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–I’m a supervisor at a local drugstore. Our manager has a reputation of going above and beyond policy just to shut people up so they don’t call head office or complain about the store, which can make us look stupid in comparison when we are following store policy.–

Lady: *storms in* “Where is your supervisor?”
Me: it’s me, how can I help?
Lady: I need a return.

She has the receipt for the item, but not the item.
Me: ma’am, I cannot return an item if you don’t have both the receipt AND the item with you
Lady: but the item is damaged. It leaked, so I threw it out. I want my money back.
Me: once again ma’am, I cannot perform a return if you do not have the item AND the receipt.
Lady: why not?
Me: for all I know, the item is still intact and you just want free money. I cannot do that. If you would like to speak to someone higher up, here is the number, and my manager is in tomorrow morning at 9am. Feel free to complain to them.

She tells my manager that I was beyond rude and threatened her. She comes into the store the next morning; my manager demands I apologize to her. I refuse. Then, to make it up to her, she not only returns the item without it being present and gives her the cash and another bonus item to boot.

Should be called “manager isn’t always right”

The Picture Of An Impossible Request

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Customer: *dropping off film* “How long will this take?”

Me: “About an hour.”

Customer: “I’m in a hurry; can you make it 20 minutes?”

Me: “It takes at least 40 minutes to develop and print film, and that’s if I have nothing else going on.”

Customer: “So it can’t be done in 20 minutes?”

Will Just Ask Tampon-And-On-And-On…

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(A woman and her family come into the shop and she is purchasing tampons, pads, and condoms, plus bubble tape for the kids.)

Eldest: *seven at most* “Hey, what are those?” *points to box of tampons*

(The mom and I make eye-contact and almost start laughing.)

Mom: “Um, they are for mommies.”

Eldest: “But what are they for? What do they do?”

Mom: “They’re for mommies. Go outside to your dad.”

(The kid leaves and goes outside.)

Me: “At least he didn’t see the condoms.”

Mom: “Oh, god, yeah. ‘What are those for, mommy?’ For not having anymore of you!”

A Positive Day

| NB, Canada | Right | May 9, 2017

(I work at a drug store/pharmacy in Canada. It’s near close one night and my supervisor is doing expiries, aka checking for expired product and taking anything she finds off the shelf. I see her and another coworker talking and head over to see what’s up. My supervisor is holding a pregnancy test that’s clearly been opened.)

Coworker: “Someone opened this.”

Me: “Is it used?”

(The box and wrapped is open, but customers open random stuff all the time just to see what it looks like and such.)

Supervisor: “I’m not touching it!”

Coworker & Me: “Do it.”

(We finally manage to get her to gingerly pull out the test — there’s a cover on the stick part so it’s not like she’s going to touch pee — and she drops it on the floor.)

Supervisor: “It was used!”

Coworker: *picks out the test* “It’s positive.”

(We all felt pretty bad for the girl who came in, opened, and used a pregnancy test IN STORE, and had it come back positive. That sounded like a pretty crummy day.)

The Disappointed Mom Is Mightier Than The Sword

| CT, USA | Related | May 2, 2017

My mom works for a drugstore. One night, she comes home from work with this story about how she stopped a shoplifter.

While she is putting up the sales tags for the week, she notices a young man wearing a long coat with deep pockets. He is covering his face with his hand in an attempt to conceal his identity, and his coat pockets are stuffed full of stuff. It is fairly obvious that this guy is shoplifting.

Normally, company policy regarding shoplifters is to let them go, since the security cameras have already caught their face and plate number anyway, but there had already been a separate shoplifting attempt earlier in the day that her manager is dealing with, and my mom is fed up. She can see that this guy is heading for the front doors, so she goes around to cut him off there.

She reaches the doorway before the shoplifter gets there. When she sees him, she looks him right in the eyes, crosses her arms, and gives him her best Disappointed Mom Look as she shakes her head. He stops, and then slowly walks back toward the registers. My mom watches as he empties his pockets on the counter and pays for every last thing. She gives him a smile and a nod as he leaves, still red in the face from embarrassment.

Never underestimate the power of a Disappointed Mom Look.

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