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(I am female, eighteen and working in a chain corner shop for a few weeks before going to uni. It’s an old shop building, converted not long ago into this format, and the dairy products are placed opposite the counter. I watch, smiling and friendly, as a young woman only a couple of years younger than me fills a basket with three cartons of lactose-free milk, a lactose-free butter and a lactose-free cheese. She is quite skinny but looks healthy. She turns round and begins unloading her items onto the counter, asking me about my day. Suddenly, as I begin scanning the first of her milk cartons, a middle-aged woman bustles up behind her and tuts loudly. Both me and the girl stop and turn in surprise.)
Me: Can I help you, ma’am?
Woman: *to girl* How old are you?
Girl: I’m 16, why?
Woman: Already trying to lose weight? *she points to the lactose-free items* Trying to be even skinnier, like a stick? Because you think you’re fat?
Girl: No, I –
Me: Excuse me, ma’am, may you refrain from insulting this poor girl?
Woman: *ignores me and begins to remove the lactose-free items and replace them with non-lactose-free ones from the dairy produce just behind us* There. Put some weight on. You’re like a stick already.
Girl: *close to crying*
Me: Ma’am, if you continue to verbally abuse her I will have to call store security.
Woman: Teenagers these days, trying to starve themselves thin and going on every diet imaginable.
Girl: *clearing her tears* Miss, you’re being very rude.
Woman: What? How DARE YOU -”
Girl: First of all, those items are for my mum, who has a severe lactose intolerance to the point that she has to be hospitalised. Also, I have a rare metabolic disorder, which means I cannot put weight on. It’s not high metabolism, which you can slow down, because with high metabolism you put on weight and then burn it off. I don’t put the weight on at all, though I absorb the nutrients. So unsupportive comments such as yours are not going to change anything about me.
My Manager: *sails from the back room* I have heard it already, ma’am – oh, (Girls’ name)!
Girl: Uncle (Manager’s name)?
Me: *bemused* Wait, you’re (Manager’s) niece?
Girl and Manager: *nod*
Woman: WELL, your mother is probably a diet-obssessed faddie.
Manager: That woman that you are talking about is my little sister, and she has the lactose intolerance to the extent that (Girl) was talking about. I would like you to leave.
Woman: *huffs and leaves, muttering obscenities*
Me: My little sister has a severe intolerance to gluten, I know what it’s like. Replace your items and you can have them free of charge.
Girl: Thank you, so much. I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that as a matter of course.
(My manager later received a call from the woman, who gave her details and filed a complaint about him and me. Needless to say, she is now banned from shopping at any of our chain of shops.)

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The store where I work is open 24 hours, but between about 11 pm and 6 am, there is only one register open. It is about 2 am, with no customers, so the cashier is busy stocking candy bars on the other registers. She sees a customer walk up to her till, so she immediately puts down what she is doing, and walks over to the register.
Customer: This is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve been standing here waiting for ten minutes!
The customer complains to management, and the cashier is written up.

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(I just transferred to a new grocery store. At my old one I had been a fuel clerk for five months, but was on register before that, still I’m a little rusty, and I’m sure I seemed new. I had just finished ringing a man and his wife up. His total came to 10.75. so he gave me 20.25. I give him his change, 9.50, then all hell breaks loose!)

Me: here you go sir, 9.50 and your receipt! (I smile)

Husband: uh, no. I get back 10 dollars, not 9.50.

(I froze, print a copy of his receipt and double check)

Me: um, you gave me 20.25 sire, your total was-

Husband: I know what my fucking total was! But you don’t know how to fucking count! (He shoves his finger into my face, leaning over the register)

Me: (I’m a little taken aback, but smile brightly, knowing full well what he gave me. I always triple count change in my head) oh, well I don’t think I kiss counted, but if I did, I’m very sorry. I think I have two spare quarters laying around, if you just hand me back your change, I’ll gladly give you a ten-

Husband: no you don’t understand, you need to go back to fucking school since you can’t count! Why do they hire such idiots!

Me: (I smile even bigger and hold out my hand for his change) your change sir, so I can get you a 10?

Husband: it’s not even about the ten, it’s about how fucking dumb you are! (He screams so loudly that his wife draws back from him

Me: (still smiling, now a line built up) alright, well you have a good day then sir! (I quickly turn to the next person in line and start ringing them up, only to hear him belittling me more to his wife, screaming that they should see a manager. Funny thing is, they counted my till about an hour later. Perfectly balanced. What gets me is that I offered to fix a mistake o know I didn’t make!)

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Okay, so I work at a call center here in our small town. We primarily handle sales calls, but we do take calls for other companies. One such company has a feature where if you can’t make an event, an automated line calls you and will connect you with us.)

Me: Thank you for calling *Company Name* on a recorded line, my name is *My Name* are you calling to register?

Caller: Who the f*** is this and why do y’all keep calling my d*** phone!?

Me: Sir this is-

Caller: Everytime I answer my f****** phone it’s you blowing up my d*** phone! Stay off of my d*** phone!

(As I’m about to explain we can place him on a Do Not Call list, he starts swearing again)

Caller: Quit calling my f****** phone you f****** a*******! (click)

Me: Well, have a pleasant day as well.

Thing is, if he had called and asked why he was being called, and stated he no longer wishes to be called, I could have put him on the list and he’d never be called again. But since he decided he’d call and scream at the first person to answer, he’s going to continue receiving those calls. And that made it an okay day.

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While at work, the day started of fine and ended on quite an odd note. The day started off with a drowsy customer calling to see if we’d deliver to his apartment a few towns over. Not only would the distance be too great, but we don’t deliver. Never have and probably never will. After he called a second time he started telling us his life story of house he just got surgery. He even told me his address and apartment number! That man just really wanted ice cream