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Sometimes It Makes Cents To Spend A Little Extra

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: Darz167 | December 7, 2021

This was back in the late 1990s before payments could be made via websites, so all payments had to be made by check and mailed to the loan company. I know, the dark ages!

I had finally progressed to the point where I was able to make my final payment on my college student loans. I was supposed to call the loan company to receive my final payoff amount and then send that amount in via check. They said that I would receive my final papers within thirty days showing the loan had been paid in full.

I wrote out the check for the exact amount that they gave me and promptly mailed it in. After thirty days I was quite pleased to see an envelope in the mail from the loan company. However, instead of the paid-in-full notice, there was a bill for an additional amount owed. Apparently, I still had a balance of five cents!

Instead of calling them up and begging them to forgive the remaining balance, I decided to send in the payment coupon with a dime — yes, double what was owed — taped to it. I wrote a note stating that I hope this covers the remaining balance. Did I mention that payment coupon came with a prepaid return envelope? They paid the postage for this!

I received the final papers about two weeks later.

What In The Audacious, Entitled, Rude-A** Heck Is This Bulls***?!

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Damionstjames | December 7, 2021

I’m in a wheelchair, and people around where I live don’t pay attention, so I’m pretty much forced to wear this high-visibility yellow-green safety vest.

I run into my most constant issue at a local supermarket. Their trolley-boys (cart wranglers) all wear near-identical safety vests to mine, only theirs actually have black trim added to the vest along with the chain’s name plastered on the left breast and the back. That, and the employees actually have nametags on.

I look like a biker by comparison with my beard, heavy tattoos, and all-black clothes, and I top it off with a Pride 49ers hat. I mean, the hat alone should be a clear sign I don’t work there, but nope! I should also point out that I’m a voice actor. When I’m out in public, I speak with a posh, North-London English accent as I’ve found, due to implicit bias, people tend to treat me better.

One Friday, I headed out to perform what I call the “Double Whammy”: picking up my prescriptions from the pharmacy inside [Supermarket] and doing a bit of food shopping. I waved to or greeted my regular employees and managers, as I’m in there so much and so often that I’m a pretty recognizable face.

I wheeled my chair into the soup aisle. There were so many delicious options that I couldn’t decide on what to get. I don’t think I was in the aisle for more than five minutes when I heard that throat-clearing “eh-hem!” emanate from behind me. I ignored it, because I had no idea it was meant for me. It happened again, and I continued to ignore it.

That’s when this lady grabbed the handles on my wheelchair and spun me around. It took every ounce of effort not to turn and swing on her because I had no idea who she was or her intentions, but obviously, she had no qualms over grabbing someone’s wheelchair and maneuvering them against their will.

Before I could say a single word, the woman began to shout.

Woman: “Hey! When a customer is trying to get your attention, you don’t ignore them! I have been trying to get your attention for minutes now—” *she hadn’t* “—and I don’t like your attitude.”

I took a deep breath and did my best to unclench my hands from the armrests of my wheelchair.

Me: “Madam, I am sorry if I’ve offended you—” *I wasn’t* “—but I must inform you that—”

I was cut off! Due to my mental quirks and conditioning as a child, any time I’m interrupted, I get shut completely down and I can’t speak until the other person stops talking, so I went silent.

Woman: “I don’t want to hear any of your excuses! Just because you’re in a f****** wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you can get away with being an inconsiderate a**hole. The world doesn’t revolve around you, and there are other people in the world far more in need than you. I have half a mind to wheel you over to the Service Desk and report you to management.”

I waited for a couple of beats to see if her rant was going to continue, but it didn’t. She gave me a look that I could without any measure of difficulty correctly identify as a “your move” glare.

I took another deep breath.

Me: “Ma’am, firstly, it’s illegal, sociably irresponsible, and outright tactless to man-handle a person’s disability conveyance without their consent. That counts as assault. While yelling and screaming at me isn’t illegal, per se, I don’t appreciate it. Tell me, ma’am, what incentive do I have to assist you at this point? I don’t work here. Look me over! I don’t have a nametag on, and I’m in black jeans and a T-shirt with a gay pride 49ers hat on that clearly isn’t uniform. I’m just wearing a safety vest for my safety!”

