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(My boyfriend and I are at the store. He’s looking at the meat display, while I’m over by the ramen. A man comes over, and stands uncomfortably close to me.)
Customer: Hey there, you from around here?
Me: Uh…yeah…?
Customer: You’re sexy, wanna come home with me?
(I try stepping away, but he just gets closer.)
Me: I’m not interested, sorry.
Customer: Are you sure? I’m rich and can make you happy.
Me: I’ve already got someone that can make me happy. Can you please leave me alone?
Customer: Rude a** b****, you’re a f***ing fata** too. Bet he’s only with you because of the sex!
(My boyfriend comes over, dumps the food in the cart, and looks at the man.)
Boyfriend: One, what happens at home isn’t anything concerning you. Two, of course she’s fat, she’s pregnant you ignorant f***. Three, I’ve loved her for years now because of s*** that apparently you don’t care about. Now can you leave her alone?
(The man glared at us and walked off. We haven’t seen him since.)

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I’m the stupid customer in this story.  I try to call a company to get a replacement part for a small appliance.  The phone rings and rings.  Finally…

Employee:  (Very tentative) Hello?

Me:  Hi.  I’m calling to see if I can get a replacement (part).

Employee:  Um, I’m sorry.  I’m part of the cleaning crew.  The company is closed today for Thanksgiving.

Me:  Oh, crap!  I’m sorry!  I’m Canadian.  I totally forgot it was American Thanksgiving today.

Employee:  No problem.  By the way, I love that “Red Green” show.

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(I work in a bookstore with a cafe in it. The store is closing, so the gates on the windows are down and the chairs in he cafe area are put up. I’ve just rung up my last customer of the day when I notice it’s 5, our official close time, and there are customers in the cafe still. Since my coworkers and manager are busy I head over to let them know we’re closed. The first customer is getting ready to leave so I head over to the last two customers, sitting at the only table where the chairs haven’t been put up.)

Me: Sorry guys, the store is closed now.

Customer:  Aw, really? Is that area over there still open?

(points in the direction I just came from, where the other customer is in the process of leaving and the tables all have their chairs up as well. I’m momentarily speechless)

Me: No, no the WHOLE store is closed now, we close at 5 on Fridays.

Customer: Aw, okay.

Me: *walks away bewildered*

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(I’m working as a cashier at a store on a military base, and when the front check out is not busy we are able to process returns and exchanges.)
Customer: Can I do a return up here instead of going to customer service?
Me: Yes, I just need your receipt.
(Looks at receipt and notices that all she bought was a pregnancy test.)
Me: Ma’am if the pregnancy test is opened I’m afraid you are not allowed to return it.
Customer: But the test did not work, and I want my money back.
Me: What do you mean the test did not work?
Customer: It just did not work.
(She keeps repeating that for the next minute or so.)
Me: Well if the test did not work you will have to contact the manufacture because we are not able to take a used test back.
(At this point she gets very mad at me, and starts yelling for me to get a manager. It takes a few minutes for a manager to come up to the registers.)
Manger: What seems to be the problem ma’am?
Customer: The cashier is telling me that you guys will not let me return a pregnancy test.
(He goes on to explain that because the test is used we will not be able to refund it and she needs to contact the manufacture. By this time the store manager who has been watching all of this from the security office calls my register, and tells us that we have to refund her money. That is when I knew I had to start looking for another job.)

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(I work in a retail store with some confusing signage. Most customers who ask about prices understand once you explain that they need to check the tag instead of assuming the price matches the sign. One customer I am checking out at the register did not understand.)
Me: Okay, you’re total is $19.95 today.
Customer: You overcharged me.
Me: The tag says $19.95, and that is what my computer is telling me.
Customer: Well the sign said $9.95.
Me: Oh, unfortunately the sign was referencing the $9.95 crop tops. This shirt is $19.95.
Customer: But the sign said $9.95.
Me: Actually it says ‘select items starting at’ and this particular item is not that price.
(The customer continues to argue with me until we go to the actual sign and I show them where it says ‘select items starting at)
Customer: Well that’s false advertising! I want to see a manager.

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