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I’m approaching the registers to buy something. A guy has just walked in the store and has approached the cashiers.

Customer: I’m looking for something that has to do with–

For some reason, he starts lifting his shirt and puts a hand on the waistband of his shorts.

I promptly do a 180 and head back into the aisles. I’ve worked retail before, and I have no intention of staying near a crazy customer when I don’t have to.

Me: Nope! Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!

I wait a few minutes, out of sight. When I go back up front, the crazy customer is gone. I hesitate. I glance around and stand on my toes, just to make sure.

The cashiers watch me. They gave me reassuring smiles.

Cashier: Don’t worry, he’s gone!

He seems very amused with me. I smile sheepishly.

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(I work for an IT company that provides Helpdesk support and other IT services to companies in our area. We manage the IT for roughly one hundred and fifty different organizations, including auto shops, animal hospitals, dentists, and police stations. This particular autoshop uses specialized software to bring up technical manuals for the cars they service and sell.)

Customer: “Yes, our [Tech Manual Software] has stopped working for everyone in the shop! This is a critical problem and needs to be resolved today!”

(I pushed aside my other tickets to make time to work for this one, as can’t work tickets take the highest priority in our schedules. I called within twenty minutes of the ticket being made, got his voice mail. Did not hear back from him for a full day.)

Customer: “You guys need to be faster! We haven’t been able to do anything in the shop and are losing business!”
Me: “I understand, sir. What seems to be the problem and I will get this fixed as soon as possible.”

(I remote in to his computer, so I can see what he sees.)

Customer: “Well, take a look. When I go into [Software] and select a make and model, we get our little PDF, but all the pages are missing!”
Me: “Ok, let me take a look.”

(I go back to the main menu of the program and see a giant flashing blue banner that says not to update Adobe Reader)

Me: “… Uh, did you happen to update Adobe Reader any time recently?”
Customer: “Yeah, why?”

(I had to sit on with the software company’s tech support for a good hour before I managed to get a tech who could locate the legacy version of Reader that worked with the program. Also, come to find out that only three of the six service computers had the issue. They could still work just fine.)

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Foreigner: *waves phone* “Password?”

Me: “You want the password to the internet?”

Foreigner: “Um.” *nod*

Me: “There is no password. You have to use your last name and room number.”

Foreigner: “Um.”

(He taps on his phone, and I go through step by step.)

Foreigner: *shows phone screen with error message* “Um.”

Me: “What is your name.”

Foreigner: *says something like sounds like althelmbebyl*

Me: “How do you spell that?”

Foreigner: *confused*

Me: “What is your room number?”

Foreigner: *doesn’t answer, taps on his phone*

(I finally find his name on our roster.)

Foreigner: “100.”

Me: “Sir, you’re in Room 200, not 100.”

Foreigner: “No! 100.”

Me: “Sir, that’s what the system says.”

Foreigner: *shakes head*

(Long story short, he finally gets it and connects. I wish I could say that he was the only one who did this, but I’ve had people who had handed me a phone in Arabic and expected me to know it!)

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(I am the customer here and the bakery restaurant is a famous company that serves ‘French’ style products in over 50 countries.)

Me: I’ll have one espresso, table 3.

Server: Are you sure you want that? Espresso can taste bitter if you are not used to it.

Me: Yeap I’m fine with it I drink it at home too.

*Server repeats question to double check my choice.

Server: Sorry for asking, but some customers don’t really know how an espresso can taste like, and given that we are not exactly a top notch coffee gourmet cafe… it’s imperative that we ask several times.

Me: I understand. Do you get customers raging when they drink their espressos?

Server: Oh, plenty.

*As if on cue, a customer rushes in with her cup of coffee.

Customer: What is this sh*t? I f***ing paid 4 bucks for this and I got this bitter sh*t? Refund me now!

Server: Mdm, I do remember I had asked you twice whether you are sure you want an espresso, and also explained espressos can taste bitter depending on the beans we get. I also did mention that we have free sugar and creamers for you to add if you find it too bitter. As you have drank it already and do not have the receipt, I am unable to refund you.

Customer: I’ll complain! Just you watch.

*Being a regular, I heard from the server that the customer did indeed complained to head office. To quote – “Espressos are express coffees which should come with sugar and cream and whatnot in it pre-made. What’s so hard about it?”. Head office gave the server a 50 bucks gift card on top of her employee card.

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(I work at a Federal penitentiary as an administrative assistant but work in one of the living units rather than one of the administrative buildings. This means that I’m always near inmates at all times. This interaction takes place on a warm summer day as I am walking to the unit in which I work.)

Inmate: “Shouldn’t it be illegal to lock someone up on a day as beautiful as this?”

Me: *with a quizzical look* “I suppose you shouldn’t have committed a crime to land you in prison.”

Inmate: *pauses* “Touché.”

(I roll my eyes and go about my day.)

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