a overly cheerful employee and can handle most situations but i had one customer that even confused the manager behind me)
Customer: I would like a large drink and 2 double hamburgers Ketchup substitute mayo.
Me: Ketchup Substitute mayo?
Customer: Yes, that way you don’t charge extra for the mayo.
me: ummm ok, we don’t charge extra for mayo so you want ketchup and mayo?
Customer: Yes
(Since it was told in such an odd way I am still trying to think about what she meant)
Customer: *says something i don’t catch*
Me: wait, did you mean you wanted ONLY ketchup and mayo or you wanted to be sure there was ketchup and add mayo?
Customer: On my hamburger?
Me: yeah the double hamburger
*The customer looks irritated*
Customer: Yes only ketchup and mayo
Me: ok and what else did you say
*she gives me a dumbfounded look*
Customer: Seriously?! A hamburger
Manager: she is doing the best she can
Me: ok just as it comes
Customer: YES!
Me: alright that will be [total]
*The customer takes her food and starts to leave and I just smile and say a line I tell every customer*
Me: Have a happy Day!
*Customer leaves in a huff*
Manager: She was rude, even I would have been confused about that one, no worries
(Turns out she tried to call and complain but the same manager was the one to answer the phone, she even wanted to complain about me saying “have a happy day” and he basically responded with “so you don’t want her to tell customers to be happy? Sorry the other customers like it so im not going to make her stop for one person.” He said he was close to saying “have a happy day” when he got off the phone with her.)

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*I am at a large retail store and I am the customer. The cashier has just finished ringing up my purchases and I go to swipe my debit card*

Cashier: Wait, what is that?

Me: Its debit.

Cashier: May I see it please?

*Confused I hand her the card and she begins looking it over very carefully*

Cashier: May I see your ID?

*I oblige. She begins to study my ID as well*

Cashier: I’ve never seen a debit card look like this, where did you get it?

Me: The bank……

Cashier: I need to get my manager.

*She gets the manager and proceeds to hold up the entire line. The manager looked at her like she was nuts and finishes the sale with absolutely no problem. Who knows maybe I looked sketchy.*

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(This happened to my coworker. A scary looking man that was a foot taller and very muscular loomed at her. My coworker is tough, but she felt a twinge of fear.)

Coworker: “Hello, checking in?”

Man: *with thick accent* “Yesssss. 13. Rooms.”

(He shows my coworker a piece a paper with Expedia on the top, and the number of rooms was 13, but it looked like someone had added a number 3 to a 1. My coworker found his reservation.)

Coworker: “Sir…I have found your reservation…but…it looks like you’ve only reserved one room, not 13.”


Coworker: “I would give you them, but we are sold out today…”

(He screams at her in German, going berserk, throws the piece of paper around, rips it up, and storms around, knocking things off the walls with just a swipe. After her initial shock, my coworker finds her voice.)

Coworker: “Really, now sir! You can’t trash our lobby like that!”

Man: *spittle flying* “YOU! NO! HAVE! MYY ROOMS….FOR ME!!!”

(Finally he left, nearly knocking over the maintenance man, who went over to see what was going on. My coworker is holding tears back, she was so scared.)

Other Customer: “I saw what happened. Are you all right?”

Coworker: *nods mutely*

(The other customer gave her a big tip to cheer her up, and the manager was told. Luckily, my coworker didn’t get in trouble for talking back to a customer. Expedia was informed, and they banned the man from using them anymore. We never saw him again thank goodness. My coworker says that she had a lot of crazy customers before in her 12 years of working there, but the man had definitely beaten them all.)

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(A man comes into the book store carrying a huge box as well as a bag hanging from his arm, and heads straight over to me where I’m shelving some books. I’m a little tired and probably not thinking at full capacity, and so this exchange occurs)
Man: “Do you know what I need?”
Me: “More… arms?”
Man: “A slow cooker cookbook!”
Me: *taking a better look at the box in his arms and realizing it’s a brand new slow cooker* “Right, of course. This way…”
(Thankfully he had a good sense of humour, and he was very friendly and chatty as I helped him find a good cookbook. He made my day!)

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Background info for my rant: I work in a supermarket. My store is getting rid of a bunch of tuna for $1 a can.

So here’s my story for most annoying customer I dealt with today:
I’m at my checkout waiting for my next customer when I see a trolley with at least 50 cans of tuna in it. I pay it no mind until I see who is pushing the trolley. A local woman who is notorious for only putting one item on the conveyor belt at a time. She refuses to put the next item up until she sees that the previous item has scanned for the correct price. And so she does. She puts up one tuna can at a time (turns out she had 78) and a few other items. I stack all the cans neatly in bags and leave them at the end of the checkout, input her loyalty card and tell her the total. Only then does she tell me that half of the cans were meant to be on a separate transaction.

I could have strangled her at that point. I voided the transaction and grabbed all the bags of neatly-stacked tuna and dumped them on the belt. She then proceeded to sort through all the tuna and decide which ones were going to paid for by which card. All the meanwhile the customers behind her were getting extremely irritated because she was making them wait longer.

I process the first order; re-input her loyalty card and she pays. I give her the receipt and start scanning the next lot. She asks for $20 cash out with the second order. Time for revenge! I hand her the receipt and then count out the $20 in $1 and 50c coins. I slammed the cash drawer shut and when she asked for notes instead of coins; I put on my biggest smile and sweetest voice and told her: “I’m sorry, I’ve already shut the drawer, you should have told me you wanted it as a note. Have a great evening.”