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(A customer calls in and sounds a little drunk. In order to pull up accounts to begin help we need either the account number, name, phone number or address I avoid address due to strange spelling for street mains.)

Me: “Can I get your account number?”

Customer: “I don’t know it.”

Me: “How about phone number?”

(We proceed to try three different numbers and nothing works.)

Me: “Alright, sir, how about your address?”

Customer: *walks outside to read numbers of the house* “It’s [address not including zip code].”

Me: “And the zip code?”

Customer: “Jesus f****** Christ! Do you even know your f****** zip code!?”

Me: *politely* “Well, yes sir, I do.”

Customer: “Bull f****** s***. Let me talk to your manager! You should be fired!”

(Turns out he didn’t have service with us.)

Maybe 40 Is His IQ?

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(I am doing Internet tech support over the phone.)

Me: “I’d like you check if you can see your WiFi name now, please.”

Customer: *too fast to have re-checked the list* “It’s still not there.”

Me: “Okay, can I have you just refresh the list, please?”

Customer: *angrily* “I don’t know how to do that! I’m forty! I don’t know anything about all this technology stuff!”

(I managed to refrain from telling him that I am forty-three, and not only am I not the oldest in the call centre, one of my coworkers left retirement to come and work with us! There are many excuses for being ignorant about technology, but being middle-aged isn’t one of them.)

I Don’t Give A Netflux

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(One of the major ISPs in Indonesia, who’s also the main telecommunications provider, is blocking Netflix since its expansion, due to Netflix’s refusal to share its revenue with the ISP. To compensate, they provide their own rip-off streaming services, but the service is really bad. One day I decide to stop my subscription, since they’re blocking Netflix, and also due to their really silly Internet filter. If we cancel our subscription, we could also lose our landline, and I don’t want to lose it, so I need to make sure.)

Me: “Hello, I want to cancel my subscription to your Internet service. But I have one question: would I lose my landline number?”

ISP: “All right, ma’am. Could you tell us the reason you’re ending your subscription?”

Me: “I can’t watch Netflix. You block them.”

ISP: “Sorry, but they’re not our product. To stream movies and TV series, we suggest [Rip-Off Streaming Service #1] and [Rip-Off Streaming Service #2]. Have you reconsidered?”

Me: “YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are not your products, either, but I can still access them; why is that? Besides, your streaming service is really poor, and it crashes most of the time.”

ISP: “Netflix doesn’t cooperate with us, but the other sites have.”

Me: “So, you decided to just block them?”

ISP: “Netflix’s content is full of violence, so we decided not to cooperate with them.”

Me: “But [Rip-Off Streaming Service #1] and [Rip-Off Streaming Service #2] have also provided violent content in their service. To be fair, the responsibility of filtering content is the customer’s responsibility, and I’m capable of it.”

ISP: *ignoring my comment* “I’m sorry, ma’am. They’re not compliant to this country’s regulation.”

Me: “First you say it’s because they don’t cooperate with you, then you say that it’s because their content is violent, then you say that they’re not compliant with regulations? Which one is true?”

ISP: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we have [Rip-Off Streaming Service #1] and [Rip-Off Streaming Service #2] with quality movies; have you reconsidered?”

Me: “…”

(I guess I won’t mind losing my phone number, then.)

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(I just moved to night shift. Our unofficial team leader (he was the most skilled guy there but didn’t have title of TL) is showing me some differences on night shift:)

Not-Team-Leader: “And the last thing. If you forget to lock your screen when you will go for smoke do not worry. We are not like day shift, we do not touch each others machine. We are straight men. We might be pr*cks and di*ks but we are not f****** a**-holes.”

They’re Serially Confused

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(I work in a call center, troubleshooting TVs and tablets for a warranty company. In order to help our customers, we need them to provide us with model numbers and serial numbers for the products they are calling about.)

Me: “Looks like we still need the model and serial number for your TV, if you can please provide this information.”

Customer: “Where can I find them?”

Me: “Usually both pieces of information can be found on the back of the TV. There should be some stickers that will say, ‘Model Number,’ and, ‘Serial Number,’ or, ‘S/N.’”

Customer: “Can you tell me where on my TV?”

Me: “It should be on the back of the TV, but I am unsure of its exact location.”

(There are rustling noises and groaning sounds. In the background I can hear chatting between a mother and daughter:)

Customer: “This is ridiculous that they have us back here looking for this. I have no idea where this stuff is.”

Daughter: “Did she tell you where it is?”

Customer: “She said on the back, but doesn’t know exactly where. If she doesn’t know, how am I supposed to know?”

Daughter: “Yeah, seriously.”

Customer: *shouting through speaker phone* “Okay, look, lady: all I see back here is a cable that plugs the TV into the wall and a sticker with a bunch of TV information on it. Which one of these things has what you’re looking for?”

Me: *pause* “The sticker with the TV information on it.”

Customer: “All I see on this sticker is a model number, a serial number, and a bunch of other random crap, so tell me what you want.”

Me: “The model and serial number.”

Customer: “Don’t you already have all this information?!”

Me: “No, ma’am; that is why I am asking for you to provide it.”

Customer: “Well, you should already have it! Can I speak to a supervisor?!”

Me: “Yes, you can, but this is information that we need to gather, and even if we had this information we would need to verify to make sure it’s correct. If we have the wrong model and serial number, it can delay your repairs.”

Customer: “I still want a supervisor! I think you’re just doing this for your sick amusement!”

Me: “I will get a supervisor for you. One moment, please.”

(My supervisor was just as annoyed as I was when I told her why they wanted to talk to her. My supervisor took the call, which didn’t take very long, and the call ended. The supervisor got up and walked away while stating, “Well, I guess they’re not getting their TV fixed, because they hung up.”)

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