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(I am working on registers one day when a man I guess to be in his late 70’s places a few items on my belt. Amongst them I see a box of condoms. I raise my eyebrows in surprise, but otherwise say nothing. As I pick them up, the man smiles at me.)

Man: Just so you know, those aren’t for me, they’re for my grandsons.

Me: (smiles in relief) Ah, that explains it. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I did think “good for you!”

Man: (laughs) Oh, no, I’m far beyond that at my age!

(We had a good laugh and the man paid and went on his way. I had been having a lousy day, but this funny misunderstanding cheered me up.)

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My Dad and I are at the checkout in the grocery store. I’m waiting at the end of the till, while my Dad is paying. There’s a lady also waiting to bag/box her groceries, who’s also at the end. I think I’m in her way, so I step aside, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

She tells me, “Oh, no. Don’t worry about me. I’m the bagger/boxer, just like your Dad… or is that your Grandpa?” I kill myself laughing, because I believe my Dad looks more like a Grandfather, because of his grey beard and glasses. Even though I call him old, I never thought someone else would! She then questions, “That’s your Dad, isn’t it?” I just nod, still laughing.

I then rush over to my Dad, after calming my laughing, and tell him, “That lady just called you old!”

She then says, “I didn’t call him old; I just wasn’t sure if he was your Father or Grandfather!”

Since I look twelve, even though I’m nineteen, my Dad says, “Tell her age, and then it’ll be more believable.”

“I’m nineteen.” I tell her.

Her reply, “Oh, well, that makes sense, then!”

It was the greatest thing ever!

The More Grisly The Threat The Less Seriously It’s Taken

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A customer’s young son, maybe age three or so, is standing in the shopping trolley dancing and jumping around.

Mother: “If you don’t sit down, you will fall out. You will fall out and crack your head open when you hit the ground, and your brains will fall out, and you will need to go to the hospital and go to intensive care, and I will not take you!”

Little Boy: “Okay!”

He kept jumping around.

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This Story Starts At A Ten And Gets Better

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I am working in a small electronics aisle in a superstore. A sweet old lady has approached me.

Old Lady: “I am looking for this thing for my grandson. Let me see here…”

She pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket from one of our ads, and a $10-bill accidentally falls out with it. A middle-aged woman standing nearby sees it, her eyes go wide, and she grabs it and stuffs it in her pocket before the old lady can see.

The poor old lady is looking around very confused, wondering where her wayward bill has gone. I approach the woman.

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, I believe that money you just picked up belongs to this customer here.”

Woman: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Me: “Ma’am, I saw you—”

Before I can finish, the woman struts off. The old lady is looking at me, slightly shocked.

Old Lady: “Did she just take my money?”

Me: “I’m afraid so, ma’am. Would you like me to call security? I am sure if the camera saw it, we can—”

Old Lady: “No need, she’s not worth it. I just need this item in the ad for my grandson, please?”

The item she’s looking for is a computer tablet, so I open the small cabinet where we stock them.

Old Lady: “Actually, could I have two? This ad is a really good deal!”

Me: “Certainly, ma’am!”

I hand her two boxes, advise her that the security tags will be removed at the checkout, and wish her well.

About ten minutes later I am running an errand that brings me near the registers when I hear the alarms going off near the exit. I quickly have a look to see what is happening. The thieving woman from before is shouting at the security guard, and pointing at her receipt.

Woman: “I’ve paid for everything! It’s your f****** broken sensors! This is f****** embarrassing!”

Security: “Ma’am, I can see that everything in your bag matches the receipt. May I search your bag?”

Woman: “Absolutely not! I am not a thief! I am leaving!”

She tries to leave but more security has arrived. She eventually relents and opens her huge designer bag for Security to search… and out comes a box for an electronic tablet, security-tag still attached.

As the woman is screeching that she didn’t put that tablet in there, I see the old woman from before nonchalantly walking past, an ever-so-slight smile on her face, with her just-purchased tablet in her bag.

Just the one tablet, mind you…

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Going By The Original Definition Of A Caravan

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Our store is right across from a football stadium, which lies in a small town. It’s in the middle of tourist season and a French tourist approaches me.

Tourist: *In French* “Do you speak French?”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

Tourist: *In bad English* “Is it possible to park our caravan outside?”

Me: “Do you mean for the night?”

Tourist: “Yes!”

Me: “That shouldn’t be any problem, but you have to wait until after eleven pm when the store closes, and at eight am tomorrow, when the store opens again, you have to move. Is that okay?”

Tourist: *Happily* “Yes, very good, no problem.”

I have the opening shift the next day. My mother drives to work and behold: around twenty to thirty caravans have taken over the entire parking spots around the football stadium! Apparently, I had misunderstood the tourist.

Mother: *In shock* “Oh, my God! Look at all those caravans! Who gave them permission to park there?”

Me: *Embarrassed* “I think I did.”

That morning, every customer that came to the store was talking about the army of caravans. I never told anyone that it was me that accidentally gave them permission. Luckily, the local football team didn’t have a match that day!

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