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(I work in a small store so when it gets slow I walk the store and check on customers.)

Me: *to an older gentleman* “Are you still finding everything alright?”

Older Gentleman: *walks away and ignores me*

(I stand where I am for a moment, a little taken aback as older customers are usually very nice to me.)

Younger Customer: *looks at me, looks at older customer, looks back at me* “Well I am finding everything perfectly fine! Thank you for asking!”

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(I am the furniture manager, at a retail establishment that sells close out items mostly. Our motto is surprising savings in every aisle everyday. On this particular day a customer comes in for the second time in two weeks to buy a couch. His wife is a different breed that is skinny, but has huge boobs. She is wearing extremely short shorts and a halter top.)

Me: “The total for the first order is 748.00 and for the second order is 60.69.”

Husband: “You hear that baby, the total has 69 in it. Looks like we’re breaking in the couch when we get home.”

(The wife grabs his junk and smiles and winks. I just smile mortified, wanting to go home.)

Parenting Doesn’t Have To Be Reserved For Children

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(I’m standing in line with my toddler. There are a couple of young men behind me, who look to be in their late teens or early twenties, talking and joking with each other.)

Guy #1: *very loudly, leaning slightly toward me* “Y’know, some people don’t even look old enough to be parents, [Guy #2].”

Me: *turns around* “Well, I’m twenty-eight, so…”

(I turn back around, and the first guy stammers a bit while the other one laughs.)

Guy #2: “Haha! Serves you right!” *pause* “Oh, my God, dude, you’re turning so red right now!”

(Hopefully that will teach him to mind his own business.)

Not Feeling This Story Anymore

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(I work in the fitting room. One of my duties is answering all incoming telephone calls. One day it is rather slow. A coworker is hanging out near the fitting room, and we are chatting.)

Coworker: “When I was in high school, my youth pastor would have us all over to his house and—”

(The phone rings.)

Coworker: “—I’ll finish my story after you get that.”

Me: *not really paying much attention to what I’m saying* “Thank you for calling [Store]. How may I feel you today?”

(My coworker bursts out laughing. I don’t know if the customer noticed, because she didn’t say anything about it, just asked to be transferred to a certain department.)

Coworker: “I’m not going to finish my story. It can’t compete with that.”

Obama Drama, Part 4

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(I work at an office supply store in the printing department. It is a Saturday evening, and a coworker and I are currently putting out ads for the next week. We have just closed our doors, and everything is going fine until we get a call. I don’t pay much attention until my coworker calls me over to take it, as it is for my department. Keep in mind that we are currently closed.)

Me: “Thank you for holding. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I was wondering if I could get a price quote on some prints?”

Me: “Sure thing! What are you looking to get?”

(The customer proceeds to describe what he wants, which goes on for a few minutes. The conversation goes well, nothing out of the ordinary, until we reach the end of the conversation.)

Customer: “Sounds good! What time do you all close?”

Me: “We closed about 15 minutes ago, sir, but we open back up at 10:00 tomorrow morning.”

Customer: “Aw, man, really? I am actually just right outside. Could you make an exception?”

Me: “No, I’m afraid not, but like I said, we open back up tomorrow.”

Customer: “But I’m from out of town and I really need this done.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we are closed.”

Customer: “But I’m from Texas; does that change anything?”

Me: “Unfortunately not, sir. We are still closed, regardless.”

(We go back and forth like this for several minutes. He is getting irate the longer it goes on, and so am I. I try to keep the friendliest voice I can muster. It seems like he has finally decided to give up, until the customer says something I never expected.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Like I said before, we are closed.”

Customer: *in a threatening tone* “Do I need to call Obama to confirm that you’re closed?”

Me: *legitimately speechless*

Customer: *click*

(After I hung up the phone, I told my coworker and manager. They both got a pretty good kick out of it! It was the strangest phone call I have ever received. We also never did get that phone call from Obama.)



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