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Save The Trash Talk For Home, Buddy

, , , , , , | Working | January 23, 2023

I’m a department head in the company I work for. I was showing a presentation to our company before showcasing it to our clients. There were about thirty-five people in the video conference. 

We have an instant messenger for inside the company only. The head of another department didn’t realize they were typing in the video chat and not the instant messenger; they look similar.

Department Head: *Typing in the chat* “I can’t believe this. No one is going to sign for this. What a giant, boring waste of f*****’ time. [My Name] is an idiot who is wasting company time.”

I stopped talking and sat quietly for about twenty seconds while I took a screenshot of that.

Me: *Out loud* “Hey, [Department Head], you can get off the call now.”

Department Head: “Why?”

Me: “Because it’s a waste of your valuable time, and you should go do more productive things with it — like telling Human Resources why you’ve been kicked off this call.”

He started to stutter.

Me: “Either you can call them or I can, but either way, this meeting is not moving forward with you in it.”

He logged off, and we had a meeting the next day with HR about workplace harassment; his personal attack on me qualified. He was silent the entire time.

HR asked what my feelings were, and I said that [Department Head] owed me and the entire company an apology. He had to apologize and ended up with a week of unpaid suspension.

Keeping Loyal Customers Is No Game

, , , , , , , | Working | January 6, 2023

I work as an assistant manager at a large mall-based video game chain. I am well-liked by the customers because I give honest advice on games based on customers’ gaming preferences and I am low-pressure with sales. Customers often call the store on Thursday or Friday mornings to ask my opinion on new releases and get trade-in values for games before they come in on Friday nights.

One day, my district manager is visiting the store and walks in while I’m in the middle of a phone conversation. I know the customer on the other end of the phone well as he is a regular, and from my tone, [District Manager] assumes that I am talking to a friend during store hours.

As soon as I get off the phone, [District Manager] speaks to me condescendingly — not yelling, but certainly in an inappropriate tone — about how irresponsible it is and how I shouldn’t set a bad example. Before I can say a word back, one of the regular customers in the store walks up to him.

Customer: “I only come to this store to buy games, and I only buy them from [My Name]! I am treated exactly the way the customer on the phone was. When I buy games, I feel like I am taking the recommendation of a friend and not a salesperson! Do not talk to him in that tone!”

[District Manager] thanked the customer, shook my hand, and apologized, and a few months later, I was promoted to Store Manager. It felt really good to have someone who appreciated my hard work stand up for me!

Every Now And Then, Someone Learns Something

, , , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Lower_Type1407 | January 3, 2023

I’m working in a mid-tier extended-stay hotel, less than a month after opening. This couple and their tiny baby are down at breakfast. The guy is complaining about the breakfast offerings; this is one of those properties that have breakfast sandwiches the guests have to heat up themselves. The guy is a bit of an a** to [General Manager] — nothing to get them kicked out but definitely enough to be put on the radar.

That afternoon, the fire panel lights up with smoke detected from a room — not enough to set off the whole building, at least. Housekeeping goes upstairs to investigate, and it turns out it’s the breakfast couple’s room. Immediately, there are three things wrong.

  1. The room reeks of the devil’s lettuce.
  2. The couple is not in the room.

Of course, the police are called and the camera footage is checked. The police get there, and the couple finally returns after thirty or forty-five minutes. They are promptly arrested.

Why did they leave? They had to go get more rolling papers, of course. They can’t take the baby with them for that.

A few years later, a woman comes in with her toddler and asks to speak to [General Manager]. I don’t recognize her, but it’s the woman who was arrested. Getting arrested and losing her kid was the wake-up call she needed. She has finally gotten back custody of her daughter, and she wants to thank [General Manager].

It surprises the h*** out of both of us, but hey, at least she cleaned up her life enough to get her kid back.

Must’ve Had His Heart Surgically Removed

, , , , , , , , , , | Working | December 30, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: Surgery Details


In my early twenties, I am married to a software engineering student who is attending a college that offers married and family housing, where we live for three years. When I am twenty-one — and receiving AMAZING medical and long-term disability benefits from my job in a call center — I have surgery to correct a major birth defect in my chest called pectus excavatum, otherwise known as sunken chest syndrome.

