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Ft. Lauderdale, FL | Unfiltered | May 28, 2017

Sometime when I was about 6 or 7, I was playing in the bathtub and I had a couple cups. I filled one with hot water from the tap and another with cold. Why? Why not? Think of all the things small children do to amuse themselves at bath-time. I decided to try an experiment in the tub with cups of water. Wow! Awesome! Junior Scientist files the results for later.


8th grade science class. I think I frustrated my teacher. I always asked the questions she couldn’t answer. One day, she had a question for the class.

Teacher: Ok, class, I need a volunteer. [volunteer goes to the front of class] I have two cups. One has hot water, and one has cold water. Polyanna here is going to dip one finger in the hot water and one finger of her other and in the cold water. After a minute , which finger will feel colder? Let’s see a show of hands. Is it the finger dipped in the cold water?

[all hands but mine go up]

Teacher: Will it be the finger dipped in hot water?

[my hand goes up]

Teacher: Oh, well, ok. Let’s keep going. Pollyanna, put your fingers in the cup and take them out.

I think you can guess what I figured out in my bathtub when I was little. Yup. Now I’m a science geek. And if you missed this science experiment, the hot water evaporates faster and somewhat paradoxically cools the wet finger faster than does the cold water.

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Toronto, ON, Canada | Unfiltered | May 28, 2017

I work at the biggest theme park in Canada who pride themselves on giving guests “the best day ever!”

I am Jewish and do not have much experience with other cultures and religions.

Two women come up to the cash at my store.

Me: Your total is $16.66. How would you like to pay?

The two women gasp.

Woman #1: *angrily* What did you say?!

Me: *thinking their upset at the expensive amount* I know it’s expensive but I actually own some of these toys and their very good quality.

Woman #2: Get me your manager! How dare you say that wicked number to us!

I look at my atheist coworker next to me who shrugs so I run and get my Team Lead.

Team Lead: *after I explain to her what happened* [My Name] did they have crosses on their necks?

Me: Why? Is this some kinda Christian thing?

Team lead: *laughs* how can you possibly not know 666 is the devils number.

Me: There’s probably a lot of Jewish stuff that I think is common knowledge but you don’t know about.

Team Lead: *pauses* Oh…you’re probably right.

Me: Remember when I asked for Shavuot off. Did I laugh when you and the area supervisor had to google Shavuot to even know it was a holiday?

Team Lead: Alright, alright I get it. You’re “woke” or whatever.

She walks away to deal with the Christian women and I throw my hands in their air in frustration.

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We have a back room where customers can watch preselected movies, in a little booth, for a $3 fee. I was in the middle of my shift when a customer approached the counter.)

Customer: “Hey, what’s the deal with the back room?”

Me: “We have movies back there. You pay $3, and get ten minutes to watch one if the movies.”

Customer: *horrified/disgusted look* “Are you kidding me? Guys just sit back there, watch porn, and touch themselves! That’s completely disgusting!”

(He leaves the counter, and circless the store a few times. All the while, looking at the back rooms and muttering to himself about how disgusting the floors must be. A short time later, he approaches the counter again.)

Customer: *drops a $5 bill onto the counter* “I’ll take $3 for the back.”

Me: “……..”


Me: “

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(I am babysitting a kid. We just finished playing with Mr. Potato Head and are in the process of cleaning up. The pieces come in a big plastic bin shaped like Mr. Potato and his hat is the lid to close the bin. I’ve been putting the plastic hat on my own head because the kid I’m watching finds it hilarious. I put in the last piece in the bin and hand over the lid.)

ME: Okay, now put on his hat.

KID: No, no, no, no, no-

ME: Yes, yes. It’s your turn. Put it on.

KID: *looks at the hat glumly for a moment before slowly lifting it up and putting it on her own head*

ME: … *laughs* I meant on the Mr. Potato but okay. Good job.

KID: *laughs too, putting the hat on the bin*

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I was 14 years old but look like 9. My computer teacher at school put a cloth over everyone’s hands to practise touch typing. I did this while typing up an assignment in the public library. A stranger pulled the cloth away.

Stranger: What are you doing?

Me: Homework.

She looks over at my screen and I block it because it is not her business.

Stranger: That’s not homework. You’re covering up because you are doing something bad. Why else would you cover the screen and your HANDS?

She chucks my cloth elsewhere.

Me: It is my homework not yours and the cloth is just how we were taught to touch type.

Librarian: Ma’am, please keep your voice down. Sweetie, is she bothing you? Where are your parents?

You have to be 12 to be here alone.

I now see the stranger is looking at my screen again.

Me: Hey!

The librarian turns off the monitor.

Librarian: Ma’am, please just go mind your business.

Stranger: She’s hiding something bad! A child doesn’t mean innocent.

A second librarian has arrived and is escorting her away. I turn back to the first librarian.

Me: I am 14, here alone and I’m only doing homework. That stranger thought I was up to no good because I had that cloth over my hands and it got worse when I covered my screen when she stared at it.

Librarian: I see. Let’s pick up that cloth she threw over there. Ignore that woman. We’ll keep an eye out.

I find out later, she has harrassed others for various reasons.

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