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(One of our regulars comes into the store. I am relieving a lunch break. I have rung up his two items and then the following exchange happens).
Me: So that is (total).
Customer: Pay on a card.
Me: Sure.
(His card has a chip in it).
Customer: I’ll insert into the backside. Much better that way.
(Needless to say I quickly gave him his receipt, and the person in charge came back from lunch, which was very good timing!)

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(I sell beer for my job, we are in a lower income area of the city so we sell mostly cheap cans of beer, but of course have a large bottle selection as well. Our store is old and outdated so customers can’t browse the beer itself, only from a menu, we have to take their order and then go into our back cooler to get their beer.)
Customer: 12 (brand of beer) please.

Me: Of course, would you like bottles or cans?

Customer: I said 12!

Me: Yes Sir, but in bottles or cans?


Me: Yes it does, bottles and cans have different volumes, so they are different prices.


Me: Alright that will be $21.75

Customer: WHAT? That’s so expensive!! Cans than!

Me: Sure, just to let you know, cans are more expensive, but it’s usually a better deal.

Customer: Okay that’s fine, I want cans.

Me: Would you like regular cans, or tall cans?

Customer: I just want cans!!

Me: Yes Sir, but what size cans would you like?

Customer: OH MY GOD! I JUST WANT TWELVE (brand)!!

Me: I understand Sir, but I need to know what size cans you want.


Me: Well again Sir, we have 2 different sizes of cans, and there is a price difference. If it helps, the 12 tall can pack is currently cheaper than the 12 regular size cans, and it’s more beer.

Customer: It’s JUST beer!! Why are you making this complicated?!

Me: I assure you I’m not trying to make this complicated, I would just like to know what kind of cans you’d like, so you get what you want. Again, 12 tall cans is the best deal.

Customer: I’ll take the regular cans.

(Our store lobby is small and we get very busy, there is a line forming that goes out the door, and people are starting to become impatient, and noticing his yelling and terrible comprehension for ordering beer.)

Me: Sure thing, that will be $26.50.

Customer: WHAT?! That’s more than bottles!!

Me: Yes it is, cans have more beer in them than bottles.

Customer: NO! Bottles are bigger!! And they’re made of glass!!

Me: (Becoming a bit condescending) They are made of glass, you are correct. But cans are 355mL and bottles are only 341mL, which is why the cans are more expensive. Like I said before, the tall cans are on special right now for $24.95, and it’s way more beer, would you like those instead?

Customer: Why would they be cheaper if it’s more beer? That doesn’t make any sense!!

Me: Well I just said they are on sale.

Customer: ALL I WANTED WAS TWELVE (brand). Just give me the tall cans then!!

Me: Of course, it’s $24.95.

(He pays, I go get his beer, bring it back)

Customer: This isn’t what I wanted!!

Me: What do you mean? You said 12 tall (brand)?

Customer: No I wanted (different brand)!

Me: Sir, you said multiple times you wanted this brand.

Customer: Well I meant the other one!!

Me: Okay, I can do that, I’ll just have to do a refund and sell the other brand as they are not the same price. Just to be sure, you want 12 tall cans of (new brand)?

Customer: OH MY GOD! I JUST WANT TWELVE!! Why do you have to refund it, why can’t you just give me the other ones?! They are made by the same brewery!! (They’re not)

(The nice thing about working in unionized alcohol sales is we don’t have to kiss up to customers, as my manager always says, buying beer is a priviledge, not a right. My manager had been watching this all and gave me “the look”, at this point I refund the mans money, give it back to him and ask him to leave as I grab the beer. He looks dumbfounded and demands I give him the beer. I tell him he is being beligerant, and I’m beginning to wonder if he may be intoxicated, and that it is illegal to sell him alcohol, so I will not do so. He yells and complains but I stand my ground and ask for the next customer and he finally leaves.)

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(I’m a cashier at a wine and beer store, and unfortunately for us, we have a “No Customer Complaints” policy. It’s especially tough for me, since I’d never worked in retail before, but it usually means we hand out discounts like candy to angry people. One not-so-busy day, a customer came up with a huge basket of various single beers, including four 750ml bottles of a ginger beer. He wasn’t happy when I rang them up.)

Me: And your total is [total], sir. Are you a loyalty member?

Customer: *ignores my question* Wait, what did those ginger things ring up as!?

Me: Looks like they’re $19.99 each.

Customer: Well the sign for them said $1.99! I wanna buy them at $1.99 each! Otherwise it’s false advertising!

Me: (with wide eyes) Well that’s… certainly strange. I don’t know why they’d have a dollar-ninety-nine tag if they’re this expensive. I can’t imagine who would have put these there. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’d be able to give you that much of a price change.

Customer: Let me see your manager!

Me: …Okay.

(I walk over to the office area next to the registers and explain the situation to the MOD, and the customer walks back to the aisle where he found the beers, presumably to double-check the tag. MOD agrees that his request is far too ridiculous. She walks over to him and, a few minutes later, they walk back to the register.)

MOD: Well, the tag did say $1.99, but it wasn’t for the same product. It’s for a 12-oz bottle. Sir, I’m sorry, but we can’t reduce the price.

Customer: Well then I won’t buy them!! If I can’t have them for $1.99 each, I won’t buy them!!

(Nodding, I void the ginger beers from the transaction and put them aside.)

Me: So that brings you down to [new total], sir.

Customer: I’m tellin’ ya, I’d have given the customer the lower price, were I in your position! Just sayin’! It’s false advertising. FALSE ADVERTISING.

Me: I’m sorry, but it’s just too big of a difference to–

Customer: Still false advertising!

(He buys the other beers and stomps out, mumbling.)

Me: …Have a nice day.

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My dad is the customer. In Australia, a bottle of beer is called a stubbie.

“Hi, I would like to buy a carton of your cheapest stubbies.”


“No, stubbies.”


“No, stubbies.”


“No, I want stubbies.”

“Our cheapest beer is called Kahns. Do you want that or not?”

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(In BC, up until a few months ago, the liquor stores would display prices with the tax included included, so you would just pay [display price]+deposit. Then new legislature changed that, in order to be ‘more transparent in pricing’, so now it’s [display price]+tax+deposit. Personally, I just find it annoying because it’s harder to add it up in my head before I get to the till. I’m the idiot customer in this story, as I had known about it for at least a week or two before this. I have come in with my girlfriend and grabbed a single beer priced a little above $3, and have already gotten out exact change for it and deposit.)

Cashier: “Okay, that’ll be [amount over $4].”

Me: “Wait, what? How much of a deposit are you charging on that thing?!?”

Cashier: “Well, you see, there’s this new legislation…”

Me: “Ohhh riiight, the TAX. Dammit. Okay, here you go,” *I get out another dollar* “I liked it better the old way…”

Cashier: *laughs* “Me too. I have to explain it all the time to people.”

Girlfriend: “Oh, and I bet at least a couple of them are already a bit buzzed when they get here.”

Cashier: “Yeah. sometimes. Well, here you go, have a good night!”