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Swimming pool repair, Arizona
I went out to an apartment complex in a retirement community on another heater call. Now I had been there numerous times and had never found anything wrong but at the insistence of the maintenance supervisor had repeatedly replaced the thermostat. This time it turned out to be a bad motor on the spa filter pump and as I was carrying the old one out to my truck to get a replacement two senior ladies in the spa asked me to turn the heat up. I looked at the maintenance super who directed me to one of the old thermostats that he had mounted in the wall. I turned it up with the ladies response being that they could feel the heat coming on. Interesting since the circulation pump motor was in my hand and the thermostat in question wasn’t hooked up to anything. Funny thing about it is I never had another heater call from that complex.

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(I’m overseeing the self serve registers at work when a customer starts pacing around, muttering and swearing under his breath. I approach him.)

Me: “Is everything alright?”

Customer: “National Bank!”

Me: “Sorry?”


Me: “Oh, National Bank?”

Customer: “Yes! Do you have one?”

Me: “Do we have a National Bank?”

Customer: “Yes! Has someone handed one in?”

Me: *suddenly realising what he means* “Oh, you mean a National Bank card?”

Customer: “F**k! Yes! Jesus Christ!”

Me: “I’ll go check.”

(I go ask at the front desk and they say they haven’t seen one.)

Me: “No sir, we haven’t seen-”

Customer: “F**k!”

(He storms off out of the store. A few hours later, another customer hands in a National Bank card. Usually in this situation I’d have just called the customer and told him we found it. Unfortunately, between all the yelling, swearing and storming off, I never got his info. How unfortunate.)

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(I suffer from Conversion Disorder, which causes physical symptoms of stress ranging from shaking my hands wildly to having me falling down for a brief paralysis. The symptoms are random and are sometimes set off by loud noises, and at this point one of my symptoms is that I am unable to walk and I am currently in a wheelchair. I’m sitting in my last class for the day and it’s a classmate’s birthday, so we are having a little party in the class which includes blown up balloons. I already know that one was going to get popped and I was going to be in for a very bad time despite already being in the wheelchair. Before I can make a comment to the teacher and the class about not popping one, the inevitable happens. The reaction is immediate, my eyes screw shut, my hands start shaking quickly and because I can’t see I can’t control where to move my hands so I don’t hit something which causes me to hit my desk and wheelchair very hard enough to bruise my fingers for days afterwards. The icing on the cake was when my shoulder would rise up my head would slam into it repeatedly. If you just happened to see me like that most would have thought I was having a seizure, but all I do is let out a sigh and say to my class in a loud voice.)

Me: “I was going to warn you that if you popped a balloon it would set me off, but I guess I don’t need to do that now. So I hope you are all happy now. I can’t see, I’ll possibly break my fingers since I can’t see and I might get a concussion with how hard I’m pounding my head on my shoulder. So now I’ll have to explain this to my mom when she comes to pick me up. Just great. Can I at least ask one of you to wheel me over somewhere so I don’t hurt myself even more?”

(I was wheeled to the front of the class and someone put a pillow or something between my shoulder and head so I would stop hurting myself and eventually I got my eyes to open only to look out amongst my classmates who were looking at me as if I was possessed or something. It was silent. I never explained myself and when I got some control of my hands, I told the teacher, I would be texting my sister to pick me a couple minutes before class got out. My sister came to get me and only gave a sigh when she saw the state I was in before wheeling me out of the class. When I went back to class the next day the student who popped the balloon apologised and after that the class was very careful with any noise they made to not set me off again.)

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I work at a coffee shop well known for its green mermaid logo. One morning I am working at the front till when a young man comes up and the following conversation takes place:
Customer: Can I have [signature drink from another fast food place, known for its red and yellow logo, obviously not us]
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have any of those here.
Customer: Oh, okay. *moment of silence* Can I have a small blended coffee drink?
Me: For sure! One small [name of blended coffee drink].
Customer: No! I want a blended coffee drink!
Me: Yes, that is what [blended coffee drink] is.
Customer: Oh, okay.
*Customer pulls out random coins from his pocket and counts them out*
Customer: I don’t have enough change. *looks at me expectantly*
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t give you the drink without full payment.
Customer: Oh, okay. *Turns and leaves as I mentally facepalm*

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A new (cute) server has started at my work. All of the servers come into the kitchen to badmouth any rude customers we have. The new guy comes into the kitchen and, not only explains how the customer was rude that he was given the wrong food (by accident), but was very arrogant with how he wanted his food boxed.

My co-worker explains that he was picking his fries off the plate and tossing them into the to-go box, saying, “I want this fry and this fry, and this fry…” My co-worker, who says he usually has very good patience, ends up just bluntly dumping the fries into the container. Thank god I don’t deal in the customer service part at work!

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