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(My parents, niece, nephew and me are on our way to an amusement park. My Mom and me are sitting in the front, my niece, nephew and dad on the back row. To pass time we play ‘I spy with my little eye’
Note: I died my hair a dark, natural looking red for almost 10 years and my niece and nephew have never seen me with another color)

Dad: “I spy with my little eye, something brown”
Nephew: ” [My name]’s hair!”
Dad: “Yeah, that’s right!”
Me: *slowly turning around* “Seriously? My hair’s red, not brown.”
Dad and nephew: “No it’s brown.”
Me, my mom and niece: “It’s red.”
Dad: “No way!”
Me: *holding a strand into the light, so it shines red* “Are you still sure or should I show you the package of my hair dye?”

They still tried to argue about my hair color for a while. I guess you can say: women and men really see colors different.

Gives As Good As You Get

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(Aside from the regular kitchen staff, we employ a “helper” who comes in during the weekend to do basic prep and clean-up for the coming week: an elderly friend of the boss who is bored from being retired. His German is quite broken, since he’s an Iranian immigrant, and he’s a lot older than our kitchen staff. I get along with him very well, though, and we chat a lot when we work together, even if it takes a bit of effort to understand each other. Another coworker, however, doesn’t seem to like him and complains to me one day.)

Coworker: “Ugh, I really don’t want to work with Mr. [Helper] this weekend. He’s so much trouble to deal with.”

Me: “Trouble how?”

Coworker: “He never cleans anything after finishing a task; his area is always a mess! And he doesn’t even notice our dishes piling up; you’d think he could help with the dishwasher once in a while. He’s more hindrance than help!”

(I’m surprised by this, because whenever I work with him, his area is spotless, and he makes it a point to not leave until he’s cleaned up everything around him, even if his shift is long finished. He also helps out with many tasks without me asking. The next time I work with him, I decide to ask.)

Me: *jokingly* “So, Mr. [Helper], I heard from [Coworker] that you were a little troublemaker. What’s this about you not cleaning up anything nor helping out?”

Helper: “Oh, that man!” *looks around to see if anyone else can hear us* “I give him trouble, yes? He give me more! Pushing me away, never talk to me, just drop things to clean on my table, shoving things in my way so I notice. Well, I decide not to notice.” *now whispering quite sadly* “He never even say hello to me. One time he say to someone else that I am disgusting. I know not why, but now I make sure I am disgusting! For him! He treat me like dog, I will poo on his floor like dog!”

(He’d purposely given the coworker trouble for mistreating him. Everybody else treated him very kindly, so there weren’t any problems with anyone. The complaining coworker left us pretty soon after, and I never heard another bad word about our helper. In fact, he went out of his way to get everyone flowers for their birthdays and other little favours. I suppose the love you take IS equal to the love you make!)

You Can’t Just Take It On The Chin-Chilla

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(It’s a Saturday evening. We are at home trying to have a relaxed evening when our chinchilla starts having a seizure. She has had them before; her liver is severely damaged because of pain medication she was on some years before. Our vet told us that if she had a seizure again, we would have to put her to sleep. Because the cramps stopped after about an hour and a half the last time this happened, we decide to wait and hope she’ll get better soon. But after two hours pass and there is no foreseeable recovery, we decide with a heavy heart that this will be her last evening. Because we don’t feel too comfortable driving to a vet with a wriggling chinchilla in our hands, we start looking for an emergency vet who does home visits, to have her put to sleep. I find one and give the telephone number to my dad. He puts the phone on loudspeaker so we can help him explain.)

Vet: “[Vet].”

Dad: “[Dad] speaking. Good evening. We are having problems with our chinchilla. It is having—”

Vet: *interrupting* “I’m not handling emergencies anymore. Call [Animal Clinic], instead.”

Dad: “They don’t offer emergency services anymore. Please, we just need to have it—”

Vet: *interrupting again* “Go and call [Animal Clinic]. Good night.” *hangs up*

(We just looked at each other in disbelief. Desperate to relieve our poor pet, we had no other choice but drive over 20 miles to a different vet that had emergency services, in the middle of the night, in a snowstorm, with a severely cramping chinchilla in our hands. To this day, I can’t believe that a vet, who explicitly offers emergency services on both his website and answering machine, refused to even listen to what we wanted.)

Out Of The Closet, And Now Raiding It

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(My father just recently came out as a trans woman to my sister and me. We’re in our twenties and, though we are both cis women, occasionally we like to wear comfortable clothes that are branded as masculine. My father opens up her closet and proudly shows us all the hidden skirts, blouses, pumps, and handbags, while also allowing us to take anything we want from her masculine clothing. It’s worth noting that her current style, contrary to the clothes she wore while closeted, is very cheerful and bright.)

