What A Sweet Price!

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Me: “Hey, can I please have a large earl grey?”

Barista: “Yes. Sweetened?”

Me: “No.”

Barista: “What?”

Me: “No, not sweetened. Thanks.”

Barista: “Okay. Sweetened?”

Me: “No, I don’t want it sweetened.”

Barista: “You ordered the earl grey, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Barista: “Sweetened.”

(At this point, I’m looking around at the other barista because this is getting ridiculous.)

Other Barista: *comes to the register* “It’s $3.10.”

(Yup, I felt very stupid.)

Saks Sells Everything These Days…

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(I’m a female working as a technician at a popular electronics store. I have just completed a technical appointment with a nice older couple, likely in their late 60s or early 70s, from New Zealand, with very thick accents. They are very pleasant people, and they tell me how much they’re loving their time in Canada. After their appointment:)

Woman: “Can you tell me if there’s a sex shop around?”

Me: *a bit taken aback by the question, but not one to judge* “Oh, yes, there are plenty in this area. I’ll show you on a map on one of our computers.” *takes them over to one of the store computers and types “sex shop” into maps search*

Woman: *bursts out laughing* “Oh, no no no, dear! I was asking about Saaaaaks. As in ‘Saks Off Fifth!’”

(She is referring to Saks department store, which we don’t have in Canada. I’m blushing profusely and the husband and wife are cracking up.)

Me: “Well… you never know… It made sense; you two are on vacation.” *laughs* “No, we don’t have that store in Canada.”

(All three of us were laughing so hard, I had to quickly make sure to close the open browser window with the nearest “sex shops” shown on the map. This was about five years ago and I still crack up every time I think of it.)


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(I am trying to help a customer who is looking for a stainless steel garbage can, and seems genuinely confused.)

Customer: “So…this is a 30-litre garbage can?”

Me: *noticing the 30L label* “Yes. That is a 30-litre garbage can.”

Customer: “And it’s stainless steel?”

Me: *noticing the very obvious metal construction* “Yes. It is indeed stainless steel.”

Customer: “And I can use this in the kitchen?”

(My manager, who overheard the entire exchange, walks over to us and gives the customer a piece of his mind.)

Manager: *sarcastically* “No, you can’t use it in the kitchen!”

Customer: “I can’t use this garbage can in the kitchen?”

Me: “Well, once you buy it, you can use it however you want. If you do go through a lot of waste in the kitchen, 30 litres should be the right size for you.”

Customer: “…Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, I’m sure. In fact, a lot of my customers have bought the exact same garbage can for their kitchens.”

Customer: “But that man over there just said I can’t.”

Manager: “I was joking! Oh my god!”

Customer: “Why your god?”

(In the end, he didn’t buy the garbage can.)

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I’m moving, working and doing school and more than a little bit tired. I am also attempting to get rid of my junk on Craig’s List, one being a large old lamp.

My posting: “I’ve got a free old-school standing lamp made out of metal and plastic. Completely free, though if you can’t pick it up, I can deliver it for $5.”

I perhaps didn’t think that one through as two minutes later I get reply.

Michael: “OK fantastic…. delivery for 5 Canadian dollars….. I’m at [address on other side of country] so see you in about 47 hours…… thanks a whole bunch….”

I stare, not comprehending for way too long before bursting out laughing.

Me: “You just made my day, man. I’m giggling over here. Thanks.”

It was the first positive emotion I had had all day and he sends me one more message.

Michael: “No worries, I’m in down by the peace arch border crossing. Just watch out what you offer on the internet.
“But hey I am serious, that is the address I want you to deliver the lamp to for $5.00 whole Canadian blue dollars… Come on you will enjoy the road trip, non stop 88hrs round trip by car you can do it your the best…. See Canada through your windshield flashing by at 100kmph….
“PS. glad I made somebodies day…….”

It was a such a crappy day until he showed up. Goes to show that the customer can wrong but the right man for the job.

Thanks Michael, wherever you are.

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I got called to do showcase where they put valuable stuff inside and can only be opened by key. This lady wanted to see this bag but was hidden underneath a bigger bag, which I didn’t see in the beginning. She kept on pointing at the bigger bag and saying behind it, I pointed to the two bags behind it and she kept on saying no behind it, behind it. Two other customers helped me out, a lady pointed it out that it was a hidden underneath and explained that I didn’t see it. A man told the lady to lower her voice and explained that it was underneath and not behind.

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