Customers Abhor A Vacuum

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(At my place of work we sell various appliances, including vacuums, but no parts.)

Customer: “Hey. Where are your vacuum filters?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry any parts or filters for our vacuums.”

Customer: *storming straight to the vacuums* “Never mind. I’ll just find them myself.”

(Suffice to say, I had to take a moment to realise what just transpired. I didn’t follow him, but I wonder how long he spent looking for those filters.)

A Quick-Fire Response

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(I am working at the customer service desk when the phone rings:)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store] customer service. This is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Caller: “I have a complaint. Are you a manager?”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not a manager but I can call for one. Could you hold?”

Caller: “No, you’re just going to hang up on me. Some b**** at the service desk told me that I can’t do any more returns. That’s bulls***!”

Me: “That’s odd. Did she say why?”

Caller: “I didn’t have a receipt. But I’ve done it before!”

Me: “In order to do a return without a receipt, we need your ID for our records. If you do three non-receipt returns in a rolling six-month period, the system flags your ID and puts a hold on it for ninety days. We can—“

Caller: “That’s so f****** stupid.”

Me: “Sir, I would appreciate it if you stopped swearing at me.”

Caller: *mocking* “Oh. Okay. I’ll stop swearing.”

Me: “Now, I am not a manager but I can—“

Caller: “I want that girl fired!”

Me: “I don’t have the authority to do that, but I can take some basic information and have a manager call you back, or I can put you on hold and get a manager now.”

Caller: “I want to hear you tell that snotty b**** that she is fired!”

Me: “Again, I do not have that authority. Beyond that, I don’t know which associate you’re talking about.”

Caller: “Well, find out!”

Me: “Do you remember anything about the associate or the time you were here?”

Caller: “That’s not my job!”

Me: *fed up* “Okay. Can I put you on hold to get a manager?”

Caller: “No!”

Me: “Can I take your information and have a manager call back?”

Caller: “No!”

Me: “What would you like me to do, sir?”


Me: “Okay.” *to the wall beside me* “Hey! You’re fired!” *to the customer* “Is that okay, sir?”

Caller: “Finally!” *hangs up*

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(i have a skin conditon which i have had since a child. it is not contagious or anything to serious i just get red blotches and a few scabs on my body which i am in total control off)
me: good morning how are you today
customer: morning
(transaction continues with no problems until…)
me: that will be (amount)
cutomer: (very to the point and sharply blunt) whats wrong with your face
me: stares
me: i have a skin condition
customer: oh must be horrible i feel so sorry for you
me:thank you but dont worry im fine ive had it all my life
customer as leaving shop: (loudly) i feel soo sorry for you
(i wouldn’t have minded being asked but it was a shock to be demanded t tell a complete stranger what was wrong with me and then to be pitted like i was a freak!!)

I Shall Diminish, And Go To The East(er)

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(It is the Saturday before Easter. I work in a flooring store at the front desk reception. After a busy day, we are closing the showroom and the president of the company is leaving. As he is walking out the door, he is waving goodbye.)

Me: “Bye! Have a happy Easter!”

Boss: *smiles and laughs while he waves out the door*

(I was a little puzzled by his reaction, but then I remembered… my boss is Jewish. I had just wished my JEWISH boss a HAPPY EASTER! I laid my head on my desk, utterly mortified by what I had just done.)

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I work at a well-known, big box, low-price retailer. Said retailer has a sister company, which is a well-known warehouse club store.
Me: Thank you for calling (big box retailer). How may I direct your call?
Caller: Do you know how much membership is to (warehouse club)?
Me: No, I don’t.
Caller: Can you look it up somewhere?
Me: No, I’m sorry.
Caller: But your stores are connected! How do you not know! I don’t want to call them! It’s too much hassle!
At this point, I could have gotten on the walkie and asked if anyone knew, as many of the associates are members of the warehouse store, but frankly, at that point, I didn’t want to.
Me: I’m sorry, but that is what you’ll have to do. I can give you their number.
Caller grumbles about it being such a hassle, but I give him the number and hang up.

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