Putting On A Brave Font

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I’ve been at my current office for coming up two years now and I like the environment. I suffer from dyslexia but have purchased a dyslexic-friendly font, a font converter, and a specific reader so my disability is barely noticeable as I work.

The only annoyance I really suffer is one coworker who prints out everything she emails me and puts it on my desk. I have hit close to twenty times telling her that I have great difficulty reading normal font on normal paper. I have shown her her email in my reader, too, so that she can see I have it. I have sent her the font so that she could print what she wants me to have in a text I can read, but nothing. 

Today, I picked up the sheet as she put it on my desk and dropped it straight into the recycle bin behind me, barely breaking eye contact as I did. She was shocked and annoyed, but I told her that that’s what would happen to every sheet of paper she put on my desk from now on.

I can’t wait to see what happens when I get my next email from her.

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Our store accepts returns within thirty days if you have your receipt and the merchandise is in the original packaging. If you’re a store member you have 365 days to return the merchandise. If someone doesn’t have the receipt we can only give store credit. 

We have a parking lot where you can park if you’re inside our store, but only for two hours. There’s a mall right beside us, and we have someone working our parking lot to make sure no one parks there and then goes to the mall. 

Yesterday someone bought a lot of stuff and said no to the receipt that I offered. I heard from my shift leader that they came back when I was on break and wanted to return everything they bought. They were pretty mad because they were told that they couldn’t park in our lot and go somewhere else for hours. Because of this, they wanted to boycott our store. When they were told they needed to have the receipt to get money back they got livid. 

They started yelling at everyone in the store, and said that they were never coming to our store again. Luckily, my shift leader hates customers who get angry with our employees, and so refused to come get me to recognize our customers. I hope those people don’t come back; I can’t stand those customers.

Crime Stinks

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New perfume sample bottles are put out one day. Security catches a guy watching, and sure enough, he starts to sneak around. Before long, he has twenty full bottles stashed in his coat and pants pockets, never realizing we watched the whole thing on camera.

Security is waiting by the door, but when they approach him, he takes off running. It turns out it’s not easy to run with a few pounds of glass bottles clanking around. He makes it about five feet out the door before he trips and hurts himself. Security brings him back in.

This is where the problem begins. A bunch of the bottles cracked in the fall. By the time we get him back to the office, his coat is actually wet with perfume. The combination of scents is eye-watering.

We call the police and try to set up a fan to blow the smell out of the hallway to no avail. The first cop rounds the corner, pauses, and just mutters, “Oh, my God,” before he even sees the thief.

Police end up drawing straws to see whose patrol car the guy will be in. Later, when I see that cop, he tells me the jail wasn’t happy as the thief was held for the weekend, and the cell still hasn’t aired out.

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You Have To Nip That One In The Bud

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I used to work in a college bookstore at a university in Texas. In addition to books and school supplies, we sold clothing and other paraphernalia with the university name on it. Naturally, we had mannequins for displaying the clothes in the store windows.

One time, we had gotten new mannequins, as the old ones were getting pretty beat up. These mannequins were fairly anatomically correct on the torso, but none of the management or staff thought anything of it until one day we were informed that a lady had come into the office screaming her head off about our “obscene” mannequins. She demanded that something be done about them and ended up writing a letter of complaint to the regional office.

I still wince when I think about the sight of my male coworker sanding the nipples off of the poor female mannequins with a power-sander.

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Spoiler: This Story Does Not Contain A Birthday Breakup

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I start dating a guy in high school, and we really hit it off. However, once we graduate, we go to different colleges in two different states. We begin a long-distance relationship. Our first year of college, it’s fine. We call a lot, talk over Skype, email frequently, and still manage to spend time together when we visit our hometown.

At the beginning of our second year of college, his parents divorce. It really hits him hard. I try to be as supportive as I can, but he begins to withdraw. We schedule times to Skype, but he begins to log in less and less often. Longer time passes between emails. Whenever he digitally stands me up, he always apologizes and gives me his reason: “I was so tired, I just had to nap,” “I was feeling really fried from finals and couldn’t talk,” “Stuff was going down at home, and I just don’t want to talk about it.”

As this goes on for months with communication between us becoming increasingly infrequent, I begin to voice that I feel neglected and that it hurts whenever he goes for weeks without talking to me. As always, he apologizes, but nothing ever changes. He says if I “just pick a date and time,” he’ll do his best to Skype with me. I do, but he always winds up canceling or not logging in. I can see the signs of the relationship failing right there, but I really like this guy. When we do talk, he has a great sense of humor. We also share the same quirky interests in some really niche stuff.

Into our third year of college — yes, I did wait two years for him to come to terms with his parents’ divorce — it becomes months between contact. I send emails and texts and leave voicemails when I can. I even agree to watch his favorite television show with him in its entirety — well over 100 episodes — just to spend time with him. We have simultaneously streamed shows before and talked over Skype while we watched them. It is something we enjoyed doing together. However, even that doesn’t change how infrequently he contacts me.

He apologizes again and insists that if I “just pick a date and time” he will do better this time. At this point, I tell him any time is fine as I will clear my schedule just to talk to him. It’s now two weeks until my birthday. He makes a promise: “I absolutely promise that I will be online before your birthday so we can talk.” He makes it sound like this will be a long conversation, possibly streaming a television show, and that we’ll be able to catch up on lost time. However, he doesn’t give me a date or time.

For the next two weeks, I spend as much time as I can on my computer because I want to talk to him as long as possible — as he made it sound. It eats my life. As soon as I’m done with dinner on campus, usually 7:00 pm, I’m online. I stay online until midnight or 1:00 am, just to see if he’ll speak with me. Some nights, I’m online as early as 5:00 am. Yes, I’m the fool who waited for six hours a day for my boyfriend to Skype me.

It’s the night before my birthday at 11:30 pm. At this point, I am so frustrated and sleep deprived that I’m sobbing. I move my mouse over to click on “Log Out” as I figure he has completely flaked again. It’s at that exact moment the notification pops up and he logs in. He gives me a huge string of smiley emojis and says, “See, I told you I’d be on before your birthday!” He has no idea why I am mad at him. After all, he made it “just in time” for my birthday even though we can’t talk for more than half an hour because of classes.

His birthday is the following month. I wait until 1:30 am the night after his birthday ends and send him an email breaking up with him — it’s not like I can even get a hold of him face to face anymore. He replies back, furious, “How dare you ruin my birthday like that?!” I reply with, “It wasn’t technically your birthday anymore.”

And that is the last I’ve ever heard from him. I have no regrets about how I broke up with him.

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