Do NOT Use Corndogs That Way!

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A customer with a heavy foreign accent is looking for something while the store is under remodel. I’m working one side of a two-sided self-checkout.

Customer: “Excuse me. Where are the corndogs?”

The accent is heavy but I hear “corndogs.”

Me: “Corndogs?”

Customer: “Corndogs” 

I point to the frozen aisle.

Me: “They’re on aisle two. Straight that way on the right.”

Customer: “Okay. Thank you.”

The customer goes down to aisle two, looks, and shakes his head. He asks two more coworkers. He finally goes to my coworker on the other side of the self-checkout.

Customer: “Corndogs. I need corndogs.”

Coworker: “Corndogs? What are they used for?”

Customer: “For safe sex!”

Coworker: “Condoms! Condoms are over there. Let me show you.”

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(I was visiting this store whilst on holiday from the UK with my partner and was already getting fed up with how rude people are as there is a very visible hierarchy)

I did work in retail and i know how much tidying up after customers can be a pain, so i try and keep the area i am looking through as tidy as i can.

As i was browsing the clothing section (shorts mainly) i had the shorts which weren’t my style or size in my arm as i was going through the pile, i then heard a voice behind me, asking for help, as i turned around i saw a girl in her early 20’s who was about 5ft tall trying to reach from a high shelf.

Young customer: (in a snarky tone) Do you have this in an M

As im 6ft i thought she just couldn’t see the other items on the shelf, as i flicked through i saw there where only small and large left.

Me: No looks like they only have Small and Large no Medium.

Customer: but i need an M

Me: Medium

Customer: M

Me: You need medium and they dont have any.

Customer: (now abit annoyed that i couldn’t magic one up for her, scrunches her face up and scowls at me) but i need an M, people like you are no use at all.

Im a patient man but this really got to me as i had no reason to help her in the first place.

Me: Seeing as i dont work here i guess not

I would have been mortified if i had been speaking to someone like that, but she had no look of regret or sorry or anyhting, just said oh then walked away to harass another member of staff

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It’s the end of my shift and I’m processing my final customer transaction. Everything has been fine until now, where I am expecting payment. Both of us have our hands out expectantly.

Customer: I need my receipt.

Me: I need payment first, sir.

*another mintue goes by*

Customer: Where’s my receipt?

Me: Sir, I still need payment.

Customer: Receipt.

Me: Payment.

Customer: Receipt.

Me: Payment.

Customer: As much as I would love to do this all day, I have things to do. Could you please give me my RECEIPT!

Me: Sir, I was supposed to finish five minutes ago, and would really love to head home, but you have NOT payed me. The receipt hasn’t even been printed yet.

Customer: I haven’t payed?

Me: No.

Customer: Yes I have.

Me: No, you haven’t.

Customer: I’ve just taken my card out of the chip and pin.

Me: Sir, you haven’t even taken your wallet out yet.

*the customer reaches into his back pocket in a daze before becoming extremely irate, screaming at me*


Me: I’m doing no such thing.


A manager is called and after twenty minutes of “heated” discussion, including several threats at me, the manager finally takes the customer in the back to review the CCTV footage. Police arrive soon arrive and after another hour of me standing there not able to do anything, the customer finally returns alone, red faced.

Customer: *sheeping* How much was it again?

Me: £67.99, sir. Will that be cash or card?

Customer: Card.

The customer leaves and I’m finally able to go home. I’m paid double for my shift for the trouble, and I later find out the customer demanded the police review the footage after not believing he forgot to pay. He was almost arrested for threatening to assault the manager, but the manager decided not to persue. He was later barred after the same thing occurred with another colleague.

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(We have a large sign just above the pin pad that reads “All photo orders MUST be paid for at the photo counter.” They changed this policy about 7 months ago.)

(A customer came up to get her photos, so I start ringing them up.)

Me: Do you have any coupons or bottle slips today?

Customer: Uh. I’m going to take them up front. I have other shopping to do.

Me: I’m sorry, photo orders have to be paid for here..

Customer: They didn’t make me do this the last time I bought them. (Starts paying)

Me: I’m sorry, they changed the policy in March..

(This happens everyday, several different customers.. It’s impossible to miss the sign too. And the reason they changed it was because people kept stealing them.)

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(I used to work in this mall department store and I was finished with my shift but I didn’t have a ride home for another hour. To pass the time I walked in a competing department store to pass the time. Apparently they were having a sale and were understaffed because there were a lot of people and the staff looked overwhelmed. It did not help me because my uniform was very similar to the uniform of that store)

Customer 1: “This service is terrible! You should be ashamed of yourself!”
Customer 2: “What the hell?! We’ve been waiting for service and you’re over there, just standing there looking at clothes! What do you have to say for yourself!?”
Me: “I don’t work here, I work at [other department store].”
To prove my point, I untuck my shirt and undo my tie.
they both look at me, guilty
Customer 1: “I am so sorry.”