The Famed Forklift Fables Of Mr. Company Man

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I worked at a family-owned retail chain that sold pet supplies and products. When I started working there, it was great and everyone I worked with was fantastic. The owners eventually wanted to retire and sold the small chain to an investment group. Once the investment group took over, almost all but a few employees were let go or forced out, or they just quit. I hung on for a little while longer before I got promoted at my other job.

The new company brought in a new manager to my store. My store was the top-performing store in the entire chain, bringing in about $10,000 to $12,000 a day on average. It was always more on weekends and especially around the holidays. The new manager was a Mr. Company Man. The company told him that they only want employees around for two or three years. I and two others had been there for over ten years. So, naturally, he began ruffling feathers and giving us all a hard time.

Unfortunately, he decided on me first. Mr. Company Man found out I was working two jobs. The two jobs were not in related fields, so there was no chance of any conflict of interest on my end. However, my second job required me to work nights and weekends. When Mr. Company Man found this out, he demanded that I work nights and weekends there, so it was “fair” for everyone. I didn’t work nights and weekends there because I was that store’s only OSHA-certified forklift operator, and deliveries didn’t come at night; they came weekday mornings. Mr. Company Man didn’t want to hear that and told me that I either had to work nights and weekends or that day would be my last day.

I told him, “Don’t threaten me with a good time. I suppose today is my last day, then.”

I was pretty pissed about that. I went home early; I didn’t finish my shift. But when I got home, I decided to call my local OSHA inspector and report the store for not having a certified operator on staff, as well as numerous other hazards. They lost close to three weeks’ profit from all the violations the inspector found. I was surprised they even showed up. In my state, the inspector will call you back after an inspection and tell you if your claims were founded or not. Mine were.

And Mr. Company Man got his a** chewed out so bad he ended up quitting.

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They Had It Coming

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I’m a seventeen-year-old “web dev” who can make basic websites and stuff to earn money for video games. The job’s pretty easy for the pay.

I get picked up by some local bakery so people can preorder cakes and stuff online. It takes me a few hours to puke out a functional back end and a day to make it all pretty. I agree to Rs 700 — basically $10 — which is insanely cheap even for India, but all I need is video game money, so I’m good with that.

When I’m done with the job, they need to purchase the domains and a server, which I explicitly explain to them: “You pay me $10 and use another $10 to buy a domain and $5 to rent servers. The total is $25.”

They give me $15 so I can set their stuff up. Once the website is fully operational, I ask for my $10. But they don’t want to pay because, “if you’re not hosting the server anyway, why do I need compensation?” Y’know, because, apparently, time has no value.

The thing is, I can still access the server as I have the credentials for it, so I go home, log in, and make one tiny change.

The way the website works is that there’s a customer page that shows you your orders, and there’s a page for the store owners to see orders, payments, etc.

I add a small, inconspicuous, “May contain semen” warning in all product details. On the page where it shows order confirmations to the customers, some options are changed to semen — like semen frosting — at random.

The website goes down in about a week and they’re back to selling on Facebook. I guess someone complained or something.

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If You Can Leave A Toxic Environment, DO IT

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This was a job I shouldn’t have taken, but I was desperate. It started showing red flags when I was told to come in and interview when the girl I was replacing was off so she wouldn’t know. Normally, I would just say no and move on, but the job I was currently at was absolutely toxic, so I was desperate.

This new job was with a small company that had about eight employees. After I had been there for about two months, I noticed that my paycheck was wrong. It turns out that the owner’s wife did the paychecks and she miscalculated. Thankfully, they got it fixed, but then I started seeing other problems.

They offered paid holidays, which sounds great, except for the fact that they were also closed around those holidays but wouldn’t pay you for them, so you had to use four of your five Paid Time Off days so you weren’t out so much money. And speaking of payday, they only paid us once a month, and the boss would conveniently “forget” to pay us — no direct deposit — until after five, so our check wouldn’t go in until the next day, or sometimes until Monday.

