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Encounters with friends & strangers

A Most Opportune Theft

, , , , , , | Friendly | January 6, 2022

My friend and I were exchanging crazy travel experiences we’ve had with scammers, thieves, etc.

My friend told me this story. He was traveling by subway, and while waiting for his train, he walked away to look at the train-line map. When he noticed his train had come, he quickly hopped on the train and sat down.

As the train was leaving, he realized he’d left his suitcase behind and started panicking about what to do next. Then, across from him sat this guy with his suitcase! He quickly confronted the guy, who denied stealing his bag. After some arguing and with the threat of getting the police involved, the thief eventually conceded the bag.

I then had to point out to my friend that if the would-be thief hadn’t grabbed his bag, giving him the opportunity to get it back, it certainly would have been long gone by the time he could have made it back. So, really, the thief did him a favor!

My friend didn’t appreciate my point of view. Ha!

Alarming Parenting Tactics

, , , , | Friendly | January 4, 2022

My friends and I are on voice chat while playing a game together. All of a sudden, a siren is blaring through one of the mics.

Friend #1: “That’s the fire alarm. I’ve got to go.”

He disconnects immediately and we wait to hear from him.

Friend #2: “So he’s, what, doing a Masters, then?”

Friend #3: “I guess so.”

Me: “He is? How’d you tell?”

Friend #4: “Well, he’s in halls, yeah?”

Friend #2: “Yeah, he had to leave for the alarm.”

Me: “But it’s a fire alarm. Wouldn’t you have to leave, anyway?”

Friend #2: “Nah. At home y’know it’s only set off if you’ve burnt your food like an idiot.”

Friend #3: “Pretty much.”

Friend #4: “Where do you live that you’d have to leave for it?”

Me: *Laughing nervously* “Where my dad will press the button to set it off and time how long it takes us to react.”

Friend #2: “Dear God.” *Laughs*

Friend #3: *Shocked* “Your dad makes you do fire drills?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s kinda annoying, every few months or so whenever he feels like it.”

Friend #2: “Even so, that’s crazy.”

Me: “Is that… Is that not normal?”

Friend #3: “Nope, not really.”

Friend #4: “My dad never did that with us.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, never heard of that before.”

[Friend #1] returned shortly after this conversation, and thankfully, it wasn’t anything serious. That said, I’m more than a little concerned about how relaxed everyone was about fire alarms.

For the record, I’d be less annoyed if our home “fire drills” were done properly. The fire alarm’s at the foot of the stairs, and my dad stands there until he’s seen us three kids have responded enough to be visible from where he’s stood, and then everyone goes back to what they were doing. Very annoying to have come down the stairs and wait for minutes while the alarm is blaring in my ears, not allowed to just go open my sisters’ bedroom door and yell at them to move already because Dad wants to let them “dig their own grave” and when they eventually arrive yell about how they’d have burned to death by now.

So Not Worth It

, , | Friendly | January 3, 2022

A family friend asked me to work on her home computer.

Friend: “If you can’t fix it, I assume you messed it up beyond repair and will owe me a new computer.”

I stopped then and there.

They’re Pretty And Witty And Gay!

, , , , , | Friendly | January 2, 2022

The sixteen-year-old daughter of one of my neighbors has recently come out as gay. Her father, a very friendly and warm guy, told me and some other neighbors while we were walking the dogs. Someone in the group asked him if he had any problem with it. His reply was priceless.

Neighbor: “The only problem I have is that she brings home much cuter girls than I did at that age!”

Yep, they’re gonna be fine.

Go Upstairs, Go Downstairs, I Don’t Cares, Just Go Away!

, , , , | Friendly | December 31, 2021

I’m just about to go into the men’s room when a woman pushes in front of me.

Me: “Err, excuse me.”

Woman: “Oh, you don’t mind, do you?”

Me: “I do, actually. Use the ladies’.”

Woman: “It’s closed for cleaning, so I’ll use this one.”

Me: “You won’t. There’s another downstairs and another upstairs and one right down the hall.”

Woman: “What are you complaining about? If anything, I should be the one that doesn’t want to use the men’s bathroom. Don’t worry, I won’t sneak a peek.”

Me: “Okay, now you’re being creepy. Use the women’s bathroom.”

Woman: “I can’t believe you’re being so difficult! Fine. I’ll use the other one, if it’s so d*** important to you.”

She scuttled off angrily.

Later, when my manager tried to chew me out, I explained what had actually happened, thinking the woman had lied about it, but my manager backed her up. I had to talk to her boss, who agreed with me outright and brought my manager and the other woman into a disciplinary meeting.

There was a very clearly-worded email explaining that anyone trying to force their way into a bathroom they didn’t belong in would be fired.

Thankfully, it didn’t happen again.