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Stories from the Beer Store my Dad works at:

Story #1:

Dad: Would you like a bag?

Customer: Sure. Do you have one?

Me (thinking): Well, he wouldn’t have asked, if he didn’t have one…

Story #2:

My Dad says that there’s a customer, who always comes in, pays for his purchase, and waits around, if there’s another customer, before telling him a stupid joke.

Story #3:

Customer: *Gives his order*

Dad: *Heads to the cooler to receive it*

Customer: *Asks for something else to go along with the order*

Dad (jokingly): Don’t even bother telling me more, because I’ll forget it by the time I get back here. You see, I’m a little bit special needs…

Customer: Oh…

(Truth is, my Dad does have a terrible short-term memory, but he’s not special needs.)

Story #4:

(Mind you, my Dad is the only one working in the store…)

Customer (asking Dad): Do I go to you for my order?

Dad: Yes, you sure do.

Me (thinking): Who else would you go to?

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The Beer Store my Dad works at had its debit machine down one day. Though, a lot of the customers got agitated about it, and pretty much made it seem like it was my Dad and/or the Beer Store’s fault for it happening. Of course, my Dad was getting irritated, especially when a guy came back THREE times that day!

Finally, after the third time of the guy complaining, my Dad finally had to be firm to him by saying, “Look, this is the third time you’ve been in here, and you know the machine is down. Now, I’m sick of hearing it.”

The guy mumbled, “Oh, I’m sorry… I was just having a little fun.”

Then, I believe this is what my Dad said in his head, “No, you’re just being a f****** asshole.”

At least some people were understanding, especially one woman, who came in and was disappointed about the machine, but didn’t make a huge fuss about it. She even said she had an experience, when she used to work at the grocery store, about a guy losing his s***, because the computers malfunctioned.

She even told my Dad, “He was getting all bent out of shape, as if it’s our fault that the computers are down…”

My Dad said this, while telling me this story, “Always have cash on you, because you never know. Heck, even at Tim Horton’s, the debit machine goes down, but I don’t make a huge fuss about it. I’m just simply like, ‘Oh, crap.’ At least I have cash on me!”

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Two Mexican women (with very thick accents) came into the Beer Store my Dad works in, asking for some sort of Mexican alcohol. My Dad, of course, had no idea what they were talking about, and he also had trouble understanding their accent (especially with him being hearing impaired). Since it’s a Beer Store, they only sell beer (many different types of beer), but these women were not the first to ask for alcohol, other than beer. Though, these two women couldn’t go to the LCBO (the liquor store), because I believe it was closed. They asked if it could be ordered, but my Dad said that they don’t deal with that type of alcohol, and that they would have to talk with the owner. He also said that it couldn’t be guaranteed for them to get the beer, in case it got ordered, and those two women didn’t come to get it. Though, they just said to call them to pick it up. I don’t know whether they’re going to talk to the boss or not, but I don’t think anything outside of beer is going to be ordered…

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The Beer Store my Dad works at was vandalized. So, the next day, he was unable to work; instead, he ended up helping clean up. The store was closed for the day, and countless times, normal people read the “CLOSED” sign and walked away. I didn’t catch the whole story, but my Dad said how a guy put up a bit of a fuss that they weren’t open. My Dad was like, “We can’t open today. There’s nothing for us to sell. Plus, we’re not going to open just for you…”

Sweet Clerk; Sour Suggestions

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I go to a liquor store.

Me: “Let me have the larger bottle of [Brand] brandy.”

Clerk: “Sure. Hey! What’s your usual poison?”

Me: “Usually vodka.”

Clerk: “Oh, have I got something for you to try!”

A nearby associate speaks up.

Associate: “Oh, here we go again! You should get a commission on those.”

The clerk shows me a bottle.

Clerk: “Have you tried [some booze I had never heard of]?”

Me: “Nope.”

Clerk: “You’ll like it! It’s a mix of Cognac and vodka. They also have it in apple and peach.”

Me: “Oh, I don’t want flavored ones. Those are always sweet. I love [Expensive Sweet Liquor] but it’s got sugar and I’m on a low-carb diet.”

Clerk: “Okay, but I promise you’ll like this. If not, bring it back and I’ll drink it.”

We all laugh at his little joke.

I get home and pour a little into a Brandy snifter. I take one sip and it is a sweet liquor. It tastes great, but I can’t drink it; I give it to my daughter who can.

Two days later, I’m in line again, this time with some vodka. This time the “here we go again” associate is ringing me up and the original clerk is lingering behind her.

Me: “Hey, dude! Remember the stuff you encouraged me to get?”

Clerk: “Yeah? How did you like it?”

Me: “It was great, but I couldn’t drink it.”

Clerk: “Why not?”

Me: “Remember I told you I couldn’t do sweet drinks? That stuff was syrup.”

Clerk: “Really? I didn’t think it was sweet.”

A customer behind me speaks up.

Customer: “Was it [Recommended Liquor]?”

Clerk: “Yes, that’s it.”

Customer: “Yeah, man, that’s really sweet.”

Clerk: “Wow! I didn’t think it was sweet at all.”

I just shrugged and shook my head. I wasn’t going to act like a jerk about it — especially since I’m a regular there — but I don’t know how someone could drink a sticky, syrupy drink and not know it’s sweet. I’m glad I’m not diabetic.

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