It Takes A Snowflake To Know A Snowflake

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One day, in the breakroom, one of my coworkers loudly breaks out a REALLY sexist joke. The entire room goes dead silent while he is laughing and grinning around like he expects everyone, including several women, to join in on his fun. Finally, the guy he is talking to speaks up.

Coworker: “No, no, no. No. That isn’t funny.”

Sexist Coworker: “What? Man, it’s just a joke!”

Coworker: *Gesturing at the crowd* “And no one else is laughing, which means it is not a good one. Just… just don’t. That’s not okay.”

Sexist Coworker: *Starting to sound angry* “It’s humor! You just need to learn to not be so sensitive!”

Coworker: “Like the way you’re being sensitive over your joke falling flat?”

The sexist coworker didn’t have a response to that.

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[I’m ringing up a customer with two salad plates.]
Me: If I could start with your phone number in the PIN pad, please?
Customer: What do you need *that* for?
Me: It’s just in case you need to return an item without a receipt, we can look you up via phone number. We don’t call you or give it out.
Customer: Do I look like I’m going to return them? I won’t do it, and hurry up!
Me: Sure, no problem. [I ring up her plates, give her her total, and go to wrap them like we do for all breakable items.]
Customer: what are you doing that for? Just give them to me, they’re for a dinner party and I’m already running late!
Me: Oh, alright, sorry about that, I just didn’t want them to…
Customer: Just give them to me! I’m going to be late! [My manager who’s ringing up another customer glances over]
Manager: Just so you know, if those break or chip en route because you didn’t want them wrapped, we won’t be liable for the damage.
Customer: Whatever, I’m late. I still don’t know what took so long. [She takes her plates and leaves, I hear my manager mumbling under her breath.]
Manager: A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours…

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Me: Alright, when to blue lights flash, you going to slide your card for me.
Customer: Is this a chip?
Me: No Ma’am, you’ll just slide the card.
Customer: You should have the chip!
[This happens at least every other transaction.]

Going Against Our Barcode Of Conduct

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Our return policy is that you can either bring your receipt or the card you paid for an item, and you can return the item(s) for what you paid for them. Without a receipt or a card, the item will be the lowest price the register can take for it. As you can imagine, we can’t see your entire purchase history to find an item to return if the item no longer has an intact barcode. A customer brings a girls’ dress to return. 

Customer: “I don’t have the receipt, but I paid for it on my [Store] card. My granddaughter also took the price tag off the dress, so I brought this one to use.”

The customer places both dresses on my counter.

I look at the dresses and notice that they’re two different sizes. This means that, while they look exactly the same, their barcodes are slightly different. If the barcode isn’t EXACTLY the same, the dress will not show up on the card. 

Me: “I’m sorry, but the dress has to be the same size as the one you bought. I’m going to look online and see if I can find the correct barcode.”

Customer: “But it’s the same dress. They do this all the time.”

Me: “I know, but the dress has to be the same barcode.”

I notice the correct size is no longer in stock and will not give me the barcode online.

Customer: “If I have to go to a different register, I will. Not to be rude, but they do this all the time. I bought the dress back in February just in time for Valentine’s Day, so surely you can go back that far on my card.”

I want to roll my eyes so badly.

Me: “The lack of receipt is not the problem; it’s the lack of a barcode.”

Customer: “They’ve returned things without the tag before, too. I had this purse and they returned it without a tag.”

Me: *Giving up* “Okay, slide your card, and I’ll see if it pulls up.”

The customer slides her card, I scan the dress with a barcode, and the dress does not show up on her card like I knew it wouldn’t. 

Customer: “Just put my dress in the bag, and I’ll take both of them to another register.”

If you know how to do my job, by all means, come and do it. Otherwise, be a little more grateful we’re a store that will let you return things without a tag at all.

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All Hot And Bothered About The Hot Sauce

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I cashier at a chicken/Tex-Mex fast food restaurant. A woman and her boyfriend come in, order their food, and wait. Everything has been normal up until this point.

It’s getting near closing time so I start my cleaning for the night. I gather my supplies and go to clean the bathrooms. We have a bell out front that customers can ring on the way out as a “good experience” kind of thing. I suddenly hear the woman repeatedly ringing the bell, followed by screaming.


I walk out to see the woman from before running around the lobby, causing a ruckus. Thank the heavens no other customers are in the store.

Me: “Uh, hello? Ma’am, do you need help with something?”

She ignores me and just keeps going on and on. I notice her boyfriend is seated at a table with his head in his hands.

Me: “[MANAGER]!”

The manager comes out from the back.

Manager: “Ma’am? Ma’am! What seems to be the issue?”

Customer:Well. I tried getting the attention of one of your employees but he just ignored me and disappeared into the back of the store!”

Manager: “Right… I’m going to guess he didn’t hear you—”

Customer: “I cannot believe you employ people who just ignore customers and go all willy-nilly to do whatever they please while someone is here that needs to be served!”

Manager: “Did you already place your order?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Manager: “Okay, what did you need?”

Customer: “I was going to ask for some hot sauce.”

Manager: “There’s a bin to your left that should be stocked with various condiments.”

Customer: “Well, you’re rude, too. Hard to believe, right?”

Her food comes up.

Customer: “I was going to eat this here, but since you all suck so much, I’ll be taking it home. Come on, [Boyfriend]! Let’s go!”

She turns and leaves. Her boyfriend takes a deep inhale, sighs, and stands up to leave.

Boyfriend: “I’m going to hear about this for the next few days.”

My manager subtly flipped the bird at the woman and walked away into the back of the store.

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