The surgery involves a thoracic surgeon making a roughly fourteen-inch incision under my breasts and literally dissecting and reassembling my sternum with Kevlar mesh and plastic pins. The surgery is really awful to watch and leaves a very nasty-looking incision plus severe bruising on my chest immediately after surgery.

About two weeks after the surgery, I am in my bathroom doing a bandage change and cleaning the surgery site when I am suddenly startled by a maintenance man opening the bathroom door! The guy didn’t knock or announce himself, so I haven’t had time to make myself “decent”.

Instead of being apologetic…

Maintenance Man: “Why the h*** is your top off?! What happened to your chest?! It looks disgusting! Didn’t you get the message that we were going to be doing routine maintenance on the plumbing this week? I wouldn’t have accepted this job if I knew that I was going to see things this disgusting!”

Maintenance had sent out a message, but they didn’t specify the specific time or day that they were going to be at my apartment.

Me: “Why the h*** did you enter my apartment without announcing yourself? You know that this is family housing, so anyone could be home when you were doing your maintenance! My chest looks like this because I just had major surgery to correct a very painful birth defect that my poverty-stricken parents couldn’t afford to fix! What, I don’t have the right to change my bandages in my own apartment?”

One of the maintenance supervisors (whom I know quite well) hears the whole exchange from the stairwell.

Supervisor: *To the maintenance man* “What is wrong with you? Your training told you that you are supposed to knock five times and loudly announce yourself when you enter living quarters! I heard you just walk right into Mrs. [My Name]’s apartment!” 

Maintenance Man: “But I’m maintenance! I have the right to enter any living quarters that I want to! You should report her to Housing because she shouldn’t be doing something that disgusting in her apartment! I never expected to see disgusting things when I took this job!”

Supervisor: “So, you took a job on a college campus that has somewhat of a reputation for being a party school and you didn’t expect to see anything gross? Man, you are sheltered! I went to unclog a drain in a dorm last week, and I found several students having a sex party! And guess what? They didn’t even stop the whole time I was in there! Someone cleaning a surgical incision is the least of your problems!”

Maintenance Man: “College is for learning, not partying and doing gross things like what [My Name] was doing! I am going to report her to Housing for what she was doing!”

Supervisor: “Are you an idiot? You walk into an apartment without announcing yourself and actually enter the bathroom, and you are offended that a resident is cleaning a surgical incision? I am telling the maintenance manager about what you just did! He isn’t going to be happy!”

Maintenance ended up leaving for the day. I was contacted by the maintenance manager an hour later, and he was very apologetic about the whole incident.

I later found out from [Supervisor] that [Maintenance Man] was fired after he started ranting to the manager about how people shouldn’t expect privacy in on-campus housing and how people with medical needs shouldn’t be allowed to live on campus!

It’s All About Perspective

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: LovelyBatLady | November 27, 2022

At work the other day, I had a lady who was super condescending on the phone about her pick-up order. She said she had tons of issues and had called corporate, but nothing was fixed and she was convinced that it was my fault.

I had been having an emotional time being pretty much the only person running a very active nationwide retail store, so even after trying to help her to the best of my ability — this was not an issue we could fix in the store as it was a website issue — I was upset with the tone she was taking with me.

Me: “We’re used to people yelling at us, ma’am. I have to go.”

And then, I hung up. I was on the verge of tears, so I went to the restroom to cool off, and then I went back to helping customers. I hate to cry; it always makes me feel weak and stupid.

The lady actually showed up later, and she explained a little about herself.

Lady: “My husband of many years just died after a long illness, and I’m having a difficult time. I was so frustrated with not understanding how to make online orders that I just took it out on you.”

She handed me a card.

Lady: “There’re five dollars in there. I want you to take a break and get a drink. I don’t want to be that person who makes someone cry over something so insignificant.”

I really appreciated her taking the time to apologize, and it made me more actively understanding of other people’s issues.