Raising Their Voice About The Invoice

, , , , | Right | May 7, 2021

A customer orders an item online to pick up at the pharmacy and chooses to pay by invoice. The item is delivered to the pharmacy, and the customer comes in.

Customer: “I don’t want this item anymore.”

I happen to work that day, so I give her her money back. 

A while later, the customer receives the invoice and pays for the item. She then goes back to the pharmacy to get the invoice refunded. Again, I’m the one working.

Me: “I can’t refund the invoice, since I already gave you money back and that it would be a ‘double refund.’ You can’t get the money back twice.”

She doesn’t understand. In her mind she’s right, and she gets upset. I give her the number for customer service, hoping they can make her understand. I can’t help but wonder if I’m wrong and she really should get her money back.

A few weeks later, I get an email from someone working in our head office, wanting to know what this is all about. I send an email back explaining what’s happened. They then send me another email, saying that I did the right thing. I haven’t heard anything since then, but I have a feeling this customer isn’t going to give up that easily. We’ll see what happens.

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Hello, Mr. Chips!

, , , , | Right | May 6, 2021

After a long day, I decide to treat myself to some chips. I get my chips and pull out my bank card.

Me: “Card, please!”

Cashier: “Oh, sorry, we don’t take card.”

Me: *Stammers* “I have no cash on me, but I could run to the bank?”

Cashier: *Pushes the food toward me* “Nah, here you go. Just pay the next time you’re here.”

I thanked her profusely. I went back to pay the very next day, I felt so bad!

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Her Head Is Doing Yours In

, , , , , | Right | May 5, 2021

Me: “Your total is $96.37.”

Customer: “But the total was $70 in my head!”

I go over her purchases with her to make sure everything rang up correctly; it did.

Customer: “But it was only $70 in my head!”

I go over the receipt with her again, adding everything out loud.

Customer: “I don’t understand why it’s so much; it was only $70 in my head!”

I pull out my phone calculator and calculate everything again one by one and add the tax. The calculator, of course, shows the same total as the register.

Customer: “But it was only $70 in my head!”

I just shrugged, as there was really nothing else I could do, and she left.

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A Special Deal On Stupid

, , , , , | Working | May 4, 2021

I’m searching around for new broadband deals when I spot a deal too good to be true. I call them up to check.

Me: “Hi. I’ve noticed you had a TV and Internet deal for [price], but without the TV it’s more expensive?”

Salesperson: “That’s right. We give you a box on which you can watch on-demand shows, films, and free-to-air channels.”

Me: “And this is cheaper than taking an Internet-only deal?”

Salesperson: “it is!”

Me: “Sign me up.”

I switch over to the company and I throw the TV box in a corner; I have no need for it. A few months later, I get a phone call from the same company.

Salesperson: “Our records show that you haven’t connected your TV box up to the Internet. Are you having problems with it?”

Me: “No, I just don’t want to use it.”

Salesperson: “But you’re paying for it.”

Me: “Actually, it was cheaper to do it that way.”

Salesperson: “Oh, okay, then. Would you like to return the TV box? We can send prepaid return packaging.”

Me: “Do I have to stop my TV package and pay more?”

Salesperson: “Let me check… Yes, you revert to the other package and your new monthly bill would be [amount] more.”

Me: “Then no. I think I will keep it.”

Salesperson: “Oh? Okay. Well, if you’re sure.”

I got a few more calls exactly like that one. The company stopped offering the package after a while. I guess no one wanted to pay more for less.

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The Customers Don’t Want Your Two Cents

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Usually, when a customer tells me, “I have the change,” I’ll joke with them by saying, “Just don’t make me count out [number] pennies and we’re golden!” Typically, they laugh and say something along the lines of, “Oh, I would never!” or, “How terrible would it be if someone did that?!”

Me: “Your total today is going to be $11.32.”

The customer hands me a $20 bill.

Me: “Out of $20?”

Customer: “Wait, I think I have the change!”

Me: “Perfect! Just don’t make me count out thirty-two pennies and life’s good!”

Customer: “Excuse me? If I want to give you thirty-two pennies, I will, and rightfully so! It’s legal tender!”

Me: “I apologize ma’am. I didn’t mean—”

Customer: “Ask me that again and I’m giving you the entire amount in pennies! You can’t f****** tell people that they can’t pay with f****** legal tender! This is America!

Me: “Again, I apologize.”

Customer: “Give me my $20 back.”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “Give. Me. My. Twenty. Dollar. Bill. Back.”

I hand her back the $20.

Customer: “Since you apparently aren’t comfortable counting, I’m just going to use my card. And maybe you should use your brain, little girl.”

I finished the transaction talking to her as little as I possibly could. Thankfully, that was my only “problem customer” of the day!

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