The lady looked like she was about to blow her skullcap with the force of Mount Saint Helens, Krakatoa, and Tambora combined.

Woman: “How dare you?! Disabled people always think they can get away with anything just because they’re crippled.”

She continued to rant, and that was when she lived up to her threat. She stepped around me, grabbed the handles, and began to push me! I was so bewildered that I froze because I never in a thousand years would’ve thought she would actually do this. I could’ve pulled the brake handles on my chair, but I would’ve had to take my hands off the merchandise basket in my lap which would cause it to slip out once we stopped abruptly. Top that off with the fact that the woman would’ve smacked into my back and the back of my head, and I didn’t want that.

Two of the regular checkout attendants at the self-checkout area noticed me being pushed against my will toward customer service. I could just catch [Employee] immediately get on his radio.

Before I could do anything more, we were at the desk. The lady immediately started slapping her hand on the counter in that typical “Hey, barkeep!” manner. A manager, a woman in her late twenties or thirties, turned to the woman. [Manager] is quite tall and loaded down with Marvel Comics tattoos, and we’re very familiar with one another.

The lady launched into a full-blown tirade, accusing me of this, that, and everything from incompetence to an all-out disregard for customer service.

[Manager] just blinked.

Manager: “Um, he doesn’t work here.”

Woman: “What do you mean, he doesn’t work here?! He’s wearing a safety vest, and your employees wear the same ones!”

Manager: “Well, ours say [Supermarket] on them. We also issue nametags for all employees for transparency, so if you have an issue, you know who they are. [My Name] is a customer; he’s in here at least four times a week.”

I could hear the hamster wheels turning in the woman’s head.

Woman: “So… he doesn’t work here? Let me speak to the store manager just in case.”

[Manager] sighed, picked up her phone, and began to call the store manager. However, that call didn’t finish, as the head of [Supermarket] security came striding over, looking quite pissed. [Head Of Security] is a mountain of a man: 6’5″, 250 pounds, and built like a lumberjack.

Head Of Security: “Ma’am, what are you doing to [My Name]?! You really just grabbed a disabled person’s wheelchair and moved them without their consent.”

Woman: “Well, I—”

Head Of Security: “That wasn’t a question. You don’t do that. Not at my store.”

Woman: “But I—”

Head Of Security: “Can it. You need to come with me right now.”

If looks could kill, I’d be dead twice over between the woman’s “you little b*****d” glare and [Head Of Security]’s “ya done f***ed up” look meant for the woman.

The woman was escorted off to the security area in the back, sputtering like an old Edsel.

Manager: “Are you all right, [My Name]?”

Me: “I’m really not. Things have been difficult for me this last week, and this really spiked my anxiety. I’m just going to go home.”

[Manager] did her best to comfort me. She stepped out of the booth and patted me on the shoulder. [Employee] also asked if I was okay. I said I wasn’t really. He offered, if I was comfortable, to push me back out to my car. I accepted.

[Manager] gave me a card and told me that, when I was ready, I could use that number to have my groceries delivered, and for my trouble, she’d waive the fee for delivery. I thanked her and said that’d be best for now. [Employee] wheeled me out to my car and helped me get my wheelchair in my trunk, and I drove home.

I shared my story with my husband and my immediate friends and family, and at their suggestion, I set up an appointment to speak with [Manager], [Head Of Security], and my local sheriff to go about filing official charges.

My lawyer and I met with them, and as of this moment, the matter is now out of my hands. [Manager], [Head Of Security], and some of the clerks that witnessed the incidents all handed in statements to the sheriff on my behalf. The sheriff’s department is moving ahead with an arrest, and my lawyer is working on a prosecution.

Taking Impossible Demands All The Way To The Top

, , , | Right | CREDIT: bearjcc | December 6, 2021

I work at the front desk at a privately-owned hotel that was a chain five years ago. The only way to book a reservation is to talk to the front desk staff — no online reservations and no third-party reservations. About 50% of our rooms are sold to walk-ins.

