Putting The “Man” In “Manager”

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I am waiting by the printer having just refilled it with paper. My manager is at his desk not far from me.

Manager: “Don’t you hate those tan lines?” 

I turn and see him looking at me. 

Me: “What tan lines?” 

Manager: “Your bikini line.”

Me: “How the h*** are you even able to see that far up?”

Manager: “When you bent over to refill the paper tray.”

Me: “…”

Manager: “What? If you don’t want men looking, you should crouch more like a lady or stop wearing skirts!”

I was extremely uncomfortable and ran to the HR manager. She was quite furious about it and demanded he be suspended until an investigation took place. Senior management, though, just sent him on equal opportunity training; the HR manager resigned in protest.

It seemed to work on my manager, though, as now he refuses to lift his eyes up from his desk. I can’t stand to be in the same room as him, though, so I have requested to move departments. If I’m denied, I will be resigning also.

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He Doesn’t Need Supervising; He Needs Babysitting

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A new employee comes into my office and huffs at me while I’m on the phone. I ask him to wait outside but he sits down and glares at me. I hang up.

Employee: “Finally! That is so disrespectful, talking to someone on the phone when there’s someone else right in front of you.”

Me: “Well, you did come into my office while I was on the phone and my door was closed. So, technically, you were being disrespectful to me.”

Employee: “Whatever. I need to make a complaint.”

Me: “What about?”

Employee: “[Supervisor].” 

Me: “And what’s the problem?”

Employee: “He keeps telling me what to do. It’s so disrespectful.”

Me: “That’s his job. He’s your supervisor. Without him, you wouldn’t have any instruction.”

Employee: “I’m perfectly capable of working on my own.”

Me: “I’m sure you are, but we have a chain of command here. I tell [Supervisor] what needs to be taken care of, and he delegates the tasks to whoever is most able or available.”

Employee: “But that’s so disrespectful. You have to listen to us.” 

Me: “Has he given you something you were incapable of doing?” 

Employee: “No.”

Me: “Do you believe it was unreasonable?” 

Employee: “No.” 

Me: “Did you have an issue with doing what he asked you?” 

Employee: “Duh!”

Me: “And what did he ask you to do?” 

Employee: “Move boxes from the delivery truck! He didn’t ask me; he told me!” 

Me: “But that’s his…” *Deep breath* “Why couldn’t you do it?” 

Employee: “I could do it.”

Me: “So, why did you have an issue?” 

Employee: “I didn’t want to do it! He should have asked me, not told me!”

Me: “Why didn’t you want to do it?”

Employee: “I just didn’t.”

Me: “Did you tell him?”

Employee: “No. I just came here.”

Me: “So, [Supervisor] told you to do something, and instead of telling him, you came here to make a complaint about not liking what he told you to do.”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “Maybe you should talk to him before running to me?”

He glared at me again before raising his hands in frustration and leaving, shouting that no one ever listened.

The other managers and I had a meeting the following week, and the above employee featured heavily in our conversations. He had gone to every manager throughout the week trying to make the same complaint. We all told him the same thing.

We called him and the supervisor in, and we learned that he had only been with the supervisor for the first day, before lying that one of the managers told him he was working elsewhere. When we asked him what he was actually doing, he said he just wandered around for eight hours every day.

As no issues cropped up during the week, he pretty much proved he wasn’t needed and was dismissed. He left a letter behind criticising us all for being “disrespectful.”

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Unfiltered Story #194969

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I’m a receptionist at a car dealer but I usually ride my motorbike in to work. One day I’m getting into my armoured gear ready to go home and a couple of co-workers are wolf-whistling and giggling at me. (Note that my gear goes OVER my regular clothes, at no point have I undressed.) As far as we’re aware the showroom is empty since most staff have already gone.Next day the Sales Manager has the following conversation…
Manager: So that model will be £X on the road
Customer: Well [other dealer] can do it for less than that. What are you going to give me for the poor service I received?
Manager: When was this?
Customer: When I came in last night the girl on reception was trying on a new pair of trousers and two other girls laughed at me. It’s disgraceful!
Manager: (trying not to laugh himself) Our receptionist was just putting on her protective motorcycle gear, and I’m sure the other girls were laughing at her, not you.
Customer: Oh no, they were laughing at me. I can tell!
Not sure how she could “tell” since she was so far away from us we didn’t know she was there – and she still didn’t get her discount! Mind you I did have to explain to several co-workers who only got half the story that no, I was not in trouble for stripping at my desk…

Doesn’t Understand The Custom Part Of Customer, Part 17

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I am working the tills on a busy Saturday afternoon and next in line is a young male customer. After saying hello, he hands me over a copy of a game guide for a popular video game. He has his receipt.

Customer: “I’d like to return this, please.”

Me: “Of course, was there anything wrong with it?”

As I am saying this, I look at the guide and check the receipt.

Customer: “No, there is nothing wrong. I finished the game and I don’t need this anymore.”

I realise the receipt is from almost eighteen months ago.

Me: “I’m sorry, you want to return the item that you bought eighteen months ago, because you have used it and no longer need it?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “And was it satisfactory? Did it help you complete the game?”

Customer: “Yes. But I don’t need it now, so I want to return it. The receipt is there.”

Me: “I appreciate that the receipt is there, but you yourself just said there was nothing wrong with the product and it has quite clearly been used. I can’t refund you; I’m sorry.” 

Customer: “But I have the receipt and I don’t need it anymore.”

Me: “Yes, I realise this, but you cannot return items once you have finished using them. If you didn’t want to keep this, then you should have borrowed one from a library. We are not a library; we are a shop.”

Customer: “But I have the receipt. I should get a refund.”

Me: “You bought it, you used it, and it was fit for purpose; therefore, I have no legal obligation to return this. That is what ‘buying’ something means; it means you buy it and you keep it.”

During this whole conversation, he is looking at me like I am crazy. 

Customer: “I don’t understand why I can’t get a refund.”

Me: “Because you bought it and used it. If it was still sealed in plastic and had a barcode I might have accepted the return then, but there is nothing wrong with this. You have used it. We are not a library or a second-hand store. We do not do trade-ins. I can’t refund this item for you.”

The customer is just staring at me blankly.

Me: “Can I help you with anything else?”

He just took the guide back and walked out.

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“Pas Toujours Raison” – For Her

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I am flying back to the USA from Heathrow airport in London. I get to security and there is a woman in front of me with one of those HUGE purses, larger than the backpack I am carrying. There are multiple signs that explain the limitations of what you can bring on board a flight and even a guy going down the line telling us the limits.

We unload our respective bags and shoes into the trays and send them through the x-ray machine. While I am waiting for the lady herself to get scanned, I glance back at the x-ray machine, which has stopped. A cluster of people around the display are all peering intently at it and pointing at the screen.

After I get through the scanner and start getting my stuff, I see that they have pulled the lady aside and had her dump her purse out into a tray. It is loaded with several scores of bottles of perfume, some of which individually look to exceed the total liquid limit, let alone the single bottle limit. As I walk past I can hear the conversation.

Officer: “You cannot bring this much liquid on the plane.”

Lady: “But it’s just perfume.”

Officer: “That doesn’t matter; you still cannot bring it on the plane.”

Lady: “But it’s expensive perfume!”

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