Is Not Masking Her Complaints

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We are still in the midst of the current health crisis. Once June rolls around, the people in my area are under the impression that the outbreak has magically gone away. My coworker and I are wearing masks, but at the time of this story, I happen to have it hanging around my neck when the lunch rush hits. Our store is quite small. And it must be noted that I am a woman. 

The lunch rush typically consists of factory workers or automotive crew made up of mostly men who do not follow the proper social distancing or other such rules. We have signs posted on the doors but cannot force anyone to abide by them. 

A woman comes up wearing a mask and says loudly:

Woman: “These men must not care about my safety.”

She emphasizes the word “men.”

Woman: “They must think they are so manly that they don’t need to wear a mask and now they are putting themselves and everyone in here at risk.”

I am speechless, because honestly, what can I say or do? I finish her transaction. And she turns to the crowd around her. 

Woman: “Do you feel like a man? Do you like putting everyone at risk? You must feel like such a man.”

As she left, she repeated, “You must feel like such a man,” and, “You should all be ashamed for not caring about my health.”

After everyone left, I couldn’t help but laugh because she could have easily waited until the store was empty to purchase her (single) lottery ticket, but you know she came in on purpose. Turns out this wasn’t the first time she had done this and I am surprised she didn’t say anything about my mask being around my neck instead of my nose and mouth.

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Time To Wash Your Hands Again

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After months of quarantine due to the global health crisis, my dad has started going out to work again. I come out of my room one morning to find a really cool-looking black mask — the reusable kind that just needs its filter changed — sitting on the kitchen counter. We’ve been making do with one-use masks, so I’m pretty excited about it.

My dad’s on his computer in the next room, so I go ask.

Me: “Hiya, Dad. What’s with the black mask?”

Dad doesn’t look up from his screen.

Dad: “Oh, I ordered it online for work. I got you one, as well, but it hasn’t arrived.”

Me: “Awesome, thanks! Can I go look at this one? Touch it?”

I emphasize this as, if he’s been outside with it, I sure as h*** don’t want to touch it.

Dad: “Oh, uh, yes, go ahead.”

I go back to the kitchen. Right after I’ve grabbed the mask to inspect the fabric, I hear my dad shouting.

Dad: “Oh, [My Name], it’s used, by the way! Don’t touch it too much!”

Me: “…”

Good thing I had grabbed it by the strap, just in case. Thanks, Dad. And anyway, why would you leave your used mask on the kitchen counter where FOOD is prepared?!

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The Masked Attackers

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We went to a few stores today, needing to pick up a few things for bringing our new puppy home next weekend. We were shopping, and due to the current health crisis, almost everyone had masks on, politely keeping a distance from each other as much as possible… except for the “Karen” behind me in line. Any closer and she could have crawled up my a**.

I’d move a few steps up to try and put distance between her and me, and she’d move right up close behind me again. I finally turned around and asked her, politely, if she could please back up a few feet.

She huffed in disgust through her mask — at least she was wearing one — and rolled her eyes, muttering, “Whatever,” but didn’t back off. An employee overheard and helpfully pointed out the markings on the floor to her, just in case she “couldn’t figure out what six feet apart looked like.”

The woman got pissed, tossed her stuff on a table by the checkout, and walked out of the store.

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The Karenovirus Is Real

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It only took about a year and a half of being a Not Always Right reader for me to finally run into a real, live Karen in the wild. It’s currently the fourth month of the health crisis, and in New Jersey, it has been state law to wear a mask when visiting any public venue — store, restaurant, doctor’s office, etc. — since April. It’s been in every news venue and posted outside every establishment for months now.

While visiting a [Major Big Box Store], I enter — wearing my mask, of course, as is literally everyone else — and go to get my cart from the rack right inside the front door. As I’m wiping off the handle with my antiseptic wipe, a woman about my age walks in with a cart but without a mask.

She is addressed rather loudly by the staff attending the front door but appears to be completely ignoring them. Since it’s noisy and I have a louder-than-normal voice, I try to get her attention, as well. She does turn and look at me, and then looks away when I point at the staff, so I don’t think her hearing was an issue.

When other shoppers that are directly in front of her — and blocking her way — point her to the front door, she finally turns and comes back, where the staff remind her she needs to be wearing a mask to enter the store. She comes off with nothing but attitude — “Why do I need a mask?!” — and when they remind her that it’s the law, she repeats it to them mockingly, like a child would — think of the Spongebob meme with words like this: “ItS tHe LaWwEr.”

She even demands the staff give her a mask, but they remind her it’s not their job to provide them. As she’s leaving her cart with the others, she looks at me for some kind of agreement, but I just raise my eyebrows and shoulders. She does leave the store, but as I’m doing my shopping, I see her again, with a mask. I wanted to yell at her, “Was that so friggin’ hard?!”

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Please, Please, PLEASE Read Your Emails!

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My boss is in his sixties, he’s a workaholic, and he is the OG weeaboo with a love for all things Japanese. He has a part-business, part-pleasure trip scheduled before the illness outbreak becomes a thing for two weeks in early March.

As the situation evolves, his VP begs him not to go, but he continues to insist on going, even as events are cancelled and the VP warns him he will be self-quarantined for two weeks upon his return. It is also important to note that he is a university professor and they had already warned him explicitly of the same treatment.

He goes anyway and classes are officially cancelled in his absence while we are put on a work-at-home leave. This first text message comes as he is in customs at one of the opened international airports:

Boss: “Hi. I want to have a meeting tomorrow with [Intern #1] and [Intern #2]. Will they be in the office?

VP: “NO, [Boss]! You are quarantined for two weeks! Check your f****** email!”

The kicker is that he was told about five separate times that no one would be in the office for this exact reason.

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