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I am in a dollar store and I have a bunch of stuff in my hands including: my wallet, some items to purchase, and my cellphone. Also note: I am wearing my sunglasses and my work shirt (which is blue–the employees at this dollar store wear green shirts with black aprons). I am looking at a wall of tissue paper when this happens…
Man: *walks up to me, looks at my shirt and then my face* Do you work here?
Me: No???????
I’m not sure how sunglasses wouldn’t be an indicator of me not working there but okay…maybe he thought I was blind.

He’s Ring Out Of Luck

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(I’m working the closing shift on a Sunday night. Sunday nights are usually dead since we are located out in the middle of nowhere, and all but one of the tills have been pulled at this point. My coworker is running the cash and there is a line of three people while I straighten up items in the cosmetics area. All of a sudden, a man comes up to the cosmetics counter and snaps his fingers at me as if I were a dog.)

Customer: “Hey, I need some help over here!”

(I fume silently, as I despise customers who act like this. I try to be polite, anyway, as we’ve had a change in management and frankly, the new store manager is an a** who fires people for nothing and I’m trying to stay on his good side until I find a new job.) 

Me: “Yes, sir, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I need you to ring me up; the line is too long.” *gestures to the line that has dwindled down to two people*

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the front register is the only one with a till in it, so you’ll have to check out over there.”

(I smile politely and turn to go back to straightening up when I hear him scoff behind me.)

Customer: *leans towards me, trying to look threatening* “You’ve got to be kidding me! I guess I’ll have to put all of this stuff back, then, and go to a twenty-four-hour store, because I’m not waiting in line.”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, sir. If you’ll leave everything on the counter, I can go put it back for you.”

Customer: “Excuse me? I don’t think you understand.” *suddenly gives me a smug look as he throws his credit card on the counter* “I’m not going to another [Store].” 

(He doesn’t say anything after this and just continues to smile at me smugly. I’m honestly baffled at this point and just want to get back to straightening the area up so I can go home.)

Me: “Um… Okay? Well, let me know if you need help with anything else, then, because like I said, the front register is the only one working right now.”

(I quickly walk to the other end of the store to find a different area to fix and forget about the guy until the store closes and everyone is getting ready to leave. He is standing outside of the locked doors with his arms crossed, just glaring at us as we are getting ready to walk outside. He weirds my manager out enough that she calls the cops on him when she asks him to leave and he won’t. His reasoning?)

Customer: *pointing at me* “That b**** refused me service and I’m not leaving without my stuff!”

(Eventually, the cops came and convinced him to get lost. I actually got written up later for “refusing” the guy service, despite my many protests, and have since found a better job.)

I’m Putting My Broken Foot Down On This

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(Our store manager is not well-liked. She harasses people about mistakes, makes up new rules without notice, “loses” day-off requests, and is a nightmare to work with. I injure my ankle in a work-related accident, and I’m told by the doctor I have to sit while working. I go in to pass on the restriction.)

Manager: “This won’t work. You have to be at the register.”

Me: “There’s no way for me to sit with how high the counter is.”

Manager: “Then you’ll have to stand.”

Me: “My doctor has said I can’t. I can greet or do [Department] work, but I can’t ring.”

Manager: “No, you’re going to be at the register or you’re fired.”

Me: “So, you’re ignoring my doctor’s orders — caused by an accident in your store — because you want an extra cashier, which could delay my ankle healing or even make it worse?”

Manager: “Don’t talk back to me! I’m in charge!”

Me: “You’re actually breaking the law. If you’re going to ignore doctor’s orders, I’m going to make a few phone calls.”

Manager: “Fine! It had better be a phone call for a ride home!”

(I step out and call the district manager. He picks up.)

Me: “Hey, it’s [My Name] from [Store]. You might want to have a chat with [Manager].”

District Manager: “What’s going on?”

(I explain what’s happened. He’s silent the entire time, and only talks when I’ve finished.)

District Manager: “I’m going to take care of this. Stay there; I’ll call you back.”

(A couple of minutes later, someone radios that [Manager] has a phone call. I can hear her talking through the office door.)

Manager: “Hello?” *pause* “Yes, but I don’t care; it could be fake…” *pause* “It’s signed, yes…” *pause* “There’s a phone number for the office on it, yes.” *pause* “No, I’m too busy to call them…” *pause* “I know it’s illegal but she’s probably faking it…” *pause* “What?!” *pause* “Okay… Okay.”

(I hear her set down the phone. I get a call on my cell phone another minute later.)

District Manager: “Hey, [My Name], go ahead and greet up front. Someone should be able to get you a chair up there. I’m sorry about all this.”

(The store manager was fired soon after, for that and many other reasons.)

About To Realize A Change

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(I am shopping for some small craft things while waiting to meet friends, and the cashier has just rung up my half-full basket.)

Cashier: “That’s £20, please.”

Me: *while swiping my card* “Wow, really? How often is it a round number like that?!”

Cashier: “Uh-huh.”

Me: “That’s funny. £20 exactly, no change.”

Cashier: *looking confused and handing me my receipt* “Yeah. Thanks…”

(Talking to my friends later, I pulled out the receipt. It was then I realised I’d been in a store where everything is exactly one pound.)

Face The Cold Reality Of The Non-Purchaser  

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(There is a town festival event where lots of local vendors set up stalls for charity. There are fairground rides and a local celebrity is due to arrive at six pm — after our store is closed. It is winter and about -4 degrees Celsius, so customers have started crowding around the front of our store where our heating blasts out, blocking the entryway and not buying anything. We make almost no money because of the crowd huddled in our entryway to take advantage of our heating but not coming inside. Closing time comes around.)

Me: “Sorry, guys! You need to move forward so I can close the door. We’re closing for the night.”

Random Man: “But the celebrity is due any minute!”

Me: “Sir, you need to move outside of the store so I can close the door.”

Random Man: “Can’t you just keep them open? It’s so cold outside. I don’t want to buy anything; I just want to stay warm.”

(Convincing as his argument was, I wasn’t going to stay open for a customer that deliberately told me he wasn’t going to buy anything.)

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