Saving A Damsel From Distress

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(I have been traveling around Europe with only a small piece of luggage with me. I’m not allowed to bring anything else as my ticket is a simple one, but in Toledo, I have to buy a sword because of who am I as a person. Going to Italy, I pay a fine of €50 to bring Damsel, my sword, with me. This happens when I’m in Italy’s airport again, flying to Madrid in a connection flight so I can go back to my country, Argentina. After giving my passport and ticket, the check-in lady, who looks really grumpy, tells me to give her my luggage and the box with Damsel to weigh them.)

Me: “Oh, no, this one comes with me inside the cabin. The box with the sword goes with the cargo.”

Lady: *annoyed* “The plane is full, so everything has to go with the cargo.”

Me: “I understand. No problem, then. I still have to pay the fine for the box.”

(We both make a pause and I realize it.)

Me: “People have been giving you h*** for this, haven’t they?”

Lady: “Yes! They complain and complain!”

Me: *laughs* “Don’t worry; I understand that this is not something you control. Do whatever you have to do; I’m not going to get mad.”

Lady: “Thank you! You know what? Your ticket from Madrid to Buenos Aires does allow the extra cargo; I’m sending both your things directly to Argentina, so you don’t have to pay the fine.”

Me: “Are you serious? Did you just save me €50?”

Lady: “Yes, have a nice flight!”

(Lady, thank you a lot for your work. Damsel and I are very grateful that you saved this poor writer so much money.)

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He Will Always Be Wondering About Women

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(I’m in a local comic book store, shopping for my roommate for a birthday present. Unfortunately, I know NOTHING of comics, so I’m going in a bit overwhelmed. There are only a handful of people in there and I see no one at the counter, so I decide to look around a bit to try and figure everything out myself before I seek out an employee for help. I’m stopped, leafing through some Wonder Woman comics in an aisle when a guy sidles up beside me.)

Guy #1: “Wonder Woman, huh?”

Me: *surprised* “Oh! Hi, yeah. I never actually read any of these. I’ve only seen the movie.” *nervous chuckle*

Guy #1: *snorts* “Figures.”

(I’m now very much aware that one, he is definitely not an employee, two, he’s picking up that I know nothing of comics — because I just TOLD him — and three, he’s very much criticizing me for the lack of nerd-cred I posses)

Me: *curt* “Uh-huh.”

(I continue to study the comics and open one up, trying to ignore the guy who’s still just standing there, staring at me.)

Guy #1: “Do you even know Wonder Woman’s real name?”

Me: *knows, but want to get him off my back* “Nope.”

Guy #1: “Really? Wooow. How can you even consider yourself to be a fan, then?”

(I actually kind of laugh at how ridiculously stereotypical this conversation is getting.)

Me: “Never said I was a fan, dude.”

(I keep reading in a random part of the comic as he stands there, full-on turned towards me and staring. Finally, after what feels like FAR too long, he harumphs away to the other end of the aisle. I set down the comic and start making my way out, when another guy stops me.)

Guy #2: “Hey, you need any help?”

Me: “Oh, uh… Well, yes, actually. I don’t know where to start, though.”

(He’s dressed all in casual black, so I assume him to be an employee. He shows me around to the areas of my roommate’s favorite characters, recommends what comics and doodads he may like, and even makes some recommendations of what I may like. Eventually, after all is said and done, we pass by the original man I saw.)

Guy #1: “You know he doesn’t even work here, right?”

Me: “You don’t?”

Guy #2: *pointedly making eye-contact with [Guy #1]* “Nah, but I saw how that a**hole was treating you and thought I’d be better than that.”

(I swear, the look on [Guy #1]’s face was PRICELESS. It was a mix of shock, rage, dumbfoundment, and pain. It was like he was given a puppy for Christmas and it exploded into confetti in front of him. We kept walking before he could say another word, rang the service bell, and checked out together. I’ve never gone back to the store, but I stayed friends with [Guy #2] on social media. Unfortunately, my roommate already owned two out of the three things I got him, but he was able to exchange the two comics and was ecstatic about the third item, which he was originally saving up for. As for me, I’ll always treasure the memory of that one time a grown man practically had an aneurysm over being called out for being a jerk.)

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The Power Of Politeness  

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(I work a summer internship at a local electric cooperative. One afternoon, I’m working the front desk when several of our power lines go down. This leads to about an hour of people calling to report outages and ask how long they’ll be out of power. It’s busy enough that every time we finish a call, the phone immediately rings again. Sometime in the middle, I get a call from an older gentleman. I give the standard greeting.)

Customer: “Hello, how are you?”

(I’m surprised enough that it takes me a couple of seconds to respond.)

Me: “I’m doing all right, how are you?”

Customer: “Good, thank you.”

(He reported his outage, staying pleasant even when I told him I didn’t know how long power would be out. It’s been over a year, and I still smile thinking about it. A little politeness can go a long way!)

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The Happiest ID On Earth

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(I go to Anaheim for a convention and then go to buy my annual ticket to Disneyland. Most, if not all hotels in Anaheim have a clerk available to sell tickets to Disneyland in the hotel lobby. After the clerk helps two customers in front of me, it’s my turn.)

Me: “I’d like one single-park ticket for Disneyland, please.”

Clerk: “Sure! What brings you out here?”

Me: “I came out here for Blizzcon and now I’m going to spend a day at Disneyland.”

Clerk: “Oh? Did you know Blizzcon attendees get a discount on their park ticket? I just need to see your badge, wristband, or ticket.”

Me: “Oh? I did not know that. Let me run up to my room and get my badge and wristband real quick.”

Clerk: “Of course!”

(I then make my way back to my room, get my badge and wristband, and come back downstairs. The clerk is helping another couple in front of me. They are buying one single park ticket. When it comes time for him to pay, I notice his ID card.)

Me: “Retired military? What branch?”

Man: “Air force.”

Me: “Nice. My father retired a few years ago. Army.”

Man: “Very nice!”

Clerk: “Oh? Sir, since you were military, you are entitled to a military discount.”

Man: “Really?”

Clerk: “Oh, yes! You actually qualify for a three-day pass and it costs two dollars less than the single day pass you just got. I just need to see your military ID.”

Man: “Okay! Let’s do that, then!” *looks to me* “Thanks for that!”

Me: “Oh, it’s not a problem.”

(She proceeds to refund the man his two dollars and print two new tickets, these for three days in Disneyland instead of his original single day. After they leave…)

Clerk: “How did you know he was military?”

Me: “My father was in the Army, so I easily recognize military ID cards.”

(So, not only did I get a discount for going to a convention, which was enough for me to get the photo pass, but I also inadvertently help a couple get a better deal at Disneyland: three days for the price of one. It was a good weekend all around.)

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All Treat, No Trick

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It was Halloween in Illinois, and the weather decided to try to stop our trick or treaters from having fun. It was snowing and very icy. Many people decided to stay home, except me, my three brothers, and my boyfriend. We got all bundled up and put on extra, extra layers of socks. We all had these scary-a** expensive masks that looked real.

No one else was out in the street except some troopers who were just like us. That night, we each got big handfuls of candy from each house since we were the only ones out and about. It was a truly amazing night and so worth the small frostbite that seemed to almost get us.

My mum had bought some Jelly Belly candy from Wisconsin; we had gotten crates full since they had a sale for five dollars a crate of jelly beans in tiny bags themed after Cars 2 or The Incredibles. So, I went around and gave as many as I could away to kids, adults, store employees, and people who gave me candy. I felt really good since they were an expensive brand that not many get often.

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