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I am from germany but recently I’ve moved to switzerland. The languages are quite similiar but the swiss people are very picky about this, so I figured I should learn it as fast as I could even though I’ve got problems with the correct pronunciation. There are however a few words I already know, like “ruebli” beeing another word for carrots, for example.

I just started working at a take-away/restaurant.

Me: Gruezi, how can I help you?

Male Customer: Gruezi, I would like to know what’s inside the veggie salad?

Me: It’s made with lettuce, tomatos, ruebli-

Male Customer: I’m sorry, with what?

Me: Lettuce, tomatos, ruebli-

Male Customer: Sorry, I didn’t understand. What was it after the tomatos?

Me: Ruebli.

Male Customer: *leaning closer to me* What?

Me: *starting to get quite uncomfortable* …ruebli… you know… like… carrots?

He then started laughing at me and didn’t stop for a whole five minutes, pointing his finger at me, while I was getting smaller and smaller, totally embarassed. After this he bought his salad and left.

I never tried speaking swiss-german after this again.

A Huffle-Huff Talking To A Slyther-In

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(I work at a take-away restaurant. It’s already afternoon, ten minutes until closing time. The whole day has been really busy, and my coworker and I are trying to keep up with the work as best as we can. I am currently at the other side of the store, cleaning, when I see that a couple has entered and is waiting at the counter. Immediately I put my broom aside and rush over to them, quickly washing my hands on the way.)

Me: *trying to catch my breath* “Hello!” *inhale* “Good evening!” *inhale* “Excuse me.” *clearing my throat and putting on a welcoming smile* “What can I get for you?”

(The couple gives me a strange looks. Then, the man comes closer to the counter, dramatically imitating my panting, while looking at me as if I am some kind of degenerated monkey.)

Customer: *HUFF HUFF HUFF* “Are you finished yet, or do we have to wait some more time until we can place our order?”

(They then bought two small sandwiches and proceeded to stay way past closing time, leaving a huge mess behind.)

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(An Indian client came to the spa reception at 9pm and asked to book a massage. I told him that the massages end at an earlier time, apologize, and tell him about availabilities on the next day.)

Customer: “Why is everything closing so early in this country? There’s nothing to do; it’s so boring! I can’t wait to go home to India. You know I think you Swiss people are just lazy and don’t like to work!”

Soup Of The Fray

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(I work at a take-away restaurant. It is a quiet evening, so I stand in the kitchen, washing the dishes, while my boss is taking orders at the register. I can hear her serving a customer, and then she comes into the kitchen and tells me that she’ll be at the warehouse for a while. I continue with my work until I hear an angry voice from outside, so I get out to check what’s up. A woman is standing at the register with a bowl of soup. When she sees me, she starts to shout even louder.)

Customer: “HELLO?! HELLO?! How long do I have to wait here until you come?”

Me: “Good evening. I’m sorry I didn’t hear you sooner. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Your coworker just made me this soup, and I can’t eat it!

Me: “I am sorry, ma’am. What’s wrong with it?”

(The woman grabs a spoon and starts to stir aggressively in her soup.)

Customer: “You see this? This soup is too liquid! I can’t eat this!”

Me: “Uh… If you want, I can add more vegetables and chicken in your soup—”


Me: “Ma’am, I am terribly sorry that the soup is not to your tastes, but—”


Me: “All right, but you’ll have to wait until my boss comes back, because I am not authorized to do this.”

(She then continues to scream insults at me, getting more and more aggressive to the point that I think she will throw the soup at me, and going on about how the soup is too liquid for her tastes, until I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Would you please shut your mouth?! I’ve already apologized several times to you, and that’s all I can do for now. What… do… you… want from me?!”


Me: “That’s because it is soup; it’s meant to be liquid! Maybe you should’ve gotten a sandwich instead!”

(At this moment my boss returns. Without saying a word, she goes straight to the register and hands the woman her money back.)

Customer: “This place is awful! I’m never coming again!”

Boss: “We’re more than happy to hear that; now please get out of here.”

Too Chicken To Call Out The Vegans

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Customer: “Hello. Your board says that your curry is vegan; is that right?”

Me: “Yes, that’s right: our vegetable curry is vegan.”

Customer: “But it also says that you can buy it with chicken, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “But then it’s not vegan anymore!”

Me: *confused* “Yes. If you order it with chicken, the curry’s not vegan anymore. If you order it without it, it is.”

Customer: “You’re confusing the customers! How are the vegans supposed to know that it’s not vegan anymore after you put chicken inside the curry?!”

Me: *whispers to myself* “Well, I don’t know. Common sense, maybe?”

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