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(I went shopping with a friend of mine and we decided to grab a bite. The restaurant is small and the owner isn’t fluent in Dutch or English, but he’s fine. The service is kind of slow but we don’t think too much of it, until this:)

Man: are you ready to order?
Me: yes I’d like the rump steak please
Man: oh no no no you need tenderloin. Is much better
Me: but I-
Man: no no, I write down tenderloin. Much better taste. You like.

(He left without any questions asked and brought me a tenderloin. It was good, but I know I would’ve preferred the rump!)

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Overheard at a restaurant (small place, so it’s hard to avoid hearing what people are saying at the next table)
Guest #1:
-“What was the first thing you ate after becoming a vegetarian?”
Guest #2, after thinking a long while:
-“A vegetarian dish.”

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(On Sundays we open a bit later and close early. Some customers come in a few minutes before we close and we warn them that we close at 7. This particular lady came in 4 minutes before close and I told her this and she said she’s getting one item. I let it go since its one item. I check the rest of the customers out and she runs up to the register right as it turns 7. BUT, she turns away and goes back to shop. My coworkers and I are getting annoyed. Finally she comes back to the register.)

Me: Hi! Did you find everything alright?

Her: Yes, yes. (Note: she mumbles a little bit but I hear she’s buying gifts)

Me: (I ask if shes a member and the whole speech)

Me: Your total is $__.__

(She pays and at this time its 7:03. She looks at her receipt and looks back at me)

Lady: I thought this was 40% off? (She points to one of her items)

Me: (I look at her receipt) Yeah, it doesnt show its 40% off.

Lady: But it has to be! Yesterday it was 40% off! Theres even a sign!!

(She continues arguing with me that her Halloween decoration is 40% off. I finally get my manager to double check and its not 40% off. We tell her our sales change every Sunday, which is this day.)

Lady: No, no, theres a sign back there, let me show you, come on theres a sign!

Me: (I cant leave the register area so I try and tell her again) I’m sorry ma’am but it wasnt 40% off. I only have 2 more minutes till we really have to kick you out.

(Company policy states that we can let a customer finish checking out only 5 minutes after closing.)

(She finally accepts it and walks to the door. An inch before the door she suddenly turns her heel and heads straight back to where she found the Halloween decoration and runs into my manger. She continues arguing with my manager and then she finally leaves. She stayed 10 or so minutes past closing and kinda got my coworkers and I annoyed)

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I’m driving to pick up some coffee drinks from a very popular chain. The employee over the drive-thru speaker greets me.

Employee 1: Welcome to our lovely (coffee chain name) where we always smell what the Rock is cooking! How can I help you today?

Me: I’d like for you to “know your role” and get me…(proceeds to give order. I can hear laughing over the speaker).

Cashier 1: That’ll be (price), please pull around.

When I get to the window, a second employee greets me.

Employee 2: Dude, you’re funny.

Employee 1: You had us all laughing in here. That was awesome!

Me: (laughs) Good! I love the Rock! (Hands over my debit card).

Employee 2: Nah man. You’re good. That was too funny. Here you go! (Hands me my drinks for free)

Me: Really? Wow! Thanks man!

Employee 2: Keep up the s***s and giggles!

I then drive to church with a big smile, free coffee, and a great story.

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Tonight, I decided I wanted to try a new restaurant and Mexican food sounded good. I was seated without a word from the hostess because the Mariachi band playing live was a ear-splitting volume. So far, the atmosphere was real enough. Then the waitress arrived and it got more real:

Waitress: Cómo estás?

Me: Hablas Inglés?

Waitress: No, señor.

Fine, my Spanish is good enough to order a meal. There wasn’t a burrito, taco or enchilada on the menu. No Tex-Mex place was this. All southern Mexico (specifically Nayarit) fare. My meal was fantastic. I even took a picture. The funny part of the whole meal came at the end. I mouthed “la cuenta?” (the bill?) across the room to my waitress, she nodded and appeared at my table a moment later. Then it dawned on me to ask her something:

Me: Credo que soy el único gringo aquí. (I believe I’m the only pasty-white American here)

Waitress: [small smile, and a glance around the room and a moment to think] Sí.

I laughed. She seemed a little worried that I didn’t have a good experience, but I told her I would be back.