Not Overdoing The Oversleeping Excuse

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(This story was relayed to me by my boyfriend. He missed a test and has gone to his professor to ask if he can make it up, though he knows this professor is very strict.)

Professor: “Uh-huh… and why did you miss this test?”

Boyfriend: “I overslept.”

Professor: “Sure, you… Wait. What?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, I overslept and missed it.”

Professor: “I… you… You know what? Sure.”

Boyfriend: “Really?”

Professor: “Yeah. You know why? Because you told the truth. You didn’t make up some story; you accepted guilt for missing the test. I have so many students come up here and give me wild stories for why they were absent, but no one, no one ever ‘just overslept.’ So, you get a make up, just this once.”

(At this he turns to the rest of the class.)


(My boyfriend did really well on the makeup test!)

Testing Out The Hiding Places

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(In France, teachers grade on a scale of 0 to 20, on which 0 is the worst grade, and 20 is the best. One day I get a nine in English. Upset with this score, I hide my test in my desk, under my textbooks. Several years after, my mother wants to replace my desk and finds my test.)

Mother: “[My Name]?”

Me: “Yes?”

Mother: *laughing* “Why did you hide such a good grade?”

(I looked at my test. My grade was nine… out of ten! I had forgotten that my teacher preferred to give two little tests in the same week on scale of 0 to 10, rather than a big test graded on the scale 0 to 20. I had let that bug me for years!)

Doesn’t Know Numbers Or Words

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(Our math teacher is on maternity leave and we have a substitute. We’ve had multiple occasions to doubt his skills, but the test he assigns is the last straw. The test consists of four exercises, of which one is marked “optional.”)

Student: “Excuse me, prof, I have a question regarding how you graded the test. Those who did any two exercises and the fourth one got a passing grade, and those who did the first three exercises failed. Why would you do that?”

Teacher: *looks at student as if he never saw a weirder animal* “Isn’t it obvious? The fourth exercise is optional!”

(More students start voicing their opinion, until the teacher has had enough.)

Teacher: “Cut this out! What’s so hard to understand? The exercise is worth four points because it’s more difficult than the others, and I marked it ‘optional’ because you were supposed to solve it!”

A Questionable Approach To Questions

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(I have ADHD, which leads to some interesting test-taking strategies. I’m outside the exam room, talking to some friends before the exam.)

Friend #1: “I’m just worried about running out of time!”

Me: “I always finish half an hour early.”

Friend #1: “What the hell? How do you do that?”

Me: “If the questions are too long I won’t process any of it, so I just guess and move on. It’s better to just guess and move on than waste ten minutes trying to understand a single question.”

([Friend #1] gets a shocked look on their face as [Friend #2] comes along.)

Friend #1: *to [Friend #2]* “Don’t let [My Name] tell you any of his testing strategies; they’ll just stress you out!

Keeping Score Of The Cheating

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(I am a high school sophomore, and this is my first year in a public school. I had been homeschooled previously. We are taking a very important vocabulary test, and I am writing my answers on a separate piece of paper so that I can determine my score after the test, as our teachers are slow at grading. I am very good at vocabulary, so I go to turn in my paper first, and I am holding the other paper. I don’t realize, but it probably looks like I have been cheating.)

Boy: “Is [My Name] cheating?”

(Everyone looks up. I am confused, until my friend facepalms and gestures to the paper.)

Me: “What? Oh! No, no, this is, this isn’t…”

(The teacher takes the paper to look at what is on it. As I look at it again, I realize it definitely looks like a cheat sheet. I think I am in deep trouble, but…)

Teacher: “Calm down, everyone; it’s just a story.” *looks at me seriously* “How many times do I have to tell you to save the fanfiction for your own time?”

Me: *stunned* “Uh… A lot. Sorry.”

(She gives me the paper back. For fifteen minutes, I am puzzled, as there is absolutely no way this “cheat sheet” can be mistaken as a story. After class, the teacher calls me over and asks what I was really doing; I explain it to her.)

Me: “Thanks, by the way… Why’d you do that?”

Teacher: “Oh, I knew you wouldn’t need to cheat on this. Even if you did, I feel like you’re too smart to just let yourself be caught like that.”

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