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I worked with a patient whom I got along with really well, until a new co-worker came along (we’ll call her E). E screwed up this patient’s scheduling one time and pissed her off, then somehow it got blamed on me and E never owned up so she let me take the blame. I, being the non-confrontational person that I am, did not dispute it and just let it go. Ever since then, this patient has requested that I never schedule anything for her again and to never speak or do anything for her ever again. On this particular day, I was simply going over next door to the doctor’s office she was at to drop off a copy of her imaging CD that the office had requested from us.

Me: *To front desk* Hi, I’d like to drop this CD off. It’s just the [images] of our patient who is seeing Dr. [Name] today.

Front desk: Who is the patient?

Me: It’s for [patient full name], she’s being seen for her [body part] I believe. This is the [imaging CD] for it that you may need. I believe it’s for [body part], well, it’s for her appointment for whatever it may be.

*Note, I was not given any info on what this appointment was for- I was simply dropping of the requested CD*

Front desk: Oh okay we will —

Patient in the background: IT’S FOR A [PROCEDURE]! IT’S FOR A [PROCEDURE]! A [PROCEDURE]!

Me: *To the patient* Oh okay, that’s fine, I’m just dropping off the CD that they may need.

Patient: *Gave me angry look and rolled her eyes dramatically, then looked away with a scowl*

Front desk: Oh okay, we’ll give it to the assistant!

Me: Thanks! *Leaves office*

I’ve tried to be nice to this patient regardless of her previous visits where I had no choice but to be a part of her care and she just scowled at me and ignored me – I usually make people laugh and I have never had complaints from other patients. I tried to joke with her but she continues to be rude and obvious about it. I’m glad I’m starting a new job very soon and will not have to deal with her behavior anymore.

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I work at a cafe store and during this time I am working up front. A woman and a young girl come to the counter. The woman has an accent but I can understand her completely. However, the young girl begins the order for the woman.

Young girl: hello my mom wants to get the vanilla coffee
Me: okay well we have many vanilla coffees, do you know if she’ll want it hot or iced?
Young girl: she wants iced
Me: okay and did she want the vanilla ice coffee or the vanilla cream cold brew?
Young girl: idk it’s just a vanilla coffee. What’s hard to understand about that?
Me: well we have many variations so I’m just making sure we’ll be getting you the right one.
Young girl: I guess the vanilla cream one
Woman: what is your medium size called
Me: that would be our grande
Woman: what does that look like?
( goes over and grabs a cup to show her and comes back not even 10 seconds later)
Me: this is what it looks like
Woman: what what looks like? What is that?
Me: uhh… It’s out grande size?
Woman: …. Well what one is 2.75?
Me: the grande in the sweet cream is 3.75 and the talk is not much less
Young girl: no she doesn’t want that she wants coffee
Me: yes that is coffee. It’s our cold brew with a special cream. That’s what you had said she wanted right?
Woman: no I want iced vanilla coffee. 2.75 only
(I looked at the board behind me that she kept pointing at, which is just an iced coffee that you can add sweetener and cream to if you like.)
Me: *to young girl* did she want the sweet cream like you said or just an ice coffee with vanilla?
Young girl: I told you already. The vanilla coffee.
Woman: yea vanilla coffee.
Me: okay well I will assume you want the iced coffee with vanilla, and did you want cream?
Woman: with out cream will it be dark?
Me:…. Yes.
Woman: then put it. And that’s it.
(She wasn’t the most difficult customer I’ve had to deal with but it can be very frustrating)

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I work as a cashier at a grocery store that carries organic foods. For produce, we have green bags for organic produce and clear bags for regular produce. Customers often put regular produce in organic bags and vice versa, so I make sure to ask anyway if there is no PLU sticker (price look-up code) since they are different prices. I am ringing up a customer..

Me: Are these the organic vidalia onions or are they regular?

Customer: They are vidalia

Me: Yes, are they organic?

Customer: Vidalia…

Me: I see that ma’am, are they organic or regular?

Customer *is looking at me like I am stupid*: They are VIDALIA!

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(I work at a coffee shop where our new manger is really strict with the store policies. I’m usually really friendly and try to be as accommodating as I can with the customers, despite the strict rules. We have a new person on the register while I’m on bar.)

Customer: “Can I have a large mocha frap but can you split it in two medium cups with whipped cream on both?”

(New person hesitantly gets two medium cups.)

Me: “I’m sorry but due to company policy, I can’t split this drink for you but I can give you the two cups so you can do it yourself.”

(The customer mutters under her breath for the rest of the transaction and she goes to the hand off to wait for her drink. I can feel her staring at me as I’m giving drinks to other customers that were here before her. I finally finish her drink.)

Me: *smiling* “Your mocha frap is ready! Thank you so much!”

Customer: “Where is your manager?!”

(He happened to be right next to her, refilling the condoment bar.)

Manager: “That would be me. Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yes, you need to talk to her about her addit

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I was working as a cashier in a recreation room for kids, the ones with ball pools, jungle gyms, etc., where kids can have some fun while the parents watch over them or leave them there under supervision.

It was a summer job, and I was a junior. I dealt with so many entitled parents who were rude, but one woman stands out.

She was a high-profile celebrity.

There was a really long line and she was in the far back. I was alone on the register — my supervisor left to buy cleaning supplies — and I managed it pretty well, and I made sure to stay polite and helpful. While I was helping a customer out with a coupon she had trouble finding on her phone, said celebrity just passed the whole line with her kids and asked if I could let her kids in and she would pay me when it was her turn.

I told her no, that it was against my orders; I couldn’t let anyone in if their parents hadn’t paid. 

She countered by saying how dare I suggest she might run away and leave her kids without paying, and I said that some people did it, so I was ordered not to let anyone in before they pay. 

She asked it a few more times, and each time I tried to explain it as nice as I could. I told her she was holding back the line and that I needed to resume my job, because the lady with the coupon was trying to pay.

She took out her wallet and handed me a huge bill. “Keep the change, but get my kids in, now.” 

Never thought she could be that entitled. It was the last straw, but I didn’t snap. I calmly said that if she thought she could cut the line and bribe me, she was wrong. As she was staring at me, dumbfounded, I asked her to go to the end of the line and wait for her turn. 

She stayed there for a few minutes in silence before leaving. The lady with the coupon came back as soon as [Celebrity] left and told me she was really impressed and asked for my name. I pointed at my tag, and she smiled and left.

My supervisor came back, said I did good, and told me to take a break. As soon as he got there, [Celebrity] dashed to the front of the line again, asking if he was the manager. He said yes, and she asked to report me. She told him the story, while lying and saying I was rude and that I refused to let her in when it was her turn.

I turned purple. [Supervisor] looked at me and said it didn’t suit me. The guy next in line said that I was nothing but polite to every single customer, and that I was really helpful and efficient. 

[Celebrity] blushed, mumbled, and went back to the end of line. I proceeded to take my break right outside and watched. 

[Celebrity]’s turn finally arrived. She asked for three kids, and [Supervisor] asked for their age. One of them was at the age we don’t allow inside — older than ten, younger than sixteen. They just do a lot of damage and we need an ID for someone to count as adult supervision. So, she was told she couldn’t bring him in.

She yelled that she had waited all this time just to learn this, and so came my moment to shine. I got up and pointed at a sign that said the exact thing, big, red, and eye-catching.

She paid for two kids and left with the other.

[Coupon Lady] called to praise me, and I got a promotion to shift manager.

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