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I was with my friend at a little cafe. A man, in his sixties, is sitting close to us, his back facing us. He keeps turning his head to look at us, with a weird look on his face. As I get up to go to the bathroom, I see something I wasn’t prepared to: the same old man… Masturbating. Me and my friend quickly ran outside and called the police.

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(I work as a hostess but sometimes I feel it’s more of a fancy term for busboy. Please note I’ve short hair but a very big chest and from the back I look like a man)

Me:*wiping down bench*

Old lady:*coming up behind me and speaks to small child* oh we’ll sit here after the young man is done wiping it down.

Me:*straightens out and stares down the old lady* excuse me?

Old lady: oh you are a girl? Next time put earrings in so my granddaughter doesn’t get confused.

(This is not the first time I’ve been confused for a male. Pretty sure it won’t be the last)

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My coworker and I are closing at a well-known sandwich shop. It’s a little after 10pm, so we’re cleaning but still open. An older lady comes through the drive thru.

Customer: Hello? Can you tell me if [cafe next to us] is still open?
Coworker: I’m fairly sure they’re closed, ma’am. We’re open and can get you something, though.
Customer: What about [fast food place]? Are they still open?
Coworker: I think so.
Customer: How do I get there?

And that’s how we ended up giving a customer directions to our competitor!

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One day, while out on University Drive, I decided to go t a local Krystals restaurant, since I had not been there in years. So I pulled up and ordered what I used to order (those chicken bite things and french fries) only to find out they don’t sell it anymore. So already I’m pissed. So I just order a burger. Well, I pull up, and the guy, who doesn’t speak, hands me a few bags and tells me to get out. I did as he was told because he was this big burly dude who could probably crush my skull. when I looked, he had given me my order and someone else’s. For free!

That guy was such an idiot and it worked so well in my favor!

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Customer: I’d like the low sodium Salami
*I’ve never had anyone ask for low sodium Salami so I look at my list of meat and find nothing*
Me: I’m sorry Sir it seems we don’t have a low sodium Salami.
Customer: Yes you do! I’m looking right at it!
Me: Are you sure Sir? I don’t have a code for it.
Customer: *angrily* I’m positive! That’s what I want! Salami!
*I come around to the front of the meat case*
Customer: *pointing* Right there see?! 33% Lower Sodium!
Me:…Sir, that’s Bologna.

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