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(I’m ringing through a guy and his wife who are buying a birthday gift for their daughter. The wife has been checking out the knick knacks near the cash and not really involved in the transaction, and the husband has been gruff but not unfriendly)
Husband: “Do you do gift wrapping here?”
Me: “No, we don’t. Sorry.”
Husband: “Well, why not?”
Me: *honestly unsure how to answer that* “Because… we don’t?”
(For a second he just stares at me and I’m worried he’s going to flip out that I gave him attitude or something, then the wife just starts laughing)
Wife: “Oh my god, I swear you sounded JUST like our daughter when you said that!” *imitates the way I said it* “Because… we don’t?” *more laughter*
Husband: *pretty much ignoring his wife* “So… we can return this if she already has it, right?”
Me: “Of course, just hang on to the receipt.”
Husband: “Thanks!”
(I’m so glad that I apparently made the wife’s day! Wonder if she’ll tell her daughter how much the cashier sounded like her?)

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(Two young men come into the bookstore and immediately head to the science books. There is a girl there. The men start yelling.)

Rude Customer #1: “Do you really think you’re smart enough to handle those books?”
Rude Customer #2: “Yeah, you should stick to the GIRLY section.”

(I am speechless at their behavior and try to intervene.)

Me: “You have no idea if she is sma–”
Rude Customer #2: “Stop talking to me like that, you’re just a GIRL.”
(To make a point, he snatches a book from the girl’s hand)
Girl: “Watch it–”
Rude Customer #1: “You had no right to have that book. We’re much smarter than anyone here, especially you.”
Rude Customer #2: “We even made a program that shows the scale of the universe!”
Girl: “Okay, I’m pretty sure who you are now.”
(She unzips her jacket to reveal a shirt with the logo of an internet show that the two made.)
Rude Customer #1: “You don’t even deserve to watch it! Stop polluting it with how unintelligent you are.”
(All of a sudden, the girl picks up two books, throws them in the faces of the men, and runs away.)
Girl: “I think you’re the one who isn’t well-read! And I’ll never watch it again if YOU two made it.”
(Rude Customer #2 drops the book and they both leave the store. The girl got a discount on the book!)

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The Life of a Pharmacy Tech.
(Customer 1)”Hello, how can I help you? Are you going to wait or come back? Great we’ll see you tomorrow.”
*phone rings*
“the price of #120 Endocet? $89…Yes, we have the yellow ones”
*Hangs up*
(Customer 2) “Are you going to wait or come back? Ok it’ll be 5-10 minutes”
*starts filling customer 2’s script*
*phone rings* (once…twice…three times.. Damn.)
*cancels out of script*
*answers phone*
“Yes, we have #90 Morphine ER 15… how much are they? let me go check… $150.. no I’m sorry we don’t fill for that doctor.I’m not sure who will fill for that doctor, sorry. I know. I know. . I know. . I’m sorry. Yes sir. .(5 minutes later) Uhhhuhh. Uhuh. Have a good day”
*hangs up*
*starts customer #2’s script again*
“I have a waiter! “[Where are my counters!?]
*counter counts & pharmacist checks*
(Customer 3)”are you going to wait or come back? Ok it’ll be 10-15 Minutes.”
*phone rings*
“Yes can you hold on just a second? ”
*puts line 4 on hold*
“Customer 3? It’s too soon to fill your Xanax. Oh You’re going out of town?[yeah right] can I call your doctor to fill it earlier? Yeah hold on just a sec”
*calls dr. Has to leave message*
“I’m sorry customer 3 I had to leave a message, I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be”
*phone rings* [crap I forgot line 4]
“Heyyyyyyy line 4! What can I do for you? Fill all 15 scripts for you? You’ll be here in 20 minutes? We’ll see you then” [double crap!]
*customer 1 comes back*
“Hey customer 1 I thought you were coming back tomorrow? Ok you decided to get it today? Ok I’m doing it right now! ”
[Why is customer 2 is still here?]
“Why is customer 2 still here! ?”
[Where are my cashiers!?]
*grabs customer 2’s script and rings him up, along with the 2 people inline behind him*
[Customer 1 is still waiting. Damn]
*starts to runs customer 1’s script*
*phone rings. ..once twice three times*
*answers caller 3*
“You have a new insurance card? Ok does it have a BIN #? A GRP #? A PCN #? ID #? It doesn’t have a ID number? Are you sure? It could say ‘subscriber ID’.. no? Ok I’ll need you to bring in the card”
I have a call on like 2?
“Hello? Hi! Yes! It’s not ok to fill customer 3’s Xanax early? Ok I’ll let him know”
“CUSTOMER 3? yes I just spoke to the nurse and she said we couldn’t fill your Xanax early. I’m sorry! I know. I know. That’s what she said. Yes, you can have your script back. [Let me dig through this giant stack right quick]
*writes on back that it was filled 01/01/2016* [good luck getting that filled somewhere else buddy]
(15 script customer) hi, are my meds ready? [You called it in 5 minutes ago! ] “we’re working on them right now for you! ”
(Cashier 1) this customer doesn’t want these 3 can you return them?
*returns 3 scripts *
(Customer 5) never mind I’ll go ahead and take those 3!
*rebills the 3 again*
(Cashier 2) I can’t find the medication for customer 6
“Have you checked the computer? Computer says it’s scanned into bin GH”
(Whole pharmacy stops to look for customer 6’s medication) [where does it go! ?!]
“Found it in the “Z” bin! !!”
(Customer 7)” you just called and someone quoted you $150 for #90 Morphine ER 15? Yes that was me.we can’t fill for this doctor. You want to speak to the pharmacist? Ok.” [Let me stop them from checking my waiter just to tell you no…]
(Pharmacist) I’m sorry we cannot fill foot this dr.
(Caller 3 walks in) “You bought in your insurance card? Let me take a look. .. ma’am this is an Aflac business card for their business”
*knock knock knock *
(Delivery man) The medication order is here & someone needs to go sign the delivery forms
*knock knock knock*
*heads for the deliver*
*phone rings*
*smashes head on keyboard*

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So my mom answeres medical questions over the phone and she gets a few stupid ones but this stuck out the most.

Guy : hey what do I do if I throw up?
Mom: flush it.
Guy: But what if I throw up in the toilet?
Mom: like I said sir you flush it.
Guy: I threw up in some paper towel.
Mom: Then throw it in the toilet and flush it, drink some tea and lay down you’ll be fine
Guy: But I’m allergic to the toilet.
Mom:…….well then…uh…throw up in the trash
Guy: Are you crazy!?!?! Then my house will smell like throw up all day!

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(I work in a VERY high end children’s clothing store. When we do mark downs, we are supposed to place the sticker on the bottom left, as to not cover the original price. One day a woman comes up to me with a sticker that was misplaced, covering the dollar sign and first number of the price.)
Condescending Woman:Is this $6.00?
Me: No, ma’am, it’s $27.99. The white sticker is the markdown price.
CW: *smugly* well, what’s this for then? (Pointing to the 6.00 with no dollar sign next to it)
Me: that’s part of the original price. The sticker is covering up an 8. It was originally $86.00
CW: *rolls her eyes, gives me the dirtiest look, and walks out. *
(Not sure why she thought in a store like ours that something would be $6.00 or why we’d try to trick have with a highe price sticker. Most of our customers are great, though some have holier Than thou attitudes or try to get things cheaper)