That’s One Way To Maintain Social Distance!

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Due to the current health crisis, it is required that customers wear a face covering when entering any shop. I’ve just finished my shopping and am heading back to my car when I suddenly remember I need to buy a birthday card. I dash back to the local independent card shop, and seeing that there is only one other customer, I head straight inside, forgetting I have removed my mask.

Cashier: “Hey! You need to wear a mask!”

Me: “Oh! I’m so sorry!”

I go back outside, get my mask out, and pop it on, and I head back in.

Cashier: *Glaring at me* “You can’t just come in without a mask!”

Me: “I’m really sorry. I totally forgot. I was just—”

Cashier: “You have to wear one! It’s against the law if you don’t!”

Me: “I know. I’ve been wearing one all day. I’d just taken it off—”

Cashier: “We could call the police, you know! People think they’re above the law. You could infect people!”

Me: “Okay, look. I made a mistake and I apologised. I’m wearing a mask now. Can I shop here or not?”

Cashier: “Hmph. Made a mistake. Right. Are you one of those conspiracy theory people? I bet you’re against vaccines, too, aren’t you? You think the government’s lying and—”

I stare at her in complete disbelief as she starts to go on about anti-vaxxers and other weird conspiracies, and eventually, she realises that both I and the other customer are just standing there staring, and trails off.

Me: “Are you done?”

Cashier: “All I’m saying—”

Me: “No. I don’t care. I made a simple mistake, I’ve got my mask on now, you have stood there and spouted ridiculous accusations, and you’ve guaranteed I’ll never shop here again. Great customer service. Congratulations.”

The cashier stutters as I walk out.

Cashier: “But— Er— I didn’t— Um—”

The other customer dumps a handful of cards on the counter.

Customer: “You know what? I’d rather buy these somewhere else now.”

That customer walked out right behind me.

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I work in a shop at a theme park that sells mostly clothes and accesories like hats and socks but also has 4 scarves in varying colors. I’m bringing a scarf to fill the display when a guest puts a scarf they were looking at on the shelf. We dispaly the scarves so u can the emblem on the one end without pulling it out, and most guests dont put it back like that (including this one). I made a mental note to check the display again in a minute or 2 once the guest had wandered off so they didnt feel bad about putting it up wrong and just fold the one I was bringing in half (the tag is placed to the scarf is always in half so this was like folding it in half twice) and place it on the top of the second pile. The guest sees this and takes her scarf back off and folds it in half and puts it back.

Me: Thank you! *smile*

I turned around to re-roll a towel on the display next to it. I still had to fix the scarf once the guest left (the embelm was upside down) but it made my day that she tried to help. I know they probably wont read this but thank you random guest for trying to help! :)

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On this day I was working a store that sold a lot of collectables including a replica of a walking stick from a movie. A guest comes in and asks to see it. His english is good enough to have a conversation but its obvious that it’s not his first language. My coworker goes to the back and brings the box out and proceeds to open it and show the guest the pieces and talks about them. Since the store is rather empty I straighten up the shelves behind the registers and hear the whole conversation.

Co-Worker: *lists details*

Guest: okay and how much?

Co-Worker: it’s [price] before tax *begins putting plastic back on to protect it in the box*

Guest: okay *pulls out credit card*

Co-Worker: [my name], can you ring him up while I box this?

Me: absolutely!

I type in the SKU and process the transaction while my coworker puts the walking stick back in the box and seals it with packing tape.

Co-Worker: Unfortunately we don’t have a bag large enough for this so you’ll have to carry it like this. *hands over box*

Guest: oh….. I’ll take it without box then.

My coworker nods and then proceeds to open the box again and take the item out.

Co-Worker: are you sure you dont want to take the packaging to get it home safely?

Guest: I can’t take on plane?

Co-Worker: you can take it on the plane, but it might get damaged or scratched up.

Guest: I live in [other country across the world]. I can take there?

Co-Worker: yes but its a long trip back in something were to happen on the plane

Guest: oh *several moments of thinking* I'”” have box then.

My coworker reseals the item in the box. At this point the store is full again and the guest sees how its difficult to move with the long box.

Guest: I change mind, no box

My coworker who had just finished resealing the box again once againt opens it and takes out the walking stick and hands it to the guest who leaves happily. My coworker just looks exhausted from the ordeal.

Attack Of The Man Thing

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I am in a gift store Christmas shopping and find the perfect T-shirt for my son. It has a picture of a TV remote control on the front and says, “It’s a man thing!” 

Me: *To a saleswoman* “I’d like one of these in an extra-large.”

The saleswoman calls across the busy store to a stock boy.

Saleswoman: “I need a ‘man thing’ in an extra-large!” 

A woman behind me in line speaks up.

Woman: “Don’t we all?” 

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I’m serving a customer at the counter when I hear a crash. I look up to see a glass vase broken on the floor, and an elderly woman standing beside it, the other customers are far enough away that none of them could knocked it over. Assuming it was an accident, another staff member heads over to sort everything out. Although policy is for people to pay for items they break, we frequently waive the cost of accidentally broken objects, which we would have done here. The woman takes one look at the approaching staff member, issues a loud ‘I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me!’ and hurries out the door.
Later, the other staff members and I couldn’t believe the complete lack of personal responsibility this woman held herself to, all over a mistake that she wouldn’t have even had to pay for!