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I manage a somewhat large apartment complex. A resident moved out about 3 to 4 weeks ago, and a new resident moved in. The new resident kept receiving the previous resident’s mail and they kept returning it back to the mailman. Finally, with no forwarding address given to the post office, the post office had no choice but to return stacks and stacks of the previous resident’s mail back to the original “senders”. After about a month, the previous resident calls me and proceeds to tell me that he has not received “any” of his mail since he moved out of this apartment complex. I asked him if he had given the post office a forwarding address. His reply, “No, I thought you were going to do that?”

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I was working the line and a customer comes and asks ”what kind of beans are the black beans?” And as politely as possible I say “uh… Black beans?”

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(In our store we have two levels: downstairs for food/drink, health and beauty and cleaning products, and pstairs for household items, clothes and greeting cards. Normally I only work downstairs so only know items are upstairs, but not directly where they are. I work as a personal shopper picker so I commonly get asked where items are.)

Customer: “Excuse me, could you please tell me where [Kitchen Appliance] is?”

Me: “Of course, they’re found upstairs.”

Customer: “Thank you.”

(Without asking any more questions on the matter she walks off around the corner and I go back to working. A few moments later I overhear my coworker giving directions:)

Coworker: “…of course, ma’am, they’re upstairs. I can show you where they are if want.”

Same Customer: “No thank you, I’ll be fine.”

(My coworker turns into the same aisle I’m in so I approach him to check if he was giving directions to what I thought he was.)

Me: “Were you just saying where to find [Kitchen Appliance]?”

Coworker: “Yes I was, why?”

Me: “She just asked me the same question and I told her the exact same thing.”

Coworker: “You must just have an untrusting face then.”

(We share a quick laugh and go back to work.)


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(We are in English class in 6th grade and have a great teacher. Here are some of the funniest things that occurred)

Now I’m not great at art. In fact, I suck at it. My teacher took one look at my drawing for a packet and he said he didn’t know what was worse. That they looked like the children of Ronald Mcdonald, there was a strange arm that appeared to belong to nobody, or none of them have legs.

He also said their pupils are huge. Are they on Illegal narcotics? So when you think you’re bad at drawing. Please remember that my teacher thought the people in my drawing were high as hell. Considering the drawing. He might have thought that I was high as hell.

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(My adult daughter has multiple medical issues including vasovagal syncope (she faints) triggered by several things, including vomiting and even small blood draws. I am with her for support and as her driver in case of problems when she goes to get a routine blood draw that requires multiple vials. Due to insurance issues she is going to an unfamiliar lab and had called earlier to verify that there is a bed available for her to lie down for the draw as it’s the only way to prevent an event. She is called by the phlebotomist.)
Phlebotomist: “Please have a seat here in this chair and we’ll get started.”
Daughter: “I need to lie down or I’ll faint. I was told you had a bed available?”
Phlebotomist: “Oh, was that you who called? Please just sit down. I draw blood every day, all day and I’ve never heard of such a problem.” *its actually fairly common*
Daughter: “I have vasovagal syncope triggered by having my blood drawn. I’d rather lie down so I don’t end up on the floor.”
Phlebotomist: “There isn’t a bed available. Now, you’re holding up the process as there are several others also waiting to have their blood drawn. We’ll just have to deal with it if it happens, which I know for a fact it won’t. I’m very good at my job.”
Daughter: “I’d rather wait for a bed. How long will it be?”
Phlebotomist: “We don’t have any beds in the lab. We’d have to go to the doctor’s office next door, and I’m not going to do that. These chairs recline a bit and I’ll put it back and you’ll be fine. Now are you going to get the blood drawn or not?”
Daughter: *not wanting to make a scene and needing to have the procedure completed* “Okay, but I warned you; you can’t say I didn’t.” *and to me* “Mom, please come in and be ready to catch me.”
(The phlebotomist prepares my daughters arm for the draw, commenting about how she’s never seen anyone actually faint from a simple blood draw and what a wuss my daughter is for having to have her mother present for the procedure. When she inserts the needle and starts to draw the blood my daughter’s eyes roll back and she starts to slide out of the chair.)
Phlebotomist: “What’s happening! Wake up, wake up, you can’t do this to me! Please, Mom, hold her up while I finish!”
(So much for not keeping the others waiting. She was out cold on the floor for several minutes and it was over half an hour before she could stand to even get into a wheelchair to leave the room. They’ve since installed a fully reclining chair in the lab and the phlebotomist learned a valuable lesson about listening to the clients. Also, my daughter will now not allow anyone to draw her blood unless she is fully lying down and will not take “no” for an answer.)

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