Asian Americans On: Worst Ass Whooping

| Related | May 26, 2017

Asian Americans On: Worst Ass Whooping they’ve received from their parents!
By: Jimmy Zhang @
What’s the worst punishment you’ve received from your parents?
Were they Always Right?

Not A Picture-Perfect Family

| ON, Canada | Related | May 26, 2017

(I’ve never particularly liked having my photo taken — mostly because my parents always insist on taking way too many of them and often force me and my siblings to stand for the same picture multiples times. As a result, I usually get frustrated and annoyed pretty easily by this. One year, my parents and I take a holiday and one day we decide to go on a bike ride through the woods. During this trip my dad has already taken around 10-15 photos of us. Since we have haven’t seen each other for a while I’m pleasant at first but I’m beginning to get annoyed. We stop by a lake to relax.)

Dad: “[My Name].”

(I look up to see he’s beckoning me for a picture; I shake my head immediately.)

Me: “Dad, can we not do pictures now? I just want to relax.”

Dad: *jovially* “Aww, don’t be a grump. Come have a picture with your Mum!”

Me: “Can we please do this later? I’m little tired right now.”

Dad: “Oh, don’t be such a baby! Come for one picture.”

Me: “Dad, you have lots of pictures already. Why do you need another right now?”

Dad: “Look, just come and have ONE PICTURE!”

Me: “No! I just want to enjoy the view and relax right now.”


Me: “I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum here!”

Dad: “For God’s sake! It’s a simple picture. What the h***’s the matter?”

(Finally my mum chimes in; even she has grown sick of this.)

Mum: “Look, just leave it, okay? Clearly he doesn’t want to do one!”

Dad: “He needs to stop being a baby!”

Mum: “I said LEAVE IT! You have plenty of pictures; now stop acting stupid!”

(My dad walks away from us. A few moments later I see him very indiscreetly trying to take a picture of me!)


(He was very quiet and grumpy the rest of the ride. Later that day he tried laying into me about my ‘poor attitude’ and how my acting like this ‘won’t get you anywhere.’ I just cut him off mid-flow asking why on earth he insisted on making such a big scene and acting like a child when I clearly said no? Quickly he dropped the subject and didn’t mention it again. I know it’s a good thing to have someone who loves you enough to take your picture, but in my parent’s case, it’s like overkill.)

Only Periodically Interrupted

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Related | May 26, 2017

(My sister and I are very close, but lately we haven’t had any time together to just chat without the husbands and sons around. We are sitting in my living room, just catching up, and having normal conversation about nothing in particular and have finally cracked the code for personal time. My husband walks in and sits down.)

Sister: *without missing a beat* “…and so I’m reasonably sure it’s not related to my period…”

(Husband walks out.)

Me: “Yeah, it works every time. So you were saying?” *normal conversation*

(Her twelve-year-old son walks in.)

Me: “…so you don’t think that any of this could be related to your menstrual cycle?”

Sister: “No, it’s been normal flow and consistency…”

Son: “Okay, I’m out of here.”

(Her son RUNS out; normal conversation resumes; her husband walks in again.)

Me: “…well, PMS can cause that if you recently…”

(Her husband walked out. We were not disturbed again!)

Spoon-Fed Those Spankin’s

| USA | Related | May 25, 2017

(I am about nine years old, playing at my best friend’s house. We recently moved farther away from each other so I really don’t want to leave when my mom tells me it’s time. I scramble under my friend’s bed and refuse to come out. My friend’s little brother, probably three, is also in the room.)

Mom: “Get your little butt out here! We have to go!”

Me: “No! I don’t wanna leave!”

(We are all laughing by this time. My mom can reach my legs and she starts to pull me out but I hang onto the bed frame.)

Mom: “Get out here or I’ll give you a spanking.”

Friend’s Little Brother: *with obvious glee* “I’ll get the spankin’ spoon!”

(He runs out the room and returns with a wooden mixing spoon and happily hands it to my mom. I did actually get a good whap on my thigh before I came out from under the bed.)

What A Nit Wit

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Related | May 25, 2017

(I have noticed that my toddler is getting head lice quite a bit. She really only has access to my sister’s school aged daughter. I mention it to my sister.)

Sister: *snapping* “It’s not my fault. [Niece] is always getting them at school. It’s the school’s fault; they don’t check the other kids’ hair. I keep ringing and giving them a piece of my mind!”

(It keeps going on until one day I am over at my sister’s place with some of her friends and she’s hit her head hard.)

Sister: “[My Name], can you check if my head is bleeding?”

(I lift her hair and quickly drop it.)

Sister: “Well, is it bleeding?”

Me: *in a low voice so her friends don’t hear* “No, but your hair is full of nits.”

Sister: “It can’t be. Adults don’t get nits.”

Me: *still low* “Yes, they do. Don’t you treat your hair when you do [Niece]’s?”

Sister: *now yelling at me* “I DON’T NEED TO! ADULTS DON’T GET F****** NITS!”

(All of my sister’s friends said “Yes, they do.” I raced off to wash my hands. Of course, later my sister yelled at me again for embarrassing her in front of her friends. I went home and treated my and my daughter’s hair just in case, and yes, she stopped getting nits.)

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