The Regular Price Is Now For Regulars

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(I am an employee at a drive-thru bottle shop that is attached to a pub and a restaurant. Previously, some of the regulars have been given discounts on their purchases in the shop, but that is being phased out as it is costing the business a surprisingly large amount of money.)

Customer: “I’ll have this, thanks.”

Me: “That’ll be $6.50.” *the regular price*

Customer: “No, I pay $5.”

Me: “I’m afraid my manager has told me we’re not allowed to give discounts anymore. Only he can do it.”

Customer: “No, I pay $5.”

Me: “I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to give discounts. It’s $6.50.”

(The customer glares at me.)

Customer: “You know, I really don’t like you. You have a bad attitude.”

Me: “Well, I really don’t like you, either.”

(The customer looks surprised.)

Customer: “Why not?”

Me: “Because I don’t really appreciate it when customers come into the store and tell us how much they’re going to pay for things.”

Customer: “Well, I’m going to take my business elsewhere!”

Me: “Feel free.”

(He later came back, went into the attached pub, and had one of the bar staff purchase his drink from the bottle shop. He also complained to my manager, the bar staff, the bottle shop staff, and any patrons he could find about me. My manager told him in no uncertain terms that he was wrong and to stop complaining.)

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Forever 21

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(I’m at a local liquor store buying a nice bottle of wine for a family get-together. I bring my purchase up to the register. I’m 30 years old.)

Clerk: “ID please, sir.”

(I give her my driver’s license. She reads it and then hands it back to me.)

Clerk: “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t sell this wine to you.”

Me: “Is there something wrong?”

Clerk: “You’re not 21 years old, sir.”

Me: “I know that. I’m 30 years old.”

Clerk: “Sir, you can’t buy this wine if you’re not 21.”

Me: “I understand, but again, I’m older than that, so yes, I can buy the wine.”

Clerk: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You are not 21 years old, so you cannot buy the wine. I am not going to risk my job selling wine to someone who isn’t 21 years old. Now get out!”

(The manager overhears the conversation and approaches us.)

Manager: “Is something wrong?”

Clerk: “This customer isn’t 21 years of age and he wants to buy this wine!”

Manager: *to me* “May I please see your ID, sir?”

(I hand my license to the manager, who studies it. He then turns to the clerk, visibly angry.)

Manager: *to the clerk* “Seriously? Again? Read the customer’s license. What year does it say he was born?”

Clerk: “[Year].”

Manager: “And that makes him how old?”

Clerk: “Uh, 30.”

Manager: “Precisely.”

Clerk: “But he’s not 21! It would be illegal to sell him wine!”

Manager: “Just go to the office and wait for me there. I’ll handle this myself. We’ll have a little talk together in a moment.”

(The clerk goes to the office. The manager hands back my driver’s license and rings up my purchase.)

Manager: “I’m very sorry about that sir. It’s her first day here, and you’re not the first person she’s pulled that stunt on.”

Me: “She actually tried that on someone else?”

Manager: “Yep. I have absolutely no clue how she came up with the idea that you have to be exactly‘ 21 to buy alcohol, especially when we have posters practically everywhere saying you have to be 21 or older, which you clearly are.”

(I paid for my wine and left the store. The clerk still works there, but I’ve only ever seen her fronting off the shelves and doing cleanup duties since then.)

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Unfiltered Story #168428

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(Indiana state law prohibits anyone under 21 from entering a liquor store so obviously this applies to children.)

*Man enters store with his ~6 yr old son during a summer month.

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, children aren’t allowed in the store. You must be 21 to enter a liquor store”

Man: “So you want me to leave my son in the hot car!?”

Me: “No, I didn’t say that. You can go to the pharmacy or Wal-Mart where they allow children and buy your alcohol there. But you have to be 21 to be in here.”

Man: “Well that’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard!”

Me: “It’s state law, nothing I can do about it.”

Man: “Well that’s Bull****!!!”

Me: “Sigh”

Sale Fail, Part 5

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(A customer puts a big bottle of whiskey on the counter. I ring it in.)

Me: “Okay, that will be $35.56.”

Customer: “It was supposed to be on sale for $25.” 

Me: “Well, I’m unaware of a sale on this item. Let me just ask my boss. [Boss]?”

Boss: *who was listening from a few feet away* “That brand isn’t on sale. It’s $35.”

Customer: “Can you check the shelf?”

(Boss obliges.)

Boss: “$35.”

Customer: “Fine.” *pays*

(After the customer left, my boss told me he saw them move a sale tag in front of the brand they wanted, and refused to give them a deal through dishonest means.)

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Oh, Four The Love Of Beer!

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(I have been planning to restart my old hobby of beer-making. One commercial beer brand uses a type of mechanical top that eliminates the need for the common bottle cap. For this reason, it’s popular with home-brewers. It’s not a common beer, so I’m delighted to find that a local liquor store carries it. I buy two four-packs of it and a few weeks later return for more. This time, though, I can’t find any four-packs on the shelf.)

Me: “Where are the four-packs of [brand]? I’d like to get a pack of them.”

Clerk: “Hmm.” *hunts around* “Sometimes we have packs of it over here, but apparently, we are just selling singles. No packs.”

Me: “You don’t have the boxes they come in?”

Clerk: “No.”

Me: “Strange. Just a couple of weeks ago I got some four-packs of it.”

Clerk: “Oh, yeah, the guy who did that got in a lot of trouble for that.”

(I’m doubting this a lot. He used a barcode scanner on what I bought just like everything else.)

Me: “Well, okay. I don’t mind paying for them individually.”

(I grab four from the shelf and return to the counter and put them down one at a time for her to scan.)

Clerk: *realizing that four single large beers are awkward to carry without a container* “I can give you a carrier for those. Do you want it to be the same brand as the beer?”

Me: “Yes, that would be nice.”

(I have been a reader of this site for years, so I just knew what was about to happen. The clerk crossed the room, moved four cases of beer from a stack to get to the case at the bottom which was my preferred beer brand. She opened it, pulled out a four-pack, walked over to the singles shelf, transferred the contents to the shelf and returned triumphantly to the counter and put my four singles into it. We were right back to square one, with the four-pack I wanted to buy.)

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