All Treat, No Trick

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It was Halloween in Illinois, and the weather decided to try to stop our trick or treaters from having fun. It was snowing and very icy. Many people decided to stay home, except me, my three brothers, and my boyfriend. We got all bundled up and put on extra, extra layers of socks. We all had these scary-a** expensive masks that looked real.

No one else was out in the street except some troopers who were just like us. That night, we each got big handfuls of candy from each house since we were the only ones out and about. It was a truly amazing night and so worth the small frostbite that seemed to almost get us.

My mum had bought some Jelly Belly candy from Wisconsin; we had gotten crates full since they had a sale for five dollars a crate of jelly beans in tiny bags themed after Cars 2 or The Incredibles. So, I went around and gave as many as I could away to kids, adults, store employees, and people who gave me candy. I felt really good since they were an expensive brand that not many get often.

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Hopefully, Their Favorite Anime Isn’t “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”

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(I’m at an anime convention out of state. While I’ve done conventions before, I’ve recently become disabled and need to use a wheelchair. I have friends with me, but because I don’t want to feel like a burden, I tell them they don’t have to stay with me, and they wander off. After a bit, I realize I don’t have the energy I thought I did, and find myself stuck in the lobby, unable to get back to my hotel. A couple passing by stops.)

Guy: “Hey, you all right?”

Me: “I’m fine–”

Girl: “You look like you’ve just been told bad news. You sure you’re okay?”

Me: “I’m just waiting for my friends to finish at [Event] so I can go back to my hotel.”

Guy: “What hotel are you at?”

Me: “It’s [Hotel], but I’m fine waiting.”

Guy: “Nah, we’re kind of headed that way, anyway. Want a push?”

(I accept. The guy hands the girl his bag and we start towards my hotel. We make small talk and they get me safely to my room, even going up the elevator with me and making sure I can get in. The next day, I run into them again.)

Me: “Hey, you’re the couple from last night! Thank you for your help!”

Girl: “It’s no problem, really! We just wanted to make sure you got back safe!”

(I’ve since been careful about having someone with me who can help, but I still appreciate their kindness for a total stranger!)

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On A Bus To Get Somewhere Hopeful

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(I’m waiting at a bus stop on my way to work. A Hispanic guy, about my age, nervously comes over.)

Guy: “I… sorry, bad English…”

Me: *in Spanish* “I speak Spanish. Do you need help?”

(He suddenly looks hopeful, and continues in Spanish.)

Guy: “I’m trying to get down to [Government Office], but my phone died and I don’t know how to get there on the bus.”

Me: “Oh, hold on!”

(I get up my phone, pull up the office, and get him the bus number and which stop to get off at.)

Guy: “Thank you! So much!”

Me: “You’re welcome! Do you have a bus pass?”

(He suddenly looks crestfallen.)

Guy: “Oh, no… I don’t have any money right now.”

(I pull an all-day pass out of my wallet and hand it to him.)

Me: “Here. I keep a spare on me just in case. Good luck!”

(A couple of weeks later, I run into him at the same stop.)

Guy: “Hey, you’re the girl that helped me out!”

Me: “I remember you! Did you get down there all right?”

Guy: “Yeah! Thank you so much!”

(Turns out, he was a recent immigrant and was trying to get some forms dropped off for his citizenship. We ended up exchanging social media to keep in touch.)

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You Can’t Outrun Your Finances

, , , | Friendly | October 10, 2019

(I am shopping in a miniature mall: three stores shared the same entrance. Suddenly, I hear:)

Lady: “Sir! Sir!”

(I look to the woman who is trying to rush after a man while pulling a “trolley” — a “suitcase for groceries” — obviously filled with groceries. The trolley slows her down a lot. A lot of people look up, except for one man, who has a pace quite a bit faster than hers.)

Lady: “Sir! Sir-with-the-brown-jacket-and-blond-hair!”

(This causes the man to stop and look back.)

Lady: *catches breath* “Sir, you lost your wallet!”

Man: “My… my… Oh, thank you!”

Lady: “Here you go, sir.”

Man: “Thank you, thank you! How did you know?”

Lady: “I saw you drop it in front of [Store]. It wouldn’t feel right to just let it go if I knew who it belonged to, right? Now, have a nice day!”

Man: “But… Wait… Don’t you want…?” *opening his wallet*

Lady: “What? Why? It’s your wallet, not mine. Have a nice day!”

(The lady left the storefront and I saw the man looking around a few times, checking his wallet, and then putting the wallet away. Thinking back, seeing that lady trying to rush through the hall with her heavy trolley was a silly sight, but in the end, she did catch up with him!)

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Find My iPhone: The People Version

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(It’s the last night of the county fair, so it’s very crowded. I’m waiting in line with some other parents for their kids to get off a ride that spins you around as it tilts on an axel. As the ride tilts downward, I see something go flying from the ride towards the trucks and generators nearby, just barely missing a windshield. A woman walks away from the crowd and crouches under a pickup truck parked in the mud. When she stands up I see her holding a new iPhone. The woman carefully makes her way through the crowd to the ride operator.)

Woman: “Someone on the ride lost this.”

(When the ride stops, the operator grabs her microphone.)

Operator: “Attention, riders! I got a new phone over here! Anyone lose a phone?”

(The riders all pointed to a teenage girl in tears, and then moved aside so she could get off first.)

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