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(Indiana state law prohibits anyone under 21 from entering a liquor store so obviously this applies to children.)

*Man enters store with his ~6 yr old son during a summer month.

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, children aren’t allowed in the store. You must be 21 to enter a liquor store”

Man: “So you want me to leave my son in the hot car!?”

Me: “No, I didn’t say that. You can go to the pharmacy or Wal-Mart where they allow children and buy your alcohol there. But you have to be 21 to be in here.”

Man: “Well that’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard!”

Me: “It’s state law, nothing I can do about it.”

Man: “Well that’s Bull****!!!”

Me: “Sigh”

Sale Fail, Part 5

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(A customer puts a big bottle of whiskey on the counter. I ring it in.)

Me: “Okay, that will be $35.56.”

Customer: “It was supposed to be on sale for $25.” 

Me: “Well, I’m unaware of a sale on this item. Let me just ask my boss. [Boss]?”

Boss: *who was listening from a few feet away* “That brand isn’t on sale. It’s $35.”

Customer: “Can you check the shelf?”

(Boss obliges.)

Boss: “$35.”

Customer: “Fine.” *pays*

(After the customer left, my boss told me he saw them move a sale tag in front of the brand they wanted, and refused to give them a deal through dishonest means.)

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Oh, Four The Love Of Beer!

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(I have been planning to restart my old hobby of beer-making. One commercial beer brand uses a type of mechanical top that eliminates the need for the common bottle cap. For this reason, it’s popular with home-brewers. It’s not a common beer, so I’m delighted to find that a local liquor store carries it. I buy two four-packs of it and a few weeks later return for more. This time, though, I can’t find any four-packs on the shelf.)

Me: “Where are the four-packs of [brand]? I’d like to get a pack of them.”

Clerk: “Hmm.” *hunts around* “Sometimes we have packs of it over here, but apparently, we are just selling singles. No packs.”

Me: “You don’t have the boxes they come in?”

Clerk: “No.”

Me: “Strange. Just a couple of weeks ago I got some four-packs of it.”

Clerk: “Oh, yeah, the guy who did that got in a lot of trouble for that.”

(I’m doubting this a lot. He used a barcode scanner on what I bought just like everything else.)

Me: “Well, okay. I don’t mind paying for them individually.”

(I grab four from the shelf and return to the counter and put them down one at a time for her to scan.)

Clerk: *realizing that four single large beers are awkward to carry without a container* “I can give you a carrier for those. Do you want it to be the same brand as the beer?”

Me: “Yes, that would be nice.”

(I have been a reader of this site for years, so I just knew what was about to happen. The clerk crossed the room, moved four cases of beer from a stack to get to the case at the bottom which was my preferred beer brand. She opened it, pulled out a four-pack, walked over to the singles shelf, transferred the contents to the shelf and returned triumphantly to the counter and put my four singles into it. We were right back to square one, with the four-pack I wanted to buy.)

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No ID-ea How Much Trouble They’re In  

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(I work in a liquor store. A girl enters who I recognise as being part of a group of 16- and 17-year-olds that hangs around the area.)

Me: “Hi. What can I get for you?”

Customer #1: “Can I have a bottle of that vodka?”

Me: “Okay, can I see some proof of age?”

(She hands me a valid UK driving license, but noting that she has a different facial structure and hair colour to the picture, I question her on the details on “her” card.)

Me: “Can I ask your date of birth?”

Customer #1:Mine?

Me: “Yeah.”

Customer #1: “27th of February.”

(The ID I am holding says 2nd of August.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m not going to be able to serve you, or give you this ID back.”

Customer #1: “You have to; it’s not your property!”

Me: “It doesn’t appear to be yours, either.”

Customer #1: “I’m calling the police!” *storms out*

Me: “Have a good evening…”

(Fifteen minutes pass and I am aware she is still outside the shop as customers comment on her erratic behavior as they enter. She comes back in a few times to insult me while still on the phone. She re-enters a final time.)

Customer #1: “The police are coming! So, are you going to give me my ID?”

Me: “I cannot return this ID to anyone but its rightful owner, and then they need another form of valid ID. You can tell them they have a week to pick it up here before it is sent to the police.”

Customer #1: “You’re stealing my ID; that’s theft!”

(A second customer introduces himself, stating he has witnessed everything.)

Customer #2: “Hi. I’m a police officer.” *shows his police ID* “And I’m not on duty, but I think you should leave the store now.”

Customer #1: “But he’s stolen my ID. Bouncers don’t take my ID at clubs!”

Customer #2: “Well, they should.”

Customer #1: “Fine! My mom’s a police officer; I’ll get her to come down here.”

Customer #2: “My advice to you is that you don’t do that.”

Customer #1: “She always backs me up and she knows I’ve got this ID!”

(The police officer and I glance at each other, realising the girl has just implicated her mother, a police officer, as an accessory to identity fraud.)

Customer #2: “My advice to you is that if your mother were to come down here, and if she did, in fact, know about this ID, she would certainly lose her job.”

([Customer #1] storms out in a huff.)

Me: “Thanks, man.”

Customer #2: “Oh, no problem. I saw the whole thing. You did well to stay calm.”

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Capitalism Will Figure That One Out

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(I work in a small boutique wine shop in midtown. We get all sorts, especially since we’re very close to a subway hub. On this day, it’s just me and my boss working.)

Me: “Hi, how are you?”

Customer: “I’m fine. Hey, do you guys give discounts to alcoholics?”

Me: *blank stare, thinking quickly about how I should answer tactfully, coming up with nothing*

Boss: *the same*

Customer: *waiting expectantly*

Boss: “Um… No.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

(One of the most awkward exchanges I’ve had to date.)

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