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I am a customer service rep, and I am helping a woman in aisle 6.

Customer: Can you sign me up for a Rite-Aid Extra Care Card?

Me: That has to be done at the register. Can you help you with anything else?

Customer: No, I want to sign up for the card here.

Me: I am not carrying a computer with me at the moment. Please go to the register.

Customer: F*@ki*g ridiculous. I hat this place.

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Im checking out at the drugstore … there’s a couple at the till, a man behind them, then me

Male half of couple pulls his card out to pay.
Cashier: And what card is that? (she needs to know if it’s debit or credit)
Male: TD (as in the name of the bank who issued the card)
Cashier: I can see that but what Kind of card?
Male: blank stare
Cashier: what Kind of card?
Male: oh.. oh.. debit! (proceeds to use debit card )
Meanwhile, female half of the couple is on her phone, presumably waiting for him.
Transaction finally complete ..Female wants to ring through her make up separately
Female: (hands clerk item, still on the phone)
Finishes her call and starts rummaging through her purse for payment (which she could’ve been doing while we were all waiting on her idiot bf to figure out what card he was using)
Female pulls out her card…
Cashier: and what kind of card?
Female: TD (name of bank again )
Cashier: *blank stare* .. Yes, but what Kind of card?
Female: oh – debit!
Proceeds to swipe card. .. it gets declined
Female : oh wait I have another card!
*tries second card* Declined
Female: oh forget it! *starts walking away* … says to bf .. but I really NEED THAT! (It was eye lash glue .. a real necessity, I’m sure)
At this point we’ve been in line over 5 mins waiting on these idiots
Guy ahead of me walks up to cashier …She proceeds to apologize for his hold up, he says not to worry, buys his things, leaves.
Same procedure with me … Cashier apologizes again for my wait
Cashier: and people wonder why I have Grey hair! How many times do I have to ask what kind of card he’s using?!?
We have a giggle, finish my transaction and I head to the door
As I’m walking out, the merchandise detector sets off (I’ve bought make up which often sets off the anti theft devices if it isn’t scanned properly.)
I turn back to the cashier to see if she wants to re scan or look through my stuff
Cashier: *as she’s waving me off* No no, you’re good …. *pause * .. *looks left, then right, then, jokingly yells out … Start the car! Start the car! Go! Go! Go!

Lmao !! Was glad to see she wasn’t letting those yahoos ruin her day!

Time To Throw Around Some Shade

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(I’m a customer in a popular chain drug store looking at their makeup section when [Old Lady #1] and [Old Lady #2] come looking for lipstick.)

Old Lady #1: “Do they have our lipstick shade here?”

Old Lady #2: “Oh, I hope they do.”

(They look in silence for about two minutes and [Old Lady #1] turns to me.)

Old Lady #1: “Excuse me, young lady? Could you help us find [Lipstick Brand] in [shade]?”

Me: “Oh, of course!”

(I scan the lipsticks and find the shade they need.)

Me: “Here it is! This is the one you needed, right?”

Old Lady #2: “No, no! That’s not it! We got it in a different packaging!”

(One of the employees walks up.)

Employee: “Excuse me, ladies, can I help you find anything?”

(Seeing as they’ve been helped, I slither away to another aisle. I come back when I hear some slight yelling.)

Old Lady #1: “No, you dumb twit! I told you that’s not the package our lipstick comes in!”

Employee: “As I’ve told you, multiple times, this is a new packaging but it’s the exact lipstick you’re looking for.”

Old Lady #2: “What don’t you understand? This is not our lipstick!”

(The employee, visibly irritated, pulls the lipstick out of the package and puts a swatch on her hand.)

Employee: “You see, ladies? This is the exact lipstick shade you needed. Is it not?”

(The two old ladies look rather embarrassed, take the lipstick, and scuttle off.)

Me: “Well, that was a handful.”

Employee: “Tell me about it.”

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Doing A Service To Customer Service

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(I just got off work where my uniform is a blue polo shirt and black dress pants. I walk into a drug store there the uniform definitely isn’t.)

Customer: “Sir, can you help me find the hair dye?”

Me: “Sure.” *looking down at my large logo on my shirt that says, “[Company] Gas Station”* “Come with me.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you so much. I wish more employees were as attentive and helpful as you.”

Me: *confused and amused look* “Sure, no problem. Have a good night.”

(The customer went over to the manager at the checkout and pointed to me, talking and smiling. The manager looked confused at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders.)

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Now Taking Bets On Whether This Cashier Is Single

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(While out of state with my boyfriend, my period suddenly starts. My cramps are bad enough that I can’t get out of bed, so my boyfriend goes to get some things for me. He relays this to me when he gets back to the hotel.)

Boyfriend: *at the checkout* “Just these, please.”

Cashier: “Ugh, pads? Chocolate? Should have sent your girl in.”

Boyfriend: “I would if she was able to stand.”

Cashier: “Ew, just dump her, then. You don’t need to be buying her gross s***.”

Boyfriend: “You mean things she needs? Can you please just ring me out?”

Cashier: “Nope!”

Boyfriend: “Can you get your manager, then? I need to get these and get back to her.”

Cashier: “He’s just gonna tell you the same thing.”

(It takes a minute for the manager to get there.)

Manager: “Sir? What’s the issue?”

Boyfriend: “I’ve got a bleeding, cramping girlfriend back at our hotel and this guy thinks I can’t buy her things to help with it.”

Cashier: “It’s nasty girl s***!”

Manager: “[Cashier], we’ll talk in a minute. Sir, give me just a second.”

(He goes into an aisle and returns with a hot pack. He then scans everything and then types some things into the register.)

Manager: “Your total is [low amount].”

Boyfriend: “Are you sure?”

Manager: “Absolutely.”

(He paid and then practically ran back to the hotel room. Luckily, it didn’t ruin our trip.)

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