What A Nit Wit

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Related | May 25, 2017

(I have noticed that my toddler is getting head lice quite a bit. She really only has access to my sister’s school aged daughter. I mention it to my sister.)

Sister: *snapping* “It’s not my fault. [Niece] is always getting them at school. It’s the school’s fault; they don’t check the other kids’ hair. I keep ringing and giving them a piece of my mind!”

(It keeps going on until one day I am over at my sister’s place with some of her friends and she’s hit her head hard.)

Sister: “[My Name], can you check if my head is bleeding?”

(I lift her hair and quickly drop it.)

Sister: “Well, is it bleeding?”

Me: *in a low voice so her friends don’t hear* “No, but your hair is full of nits.”

Sister: “It can’t be. Adults don’t get nits.”

Me: *still low* “Yes, they do. Don’t you treat your hair when you do [Niece]’s?”

Sister: *now yelling at me* “I DON’T NEED TO! ADULTS DON’T GET F****** NITS!”

(All of my sister’s friends said “Yes, they do.” I raced off to wash my hands. Of course, later my sister yelled at me again for embarrassing her in front of her friends. I went home and treated my and my daughter’s hair just in case, and yes, she stopped getting nits.)

You’re The Night-Light Of My Life

, | Duncan, BC, Canada | Related | May 25, 2017

I am nine years old. It is my bedtime, and my mom has to go out of the house for a short time (I think just to do something in the basement; she wasn’t leaving me all alone on the property).

I am a huge bookworm, and have a tendency to use my nightlight to read after bedtime. Before she goes out, she makes me promise not to read with my nightlight.

I promised, but the minute she is out of the house I turn on every single light in my room except for the nightlight, and get down to reading.

When she gets back twenty minutes later, she obviously sees the light coming from my room, comes in, and says my full name in an ominous/teasing tone. I simply grin and tell her I’d only promised not to use my NIGHT-light, not any of the others.

I was a bit of a smart-a** as a kid.

Tantrum For Two (Video)

| Related | May 25, 2017


Dad Caught Son Stealing. Xbox or Beating?

| Related | May 24, 2017

Dad caught his son stealing. He asks him if he’d rather get his Xbox back, or get a beating.

Son who repetitively blamed stealing on siblings was caught red handed in a trap set by parents. This incident took place just 5 minutes after a discussion with his son about stealing.

Are Parents Always Right?

Getting The Short(bread) End Of The Stick

, | England, UK | Related | May 24, 2017

I have been baking for a while, and I know my family’s taste and any allergies they have. I moved out eight months earlier and for about five months some of the treats have been going missing. Nothing major, just a few cakes here and some biscuits there, but I have now lost my patience as the cookies I baked for my friend’s birthday have all been eaten. I decide to have a barbeque to find out who is doing it.

I invite several people to the barbeque including my aunt. The day before, I bake some Nutella shortbread, put them in a box, and leave them in the kitchen by the biscuit tin. My idea is that whoever is eating the treats will go to the biscuit tin, find it empty apart from a few rich tea biscuits, and then eat some of the treat.

I know that if my aunt eats anything with nuts in it, it will give her a bad migraine.

Fast forward to the next day and the barbeque. I leave the kitchen door open and the patio door leading to the front room in case anyone needs the toilet. Around 10 people show up and whenever one of them leaves I go and check the shortbread but bring something out with me. Sure enough the box is opened and some shortbread has been eaten and then moved about so you can’t tell.

An hour later the barbeque ends when it starts raining and everyone goes home except my mum. I count the cakes to find out that three have been eaten and now there are seven left.

I give them to my mum who offers them to my aunt when she visits her. Apparently she refused saying last time she ate them she got a migraine. I have never made Nutella shortbread for anyone. The treats have now stopped disappearing.

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