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*pushing carts back into the vestibule*
Customer: How dare you! I backed my car into my cart! This is your fault. Well you should have moved it for me cause that is your job.
Me: I do apologize for that. But surely you noticed the receptacle for the carts once used. We are also not hold liable for damages.

Customer: I’ll complain to your boss.

*my boss said the same thing*

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For the record, my friend and his family is from Sweden

My friend is on vacation with his mom and dad and they’re visiting his sister whom lives in the US.
When they have been out shopping for grocerys they line up at the register and wait their turn. While each register don’t have long lines, each one of them seems to take longer than necessary.
Once it’s their turn the cashier is starting to grab items from the long line of neatly stacked line of items from the belt. It dawns the cashier that all the items so far have had their barcode towards the register, so on a whim he just turn the belt on and let the long line of items pass the barcode reader without touching anything. In a blitz the entire purchase is scanned and ready to be paid for. The cashier is sort of stunned by how fast it all went so he just state the total and every thing is paid without a hitch.
When it’s time to bag all the items my friends dad, out of habit, is about to bag everything when he’s stopped by the bagger who tells him it’s his job. My friends dad just stands there waiting politely while someone else bags his purchase for once.
When done they thank the bagger and cashier and heads out of the store.

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(This is at the deli of a common grocery store. I’m standing behind, watching this exchange)
Customer: I’ll have half a pound of turkey.
Clerk: Sure thing.
(He puts .054lbs on the weight)
Clerk: It’s a little over, is that alright?
Customer: How much over?
Clerk: .4 over.
Customer: That’s fine.
Clerk: Sorry, .04 over. Math is hard (jokingly)
Customer: I know, it’s that dang metric system.

Provided An Example For Her Son Regardless

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(I am sixteen and a lesbian. I am ringing up a couple with their son.)

Mother: “You’re a very nice and polite and beautiful young lady! You’ll have no trouble finding a husband.”

Me: “Well, I’m actually a lesbian, but thank you. I’m sure I’ll find a wife.”

(All of a sudden, the mother frowns, and then grabs her groceries off the belt.)

Mother: “I’m not letting some homosexual touch my groceries! What kind of example will this set for my child?!”

(I am too shocked to respond. That’s when a voice from below speaks up.)

Son: “Mommy, didn’t you say that love is the most important thing? So does it matter is she loves boys or if she loves girls, as long as she loves them?”

(The mother’s face turned beet red from embarrassment. I was so proud of this kid and to this day I still am.)

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Peroxide Defied

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(Throughout university, I work in a health-food store. The supplement section of the store sells hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes. In order to buy it, you have to submit your name, phone number, and driver’s license number, as Canadian law dictates this information must be acquired for concentrations of 30% or more. Ours is 35%.)

Customer #1: *drops a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on the counter* “Just this, please.”

Me: “Okay, sir, but I’m going to need to grab some information before I complete the transaction.”

Customer #1: “What, why?!”

Me: “Hydrogen peroxide is regulated by the federal government; we need to collect information for concentrations 30% and above. It’s just your name, phone number, and driver’s license number.”

Customer #1: “That’s bulls***! I can go to [Home Improvement Store] and buy as many as I want and they don’t ask me for s***!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m legally required to collect this information in order to sell this to you. If you don’t give me the information, then I can’t sell it to you.”

Customer #1: “F*** you. This is a stupid f****** policy and I’m not giving you my f****** information. No one else ever asks for this information. I’m never coming back to this f****** store again!” *storms out*

(I turn to the next customer in line to apologize, and she has a look of utter bewilderment on her face and then looks at me.)

Customer #2: “What the f*** was his problem?! Does he not understand that it’s the law?!

Me: “Apparently not, but this is not the first time people have gotten upset.”

Customer #2: “Well, f*** him. Good for you staying so calm; you handle yourself very well!”

(We both laughed at how [Customer #1] had acted, and I thanked [Customer #2] for her patience. While I have since left that job for something in my career field, it still baffles me that people would be so rude to someone following the law, let alone asking for just some very basic information.)

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