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(I work in a store that sells pretty much everything. Just like every store, we are having a HUGE Black Friday sale. I was supervising an area of the store that sells electronics, such as TVs, computers, games, and phones. A kid pulls off the price tag for a brand new phone from a very popular company, and sticks it to his shirt. I was just about to get the tag back when suddenly, I hear screaming. I cautiously turn around to see a huge mob.)

Man #2: HOW DARE YOU!? YOU JUST WANT THE MONEY FOR YOURSELF! LETS GET HIM!( He then proceeds to start punching me.)
(Nobody heard me, and they started to break wires and displays to steal the phones. They started to move towards the exits, so I radioed the security team. Security had to block all exits in order to sort things out. Luckily, I wasn’t too much injured, and no phones were stolen.)

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(I am driving a public bus with a large “Off Service” display on the front and back of the bus. I’ve also put of some bright yellow boards just inside the doors, again stating “Off Service”.)
Me: *stops bus at red light, coincidentally by a bus stop, but not right next to it.*
Random Guy: *walks into the street and pounds his fist against one of the doors*
Me: *jumps, and gestures that I’m not on service*
Random Guy: *screams, so I can faintly hear him* “OPEN THE F****** DOOR!!”
Me: *shaking my head*
Random Guy: “F*** YOU! YOU GOTTA LET ME ON!!”
(Someone, presumably his brother or his friend, pulls him away and points at the yellow board with big, black letters, “Off Service”. The rude guy looks surprised, then turns away and stomps off, not even giving me any kind of apology. His companion shrugs at me, mouths “sorry” and leaves.)

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(I’m two months into my first retail job at a nation-wide chain. I’m a cashier. When I have to card someone for alcohol or cold medicine, the entire register locks up: I can’t move forward with the transaction until I’ve either entered their birth date, scanned their ID card, or taken the item back. Today, and older woman approaches my register. One of her last items is a bottle of wine, so I scan it and say, )

Me: Okay, so I’m going to need to see your ID.

Her: Excuse me?

Me: I have to see your ID. For the wine? (I think she didn’t hear me.)

Her: Is this a joke?

Me: Uh, no, ma’am.

Her: Do you want to know how old I am?

Me: Well–


She actually leans across the register towards me, she’s so mad. I lean away.

Her: I could be somebody’s grandmother!

Me: Ma’am, I have to put your birthdate into the machine. Look, the register won’t let me do anything else until I do.

Her: This is rediculous!

Me: I’m sorry.

Her: No, this is a real joke!

(She shoves her ID towards me; thinking it would be faster, I scan it into the machine rather than typing it.)

Her: NO! No, no, no, I did NOT WANT MY DATA COLLECTED!

Me: I’m sorry, I–thought it would be faster–

Her: Take it out!

Me: I can’t unscan your ID…

Her: Just take it out! I don’t want my data collected!

(I void the wine entirely, and instantly know that was a mistake.)

Me: Okay, so you just won’t get the wine then, your total is–

Her: I want the wine! I just don’t want to have to show my ID when I could be somebody’s grandmother!

Me: … okay, then I’m going to need to see your ID again.

Her: I’m NEVER shopping at [store name] again!

Me: Okay, have a nice day.

Keep Driving East And Eventually, It Will!

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(I travel pretty much everywhere in my city by bus and it is usually easy to tell who the tourists are as they often ask the divers for specific stops. The drivers don’t always appreciate having to be a tour guide for these folks.)

Tourist: “Where is the stop for Chinatown?”

Driver: “You get off when it looks like China.”

Tourist: “Yes, but what is the specific stop?”

Driver: “You get off when it looks like China!”

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(Our roommate works in the deli and told us this story of the first customer he had on the busiest day of the week.)

Employee: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. What can I get for you?”

Customer: “Hi, I’d like a [sandwich with avocado].”

Employee: “No problem.” *makes the sandwich like usual and starts spreading the avocado on the bread for this type of sandwich*

Customer: “I don’t want it on that bread; I want it on this type of bread.”

Employee: “Okay, then.”

(He has to dispose of the other sandwich and start a new one on the requested type of bread. He has just spread the avocado on again…)

Customer: “Don’t you have any fresh avocado?”

Employee: “I’m sorry, sir, the deli only carries this type of avocado spread.”

Customer: “Well, [Sandwich Chain] carries it! Why can’t you do it like them?”

Employee: “Would you like me to get a fresh avocado for you, sir?”

Customer: “Yes!”

([Employee] gets a fresh avocado from the other side of the store and brings it back to the deli and starts to remake the sandwich again. He scoops the fresh avocado out of its skin and proceeds to spread it on the bread.)

Customer: “You’re doing it wrong!”

Employee: *becoming annoyed* “I’m sorry, sir, how did you want me to make it?”

Customer: “You’re supposed to use avocado slices, like [Sandwich Chain]!” 

Employee: “I’m sorry, sir, this is the only way I’ve been trained to make this sandwich. Did you want to order something else?”

(The customer makes a disgruntled noise but allows the employee to finish the sandwich they ordered before stomping off. The employee proceeds to watch the customer buy the sandwich, and then promptly walk over to customer service and return it, complaining loudly the entire time about what horrible sandwiches are made at the deli. After the grumpy customer leaves, the customer service clerk comes over.)

Customer Service Clerk: “What was that about?”

([Employee] rehashes the entire experience over again to the clerk.)

Customer Service Clerk: “Man, if it had been me, I would have refused to make his sandwich again after the second time!”

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