A Bad Sign For Their Business

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Our state is still pretty shut down, so all common areas in the hotel are closed per local ordinance. A guest walks up to the front desk with a question.

Guest: “How do I work the Ethernet cable?

Me: “Oh, you just plug it in and it hardwires you to our Internet.

Guest: “It’s not working when I try.

Me: “If you bring it over, I can try to troubleshoot, but it should just connect.

Guest: “I mean the one in the business center; I can’t bring it.”

Me: “Actually, the business center is closed. We removed the computers, took down the hours, and put up a sign.

Guest: “Oh, I saw the sign, but it just says, ‘Thank you for keeping six feet apart.’

Mind you, the sign is taller than me, blocking the entrance to the business center.

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Don’t Use Your Kids As A Crutch

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I’m sitting alone at a table for two outside a busy cafe in the park, enjoying a coffee and cake. A woman with two young children in a double buggy comes up and buys drinks and sandwiches. There are no free tables. She comes up to me and points at the empty seat.

Woman: “Hi, can I sit here?”

Me: “Er, no, sorry.”


Woman: “Oh, it’s just me. The kids are fine in the buggy.”

Me: “No. Sorry, but no. I’m not happy being that close.”

Woman: “Well, can you sit there and I have the table?”

She points at the counter where there are tall bar stools.

Me: “No. Sorry, but I’m staying at this table.”

Woman: “But it’s only you. I’ve got the kids; I need a table.”

Me: “Look, sorry, but no. Please leave me alone.”

She stomped over to the counter and glared at me as she drank her coffee. I finished my food, grabbed my crutches from where they were very obviously leaning against the back of my chair, hauled my awkward self up, and hobbled away.

She was red as a beetroot, staring down at her cup and refusing to look up.

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With Some Fast Food, It’s Buy Or Die

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Our debit/credit machine has broken down in the drive-thru, so we are only able to accept cash as payment. This happens during the global health crisis.

Coworker: *Over headset* “Good morning. Unfortunately, our debit machine is not working at the moment. Are you paying with cash today?”

Customer: “No, I only have my card.”

Coworker: “In that case, we need you to come inside to order so you can use a debit machine.”

Customer: “I can’t come inside; I have that bug everyone’s getting and am supposed to be isolating.”

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Getting To The Root Of The Entitlement Problem, Part 2

, , , , | Right | May 21, 2021

It’s a few months into the lockdown and we are currently only doing curbside and, as dog grooming is not currently allowed in our state, we cannot allow people to use our dog bathing stations. Our stations are private rooms with a stainless-steel tub plumbed into our on-demand hot water, definitely not designed to be moved around. I get a phone call from a woman wanting to bathe her dog.

Customer: “I want to bathe my dog and cannot get in anywhere!”

Me: “Sorry, but all grooming is closed down in the state, and that includes our self-serve wash stations. Unfortunately, we have to wait until restrictions are lifted.”

Customer: “That’s so stupid! I need to wash my dog. Just drag the tub outside so I can use it.”

Me: “Sorry, no, we can’t do that.”

Customer: “UGH!”

She hung up, muttering, “Why the h*** not?”

Getting To The Root Of The Entitlement Problem

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Ain’t That A Karmic Kick In The Head

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I get migraines an average of two weeks a month. My manager has never experienced a migraine and thinks of them as simple headaches; she frequently talks down to me as though they are nothing. Our store has glaring white light that is arguably brighter than the outside sun, which does not help at all.

My manager recently came down with a certain contagious illness and became very sick; she was gone for about two months. Upon her return, she was now getting chronic migraines much like mine.

Before long, my manager posted a public apology on social media and sent me a personal one for talking like migraines are nothing. I’m sorry she is getting them now as they are torture, but I’m glad she now understands and won’t make the “it’s nothing” argument again to anyone out there who gets them.

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