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(So this is for me and my friends standing outside of a procession to show respect while there is a police officer helping the procession get through our area there is a man I can somewhat hear on the other side of the road complaining)

Man: Hey what’s the deal here?! *starting to walk into the road*

Officer: *showing for the man to take a step back with arms*

Man: Hey!

Officer: *he stops the traffic and walks over to the other side to speak to the man*

Man: We’ve got lives to live here!

Officer: Sorry, I understand sir there is a procession going on right now for a passed officer.

Man: Do you think I care?!

(Eventually I couldn’t hear the rest but what I knew was everything was back in order soon but the man got very frustrated and threw a fit.)

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(It’s one of my first days being trained)

Coworker: Oh, I should warn you about the horse lady!

Me: …the horse lady?

Coworker: *laughing* Yep, she’s this older woman who comes in every few months to ask about a horse figurine we don’t carry anymore. She’s been told we don’t carry it, but she keeps coming in and asking, and then tells whoever’s working that it reminds her of a horse she had when she was a girl, so it has to be -that- figurine.

(A few months later)

Customer: …I’m looking for a particular horse figurine!

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(My previous roommate introduced me to Not Always and will occasionally send me interesting stories. We haven’t lived together for years but keep in touch mostly through text and social media. One day I read this story while I’m at work and immediately link it to her via text. The following conversation occurs.)

Me: “I would not be surprised if this one was you.”

Former Roommate: “It was.”

Me: “Called it!”

Former Roommate: “I shared it on Facebook too but the fact you figured it out is way funnier.”

Me: “Honestly this is the funniest thing to happen all week. I’m glad I didn’t see that post. This is way better.”

Former Roommate: *bows* “Glad to be of service.”

(Definitely brightened up the remainder of my work day.)

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One day I was walking with my dog while waiting for my mom, who was shopping some stuff for our house. I was looking at some things in vitrines while my dog was lying down on the floor.

Suddenly, I saw some guys trying to get my dog’s attention. They were calling her, waving at her and some stuff. I started to giggle at how cute was that scene and how my dog was unaware. I started to pay more attention and I saw a little boy with those guys (they were mostly around my age 17-20 and the boy looked like he was in his 13 years) so I decided to approach them.

Soon as I got there, the little boy started to pet my dog and his friends too. I started to giggle even harder when they started to say cute stuff like “woah, she is so calm”, “she is cute” and stuff like “you are a good girl”. Noticing me, one of them asked me why I was laughing.

So, with the most serious face, I told them the true. My dog is blind and deaf.

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(This takes place in an AP class, and our AP tests are a little over a month away. Due to our teacher’s poor planning skills, we’re trying to get through the seven remaining chapters before the AP test, our teacher figuring that it would do us more good to get small glimpses of all the material instead of actually learning a few chapters. Given this logic, I ask my teacher this at the end of class:)

Me: “So, if your goal here is for us to see all of the remaining material before the AP test, wouldn’t it be more logical to not have any more tests in class until then?”

(My teacher then takes a moment to consider this, and, as my classmates all heard this, the guy who sits in front of me stands up, starts clapping, and says this:)

Guy in front of me: “Give her an Oscar!”

(And then one of his friends also started clapping and my teacher seriously considered my suggestion. He decided to continue talking about it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!)

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