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Thanks For Ruining It For Everyone

, , , , , | Legal | January 24, 2023

Years ago, I was working on a movie set. Every Friday, after we finished filming for the week, our Craft Service team would head to the down-on-their-luck part of town and hand out the perishable food that would not make it through the weekend. It wasn’t a lot of food, but it would help twenty to thirty people a week.

One Monday, our production office got a call from a man who’d received food from the truck the week before, complaining that what he got was moldy (I very much doubt that it was) and he “wanted his money back”. When his demand was refused (what he’d gotten was free) he started to threaten to sue the company for endangering his life.

This went all the way up to our parent company through various legal departments to our huge American movie studio and they freaked out about the threat of legal action.

Craft Service was forbidden from handing out food ever again, and they had to throw out the leftovers from then on.

Thinking On Their Feet

, , , , , , , | Right | December 25, 2022

At my local drugstore, the customer service desk is your one-stop-shop for returns, picking up online orders and restricted items like cigarettes, and price matches, so it’s usually got about twice as much line as any other checkout. I needed a price match, so I joined the back of that line.

At first, I wasn’t paying much attention to the raised voices at the counter; there were quite a few people in front of me, the Christmas carols were loud enough to drown most of the conversation out, and the guy who was getting angry at the lady behind the counter wasn’t yet yelling or at the point where it looked like someone might need to intervene.

However, he kept getting louder and angrier, so I tuned in to hear the cashier apologetically but firmly repeat that she could only refund a purchase to the original form of payment used, which he refused to understand.

Finally, he angrily told her to “forget it,” dropped a few final complaints, stormed off a few steps, and then turned back to shout this brilliant line before storming off the rest of the way:

Customer: “You think too much!”

And the cashier, who had been biting her tongue so far but was clearly at the end of her tether between the health crisis, the chaos of holiday shopping, and being yelled at by this guy in particular, replied:

Cashier: “Well, sir, maybe you should try thinking a little more.”

The guy didn’t come storming back with a manager that I saw, so I decided to say nothing rather than bring it up to a manager myself and risk getting her in trouble while trying to defend her. But that lady is my hero.

Making Far More Than Peanuts By Avoiding Peanuts

, , , , , , | Working | November 8, 2022

I worked on a TV show that had its offices and some of the sets in an old peanut butter factory. The factory had been a TV studio for less than a year so when we hired anyone, we made sure they didn’t have a peanut allergy. We would often bring in “Hall Calls” where the union supplied us with the needed additional workers and we, again, always stipulated that we couldn’t have anyone with a peanut allergy.

One time, a man showed up and stated that he couldn’t enter the building because of his peanut allergy. When asked why, oh, why, he had accepted the call, he said that we couldn’t discriminate against someone with an allergy.

He got paid the minimum for the day (hundreds of dollars) and got sent home for the day.

He Must Have Opted For The Entitlement Add-On

, , , , , | Right | August 16, 2022

I work out at a private gym with a personal trainer twice a week. I had a baby this year, so I bring her with me and she just plays on the floor while I exercise. Because of this, the trainers usually leave the parking spot closest to the gym open for me so I don’t have to walk as far with all my stuff.

I’m in the middle of my workout. The door to the gym opens and in walks a man, probably in his mid-forties. He’s wearing a business suit, so he’s clearly not here to work out. Again, it’s a private gym, so we don’t really get walk-ins.

Trainer: “Can I help you?”

Man: “Yeah, she’s parked in the closest spot.” *Points at me*

My trainer looks at me.

Trainer: “Did you park in one of our parking spots?”

Me: “Yes, I parked in the same spot I always do.”

Man: “Yeah, I’ve seen you park there before. That’s why I followed you in here. I wanted to park there!”

Me: “…”

Trainer: “Sorry, sir, just to clarify… she’s parked in a gym parking lot. You parked somewhere else just to follow her in here and ask her to move?!”

Man: “Yes! She’s younger and I don’t want my car to get scratched. She should move so I can park there.”

This went in circles for a while until finally one of the other trainers had to come out and force the man to leave. He was shouting that the closest spots should be left for those with the nicest vehicles. Honestly, some people!

Then What Does She Think You Are, I Wonder?

, , , , , | Friendly | July 23, 2022

I am shopping with my four-year-old daughter when a store employee walks down the aisle and passes us.

Employee: “Excuse me, ladies.”

My daughter immediately and loudly states:

Daughter: “We are not ladies!”