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Kindness With A Cherry On Top

, , , , , , | Right Romantic | July 1, 2022

Me: “What can I get you?”

Customer: *On the verge of tears* “A boyfriend that doesn’t cheat on me?”

Me: “Uh… so, a chocolate sundae?”

Customer: *Sniff* “Yes, please.”

Me: “With extra sprinkles.”

Customer: “And a cherry?”

Me: “You can have five!”

Customer: *Sniffle and a slight smile*

While I don’t always appreciate a customer giving me TMI, I’ll help if it’s within my power!

A Small Cookie To Make All The Difference

, , , , , | Right | June 30, 2022

I worked lunchtime four days a week at the supermarket. As such, I got to know some of the regulars who worked in the area and bought their lunch here most or all of the time.

There was one customer who came in every day and bought the same three things for lunch: a sandwich from our deli, a cookie, and an energy drink from the fridge. I was often on the express checkouts, and he often came through my queue but never said a word. He wasn’t unfriendly; it was more like he was distracted by something else that was getting him down.

After several months of buying the same three things every day, he once came in and got an apple instead of the cookie. Trying to be friendly, I asked him:

Me: “Changing it up today?”

Regular: *Taken aback* “How did you know?”

Me: “You come through my checkout a lot, and we get to know the regulars.”

Surprisingly, this perked the customer right up. He smiled and thanked me for the first time, and he continued to do so each time he came through after that. He even started making small bits of conversation. I learned that he was in a job he disliked but would be moving soon to a new job in another town.

He stopped coming through after a couple of months. I hope the new job worked out for him.

Memory Loves Company

, , , , , | Right | June 30, 2022

A woman comes up to my desk with a stack of books and tells me that she needs to run out to her car to get her purse. She gets as far as the door, laughs, and comes back to the desk.

Customer: “I had my purse on my arm the whole time.”

After she pays for her books, all the while making little shame-faced jokes about her bad memory, I say:

Me: “Can I tell you a little story that might make you feel better?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “This morning, my husband and I took the dog for a walk, and then he was going to drive me to work. I needed to stop at the corner store on the way to get a drink. After I got my drink, I walked out of the store and proceeded to walk to work. I got about half a block before I remembered that my husband was still waiting in the parking lot around the corner of the building, so he didn’t see me leave. Fortunately, he has a sense of humour.”

The customer told me I had indeed made her feel less embarrassed. I wish someone could do the same for me.

A Far Sweeter Gift Than Coffee

, , , , , , , | Working | June 30, 2022

I’ve just moved to a new town and have been having a nightmare of a time getting my Internet set up, mostly because the previous tenants never terminated their account with the only ISP that serves the apartment complex. I get home from work at around six in the evening, and three evenings in a row, I phone the Internet company and play run-around with a different person who gives me a different answer every time.

On the fourth evening, I’m so frazzled that I don’t bother to call back after the latest agent’s latest thing that doesn’t work. I decide to go to the coffee shop down the street and, if nothing else, at least get some Internet use while trying the ISP’s online helpdesk.

I walk in the door at 8:50 pm, and while I’m waiting in line, I hear the employees saying things that sound like they’re getting ready to close.

I place my order, and, dread clenching my stomach, I ask:

Me: “Um, when do y’all close?”

Cashier: “At nine. Are you okay?”

My whole body just deflates, and I’m struggling not to cry. The coffee shop in the town I just moved from had the lobby open twenty-four hours, and it never occurred to me that they would close.

The cashier is looking very concerned and repeats:

Cashier: “Are you okay? Do you need a ride or something? Do you need to borrow a phone?”

I explain, trying hard to keep my voice neutral.

Me: “Oh, no, thank you. I just moved here and I’m having a horrible time getting my Internet set up. I was hoping to come here and use the online helpdesk to get it set up, but since you’re closing—”

She gives me my coffee.

Cashier: “Hey, you can go ahead and stay. No problem.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Cashier: “Yes, it’s fine! We’ll be here for an hour cleaning. We might play some music really loud if that’s okay with you.”

I’m almost on the verge of tears again, but happy ones.

Me: “Are you kidding?! You’re doing me a huge favor. You can do whatever you want! Thank you!”

I set up my laptop where they can see me from the register and get online. Within thirty minutes, the online agent has completely solved the problem with the previous tenant’s account, and they assure me that my Internet will be up and running by tomorrow afternoon.

Just as I’m about to start packing up, one of the employees comes up to me.

Employee: “Hey, do you like doughnut holes? We’re just going to have to throw these out.”

Me: “I sure do!”

She gave me a huge box full of doughnut holes that fed me for a week!

Between the awesome online help agent and those sweet girls, the worst part of my move became the best part! I can’t thank them enough!

Retail: Worse Than Being Homeless

, , , , , | Right | June 29, 2022

I am waiting outside my store for my late shift cover to show up to open. A dude walks up to me and hands me a $20. I am a large, bearded man and am bundled up in my trench coat as it is February.

Me: “Oh, I’m not homeless. I’m a shift supervisor here. Thanks, though, that’s really thoughtful.”

I try to hand him the twenty back.

Customer: *With an air of superiority* “You work here? You need it more than I do, then.”

That was my greatest challenge in maintaining composure.