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I was 16 when this happened and had just started working my first lifeguarding job. It wasn’t uncommon for the staff of other areas of the rec centre to come and talk with the lifeguards if it wasn’t busy. One day, I met a maintenance worker (M.W.) I had never seen before and he came down to check the levels for the pool. Since it was one of those rare instances where no one is in the pool, we were chatting while I was cleaning the deck.

M.W: Hey, do you ever notice how nobody recognizes you outside of this place? I’ll say hi to customers at a grocery store or something, and they have no idea who I am.
Me: Well actually I don’t have that problem. People seem to recognize me quite easily, but I think it’s because I don’t look like anybody else.
M.W: Yeah, you have a nice face, a pretty face. I like your face.
Me: …Uh, so how are those levels for the pool? Do you need me to do a pool test?

My plan was to avoid what he just said, but he persisted.

M.W: So, I really like you. Can I get your number?
Me: Uh…
M.W.: Or maybe when you’re done work, we can get coffee?
Me: How old are you?
M.W.: ( avoiding eye contact and pausing) 28
Me: Well, I’m 16.
M.W.: Oh, I thought you were younger.

The rest of the conversation was just as awkward, but nothing topped that comment. I found out later he was 35 and I thankfully never saw him at work again.

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I am working on a hospital ward where I have a patient who is on a 1.5L Fluid restriction due to end stage kidney failure. He has gained 5kg this week and is deteriorating. The patient and his daughter are non-compliant with his restrictions, often bringing in extra cordial, jelly etc. The following conversation happens between the daughter and me:

Me: It is important that (patient) only drinks what we provide to ensure an accurate fluid balance. If he drinks something, please let us know so we can document it to ensure he doesn’t go over his limit.

Pts daughter: But I’m only giving him cups of ice and some cordial, which shouldn’t affect him too much?

I had to walk out, and went to get the doctor to talk to them because I don’t think I would be able to explain it to them professionally enough that ice is in fact, water!

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I go to the pharmacy to have my birth control pill prescription renewed. I drop off the prescription and walk away.

Employee: (very loudly calls after me) Mrs. (my name) your (brand) of birth control pills now come in a different package. Is that ok?

I walk back and tell her fine but would she mind not speaking so loudly so that the whole store could hear me. She didn’t seem to understand the problem.

When I returned an hour later to pick up the prescription I ask for the manager. I told her what happened and how one of my neighbors was actually in the store and heard what the girl said.

Me: Look , while I am certainly not ashamed of being on birth control pills, it is no one else’s business what sorts of medications I do or do not take. I would appreciate it if you spoke to your employee and teach her about respecting a customer’s privacy.

Manager: (sighs) I am so sorry. This is not the first complaint I have had about her. To make it up to you , this prescription is free.

I never saw the girl working there again.

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Last year, I was a student in a nursing school. For my first internship, they sent me in a hospital in the reabilitation section.
That place was downright horrible. The nurses there obviously didn’t want to train us, they just saw us interns as unpaid staff. Even though we started to study nursing only two months before, they gave us the most difficult patients, had little patience with us anytime we needed help, and even though they told us many time “do not hesitate to ask questions !”, each time I did, I was given a sour look and answered like I was an idiot. A teacher came to see us twice, and both times they gave us the most difficult patients they had: first I got a cranky delirious person who couldn’t be moved easily, then I got a mean old lady who was known to be very difficult. They made us work overtime nearly everyday.
But one particular event took the cake: the mean lady had to be cleaned entirely because she was incontinent. They sent us interns to clean her up, while she was yelling at us as if it was our fault. Only after that they told us that normally, we couldn’t come into the room as the lady was to be put in quarantine, and as interns, we were yet to be trained.
At the end of the year, unfortunately, I had to go back there for my final exam. I got a man who didn’t spoke French, couldn’t be moved, and had a medical history so big it didn’t fit on my sheet. What’s more, they didn’t gave me all of his medication, something I didn’t notice until my teacher was there because they let me access my patient’s file barely ten minutes before I had to go take care of him. Which made me fail the exam.
One day, one of those nurses came and told me I speak too well, they thought I was a snob. That’s maybe why they were so obnoxious…
They single handedly put me off the nursing job.

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(When my mum had just moved to our city, she needed to find a dentist for me. I was three years old, so finding one that was good with children was a priority. A co-worker recommended someone, and she made an appointment. She knew it was a mistake right from the get-go. The dentist seemed to be in a very bad mood and obviously had no patience whatsoever with children.)

Dentist: SIT STILL!
Me: *whimpers*
Dentist: Open your mouth. Wider. Oh, for Pete’s sake, what’s wrong with you? I said WIDER!
Me: *not used to strangers yelling at me, I start to cry*
Mum: Um, excuse me –
Dentist: Quiet. I don’t need to hear from you.
Mum: I BEG your pardon?
Dentist: I said be quiet.
Me: *starts to cry louder*
Dentist: Now, see what you’ve done? You’ve upset your child.
Mum: I’VE upset her?
Dentist: *tries to put fluoride on my teeth, accidentally squirts it down my throat instead*
Me: *throws up all over him*
Dentist: THAT’S IT! OUT! OUT!
Mum: You don’t have to tell me twice. Come on, sweetheart, we’re leaving.

(She found another dentist shortly afterwards who loved children and was patient and kind. She gave the co-worker royal heck later for recommending that sadist!)

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