Wish You Could Swipe Left With Customers

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(I work as a cashier. Our system allows for a transaction to run on multiple forms of payment, but the cashier has to hand-key the amounts and methods. If I don’t key it and the customer swipes their card, the system automatically assumes the whole transaction is running through that card.)

Customer: “Can I pay for [item] on one debit card, and the rest on another?”

Me: “Sure thing; I just have to key it in. Wait to swipe your card until I tell you.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

(I begin to type, but I’m only two keys in when she swipes.)

Me: “Oops, can you hit cancel? I need to type in the amount before you swipe.”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “All right, don’t swipe until I tell you.”

Customer: “Got it.”

(I begin typing again, and she swipes before I’m done again. I cancel the payment from my keyboard.)

Me: “Ma’am, please. If I don’t type everything in before you swipe, the whole payment goes on that one card.”

Customer: “Oh, okay!”

(I type as fast as I can, but not fast enough, apparently.)

Me: “Ma’am, please hand me your card. I’ll just swipe it over here.”

Crediting The Manager With The Failure

, , , | Working | December 11, 2017

(I am hired to work at a popular department store as a sales associate. This department store has a store credit card and the managers expect all employees to ask customers to sign up for one. Sometimes, when it is slow and the store isn’t meeting its credit applications goal, they will go around and ask the new hires if they want to open a store credit card so they can meet their goal. This happens on my first day on the sales floor. I am helping a customer when my manager approaches me with another sales associate.)

Manager: “Come on, [My Name]! [Coworker] is going to open a [Store] credit card for you!”

(Being a college student and having no credit history, I know I isn’t going to get approved but I have previously witnessed this particular manager being pushy whenever a customer or new hire said they don’t want to open a card, so her approaching me like this already makes me uncomfortable and nervous.)

Me: “Oh, no, thank you. I don’t want a credit card.”

Manager: “As long as you’re an employee at [Store] you have to apply and have a card.”

Me: “I won’t get approved. I have no cred—”

Manager: *interrupting me* “You still need to apply. It’s required for all employees. Now, do you have your driver’s license on you or do you need to go to the break room?”

Me: “I don’t want to open a credit card, [Manager]. I’m not going to get my driver’s license.”

(This continues for about five minutes, my manager trying to convince me to open an account while I keep refusing. The whole time, my other coworker who was going to open the account also tries to tell my manager that I don’t want a card and is ignored. Finally, she gives up.)

Manager: “I’m really disappointed in you, [My Name]. If you were a team player you would open a credit card so we could meet our goal but clearly you don’t care about our company. Not only are we not going to meet our goal because of you, but [Coworker] is going to suffer as well because she only needed one more app to meet her goal. If we don’t meet our goal within the next hour before we close, it will be all your fault.”

(After this happened, my manager approached me several other times to open a credit card and I refused. Finally, after a couple of months, she gave up and stopped asking me. I quit after two months later because i was tired of management always pushing us to open up credit cards.)

Off The Clock And Off The Hook

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(I work in a grocery store. I realize that some people will recognize me and ask for help if I’m off the clock or out of uniform. I have already clocked out, and I have my coat on and my purse on my shoulder. A regular has stopped me to say hello and we exchange a few pleasantries. From behind me I hear a SLAM and I turn and see a woman glaring at me as if I have personally offended her. She slams her cart into the register right behind me and throws her stuff onto the belt. I admit, it has been a long day and I am already at the end of my rope, but the way she proceeds has me respond in a less than professional way.)

Customer: “Well?! Are you going to f****** help me or not?”

Me: “Nope. But one of the ladies on one of the three open registers can.”

Customer: “Are you f****** serious? You’re just standing there slacking off. Now, stop being so f****** useless and help me. I’m a customer. You’re working for me. C***.”

Me: “Ma’am, again. I cannot help you. I am off the clock and headed home.”

Customer: *begins shrieking* “Get me a manager right now! This is ridiculous! I DEMAND YOU RING ME OUT! MANAGER! MANAGERRRRRR!”

(The manager who has taken over for the night shift has run over upon hearing the screaming.)

Manager: “Ma’am… She is a manager. And she’s going home. She has her coat on. But if you bring your items to register one, two, or three, one of the ladies there can help you. And please, I do have to ask you to stop cursing, or you will be asked to leave. [My Name], have a good night!”

(I said goodnight to the kind regular I had been talking to, and as I continued to walk out I could hear the woman shrieking again. I got home to a text that she had thrown her eggs at the night manager while screaming a slew of curse words, and had to be escorted out by security.)

Just Don’t Mention The War

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(It’s Christmas time and it’s super busy. I’m working in the jewelry department, helping an older woman pick out a pendant.)

Customer: “Oh, well, these look nice.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, they’re actually on sale, too. Let me grab some other pieces you might like.”

(I turn to see a man jogging towards the entrance of the store. A second later, our loss prevention man comes running by, jumps, and flies through the air, tackling the jogging man to the ground.)

Customer: “I think those two men are fighting, sir.”

Me: “Just checking the walls, ma’am.” *trying to act nonchalant to avoid causing a scene*

Customer: “Oh, you watch Fawlty Towers?”

(The woman completely forgot about the wrestling match one aisle over and I managed to make a delightful commission. Thanks, John Cleese.)


A Slight Wrinkle In The Application

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(My sister is a counter manager in a department store for a mid-level makeup brand. One day, a customer comes in to return an anti-aging serum.)

Customer: “I need to return this. It’s making me sick.”

Sister: “Do you mean it’s causing a rash?”

Customer: “No, it’s making me physically ill!”

Sister: *now really confused* “Are you having an allergic reaction?”

Customer: “No, I get sick to my stomach every time I take it!”

Sister: “What do you mean, ‘when you take it’? How are you using this?”

(It turned out the customer had been SWALLOWING the serum. The directions for use on the bottle clearly said to rub a couple drops of it into one’s face, but she skipped the reading part, saw the medicine dropper attached to the cap used to measure it out, and decided that meant it was to be swallowed. She had been ingesting this serum twice a day for a couple of weeks before she’d had enough, because it wasn’t fixing her wrinkles!)

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