Roundup: The Most Popular Stories Of The Week


Shake off the week of bad customers… with even more bad customers! Find for your reading pleasure below, a roundup of the most popular stories of the last week (February 20th – February 26th 2017)!

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Think Before You Ink

| WA, USA | Health & Body

(I recently got a large tattoo that covers most of my forearm. A customer comes through my line and starts asking me about it.)

Customer: “Nice tattoo!”

Me: “Thank you! I just got it three days ago!”

Customer: “Really? Why isn’t it scabbed up at all?”

Me: “Um… tattoos aren’t really supposed to scab over. Like at all.”

(He then pulls up his sleeve to reveal a huge, black blob that must have been a tattoo at some point.)

Customer: “I got this done 45 years ago, and it was completely scabbed over!”

Me: “Oh, jeez. Well, what did you use to clean it?”

Customer: *looking confused* “What do you mean ‘clean it’?

Me: “…”


It Doesn’t Expressly Say So

| San Jose, CA, USA | Hotels & Lodging

Guest: “I dropped the keys in the express checkout box. Is there anything else i need to do?”

Me: “No, sir, you are all set.”

(What’s the point of doing an express checkout if you are going to take the time to come to the front desk anyway?)

Your Scam Tactics Need An Upgrade

, | Miami, FL, USA | Crazy Requests, Health & Body, Liars & Scammers, Tourists/Travel

(I work at the counter to check in passengers and I get stupid people all the time but this one takes the cake.)

Me: “Welcome to [Airline]. How can I help?”

Passenger: “Yes, I like to check in to [Destination] and also I’d like to do an upgrade, I have a doctor’s note that says I have to fly in first or business class.”

(I smile and laugh a little because I thought he was joking around but I see how serious he is and doesn’t find my laughing amusing.)

Passenger: “I don’t know what’s so funny; I have doctor’s note, so be more professional and do your job.”

Me: *after hearing that I put on a serious face and then reply* “Okay, sir, I have an upgrade available for $389. How would you like to purchase that?”

Passenger: “Don’t you understand that I have a doctor’s note?”

Me: *still with a serious face* “Well, sir, is your insurance going to cover this upgrade?”

Passenger: *with a confused face* “No, my, insurance doesn’t cover that.”

Me: “Well then, sir, you are going to have to do it like the rest of the country and pay out of your pocket.”

Call From Steten

| ME, USA | Funny Names, Language & Words

Me: “May I have your first name?”

Member: “Steven.”

Me: “Is that Steven with a ‘PH’ or ‘V’?”

Member: “…excuse me?”

Me: “Is that Steven with a ‘PH’ or ‘V’?”

Member: “It’s Steven with a ‘T!’ s-T-e-v-e-n!”

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