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(My coworker has just split up with her boyfriend and is having a hard time of it at work. She’s already had to go to the bathroom a few times to cry. It’s at the end of her shift and I’m helping a customer with her balloon order.)

Coworker: [My name], do I look okay?

Me: Your eyes are still a little puffy, but it looks more like you haven’t slept well.

Customer: Did you hear that? She just told you that you look horrible! Not just horrible, but she said you look horrible and fat! Not just that, but she also called you horrible names behind your back.

Coworker: *Looks wide-eyed in shock at first and turns to me* Did you really say that?

Me: *Catching onto the joke* Yep, sure did. I also said how you like flirting with the guys around here and always bringing booze to work without sharing.

Customer: I can’t believe it! Not only did she say you look horrible, fat, and call you names behind your back, but now she’s saying you’re also a ho and a drunk! I wouldn’t take that if I were you. You should tattle on her to your manager about her pill-popping addiction.

Coworker: *Cracks up laughing*

Customer: Don’t worry, I’ll tell the manager for you. I’m on to her tricks.

(I cracked jokes with her the rest of the time, and I’m grateful she was able to bring a smile to my coworker’s face.)

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(We wrap gifts for free at our store.)

Me: Are all these wrapped together or separate
Customer: They’re all together.
(I wrap them and hand her the gift.)
Customer: Oh did you wrap them all as one gift? I wanted them separate. I should have made that more clear.
Me: face palm

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(I work at a major retailer that scans or slides IDs for the items where we have to card people. We also are able to do receipt lookups for items purchased using a credit/debit card, check, or gift card with in the return period. This customer has bought Nicorettte & I asked for his ID & he requested that I not scan it.)

Customer: I don’t want my ID scanned because I don’t want them tracking what I’m buying.

(He payed with his credit or debit card.)

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(I am a customer at a restaurant called So Gong Dong Tofu House Restaurant . I am sitting at a table  behind a woman and two children)

Waitress: Hello! What would you like to order?
Woman: Do you have anything without tofu?

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(I’m in a grocery store, and a friend is with me to help me carry the bags to the bus stop. I’m at the self-checkout when the man next to us sees my friend hand me my wallet to pay. Note: We’re both female.)
Customer: D*** f**s.
Me: Excuse me sir?
Customer: You heard me, f***ing d***s going to take over.
Me: Uhm, we’re not-
Customer: You and those f***ing gays are going to ruin America!
(My friend, who’s usually quiet and calm, speaks up.)
Friend: Sir, we are NOT together. We both are attracted to girls, but that’s not relevant to ANYTHING going on here. Now let her buy her d*** ramen so we can get out of here.
(The man went to say something, then quietly stormed off.)

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