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(I’ve been volunteering at the same animal shelter for a while now, and one of the small dogs there [I’ll call him ‘Rascal’*] is very fond of me. Unfortunately, he’s not as crazy about most other people; so when something needs to be done with him, the task often falls upon me or the one other volunteer he really likes).
Shelter Head: “The vet needs to look at ‘Rascal’, but she wants him muzzled first. Can you do that?”
Me: “Um, I think so- he won’t be happy about it, though.”
Shelter Head: “Just so long as he can’t bite anybody.”
Me: “Ok…” >puts muzzle on the little imp and brings him to the vet room<. “He was just out ten minutes ago, so he should be good to go.”
Rascal: “…” >gives me a look as if to say, ‘you traitor!'<
Vet: “Oh perfect; thank you hon!” >her assistant grabs the leash and stands nearby while the vet looks over his charts<.
(I hang around a little bit, just in case they need something else. All of a sudden, ‘Rascal’ lifts his leg and pees all over the vet’s shoe).
Everyone: “Rascal!!!”
*Name has been changed to protect the guilty. ‘Rascal’ was later adopted and is now living a happily spoiled life.

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I work for a call center where we verify member’s information, including email, at the beginning of every call.

Me: “…and may I verify your email address to make sure you receive updates from *my work* in the future?”

Member: “No, thank you.”

Me: “Aww but it’s Doctor Who!”

Member: *laughing* “That’s awesome that you know that!”

Later, after the business of the call is addressed, and we’re ending the call.

Me: “And is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Member: “No, I’m just going to hop in my Tardis and go on my way!”

Me: *laughing now* “Well don’t forget your sonic screwdriver!”

Member: *laughter* “That’s so awesome! Have a great one!”

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(My great aunt is coming to visit and since she is in a wheelchair, I ask about access. This shopping center is old and doesn’t look like it accommodated beyond ramps at the entrances. I’m asking at information, on the first floor.)

Me: Hi, I’m wondering if there are elevators to get to the upper floors?
Employee: There are escalators right over there.
Me: Yes, but how about an elevator?
Employee: Use the escalators.
Me: So, someone with a wheelchair can’t go to the upper floors at all?
Employee: You aren’t in a wheelchair. Take the escalators.
Me: My great aunt is the one in a wheelchair.
Employee: (stares at me and jabs at the escalators) YOU. GO. UP. THERE.

(I fed up and went to the top floor to ask at another information counter. We had to ask to use the freight elevator. However, I was not told that we had to arrange it ahead because not everyone has access to it so it took an hour for someone to come buy with the key. Apparently it was still ‘rushed’ and they ‘had to’ as we had a line of 16 people in the halls waiting.)

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(I am a trainee inspector in a casino – basically a dealer who is trusted to watch games so the pit boss/supervisor doesn’t have to be everywhere at once. Part of this job involves keeping track of players holding more than about £100, especially in large chips. In UK gambling slang, a pony is a £25 chip. Coworker #1, one of the best inspectors in the house, comes to give me a break)

Me: (in the middle of the handover) …and not too much going on on blackjack really, [Customer] has about 350 in ponies but that’s about it.

Coworker #1: Okay, thanks. Enjoy your break!

(I have my twenty minutes, come back, and am sent to inspect poker. About half an hour later, Coworker #2, who is also somewhat new to inspecting but thinks he’s much better than he is and barely actually watches anything, calls me over to that pit, where he is now inspecting. Note that this removes me from the game that I am meant to be watching, which is a big no.)

Coworker #2: What’s this?

(He points at the pit’s clipboard, where there’s a drop of about 30 ponies in the last hour on blackjack.)

Me: …what?

Coworker #2: You lost thirty ponies on blackjack.

Me: Can I go back to my game now?

(Thirty ponies does need to be tracked, but it’s also not really the end of the world. On my next break, the supervisor calls me over.)

Supervisor: You need to be more thorough on your handovers. [Coworker #2] has thirty ponies on blackjack that have disappeared.

Me: I’m…actually pretty sure I did let [Coworker #1] know when she took me off. She’s on break now too, I’ll check with her.

Supervisor: Be more careful.

(I go to the break room, and establish that yes, I had in fact told Coworker #1 about the then fifteen ponies that had been missing, and more than that she had then told Coworker #2 about it when he had taken her off twenty minutes later. In short: he had not paid attention to the handover she gave him, not paid attention to a further fifteen ponies – for a total of thirty, or £750 – leaving the table, and then when he’d realised it during the hourly scores he’d tried to blame me, as I had done the previous score. Coworker #1 informed the supervisor, and that was the last I heard of it. A few months later Coworker 2 quit, then came back but didn’t pass his probation and was fired.)

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(Me, two friends and one of the friends sister who we have never met are out for a few drinks one night. She seems to fancy the other friend and tries to impress him. Note he’s quite indiffent about everything and is quite monotone when he speaks)

Sister: And this bag is by *expensive fashion brand*

Friend 1: Oh

Sister: These shoes cost £300 and go lovely with my *equally expensive designer* dress don’t you think?

Friend 1: I guess

Sister: Do you not care about anything?

Friend 1: Yeah but you keep banging on about how this is so expensive or is made by some overpaid prat like it makes it somehow better then a matching item a quarter of the price. At the end of the day it still does the same thing no matter how much it cost and your shit won’t stop stinking just because it’s designer


(Our friend just shrugs and goes back to drinking as she storms out. She storms back in moments later)

Sister: *to her brother* Aren’t you even going to defend me?

Friend 2: I would but there’s no point, he just doesn’t care

(She storms out again and that’s the last we see of her)