Taking The Time To Say Thank You

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(I’m ringing up a customer, and it proves to be very difficult. There are lots of factors at play, like three discounts I have to apply. She’s doing multiple returns, and we’re also trying to figure out if her store credit card is still active. To top it all off, our registers are old as dirt and can’t handle all of the extra stuff I’m trying to do, so I have to restart the transaction multiple times. I’m pretty good at manipulating our antiquated system, and I’m usually fairly quick on the registers, but all in all, it takes a good ten minutes to process everything for her, and I have to do three separate transactions to make sure everything gets done correctly.)

Customer: “I’m sorry to put you through all of this and take up your time. Thank you so much for your patience.”

Me: *flabbergasted* “Oh, no, thank you! I’m so sorry it’s taking forever and I have to keep starting over. Thank you for waiting all this time!”

(She thanks me multiple times again and leaves. I tell my MOD about how difficult it was and what she said.)

Me: “Literally any other customer would have been yelling at me about eight minutes back, wanting to know why it was taking so long and why I couldn’t do it right the first time. She was fantastic! I’ll help her all day, any day.”

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(I am at the store with my best friend and her mother.  At this time, I am a senior in high school and she a junior.  Note that she almost never wears a color that isn’t black and most of the time that she does, it’s because her shirt has a design on it.  She is also a metal head and loves My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.  Her favorite it Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo with Pinkie Pie as a close second.  She dragged me to the toy aisle and is pawing frantically through a display of MLP plushies, one earbud in her ear, the other dangling down and blasting screamo music.)

Best friend: *in a spastic, somewhat panicky voice* No!  No!  They don’t have Derpy!

Old lady standing a few paces away wearing a large cross necklace: *staring at my friend with huge eyes*

Best friend: *pauses and glances at the lady* Um, it’s for my little cousin, her birthday is coming up.  *continues her vain search*

Her mother: *walks into the next aisle as if she didn’t know us*

Me: *trying not to die laughing*

(Fast forward almost a year, my best friend and several other friends, one of whom later became my boyfriend, got me hooked on MLP.  I am Black Friday shopping in Madison with my mother and two little sisters.  We’re at Khol’s for their Monster High Dolls, as my youngest sister is obsessed with them, when we realize they have Equestria Girl dolls as well.)

Me: Vinyl Scratch Equestria Girl doll!  MINE!!! *snatches it off the shelf*

Everybody in the very small, very crowded aisle: *backs away slowly*

Mom: (my name), you found Equestria Girl dolls?! We’re coming!

(There just happened to be two Vinyl Scratch so my older little sister could get one, too, and the youngest little sister was very satisfied with a Rainbow Dash.)

This Is The Dehumanized Checkout

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(I am a cashier in a membership-based wholesale warehouse. We have a food court that is located past the registers; the food court takes only cash. If a member doesn’t have cash, they are directed to the registers where a cashier can ring them up for the food in advance so they can use credit. Most people assume that they can just cut the line — which is almost always long — and pay for the food; this is not the case. I am in the middle of a transaction with a member when I notice a lady hovering towards the end of the register. I assume she is with the member I am currently ringing up so I just smile at her and continue the transaction. When I am finished, I wish the member a good night and start the next transaction. The lady at the end doesn’t leave with the previous member so I turn my attention to her.)

Me: “I’m sorry, I thought you were with the member I was just ringing up, since you were standing at the end of the register. Can I help you?”

Member: “Yes, I want to speak to your manager.”

Me: “I am sorry, but did I do something to upset you? Maybe I can address it.”

Member: “No, it wasn’t you; it was her.” *points at a coworker working nearby*

Me: “Oh, okay, let me grab my supervisor.”

Member: “While you’re at it, ring me up for food. That’s why I was standing here.”

Me: “Oh, I am so sorry, but you are technically supposed to wait in line to pay for food with credit, but maybe you were misinformed about the procedure. Let me finish this transaction and I will ring you up real quick.”

Member: “And don’t forget to get your manager!”

(I realize that she is about to complain about me, and she said it was about my coworker so that I would willingly get a manager thinking I wasn’t in trouble. Knowing this, and also knowing that I did nothing wrong, I grab the supervisor I know pretty well, and who is fully aware that I would never insult or be rude to a customer. My supervisor pulls her to the side where she starts shrieking and pointing at me hysterically. A senior manager gets involved and she shrieks even more. The manager takes her to the refund register where I notice he is giving her the food for free. He and my supervisor later approach me.)

Manager: “That member claimed you made her feel inhuman, and were purposely ignoring her at the end of your register, like an animal. It was as if you personally did not like her and refused to even pretend that she existed. She said she never felt so ignored or dehumanized in her life.”

Me: “She was not standing in line, sir. She was at the end of the register where we load the carts, and she didn’t say a word, so I assumed she was with the member I was currently ringing.”

Manager: “Yes, that would make sense, now, wouldn’t it? But no, she expected you to somehow know she was standing in the wrong place because she wanted food, and when you didn’t acknowledge the food she wanted but did not tell you about, that was terrible customer service and you should be fired.”

Me: “Yes, here we are supposed to read minds. Right, so, I’m fired?”

Manager: “No, I gave her the food for free, and now I am pretending to yell at you until she leaves.”

(I would like to note that since then I have been promoted, and I am now the supervisor that has to deal with these types of people. I never let members step all over my cashiers, and NEVER give them anything for free when my cashiers are simply just doing their jobs.)

Not In Line And Out Of Line, Part 3

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(I’m standing in line to checkout at a local home furnishings store. It’s the holidays, so naturally the line is long even though both registers are going as quickly as they can despite many customers with large, complicated orders and many items needing to be wrapped. I overhear an employee nearby arguing with another customer.)

Customer: “But I need to check out now! That girl over there said she’d be right with me! My husband’s locked himself out of the house!”

Employee: “I understand you’re in a hurry, but I can’t allow you to jump the line. These other customers have been waiting patiently.”

Customer: “But there’s an empty register!”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but that one’s down for the moment. Please go back to the end of the line. They’ll be with you as soon as possible.”

Customer: “Why can’t you just check me out now? I’m in a hurry!”

Employee: “I understand that, but so are many other people. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

(Throughout this whole exchange, the employee’s been nothing but polite even though the argument is clearly starting to frazzle her.)

Employee: “Look, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll check you out right now if you go to every single person in the line and explain to them why you’re getting to cut all of them.”

Customer: “I’m not going to do that!”

Employee: “Then please go to the end of the line. My coworkers will be with you as soon as they can.”

Customer: “Fine! You’ve just lost a sale!” *she storms out*

(The kicker was that even though the line was long, it was moving well. In the time she’d spent arguing with the employee, she probably could’ve paid and been out the door!)

Not In Line And Out Of Line, Part 2
Not In Line And Out Of Line

Coverage Outside Of Common Sense

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(I work in the jewelry department of a well-known retailer.)

Me: “Hello! Can I help you with anything?”

Customer: “Yeah, we’re looking for cheap watches to take with us on a cruise. Our phones won’t work on the cruise.”

Me: “Oh! You may not be able to call out but you’ll be able to still use it for the time and alarms.”

Customer: *looks at me like I’m stupid* “Umm, no. The phone will not work at all. It won’t be able to even turn on while on the cruise. It’ll be outside its coverage area. They told me that.”

Me: “Well. Okay.”

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