Addressing The Dress Issue

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(I am on my lunch break, sitting in a small pizza place. The seating is limited, so a dad and his daughter, around five years old, end up sitting right next to me. I’m not paying too much attention to them, so I’m not sure what the context is, but at some point, the daughter must have said that something, probably a toy, is a girl.)

Dad: “Why is it a girl?”

Daughter: “Because she has a dress.”

Dad: “Well, that doesn’t mean that it’s a girl.”

Daughter: “Yes, it does. Girls wear dresses.”

Dad: “But boys can wear dresses, too.”

(The daughter is silent for a moment as she thinks.)

Daughter: “That’s silly. Boys can’t wear dresses.”

Dad: “Why not?”

Daughter: *another pause to think* “Because dresses are for girls.”

Dad: “Some boys like to wear dresses.”

Daughter: *laughs as if the dad told a joke* “You don’t wear dresses”

Dad: “No, because I don’t want to. But some boys do.”

(By this point, I had finished my lunch and I needed to get back to work. The daughter was quiet again, so either she was still confused, or accepted what her dad said. The fact that someone was willing to teach their young child something like gender neutrality at a young age was so heartwarming, and I could tell that she was being raised well.)

Exposing Himself As Being THAT Type Of Customer

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(I work at a major video game store where we handle a lot of used products. This includes taking in products, and the law considers us a pawn shop. It is within my first three months on the job. A father and son walk up to my register.)

Me: “Hey, guys, how can I help you today?”

Father: “My son would like to trade in this game.”

(I go through the standard procedure of looking through the cases to ensure there are discs and checking the quality of them. They are older games for a less popular console, and they are in quite bad shape, but we can give him something for them.)

Me: “Okay, that will be $8.45 on a gift card. I just need to see a piece of ID.”

Father: *yelling* “What?! I didn’t need to show ID last time I traded games in! I just did it!”

Me: “I am sorry, sir, but the law states that I need a piece of ID to take the trade-in or I cannot complete the transaction.”

(Now the assistant manager, who is working beside me, steps in.)

Manager: “Sorry, but [Company] cannot take your trades without a piece of ID; it’s both our company policy and the law.”

Father: *throws the ID at me* “Here, take the f****** ID!”

(The customer is now yelling very loudly and angrily in another language.)

Manager: *grabs the ID off the table while I stand shocked* “You do not throw things at my employees, and you do not treat either me or him with this behaviour in my store. Now get out.” *puts the ID with the games and puts them on the counter*

Father: *calming down slightly* “Okay, my friend. I am sorry, my friend.”

(He hands me the games with the ID nicely. His son, meanwhile, is in tears beside him; I assume it is out of fear or shame.)

Me: “O-okay.”

(I quickly wrote down the information we required and returned the gift card with a receipt. As they were leaving the store, the father turned around and pulled his pants and underpants down, exposing himself to not only the two of us that were working, but also to the customers we had in the store, including multiple younger children and his own son. Unluckily for him, we had the entire event caught on two different cameras and had all his information from his ID. My assistant manager called the police. I don’t think they had much trouble.)

Cookies Of Entitlement Crumble Easier

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(I work in a café as a barista. The café is a chain, but my store is just a small kiosk inside a grocery store. Almost all of our customers are people who just stop to get a coffee while getting their groceries, so we don’t get very busy. Most days I work the evening shift alone as I only get a handful of customers per hour and there is no need to have anyone else there with me. This means I have to work the till and the espresso machine myself. I am working one night when a regular customer comes in with his grocery shopping and orders multiple drinks to take home to his family. I ring him up, give him his change, and walk over to the espresso machine to start making his drinks. Another customer with a stroller walks up to the till. I smile at her.)

Me: “Hi there. I’ll be with you in just a few minutes; I’m working alone tonight.”

Customer: “I’ll have a cookie.”

Me: “No problem, ma’am. I just need to finish off the drinks I’m making for this customer, and then I’ll be right with you.”

(She immediately starts huffing and tapping her nails on the counter, making a big show of the fact that she has to wait. I’m trying to avoid looking at her but I finally do have to look over to make sure no one else is waiting behind her. As soon as she sees me look in her direction, she tries to get my attention.)

Customer: “I’ll have a cookie, please!”

Me: “I’ll be able to get your cookie in a moment, just as soon as I’m done making these drinks.”

(By this time, all the espresso is done brewing and I’m just adding the steamed milk and toppings to the drinks. I probably would be another two minutes, but she carries on.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous! I want my cookie now! Why can’t you stop making the drinks and come sell me a cookie?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s company policy that when only one person is working, we need to finish each order before taking a new one. Otherwise, if I got busy, I could end up standing at the till taking orders forever with no one to make them. It’s the way my manager wants things done, and it’s my job to listen.”

Customer: *starts yelling and swearing* “I’ll be talking to your manager about how rude and lazy you are! My son wants a cookie and we want it now!

(Her son starts to cry because her yelling has woken him up.)

Customer: “See?! You’ve upset him! My little boy has waited all day for his chocolate chip cookie and now you’re telling me he can’t have one!”

Me: “Ma’am, I never said he can’t have one—“

Customer: “Forget it! I’m calling your manager and I’m having you fired!”

(She stormed off in a huff and I handed the now-finished drinks to my first customer, who said something about being sorry I have to deal with people like that. I made a note in our communication binder about what happened in case she does complain to corporate about me, but she didn’t. Thankfully, I never saw her again.)

Got Some Interesting Calls In Store(age)

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(I’m a manager at a storage facility. We get mostly mundane calls, but two in a row give me pause. First call, the caller ID doesn’t identify the caller as a current customer of our business.)

Me: “Good morning. [Storage Facility]; this is [My Name].”

Caller: *silence for two seconds* “I’m supposed to have a TV delivered.”

Me: “Sir, you’ve called a storage facility… Do you have a unit with us?”

(Sometimes, rarely, we’ll accept large parcel deliveries and hold them in the office if the person has a unit, or, important to this story, a mailbox.)

Caller: “You see, it’s supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.”

Me: “Sir, if you don’t have a unit with us, we don’t offer that kind of service.”

Caller: “Someone might not be home at the address in question. I just want to know if there’s a time the guy will be here.”

Me: “Sir, you’ve called a storage facility.”

Caller: “Do you know when my TV will be delivered? Can you tell me?”

Me: “Sir. I believe you have the wrong number. You’ve called a storage facility. We don’t deliver televisions.”

Caller: “You’re not Canada Post?”

Me: “No, sir, we are not.”

Caller: “But you’re under postal.”

Me: “Yes, sir, because we offer mailbox services. We are not affiliated with Canada Post.”

Caller: “Oh. You can’t tell me when my television will be delivered?”

Me: “No, sir, I’m sorry. I cannot.”

Caller: “But you’re listed under postal…”

(The caller hung up, still muttering about how we should be Canada Post if we’re listed under postal. I then got another call from a delivery company, asking how they could make an appointment to deliver something to one of my customers that I didn’t have a standing order to accept deliveries for. I couldn’t help him, either, except to direct him to call the customer and arrange for them to bring a key to their locker.)

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(This happened to my sister at a previous waitressing job. She had a regular customer who was an older gentleman and seemed to be always slightly inebriated.)
Customer: I like you…  You’re… You’re good with words, y’know that? You have a gift.
(A few weeks later:)
Customer: I heard you’re quitting your job… I have something for you…
(Customer comes back the next day and leaves for her an impressively heavy 2-volume set of the Oxford English Dictionary that she had to bring a rolling suitcase to transport home)

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