One holiday weekend, we are booked full. Our elderly elevator is having some trouble with all the traffic and spooking guests, so I close it and call for a repairman, but it’s ten o’clock at night, so I’m not expecting anybody until the next morning. All of our guests are checked in and our accessibility rooms are on the same floor as the lobby, so I’ll just help out anyone with their luggage if they have more and put up a sign saying so.

In walks a woman I don’t recognize from check-in. She plops a piece of paper in front of me and then goes and gets lots of luggage. The paper shows her with a reservation at [Chain] at this address for tonight for a tenth of the price we were selling before being fully booked. She comes back to the desk, likely thinking that I have been checking her in all this time.

Me: “I regret to inform you that we do not accept third-party reservations; we are, unfortunately, are already booked for the night.”

Woman: “I have a reservation! It’s right there! I paid good money for it!”

Me: “Ma’am, I believe you. Unfortunately, you are not in our system because we don’t take third-party reservations. They sold it to you fraudulently.”

Woman: “You are just trying to steal my money! I have a confirmation number right there! I handed it to you.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, you handed me a reservation to a [Chain]. We are [Hotel].”

I gesture to a nearby sign. All of the signage inside and outside the building is correct.

Me: “Also, this is for a fourth-floor room; we only have three floors.”

Woman: “I stayed at this [Chain] last year on the fourth floor!”

This argument continues for a while. I keep my cool, informing her that we are booked, all of our rooms are full, and insisting that we don’t have a fourth floor, we’re not [Chain], we don’t take third-party reservations, etc. Eventually, she screams at me.

Woman: “You are going to take me to my room on the fourth floor — which I paid for — right now!”

I don’t respond; I just stare at her with a blank face until she slaps the desk and screams, “Now!” again.

I don’t mime making a room key, but I do grab my huge key ring and we both load ourselves up with her excessive luggage and climb the stairs. Once we get to the third floor, I gesture to the third-floor sign and tell her it is the third floor. I then use my maintenance key to unlock the door to the maintenance stairs, which are not lit, and she trudges up behind me, not saying anything. I open the floor to the tarred roof and walk outside.

Me: “And here is the fourth floor. I hope it is as nice as the last time you stayed here.”

I dropped her luggage and went down the stairs back to the front desk. For people concerned about her safety, this was a flat roof with a four-foot facade/wall around the outside.

Honestly, had she been nicer to me, I would have tried to help her get a room at a different hotel and submit documentation to try and get her a refund from the third party, but since she screamed at me, I left her and her luggage on the roof. She insisted she had stayed on the fourth floor, so that’s what she got.

There was an option at the bottom of the stairs to go straight outside instead of coming by the front desk. I didn’t see her again, and she wasn’t there when I went to lock the roof back up on my midnight rounds.

This Is One Scrambled Scam

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: gravelangel | December 6, 2021

Last week, we received five large boxes of bar supplies addressed to a person unknown to the hotel. They arrived a couple at a time, usually with other orders, and weren’t immediately noticed until all the stock was sorted and put away.

By the end of the week, an online travel agent reservation appeared with the mystery person’s name, and we all figured this guest had things shipped for a business trip.

Less than eighteen hours after the reservation appeared, we got an email at the front desk from the guest.

Guest: “I have to cancel my reservation as I have [contagious illness]. Attached are three labels to ship the items to [Third Party on the east coast].”

I was seeing red flags and decided to give the equipment vendor a call. I explained what I was seeing.

Representative: “I think that’s legit; they paid upfront. Let me check.”

I was put on hold and the rep soon came back.

Representative: “The card used was flagged for fraud. Can I send you some labels to ship it all back to us?”

It was over $10,000 of equipment, and they were pretty happy to get it back.

My question is this: am I a bad person for packing up several boxes of expired hard-boiled eggs and shipping them to the scammers using the prepaid labels they sent?

We Don’t Condone Forgery But This Might Be An Exception

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: barbellseed6969 | December 6, 2021

We recently had a guest kicked out of the hotel. A funny note I saw on the report was, “Guest kept walking from the pool to the room with a fuzzy wig and a shiny purple blazer.”

