Her Personality Is As Rotten As That Milk Is About To Become

, , , , , | Right | February 14, 2021

The hoarders are currently at their worst and I, like many others, am trying to get by on what we can. Having no luck at the big supermarket, I drop into my local independent corner stop to try my luck.

As I turn the corner, I watch a woman clear the refrigerator of all the milk left. It must be a dozen large bottles of milk. She smirks at me as she sees me waiting.

After she waddles off, I find someone who works there.

Me: “I don’t suppose you have any more milk?”

Worker: “Is there none in the fridge?”

Me: “No, someone took everything left.”

Worker: “I’m not sure we have had a delivery yet; let me look in the back.”

He disappears and comes back with one of each type.

Me: “Oh, thank you. It’s hard getting the kids to bed without their milk.”

Worker: “No worries. She did us both a favour, really.”

Me: “Who?”

Worker: “You said a woman took the lot earlier? My boss just told me to empty the fridge as that was all going out of date soon.”

When I think of hoarders, I think of that woman, buying dozens of pints of soon-to-be rancid milk.

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About To Be Dis-Appointed, Part 5

, , , , | Right | February 13, 2021

The lingerie shop I work at is operating by appointment to avoid too many customers being in the store at once. We have it in all our advertisements, it’s presented as a large banner first thing on our website, and it’s posted on our front door as you come in.

Me: “Thanks for calling [Company]. This is [My Name]; how can I help today?”

Customer: “Hi, do I need to make an appointment?”

Me: “Yes, we are asking all customers to book an appointment. When would you like to come in?”

Customer: “Now?”

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Warning: Human Interaction Imminent

, , , , , , , | Working | February 12, 2021

My Internet service provider’s tech support line intersperses awful hold music with tips and comments, which it regularly interrupts mid-stream to update you with your place in the queue. One such tip, about increased call waiting times due to the health crisis, starts with “Unfortunately…”

Timing is everything. I just got told, “Unfortunately— You are next in the queue.”

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That’s Not Very Charitable Of You

, , , , , | Working | February 12, 2021

During the health crisis, I am grocery shopping for the elderly and vulnerable. This is through a charity that gives me a prepaid credit card to buy the groceries. I then collect a cheque from the infirm and deliver it to the charity to pay off the card.

The credit cards are old-fashioned and don’t have chips so I have to slide them in the machine and sign the store receipt.

One time, the cashier asks to see the card. She looks at the back.

Cashier: “The card isn’t signed.”

Me: “No. Well, it’s a prepaid card.”

Cashier: “Right, but it’s not signed. How do I know it’s yours?”

Me: “Umm. Well, I volunteer shop for [Charity]?”

I pull an explanatory letter from the charity out of my wallet — needed when shopping for multiple families so I can get more than the allotted supplies, like toilet paper.

Me: “They fill the cards and give them to the volunteers. When they’re out of money, we return them and they refill them again. We can’t sign them because we don’t know who will get them next.”

Cashier: “Sorry, but it’s a card that’s not signed. I can’t accept it.”

There was a grumpy line forming behind me and we had only scanned the first of three family orders I was buying, and it takes a bit of time to process each.

I paid with my debit card and my volunteer coordinator paid me back with her petty cash. I avoid that cashier now as it’s hard to lend hundreds of dollars to a charity for several days while unemployed.

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You Wish You Could Abbreviate Her Time Here

, , , , , , | Working | February 9, 2021

At the doctor’s office where I work, one person schedules appointments in a handwritten paper schedule book, and I create and print off the day’s fee slips the morning of. Her handwriting is difficult to read, and she frequently misspells or abbreviates patient names, so I have gotten in the habit of trying to find a close match for possible names when I make the fee slips. Usually, new patients are noted on the paper schedule with “NP” in a circle.

Today, we had two patients I could not find names for in the computer, but I found a close match for one; think “Mel Brooks” on the schedule but “Melvin Booker” on the computer. Given how bad my coworker’s handwriting is, the fact that it’s not marked as “NP,” and her history of misspelling and abbreviating names, I was fairly certain that Melvin is the person we were scheduled to see.


This afternoon, my coworker comes charging up to my desk and slaps a new patient chart with Melvin’s fee slip on it

Coworker: “Does this look like Mel’s name?”

She gets in my masked face with her unmasked face. (She believes the health crisis is a scam invented for political gain.)

Me: “Closest match in the system. He wasn’t marked as a new patient, and you sometimes abbrev—”

Coworker: *Snarls* “I never abbreviate! And you should never assume that I wrote it down wrong! He’s obviously a new patient!”

I sighed, remade a fee slip for “NP Mel Brooks,” and requested that she note new patients when she schedules them so I could avoid looking for them in the system.

She’s not the only reason I’m job hunting — our boss is much worse — but seriously!

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