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, | Unfiltered | October 15, 2021

My husband’s aunt’s first husband died years before I began dating my now husband, but I have heard many stories about him. My favorite:

Members of my husband’s very large family were picnicking at a lake. The area had a low stone barbecue. For some reason, [Aunt’s first husband] decide to straddle the barbecue while a fire was going. He walked partway across and suddenly yelled, “Goodness! Gracious! Great balls of fire!”

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, , | Unfiltered | October 15, 2021

We were attending a holiday party at the home of my husband’s boss. I didn’t know many of his coworkers at that point.

A few people, mostly men, were watching a movie in the family room.

The women attending the party tended to drift from room to room, chatting. Most of us women were talking in the dining room when someone shouted, “Hey! The movie is almost to the [scene where the buff male lead undresses.] Get in here!” All of us went to the family room.

A male supervisor who is a bit sexist said, “You all came in to see the romance?” The couple on the screen were working their way to bed when that supervisor nudged me and suggestively continued, “Do you think that’s romantic?”

(I am usually a quiet, shy person, so no one – not even my husband – expected what was about to come out of my mouth.)

I looked the supervisor straight in the eye and quietly replied, “Who said anything about romance?”

The entire room went still. I was later told by a handful of people that seeing me shock and confuse Doctor [ sexist Supervisor] was the best thing ever.

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, , | Unfiltered | October 15, 2021

My middle son has never really liked sweets. One day when he was about three, my aunt asked him if he would like a cookie.

He cocked his head to one side, thought, and said. “Got any carrots?”

She just stared at me in disbelief.

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I am a little . . . unpredictable and like to call out to people when we are in the car.

One day, I was driving and talking with my husband when we stopped at a traffic light. A huge pickup pulled up next to us. The driver decided to rev his very loud engine. I couldn’t hear what my husband was saying.

I said, “Hold on a second” and powered my window down. To the other driver I said, “It’s okay; I understand.”

Male driver: “Huh?”

“That big truck? That powerful engine? That muffler? Oh, honey, it’s okay that you’re overcompensating for your tiny penis.”

Male driver’s eyes got huge, he rolled his windows up, and hit the gas hard as soon as the light changed.

I yelled, “Remember; size doesn’t really matter!”

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(I am a closeted Pagan and Lesbian for fear of backlash at this time. I am wrapping up a successful survey call with a woman who had been very friendly when suddenly it’s like a switch flips in her brain!)

Woman : before you go, you need to know that God doesn’t support gay marriage. He thinks what they do is wrong. He will kill them all.

Me: *genuinely disgusted, but deciding to skirt the issue* Well, I don’t think any man or woman can truly know what God thinks. It says as such in the Bible.

Woman: *Getting upset and shouting* But GAY is EVIL! God MUST hate them. He HAS TO!!! They will all BURN!!!

Me: *absolutely done, shouts over her* GOD LOVES EVERYONE EQUALLY! Also, Timothy 2:12! HAVE. A. NICE. DAY. *slams the reciever down*

My boss: *awkward* uh, you okay? Why did you shout a Bible verse?

Me: *angry sigh, careful with my words* I just hate when hateful people weaponise religion.

(My boss was none the wiser and simply came to the conclusion that I am studious. They never found out why I was actually so angry.)

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