[Guest] checked in alone, but by 7:30 pm, there were seven people that had gone up to the room. A young lady also came to the front desk and asked where the filming in the hotel is. We told her we don’t have filming at the hotel, but then [Guest] came to pick her up. We told him that he does not have a contract with us to film at our hotel, to which he said that they will be disputing all charges due to having a bad experience at our hotel

Later, around 1:00 am, [Guest] tried taking ten people up to the room. We did not allow him to go up, he started cursing at our staff, and then he shoved our security guard. Per the general manager, we locked their room and did not let them go back up. They said they had stuff in there, so we told them to come back in the morning to get it and they must leave immediately.

I arrived in the morning and housekeeping called me, sounding a bit speechless, telling me I needed to see his room.

I went upstairs. The room’s furniture was all moved to corners and sides of the room. The rest of the room was lined with red carpet, which was lined with velvet rope dividers and led to a wall with big red theatre curtains hanging from the ceiling and going all the way down to the floor. On the walls were a bunch of large framed pictures. The pictures featured [Guest] Photoshopped into photos with various celebrities and at celebrity events — horribly Photoshopped, at that. There were around eight shattered champagne glasses and many cigarette butts littered all over the floor, and the room reeked. And there were also just their items and their camera equipment.

Per the general manager, we were to charge a $1,000 cleaning fee and a $500 smoking fee, along with a $500 fee for damages to the room. We posted the charges to the room and charged [Guest]’s card. He eventually returned to the hotel to retrieve his belongings.

Guest: “I need to speak to a manager. I was racially profiled and discriminated against for being Indian. I came back to go to my room, tired, at 1:00 am, and they kicked me out of the hotel. I need to pick up my stuff, but I need you to issue me a full refund for my horrible experience.”

Me: “I’m the manager. You tried taking ten people to the room; the capacity for your room is four people. You were also filming at the hotel, which is against the policy that you signed when you checked in. You then physically assaulted our security guard. Before we can give you your belongings, we just need you to sign this paper accepting these charges.”

Guest: “What the f*** is this? $1,000 cleaning fee? For what? And why am I being charged for smoking? I don’t smoke! And I also didn’t break anything. I’ll be disputing these charges.”

Me: “Sir, you know how you left the room. And there were cigarette butts all over the floor.”

Guest: “You put those cigarette butts there. You’re trying to extort me! You can’t keep my stuff. Give me back my s***!”

Me: “The room is exactly as we found it. You aren’t getting anything back until you sign for these charges.”

Guest: “I have thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment in those bags. It’s illegal to not give it back. I will call the police if you don’t give me back my belongings.”

Me: “Go ahead and call the police so that we don’t have to.”

I’m a pretty big dude, so guests like this usually don’t directly insult me. But then, my mid-shift coworker, a small woman, got a word in and told him that he’d left the room a mess and all the furniture had been bunched up in a corner. She has a thick accent but is fluent in English. These are just a few of the things he said to her.

Guest: “Shut the f*** up. Speak English; I can’t even understand you! Jesus f****** Christ!”

Guest: “This is America! Go back to your country if you’re not going to speak English.”

Guest: “Your voice is disgusting. Please go back to your country.”

Guest: “You disgust me. That mole on your chin is nasty. Please don’t even look at me.”

He also tried mocking her accent then told her to shut the f*** up again.

If it had been a PM shift, I would have gone off on him. But it was an AM shift, and this happened in the afternoon, which is when lobby traffic is heavy. I didn’t want guests seeing me cussing someone out. Of course, I did defend her, telling him to stop talking and to not speak to her that way, etc. Then, security came and took him outside to talk to him and calm him down.

Eventually, the police arrived, and he suddenly became the little victim. He told them that we were extorting him, that we planted cigarettes and trashed his room so that we could charge him, and that we were discriminating against him since he was Indian, etc.

They told him to wait outside and asked us our story, which we told them. The cops then went outside and talked with him, but we couldn’t hear what he said. After a few more minutes, [Guest] came back inside.

Guest: “Give me that paper you wanted me to sign.”

We gave him the paper and he literally just scribbled all over it.

Me: “That’s not a signature. That’s a scribble.”

We printed out a new one.

Me: “Sign where it says, ‘Signature’.”

He still scribbled over the entire paper. We told him he was not getting his stuff back until he signed, and he finally did.