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[Working in a bargain store one morning. A man approached the till holding a basket, but with nothing in it. I finish serving the customer I was with and then turn my attention to this man. He seemed rather upset about something.]

Customer: Feel the handles of this basket!

[I feel the handle and look up at the customer, a little confused.]
Customer: Feels weird doesn’t it?
Me: Yes sir, but that is simply the plastic coating on the handles. It is okay.
Customer: But it feels sticky!! Doesn’t anyone clean the baskets?
[I glance over to the pile of baskets by the door … we have hundreds]
Customer: Someone should clean them every day! [He storms off, puts the basket back] I’m going next door where the baskets are clean!!
[There’s a moment of silence. Me, my customers and a colleague look at him in wonder.]

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My wife is the customer service manager for a diaper service. This message showed up in her inbox.

Do you ship to PO Boxes or not? And when will you expand your service area nationwide(all 50 states nationwide),or worldwide(every country)? How many years do you think it would take you to reach a nationwide service area and how long have you been in business? because if you charge a certain amount for your diapers you should have reach a nationwide service by now since you’ve created the website 10 yrs ago, so how come you haven’t reached a nationwide let alone a worldwide service area by now. because people will buy from you no matter what the price unless you are using a very expensive web hosting service or something. and what kind of house do you live in?(mansion, regular house, mod home or a single wide), if you are in the top 2 sell your house to move into a mod or single wide house) that way you can expand your business more. easily and more faster, learn on how to be humble, and if you are in a single wide or mod home and are struggling, then I apologize, but yo! u should’ve made enough money by now to live comfortable since you’ve created this website 10 yrs ago in 2006 or 2005 so you could have saved up money.or something of the sort.

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I was in a book/video/game store when I overheard a conversation two middle aged ladies had with an employee.

Lady 1: Do you have that film that came out last February?

Employee: There were a lot of movies that came out in February. Do you know the title?

Lady 1: Not exactly, but my friend remember who was in it.

Lady 2: I think the girl Dakota Johnson was in it.

Employee: *now knows what film it is* Can you describe the plot to me?

Lady 1: Uhm…well…there is this girl, and she falls in love with…this really hot guy…and he wants her to join his…lifestyle.

Lady 2: Jamie Dornan was also in it too.

Employee: You mean Twilight? It sounds a lot like Twilight.


They both stormed off as I went to go talk to the employee.

Me: Were they looking for Fifty Shades of Grey?

Employee: I think so, but we sold out a few weeks ago.

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(I was coming into a small mom and pop shop that had all the quick convenience items you could need. I just buying a news paper when the customer in front of me was arguing with the owner over a price)

Customer: How the hell could you charge (this price) for cigarettes?!

Owner: Because this is how low the town (we’re in) can sell them for by law

Customer: but I was at this other store and they sold it to me for less than what you are asking for

Owner: Sorry sir I can’t sell them to you for that price or else we lose money then

Customer: *getting more angry and yelling now* I want these cigarettes at this price or else you are losing a customer!

Me: *looking awkwardly back and forth at the customer and owner’s conversation*

Owner: Please sir step aside you are holding up a line

Customer: *looks at me then turns back to face the owner* He can wait, I can’t

Me: *just standing there awkwardly wanting to buy the newspaper*

Owner’s wife: *gestures me over and takes the money for the paper*

Customer: Come on and just sell me that damn cigarettes!

(after I paid I left because it seemed like the customer was going to go crazy and the owner’s wife had the phone in her hand with 911 punched in and just waiting to push the button for the call to go threw)

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I work in a Leisure Centre that includes varying activities. We are on the coast so don’t tend to get many visitors out of season. A man bounds in with his girlfriend. They look at the pool and see there is a class going on.

Man: Oh no! I wanted to swim!

Me: Sorry sir, there is a class on at the moment but there is lane swimming in 45 minutes.

Man: Can I swim anyway?

Me: No Sir, the class uses the whole of the pool.

Man: No way! He then speaks to his girlfriend: Hey babes, you still go to the gym, I’ll take a walk on the beach.

Girlfriend: Why do you want to do that?

Man: To free my mind! (Yes, he actually said that. I didn’t know whether to laugh or puke).

He then bounds over to me again and asks if he can play bowls. In the UK we have ten pin bowling and we have green bowling. The latter tends to be played by, um, older people. So I do tend to check with anybody under 30 that they are aware of this.

Me: It is green bowling, not ten-pin.

Man: (And I cannot stress enough how patronisingly he said this).. Yes! I know!

I gave up at this point. I wanted him, his confidence and his moronic girlfriend to leave. A colleague came down at that point and I mouthed I n e e d a c i g quite effectively and not patronisingly at all.