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Time To Cancel That Diet

, , , , | Right | January 24, 2021

I work at a call centre for a not-too-popular ISP. A woman calls in because her Internet isn’t working. She spoke with someone before and ended up getting a technician scheduled to go fix the problem. However, she wants to see if she can get someone scheduled to come in sooner.

She’s previously gone through six other representatives before getting to me, looking for the same thing. Using a tool we’re provided, I can see that her Internet should be working. I do some basic troubleshooting to figure out what is wrong.

Her third-party router connecting between the modem and computer is causing the problem. I instruct her to connect the modem directly to her computer which brings the Internet back. This results in the greatest compliment I’ve ever heard.

Customer: “You’re worth your weight in gold, so I hope you’re really fat!”

I still smile to this day thinking about that one.

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Here’s A Tip: Don’t Do This

, , , | Right | January 24, 2021

I serve at a popular steak house and I’m on a closing shift. I have been working there for over five years and am extremely comfortable in my job and tableside manner.

It’s coming to the end of the night and I am sat with my last table: a six-top of men in their late twenties. Sweet! I’m a woman in my twenties, and I know there is a great chance of making a nice tip. They are there to celebrate a birthday and, as expected, they order a few rounds of large drinks, big steaks, and ribs.

I get their order in and serve the first round, and after the drinks are getting low fifteen minutes later, I realize that seat six may be drunk already. There was no indication they had been drinking when they came in, and they were initially all very polite and normal. I make a mental note to avoid offering him another drink and continue on. Pretty quickly, seat six is jokingly berating me about where his ribs are, while I keep my cool and laugh it off.

Me: “They have to cook first!”

All is fine, I do my job, and then seat six starts taking my tongue and cheek as flirting. He starts saying a few crude things, but he is still PG-13, nothing I’m not used to. I’m here for the tips.

Then, the guys are all digging in, I’m checking on their food and drinks, and seat six very boldly asks:

Seat Six: “When do you get off work?”

Cue the rest of the table looking embarrassed.

Me: *With a smile* “When I’m done.”

Seat Six: “How about we go f*** in your car when you’re done?”

“EWWW!” I’m mentally screaming.

Me: “I have a boyfriend. No, thanks.”

I’m trying to be smooth and not super confrontational, just trying to awkwardly get out of this conversation.

Seat Six: “Well, I have a wife. It doesn’t matter!”

Mic drop. The whole table is shook. I’m shook.

In that moment, I really don’t care.

Me: “Well, that’s f****** disgusting. You should be ashamed!”

He tried to play it off but probably wasn’t expecting me to bite back.

The entire table was extremely embarrassed. I carried on with an annoyed smile but acted as if nothing was wrong. They paid quickly, and in their embarrassment, EVERY SINGLE GUY started throwing bigger bills at me. I finished out the night with an extra $120 in tips and a delicious feeling of girl power.

Source: Reddit (Credit anonymous by request, Original Story)

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Avengers… Assemble The Cake!

, , | Right | January 24, 2021

I’m at the grocery store shopping for cookie ingredients. A middle-aged woman walks up to me while I look for something extra to put on the cookies.

Customer: “Excuse me, where is the [Brand] caramelized milk?”

I figure she asked me because I was looking intently at the shelves, and I look around a little.

Me: “Well, seems like there isn’t any. Sometimes it’s on sale at the end of the aisle; hold on.”

I leave to check around the corner and come back.

Me: “Nope, nothing. Seems they ran out.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s too bad. You see, I wanted [Brand] to make a cake, but this [Other Brand] is always too sweet, and this other—”

She continues rambling about caramelized milk brands and I end up tuning her out because she starts mumbling and talking while looking away. I reassume staring at the shelf, assuming she’s just talking alone by now, when suddenly she whips back and stares at me.

Customer: “Are you sure you don’t have [Brand]?”

Me: “Uh… no.”

Customer: “You work here, right?”

I looked down at my Captain America shirt and shook my head. She then rambled some more, this time about powdered sugar, before grabbing a different brand and stalking off, leaving me to wonder if the Avengers worked the morning shift.

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Inject A Little Patience For Your Patients

, , , , , | Healthy | January 24, 2021

I have an injectable maintenance medication which is administered every three months. Once I began nursing school and was signed off on injection administration, my doctor said it was stupid to have me come into the office to get this medication administered since I routinely did it for others as part of my clinicals. I was ordered to call in with the date, location given, and lot/expiration date. For three years, I did not have any issues doing this. That is, until the doctor hired a new nurse.

I call in.

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name], born [Date Of Birth]. I’m calling in with the information on my injection.”

Nurse: “What do you mean, ‘calling in with the information’?”

Me: “Oh, the doc allows me to self-administer at home and call the information in.”

The nurse goes BALLISTIC. 

Nurse: “What the h*** do you mean self-administer?! You aren’t allowed to do that! You must come in to have a nurse give that! I’m going to report you to the doctor and he’s going to fire you as a patient.”

Me: “I’m a nurse. I literally work in the building next door to your office. [Doctor] thinks it’s stupid for me to come in for this. It wastes my time and your office’s time.”

Nurse: “Don’t you lie to me, girlie!”

She continued screaming at me.

At this, I’d had enough and told her I was hanging up. I went to work early the next day to go speak to the nurse manager for that office. I was informed that it wasn’t an issue any longer as the doctor had heard her screaming at me. He waited and then informed her that I was indeed a fellow nurse and he didn’t allow his nurses to treat patients or fellow colleagues like that.

A nurse I work with told me about watching security unceremoniously removing a nurse from the building next door the previous day.

It’s not often that instant Karma occurs, but when it does, it’s glorious.

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English Really Isn’t Any Better

, , , , | Working | January 24, 2021

My dad works at an international company. They hire people and take on clients from all over the world. One day, he receives this message in the group chat from his supervisor.

Supervisor: “[Dad]: And now we have the phstodyxufhsoa from Germany, hahaha!”

Dad: “I’m sorry, what?”

Supervisor: “It’s a joke.”

Dad: “No, it isn’t. You’re being needlessly mean.”

Supervisor: “Dude, chill out. It’s just a joke. I’m sorry you didn’t find it funny because you have no sense of humor.”

Dad: “No, I didn’t. You’re making fun of the German language. As a company with an international presence, we have a duty to respect any and all of our clients and their cultures and languages. If you had sent this to another chat by accident, you’d be in deeper s*** than you are now. This kind of talking needs to stop or I’m talking to HR.” 

His supervisor didn’t respond to that. I’m so proud of my dad here; he’s absolutely not a perfect picture of acceptance, but he stood up to his supervisor for being a racist, xenophobic bully. Every little bit!

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