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(I’m a Front End Clerk at Loblaws — now called Loblaws great food — assigned to making sure the Carts, Handbaskets, empty 18 Litre Water Jugs, and garbage and recycling bins are tended to. Occasionally I am also called over for doing carry-outs. I’ve been at this job for about twelve years, have high functioning autism, and am well known and well regarded by the staff working here. This happens during my first few years working here, and this is during the time when Zellers was still open within the same overall plaza, with another one made across from us on the same side as us along Highway 2. You see, we’ve had people shopping at other stores in the area whom, for whatever reason take carts they’ve been using from other stores over to ours and some customers have taken those to use as their carts for here. This annoys me since they’re not Loblaws carts. One day I find one man with a hearing aid is using a Zellers cart in our store and I approach him. Before this, most customers have been cordial and understanding, and I do mean the majority overall.)

Me (cordially): Excuse me, sir. I just wanted to let you know that that’s not a Loblaws cart.

(The customer looks at me as I’m saying this to him as though I said something insulting, even though I never did.)

Customer (rudely): You got a problem with that?

Me: *trying to stay polite and cordial* I’m just saying, is all.

(Polite or not, that “lovely” gentleman of a customer complained under his breath about this. I don’t remember what he was saying so I didn’t write it; this is a Not Always Right story, after all.)

(Needless to say, internally I was cursing the guy out for his attitude. Seriously, I informed you politely about it and your response was to be rude over it?!)

(I shared this with an older employee I’m friends with years later, though I made sure to censor what I was thinking about the guy. She was surprised by what I was thinking about that one guy, cause normally I am very polite and cordial… and a good heads up that being nice can only go so far. Maybe I was a little rude without meaning to, but as far as I knew at the time when I was dealing with that particular customer I wasn’t.)

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This happened years ago when I was a child. I’m in the car with my mom, and we arrive at a place that has a very small parking lot. Not surprisingly the lot is full, but we see a lady standing by the open trunk of a car. We’re not sure if she’s just arrived or if she’s getting ready to leave, so my mom asks:

Mom: Excuse me, are you getting out?

Lady: *no response*

Mom: *thinking the lady didn’t hear her* Excuse me, are you getting out?

Lady: *suddenly angry* I’ll leave when I’m ready, OK? Stop trying to rush me!

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I’m a disability support worker and I’m driving a client to the shops to help pay his bills and get lunch. I’ve just parked the vehicle in the last remaining disability spot and I’m barely out of the car when a middle aged woman and her mother stopped right in front of the vehicle with their windows down.

Woman: ‘Excuse me! Do you have the card?’
Me: *halfway hanging out the door* ‘Sorry?’
Mother: ‘Do you have the card?’
Assuming they meant the disability card, and with the blatant rudeness, I silently pointed out the card displayed clearly on the windscreen as I closed my door. I started to walk towards the passenger side to help my client out.
Mother: ‘Well, do you NEED to park there?’
Me: *Unapologetically and monotonal* ‘I’m with a client’.
The women finally noticed the client in the passenger seat, made a face at each other and drove off without a word.

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A few years ago, I have lent a laptop to my friend who, let’s just say, isn’t known for making very good decisions. This time, he let a guy stay overnight in his room, someone he barely knew. The next morning, he calls me, all spooked up — the guy is gone, and so is my laptop. It was an old machine, but I’m pretty peeved all the same. We go to the police, but I don’t think it very likely they would be able to do something about it.

Then, suddenly, my friend gets a call from the local game store. Apparently, the guy stole not just my laptop but also several Magic: the Gathering decks my friend has built. And he just SO happened to try and sell the cards in a store my friend frequents.

The people at the store recognized the decks as belonging to my friend and became suspicious. Long story short, when we got into the store, the police was already involved and the guy was apprehended. He denied knowing anything about my laptop, but the police found it in a bazaar close to the game store.

Sadly, as we found out later, this whole thing was just a fairly insignificant problem compared to other things this guy did — he apparently extorted lots of money from a young man with mental problems as well.

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(I was working drive thru when this incident occurred. A woman apparently ordered a plain hamburger. That’s all she said, plain hamburger. When she gets her sandwich she opens it up and finds mustard on it. She marches up to the counter.)
Customer: “why is there mustard on my sandwich? I ordered it plain!”
Manager: “ma’am that’s what plain is. If you wanted it with no mustard then you’d want it plain and dry.”
Customer: “I don’t know what kind of terminology you use here but everywhere else I go they know what I mean!”
(Apparently I’ve been living a lie my whole life)

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