Like A Retail Unicorn

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My roommates and I are at a local big box store picking up our weekly rations, and we decide to swing by the electronics department. On the shelf, we see a battered and dog-eared copy of a strategy guide for a popular game that came out almost twenty years ago and has had a sequel but no remakes or other circumstances that would merit reprinting a guide. We debate how it came to be there and decide to find out what they are charging for it, out of sheer curiosity. 

At the register, the barcode does not scan, and the cashier can’t find the book in inventory. After a brief consultation with her supervisor, they decide that we can just take it so they don’t have to deal with the inventory headache.

Walking out, it hits us: this may be the only time “It didn’t ring up, so it must be free” was said by the staff to the customers.

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The Flight And Mom Are Both Grounded

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The flight I am on is delayed due to a hydraulic system failure and we are asked to deplane. Being at the front of the plane and on a tight schedule for my connecting flight, I head right for the podium to get an alternate flight.

The customer rep is in the middle of reviewing possible flight options for me when a flight attendant emerges from the plane guiding a young boy. It turns out he’s an unaccompanied minor. Part of the contract his mom had signed to let him fly was agreeing to stay in the airport until the plane took off… in case of something like a hydraulic system failure grounding the plane.

She had not. I got a front-row seat to watch as the crew took care of the boy, who was very well-behaved, waited quietly, and played his Switch — and tried to get his mom back.

This was a significant undertaking. The rep had to call multiple people and tell them that the mom needed to come back, that not being here was a violation of the contract, and that no, they couldn’t just put the boy on another plane without parental supervision. And each person needed to be told each of these things repeatedly.

Kudos to the airline for their handling of the situation, but what the heck was the mom doing in the late afternoon that it required this much convincing to come back for her son?

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Another Day, Another Way To Cope With The Jerks

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I’m a closing manager at a fast food restaurant. My cashier is a sweet older lady who works circles around our younger workers. It’s summer and it’s hot and none of us are beauty-contest worthy at the moment.

A rude, demanding customer came through the drive-thru. He changed his order several times and ended up pulled to the waiting slot. He yelled at my cashier. I told her to let me deal with him. The bigger bosses were just leaving, and as a brand-new manager, I don’t have much authority.

Until they leave.

The customer came storming up to the counter, yelling that my sweating, hard-working cashier had been disgusting and drooling. He wanted all fresh stuff; I rang it up and asked him to wait. He tossed his receipt on the counter and stormed out to his car. We made him fresh food, and I took it out to him. He again complained about my cashier, cooks, and everyone. I gave him his food and apologized for his experience, as the big bosses rarely have my back.

Our company is big on online surveys. Anything on them is treated as written in blood, even if it’s ludicrous, and anything less than a five out of five is punished.

Guess whose receipt I grabbed from where the customer had thrown it on the counter?

Guess who left a glowing five-out-of-five review and praised my cashier by name?

Guess who isn’t the least bit sorry?

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Her Common Sense Is Disabled

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I work for a well-known video game retail chain. I’m sitting in my car having my lunch when I see one of our regular customers park a few spaces farther from the building than I am, maybe four or five rows back from the entrance. I groan when I see her, because she is one of our “I am entitled to everything” types and generally difficult to deal with. I breathe a sigh of relief when I realize she is approaching the cell provider next door, carrying a handful of accessories and cables and likely planning to make somebody else’s day difficult rather than mine.

Just as she puts her foot up on the sidewalk in front of their door, she pauses, looks back over her shoulder, marches all the way back to her car, and moves it several spaces closer into the disabled parking space she had just noticed was empty.

This lady seriously walked all the way to the building and back to her car before taking a space somebody else might have needed, just because she believed she was saving herself a walk.

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Will Have To Tighten Your (Seat)Belts

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I’m the proper idiot here. For reference, I have a Ph.D. but all the common sense of a potato.

My car seatbelt started sticking, so it usually takes a few attempts to pull it down to click in. I book my car in to get it fixed, and in the meantime, I stick some duct tape on the belt to stop it from retracting all the way. When I drop my car in to get it fixed, I think that the tape looks tatty, so I pull out my trusty pen knife to cut it off.

Yeah, it turns out that car seatbelts slice really easily. And they cost £130 to replace.

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