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I just finished ordering my drink and I move over to their pick up counter which is a few feet away from their ordering counter. I wait for a minute or two and my drink is ready, but I am just chatting with the manager since I am a regular there. There are other baristas on shift and no one else in line. Not even after two sentences with her just saying hi and asking how her day is, someone interrupts me.

Customer: ARE YOU DONE?
Me: *confused* What?
Customer: I SAID, are you done? Move it!
Me: Uh, yeah I guess. (I move out of the way).
Customer (to the manager): Can I get [order]?
Manager: Sir, you order over there. *points to EMPTY ordering counter with barista waiting*
Customer: Oh.

He moves over there and gives me a sheepish grin and I glare back at him. I say bye to the manager and leave for my shift.

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So in this story, I’m the dumb customer. A couple nights ago was the midnight release of the sequel of a popular boon series.

Me: So how many people were there last night? When I went to (previous book’s premier), it was packed.

Cashier: Oh, there were about XXX people, but most of them were through the line when I got there at 1am.

Me: Wow. That’s crazy!

Cashier: (puts book into a nice, cloth bag while I pay. Usually you have to pay about $20 for a tote bag from them, so I got super excited)


Me: (pause embarrassed) I ment to say bag. That’s a very nice bag…..I mean, it’s a bookstore. You sell books. Of course it’s a book.

Cashier: (laughs, hands me my bag with my book) Have a great day!

This cashier is super nice everytime I come in, and I’ve said some pretty boneheaded things to him already. This is just the best one.

A Bath Bomb Of Realization

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Marijuana is still illegal in the US. I work for a bath and body product company and part of my job is to take orders over the phone. This call is going pretty normally with the customer choosing some bath bombs and asking questions about the products, until…

Customer: “Hey, do any of your bath bombs have weed in them?”

Me: “No, I’m afraid not.”

Customer: “Not even CBD oil?”

Me: “Nope.”

Customer: “Well, how come? I thought you guys were up in Canada? Isn’t it legal up there?”

Me: “Yes, we are, and yes, it is, but we’re a cosmetics company. We don’t have a license to sell cannabis.”

Customer: *Surprised* “You need a license for that?”

Me: “Yes, just like a liquor store. Also, I’m pretty sure that even if we did, it’d have to be a Canada-only thing. US Customs would get grumpy with us for sending pot over the border.”

Customer: “Oh. Yeah, I suppose that’s true.”

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Maybe Should’ve Scrolled Past This One

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I’ve been wanting a scroll saw for a bit and I find one on Facebook Marketplace. I message the seller and, once I confirm it is available, I ask to bring the price down from $190 to $140; I am ready to go to $150, but the seller agrees to my initial offer. We make some basic plans to meet the next day and then he messages me halfway through that next day with his phone number asking me to call.

Seller: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi. It’s [My Name] calling about the scroll saw.”

Five solid seconds pass.

Seller: “I… I thought you were a man.”

Me: “Yeah, I figured.”

He’d called me “buddy” a few times in the messages the day before.

Seller: “It’s… It’s a man’s tool.”

Me: “Okay. Well, I have a band saw now and need a scroll saw for some more delicate work.”

This seems to be good enough for him and we settle on a time and place. As we finalize our plans, he says softly:

Seller: “It’s too much…”

Me: “Sorry? What was that?”

Seller: “What price did we agree on?”

Me: “$140.”

Seller: “It’s too much.”

Me: “I don’t understand.”

Seller: “Maybe 120.”

Me: “What’s 120?”

Seller: “120.”

Me: “Okay…”

For reasons beyond me, when I arrived to pick up the machine, he asked me again how much we agreed on and I said $140. He shook his head and said that it was $120. Weirdest online buy/sell I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve experienced a lot of weirdness buying and selling on these sites.

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Phoning In The Excuses

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I work as a medical receptionist for a retinal specialist. The medical building where our office is located has nineteen floors and each floor has up to five medical offices in it.

Due to the current health crisis, the main door of the building is closed; for the patients to get access, someone has to physically let them in. For the last month, this has been my task. When someone approaches the door, I have to greet them, ask them to step back six feet as required by CDC and WHO, and ask them about their recent travel and health history. 

There are still quite a few of the specialists in the building that need to see their patients in person, but not all of them have enough staff on payroll to have a greeter. I am only authorized to let my own doctor’s patients in after they have passed the screening and check them off my list. I am forbidden from letting anyone else in unless they are an employee that I recognize or has a valid pass. 

A lot of the people stopping by do not feel that they have to be inconvenienced by the rules meant to protect them. 

One of the doctors I don’t work for requires that once their patients arrive, they call their office so one of the staff can come down and collect their patients. I am the one that has to explain this to them. The majority comply but quite a few give me trouble. One particular lady, though, takes the cake. 

Me: “I am sorry, but due to the current crisis, I can only let my own patients in and no one else.”

Lady: “I do not have my phone with me.”

Me: “I am unable to help you since I do not work for your doctor.”


She moves very close to me, less than two feet. I quickly close the door. She starts banging on the glass. I gesture for her to move further for nearly five minutes before she will comply. I look around for the security guard but do not see him.

The lady moves away from the door. I open the door and repeat the rules to her. She screams at me that she does not have her phone with her. I repeat that, in that case, I am unable to help her since I can’t leave my station. 

A few minutes later, as I escort a leaving patient out — both because said patient has mobility issues and to prevent the lady from sneaking in — I spot her staring at her phone.

Me: *Somewhat smugly* “I was under the impression that you did not have your phone with you?”

The lady turned bright red and glared at me.

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