At Least It’s Easier To Clean Than A Mask

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After a few months of wearing masks, my workplace switched to “face shields” — plastic shields covering the face, strapped onto a band or nose clip — to reduce stress on our part while still fulfilling company (and other) rules.

Since temperatures started to rise again, a coworker of mine brought fresh ice cream on cones from a shop directly next to ours for us to enjoy. 

Remember the face shields? I surely forgot, only reminded after I licked the inside of the screen and squished the ice cream on the other side of it.

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The Tale Of The Ping-Pong Package

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During the global health crisis, my mother is out of work due to school closures — she works for a school district — so she fills her idle time by making cloth masks for friends and family. She runs out of elastic for straps early on, and since most of the fabric and craft stores in our areas are closed, she places an order online for a roll of elastic. She’s given a tracking number and she waits for it to arrive.

And waits… and waits… and waits…

At first, we assume that the shipment is simply delayed due to the current global crisis; mail and shipments, in general, are slow at the moment. But when she checks the tracking information online a week after the order was supposed to arrive, she finds that the package has gone from the original shipper in Oklahoma to a town in Nevada… to California… then back to Nevada… then to Utah… and then back to Nevada.

Weeks pass, and soon checking the tracking information on this package has stopped being annoying and has become hilarious. Every evening, Mom checks the tracking number and goes “Where will my package end up tonight?” And for whatever reason, it keeps bouncing between random cities throughout the USA and this town in Nevada — a town whose name isn’t even remotely similar to the name of our hometown in Idaho.

Mom does finally contact the company, which gives her a full refund for the wayward package… and the package itself finally turns up on our doorstep over two months later, battered and dirty. I still think Mom got her money’s worth in entertainment just from tracking this package’s back-and-forth journey across the country.

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(The manager is called down, and the story was told from both sides with other customers backing me up as she was accusing me of yelling and swearing. The customer was basically told the same thing that I was trying to say about carrier bags. She admitted defeat but told my manager she wanted this logged as an official complaint against me. Manager pulled me to one side saying by company policy they are meant to give me a verbal warning but that they found it so funny that no such action would take place.)
(In the UK we have implemented a 5p charge on carrier bags; this is to help reduce the number of carrier bags going into landfills. Our store had implemented this well before the other stores. If a customer came in for one item that was easy to carry or put in pocket/handbag no carrier bag was offered, yet if they had sufficient items you would offer a carrier bag but explain it would cost them 5p. A very posh looking woman enters the store, walks up the sweets aisle, picks up a small chocolate bar and come over to my till.)
Me: “Hello, did you find everything you needed today?”
Customer: *said in a posh voice but also very belittling* “Yes, that will be all.”
Me: “Okay, that is [price], please.”
Customer: “Give me a carrier bag.”
Me: “Okay, but carrier bags are 5p now, what with our store’s initiatives to—”
Customer: *cuts me off* “I AM NOT PAYING FOR A CARRIER BAG!”
Me: “I’m sorry, but it just company policy—”
(A queue has built up now and I am beginning to lose my temper. Suddenly an idea pops in my head.)
Me: “One moment, please.”
(I walk out of my till, and walk over to the fruit and veg section nearby, pick up a small plastic bag that would used to place small amounts of loose fruit or veg in. Walk back to till and place chocolate bar inside bag and hand it to customer.)
Me: “There we go. So, that was [price], please.”
Customer: “WHAT IS THAT?”
Me: “Well, it is a carrier bag suitable for the small nature of your product and will not cost you a penny extra on your [price], please.”
(The queue of people are making comments about how silly she has been, asking for a carrier bag for a chocolate bar and refusing to pay for a one.)

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(i use to work as a cashier at a well known popular store. we had recently changed our policy that all card payments need to be payed at the money center. i currently have no one in my line when a middle eastern man comes up to my line holding a payroll card)

Man: I need to put money on my card.

Me: I’m sorry sir but we cant do that here you have to take it to the money center.

Man: No i always pay it at the register.

Me: I’m sorry we changed the policy we cant take payments here.

(At this point hes noticeably agitated so i go to take his card sense usually the manager will tell us to do it if its a low enough amount.)

Me: How much did you want on it i can do it this time.

Man: No im going somewhere else your racist.

(I stand there dumbfounded as he leaves and i look around confused.)

Me: How is me following the rules racist?

(My coworker could only shrug there shoulders before going back to there register.)

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(This happens WAY too often – ESPECIALLY with regulars.)


(The people in the store nod and wave at me and continue their conversations at their tables. Note: these guys sit around for HOURS, but we allow it, because they make purchases throughout the day, and are generally pretty cool people…until our posted closing time.)

Customer: Oh no wait, you’re closing? Hang on! I need to get a Coke! Oh, and I forgot to get my cards earlier, can I buy them now?

Me, in my head: You’ve come to this store for THREE YEARS and you STILL don’t know our closing times???

(This is why I make a point of only closing ONE of our two registers.)