Father: “Now you can finally take all my shirts as pyjamas, [Sister]!”

Sister: *grabs huge stacks of clothing*

Father: “You have to be quick, [My Name], or she will take everything.”

Me: “Hmm, have you got any flannel shirts?”

Father: “Did you ever see me wearing flannel shirts?”

(I take my time looking at her blouse, flowers all over it, and bright pink skirt.)

Me: “That’s really no longer an argument.”

(We had a good laugh!)

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(During my senior years in school I worked at a gas station in my village on weekends. We are a small community, so if there was an opening, our bosses would interview applicants and would decide without work trials or anything. This meant no one saw the applicants in action until after they were hired when they started training. One day we got a new coworker, a woman in her late 20s that would work fulltime. She had just moved here recently, but i’ve met her befor: On our annual rose-monday-party she befriended my mom and her friends and partied with them. I remember her as a very outgoing, over the top cheery and loud person, in a negative way. But as that party was full of alcohol and the same description would have matched many women there at 2 AM after a few too many cocktails, i thought nothing of it.

However, it turned out that her behaviour that night was not due to being drunk, but a perfect representation of her normal behaviour. All of us work the majority of our shift alone without a coworker or boss present, but we soon started getting complaints about her from customers. She acted unprofesssional, was rude to regular costumers and when she messed up, she left us to figure it out and pick up the pieces without even an apology.
For example: Back then there was a famous commercial for an online clothing store, where women would freak out and start shrieking when the postman deliveres a package from the store. Our gas station had a small postal service desk. One day a elderly male customer brought a package from the online store in to send it back. When our coworker saw the store box, she started jumping up and down, shrieking. The customer left and later told our boss that he would never come to us for gas or postal service again due to her unprofessional behaviour. As we are one of many gas and postal stations in a sparsely populated area, this was not something we took lightly.

Another time i was working the late shift after she had the morning shift. We only counted the register once at the end of the day, and this day it was over 30 Euros short. It was an odd number that was missing, which rules out that one of us gave out an extra bill on accident. After some searching i discovered the reason: We had paper gift certificates that our register treats as cash. When customers use a certificate for less than it is worth, we noted the amount they used the certificate for and the amount left on it in a field that is between the line that stated the value of the certificate and the line that stated the date of issue and name of the worker that issued it. As you always had to check both lines befor accepting a certificate, there is no way to not see if a certificate has been used befor. In the register that day, there was a gift certificate that used to be worth 50 Euros, but several previous purchases brought its value down to 13 Euros. Not only was the certificate expired, the reciept of that transaction showed she accepted the certificate for the whole 50 Euro.

Several other things happened and we all got fed up with her behaviour. Then one weekend i was scheduled to work sunday, i got a call on saturday at 11 AM.)

Boss: [My name], could you work the late shift today?

Me: Sure, no problem. Normal late shift, starting at 2?

Boss: Well, would you mind to start at 12? I will come and relieve you an hour early tonight, but i cannot come in at noon and [coworker 2] is not feeling well, so she asked to leave early to go to the doctor.

(I lived close to the station and had no plans for the day, so i took the shift and relieved [coworker 2] at noon. Checking the schedule, i saw that [coworker] was supposed to work the shift i took over. Curious what caused the last-minute rescheduling, i asked my boss what happened when the relieved my from my shift.)

Boss: Well, as you know, [Coworker 2] asked to leave early. I called [coworker] to ask if she could come in early. She told me not only would she not come in early, she would not come at all, neither today nor for any other shift she is scheduled for! Apparently she found another job she will start on monday!

Me: What? Did she tell anyone she was quitting? What about giving two-weeks-notice?

Boss: She did not! She did not even tell us she was not comming in today! Thank god i called her this morning, or we would not have known until after her shift started and [coworker 2] would have had to stay longer until i had found a replacement!

(While none of us were sad to see her go, we were all shocked by her ignorant and insolent behaviour. She has not changed a single bit since, both professionally and in private.

She went on to jump from job to job, alienating everyone in the village with her behaviour. Eventually she convinced her husband to sign over his family home to her, then threw him out and filed for divorce two weeks later, letting her boyfriend move into the house the day after.
After the experience with her, our Bosses implemented work trials with both them and one of the other workers befor they would hire anyone. We all rather worked extra shifts for weeks than risk hiring anyone we were not convinced would do a good job.)

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