Not The Same Man Coming Out

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I am working in a sandwich shop. We have no problem letting people use the bathroom. 

One time, a man enters the restaurant. He has a large and thick beard on his face that makes us assume he is homeless. He goes directly to our bathroom. I am busy serving another customer so I don’t see him clearly when he gets out of the bathroom, but something is off.

His beard has disappeared!

He shaved his face and there is now hair all over the sink and on the floor.

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Shut Up And Take My Coupon!

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During one of my grocery shopping runs, I spend enough to qualify for a “get $10 off on your next visit if you spend $50 or more” coupon. Unfortunately, I forget all about it until it has almost expired. I’ve already done my grocery shopping for the week, so I decide to visit the store and give the coupon to someone. I talk to the first person I see.

Me: “Excuse me. Would you like–” 

Person #1: “Not interested!” 

He scurries away. Hmm, I guess he thought I was a panhandler. Okay, skip the chitchat; get straight to the point. I try again with the next person I see.

Me: “Hi. I’ve got a coupon for $10 off that I can’t use. Would you like it?”

Person #2: “No, thanks.”

Really? You don’t want to save ten bucks? Maybe she thought I was a scammer. I try yet again to offer the coupon to the next person, a woman who’s with her husband.

Me: “Hi. I’ve got a coupon for $10 off if you spend $50. I can’t use it; would you like to have it?”

Person #3: “We won’t be spending that much, but thanks, anyway.”

Person #3’s Husband: “We won’t?”

Person #3: *Firmly* “No.”

Me: “Okay!

As I walk away, I hear the husband say:

Person #3’s Husband: “Are you nuts? We’ll definitely be spending at least $50! Why didn’t you take the coupon?”

I was finally able to give the coupon to the next person: a harassed, tired-looking young woman who was thrilled to get it. Phew!

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(I work in a very small, family owned pet store that’s only been in operation for a couple of years)

Customer: Hi, how long does a bag of this food last a 100 lb dog?

Me: A bag that size should last about 2 months.

Customer: How many bags do you think it would take to last 2 years?

Me: (taken aback) Um… probably about 12. If you buy it all now though it’ll expire before that time. Most people buy bags as they need them, can I ask why you need 2 years supply?

Customer: I’m flying back to Zimbabwe in a month and I need food for my farm dogs. I won’t be back for two years.

Me: Wow, that’s a long way. Well, like I said unfortunately the food won’t last that long and it would probably be really expensive to ship since each bag is nearly 40 lbs.

Customer: Can you ship it to me?

Me: I’m sorry sir, this is a very small store and we don’t currently offer overseas shipping on products.

Customer: Are you sure?

Me: Positive.

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(I am working an evening shift right on the main tourist strip. On this night over 6,000 American cruise ship passengers are being let loose on our town, and due to the hour and poor weather, we are quite busy. I am just finishing serving one woman who is quite irate that we only give back change in Canadian currency, even if people pay in American cash. She is inspecting the coins with a huge frown on her face. Note: Canada uses coins for $1 and $2)

Woman: *Points at coin* “What’s this gold one here?!”

Me: “That’s one dollar, ma’am.”

Woman: “… Is it American or Canadian?”

(My jaw dropped. I have seen a lot, but never anyone not knowing their own nation’s currency. Especially after specifically being told they were receiving Canadian change! I had to go sit in the back room for a few minutes after that one.)

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Customer: Do you carry paint brushes here?
Me: YES we do. Did you want them for crafts or for the walls?
Customer: For painting
Me: ……
Customer: …….
Me: For painting walls?
Customer: YES.
Me: Down aisle 4…..