The boss’s wife would come in several times per week and tell me that I should be exceedingly grateful that they even thought of hiring me.

After I was there a year, the supervisor decided she was going to move back to Texas, and I thought that they were going to offer me her position. No. Instead, they expected me to do her job without any extra pay. I started looking for another job, right before 2020 became what 2020 did.

Then, in March of 2020, I was working seventy-plus hours a week, at least till the boss’s wife decided we shouldn’t be paid overtime. That is when I conveniently decided that I wasn’t going to work over my forty hours if they were going to pull that.

The boss’s son — who was a piece of work and treated me like I was stupid — was getting ready to take over the business but his dad wasn’t ready to let go. So, I would get told different things each time I spoke to one of them and then get yelled at for not doing what the other wanted first.

During this time, we hired a friend of the son’s to help out, and while I was trying to help train him, the boss’s son screamed at me for trying to take his position of training. The boss stood idly by and let him scream at me.

After they left for the day, I went into the bathroom and cried for forty-five minutes and decided I was getting out of this job. I also found out that day that the guy who had just been hired was making $2 more than I was an hour.

I ended up finding a much better job and I gave a short notice because they were notorious for not letting people work out their notices. They had me train the new guy for my last three days, but he kept telling me, “I already know this,” and didn’t look at so many of the training examples that I printed out and made special for him.

So, on my last day, after I tried to train him and he went back to his desk, I shredded all of that and all of the pertinent information that I had obtained during that time.

I’ve been at my current job for nine months, making almost triple what I was making there, and I just got a promotion. My former employers called me last week to see if I would be interested in coming back because the guy they hired just wasn’t working out. I took great pleasure in hanging up on them after telling them I was very happy in my current position.

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Hope He Doesn’t Need To Come Back For Pepper

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An order pops up on our screen. Someone used the self-serve kiosk to order a hamburger with no ketchup, no mustard, no pickle, no onions, no meat, no bun, and extra salt. I go to look for the customer, carrying a couple of salt packets. He accepts them with a smile and goes back to eating with his friends.

They leave a few minutes later, perfectly happy to have spent $1.39 on salt that they could have received for free by asking at the counter.

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As If Moving Wasn’t Stressful Enough

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Several years before we moved in together and got married, my girlfriend had to leave her student flat and moved into a small apartment. The young couple moving out didn’t seem to be the most organised people; however…

When moving into a new place, it isn’t a miracle to still receive mail for the previous tenant, so my girlfriend contacted them and had them pick it up. However, my girlfriend immediately had the feeling something was off. When the girl arrived to pick up the mail, my girlfriend asked whether they had already registered their new address with the municipality, to which the girl more or less replied, “Registering our address? What’s that?” This did not bode well.

How true her feeling was. Although they apparently did change their address in the municipal registration after this, they never did so on almost every account they seemed to had, so mail from insurance, banking, and everything else kept being sent to her address instead of theirs.

Most of it seemed to change after quite some time, except for one. A very famous company, which provides insurance for roadside assistance and traveling, kept sending in letters reminding the guy that he still hadn’t paid his fee. At some point, my girlfriend got worried about the idea of debt collectors showing up at her door, so she decided to call the company and explain that they needed to contact the guy in some other way. 

Obviously, the system of such an organisation is not made to change the contact details of a customer based on the complaint of a third party. What happened afterward, however, was really incredible. Some weeks later, my girlfriend received a phone call from the company, who wanted to speak to the guy about his outstanding fee. Taken by surprise, she stammered, “What? N… No, he doesn’t live here.”

Only after hanging up, did she realise that she had been called on her mobile phone. The only way they could have gotten the number was from her own call. That’s right. She used her mobile phone to call the company and tell them he had moved out of the address and she had moved in, so somebody thought it made sense to put in her phone number as his.

How someone thought this would make sense is beyond me, especially since the rules of the company should actually prevent this from happening. Some random people being messy with contact details is bad enough. Professionals doing it is unacceptable.

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