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(Note: At this time, I am in my early teens with my braces. There is another kid with my name, but he has a different last name. After getting my new wire, the lady that is treating me goes off and says these important things that she doesn’t give me enough time to react. We go to call my mother up)

Employee: “[Name] [other last name]’s Mom.

*My mother doesn’t respond, and I couldn’t hear the lastname very well*

Me: *slightly irritated* “I’ll get her”

*She is on her phone, so I wave my hand inbetween*

Me: “Come on, let’s go up.”

*We go up, and the employee rattles off about what they changed, then she says:*

Employee: “We gave him a choice to brush his teeth and he denied.”

*They’ve never done this before, so she kinda confused me for a minute, then kept moving on. My mother gives me an angry face, making me slightly laugh*

Employee: “And he’s laughing.”

*She rattles off some more, and then we leave, and when I got home, my mom says this:*

Mom: “I’m going to talk to the manager, they laughed at me when [My Name] waved his hand in my face!”

*She is discussing this with my father, who tells her to calm down and grab a wine, and then she calms down.*

Me: *to myself* “Not only did my mother just get mad over me not brushing my teeth for something they do all the time, but they don’t ask me, and gave me the PERFECT opportunity to put this up on Notalwaysright.com, since i’ve been reading the stories everyday!”

First Book She Should Get Is “How To Tell The Time”

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(I work at a dental clinic inside a school. I stroll in at 8:30 and there’s a lady sitting in our lobby. She’s looking at the bookstore/cafe. She starts circling the chairs, sighing heavily. Finally, she marches up to me.)

Customer: *snarling* “The website says the bookstore is open at 8:30!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s actually 9:00 am; the times are listed on the door.”

Customer: “But I came here at 8:30! The website said 8:30! Why isn’t it open at 8:30?!”

(I am thinking, “Why are you yelling at the dental clinic about the bookstore?”)

Me: “I have no control over that; you can talk to the people at the bookstore when it opens.”

Customer: “They saw me! They should open the doors! I just want to look at the books!”

(I had no answer for her. Finally, she huffed off. She then started pacing back and forth in front of the door, waiting for them to open. Now and then she’d circle the chairs, sigh, and glare at me. I went into the file room when it became too much. It’s just a college bookstore, lady. No need to get so intense! I just checked the website: it says they open at 9:00 am.)

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Working At This Dentist’s Is Like Pulling Teeth

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(My first job is as a dental nurse working with the city’s university dental hygienist course. I love the job, and I get on well with the students and the tutors. However, I quickly start to find that I don’t get on so well with the other nurses. The majority of nurses have worked with each other for a long time, know each other outside of work, and have the same interests. At first, this doesn’t matter, but slowly, things start to get unfair. I often find myself on the crappy end of jobs, and one of them causes me do serious damage to my right wrist; I tear the tendons and am signed off work for a long time. This is where things get super bad, as my manager never reports the accident, which is something she gets in a lot of trouble for. When I eventually return, I am on very light duties, spending more time as a glorified receptionist than a nurse. The other nurses double-down on their disdain for me. I suddenly find myself even more left out than before, and any slight mistake is blown out of proportion. One of the nurses actually yells at me in front of trainees because I haven’t signed a cleaning sheet. When I complain to the head nurse, she says that I was in the wrong so tough, despite the fact I admitted to the mistake, but I am angry about the way it was handled. I cannot describe the misery I feel for the next six months, but luckily, I am able to find another job in a field that is as far removed from dentistry as possible. On the Monday morning after I get the contract for the new job, I approach the head nurse on clinic first thing before clinic starts.)

Me: “Morning, [Head Nurse], can I have a quick word with you?”

Head Nurse: “No, I’m going up for breakfast break now. It can wait.”

Me: “It can’t really; I won’t get time to talk to you about this before clinic starts, otherwise.”

Head Nurse: “Sorry, not happening.”

Me: *shouting across the clinic as she walks off* “Okay, I’ll leave my resignation letter here, then!”

(She d*** near sprinted back to me, asking if I was joking. I smiled, told her no, and handed her the letter before turning and going back to my duties. I was, at that time, the one who made all of the department appointments, organised clinics, and knew the brand-new booking system better than anyone else. That next month as I served my notice, watching the panic slowly dawn on them was the best!)

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That Part Of The Body NEVER Made Men Wise

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(My son has just gotten his wisdom teeth pulled, and he’s still loopy from the drugs. He starts crying.)

Son: “Dad, they cut my penis off.”

Me: “No, they didn’t, son.”

Son: “Are you sure? 

Me: “I promise, it’s still there. I wouldn’t let them cut your penis off.” 

My Brother: “They tried, but he put up a fight.”

Me: *nudges him* “It’s still there.”

Son: *reaches down his pants* “THANK GOD! I STILL HAVE IT! DAD’S A HERO!”

(He doesn’t remember any of this, but my brother loves teasing him about it.)

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With So Many Fillings He Has Become Very Dense

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Patient: “Why do I need an x-ray?”

Me: “To check for problems [Doctor] might have missed.”

Patient: “Problems like what?”

Me: “Cavities between your teeth and under your fillings, and gum disease.”

Patient: “If [Doctor]’s eyesight is so bad that he can’t even see cavities anymore, why is he still a dentist?”

Me: “There is nothing wrong with [Doctor]’s eyesight, Sir. It would be impossible for anyone to look underneath fillings and in between your teeth.”

Patient: “So, I just let him poke around my mouth for nothing? Why didn’t you tell me that right away? I would have skipped the exam and just done the x-ray. Now I need to pay for something that is completely useless. You are ripping me off. I’ll get a second opinion.”

Me: “You are welcome to do that. But they’d want to do an exam, as well.”

Patient: “I’ll tell them that you already did.”

Me: “They’ll still want to actually look at your teeth. Believe me.”

Patient: “So, you are trying to tell me that they’ll rip me off, too?”

Me: “Sir, an x-ray is more expensive than an exam.”

Patient: “Oh, if you do the x-ray, can I take that to my second opinion dentist?”

Me: “Yes.”

Patient: “Sox I’m right. The exam is useless.”

Me: “Do you want an x-ray or not now?”

Patient: “Do I get a refund if you don’t find anything?”

Me: “No, you can’t get a refund.”

Patient: “You people are so greedy.” 

Me: *speechless*

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