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(I was in an aisle with a customer, and as I was straightening things up, I could tell he was eyeing me. He abruptly turns to me:)

Customer: HEY! Anybody ever tell you brunettes are the shit!?

Me: *suppressed laughter* I’m sorry, what?

Customer: Yeah! Your boyfriend is real lucky!

Me: Th-thanks…

(Later, as I was walking by the front, I pass him again as he’s being rung up by my coworker.)

Customer: Hey man, look at that girl, aren’t brunettes the shit!? I told her brunettes are the shit!

(My older, cooler, male coworker glances at me as I scurried away as fast as I could.)

Coworker: *laughing* Yeah man, whatever.

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“I work at a big box store as a cashier and this happened to me a few weeks ago when I was working in lumber area.”
Customer: Were are your welding supplies?
Me: They are two aisles over sir.
[A few minutes pass and the customer comes back with a sodering torch]
Customer: Excuse me where do you keep your glass sodering rods.
Me: Glass sodering rods?
Customer: Yeah you know the rods that you use to soder items together.
Me: I know what you are talking about, but they don’t make glass sodering rods. What did you need it for?
Customer: The stem on my bong broken I was trying to fix it.
Me: What did you say could you repeat that?
Customer: “repeats”
Me: Sir there is nothing I can recommend to you to fix your bong some super glue from aisle five might be able to do it.
Customer: OK I’ll go check it out.
[Never heard from again]

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I used to work at a dollar store on the really bad side of town. One day a guy comes in with a really bad attitude. He eventually starts going off about how the customer is always right. I completely lose it and tell him to leave my register and leave the store. On another location, a lady told me she was never coming back to the store. I then gladly told her ” Good. Have a Great DAY.”

A Moderately Terrifying Cycle

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My dad is a big fan of bikes; he’s the kind of guy who has three bikes on the wall and is still searching eBay for a deal on more bikes. One day, he has gone to the local bike shop near our house to get one of his bikes fixed. He loads his bike back into the back of his truck and the repair guy asks if he wants to do a survey. My dad agrees.

After five minutes, he returns outside to find his truck has been busted open and his bike missing. He asks the bike shop guy if they have security cameras and they say no. Desperate, he goes to the biltong shop next door. (Biltong is South African snack food; it’s like dried meat sticks.)

After asking the guy if he has cameras, the man asks what was stolen. After my dad explains, the guy tells him to say he was in the biltong store instead of the bike shop, and then the guy calls someone. A few minutes later, a very buff man comes in and asks my dad what was stolen. My dad explains that his bike was stolen while he was in the shop and the owner tells the buff guy that they have a deal and they don’t steal stuff from customers of his store.

They argue for a bit and then the buff guy makes a call. Then, another guy shows up with my dad’s bike. The buff guy then asks my dad if he wants to beat this guy because he broke the rules! My dad says he just wants his bike back and, after a few rounds of, “Someone has to,” and, “Are you sure?” he hands my dad his bike. The buff guy says that the bike looks very expensive and he thinks he deserves a “reward” for getting it back.

The shop owner starts talking about their deal and the buff guy leaves. My dad takes his bike and goes home. In short, my dad accidentally discovered that our local biltong shop pays off criminals so they don’t steal from customers.

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I Bet He Feels Wheely Bad

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(Prior to this story, I got into an accident that caused me to break my left leg and severely bruise my right leg. I’m able to commute to work regardless, and since I work behind a desk as IT support, it usually goes fine… until a guest comes in that demands to be helped on the spot. He stands at the counter as he stares at me before he begins to talk.)

Customer: “You, with the glasses! Help me. Come on.”

Me: “Of course, sir. What can I do for you today?”

Customer: “I have a tablet that won’t connect with my work email anymore. I need to be able to access it.”

Me: “I’ll take a look at it. Could you hand me the tablet, please?” *holds out my hand*

(The customer looks me over suspiciously and I’m starting to get the feeling he doesn’t trust me. Note: he can’t see I’m in a wheelchair because I’m behind the desk.)

Customer: “No, I’d rather you come up here so you can show me.”

Me: “Oh, sir, I’m sorry, but I can’t. See, I–”

(Before I can explain that I cannot get to the desk due to my wheelchair, he interrupts and suddenly becomes irate)

Customer: “Why the f*** not?! I knew it! You were planning to look through my private information, weren’t you?!”

Me: *shocked and confused* “N-no sir, I am simply unable to come to the desk due to m–”

Customer: “Screw you! I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes and had to walk all the way here from [Location], which is another 20-minute walk. If I can do that, you can get off your lazy a** and get to the desk!”

Me: “Sir, I am trying to explain that I cannot stand up due to my current condition.”

(I roll my wheelchair backward and show in clear view that my leg is in a cast and the other is wrapped up.)

Customer: *visibly turns a little pale* “Oh… Oh, I’m so sorry. I just… I mean…”

Me: “Sir, if I may, you probably had a long day. Let’s just take a look at the tablet and get it fixed, okay?”

Customer: “Yeah… Yeah… Thanks.”

(I fixed the problem and he got his email back. He came back the next day with a box that contained all kinds of goodies and he apologized for his behavior. That was the first time I had a customer that actually felt bad about yelling at me.)

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