Getting Rid Of The More Colorful Customers

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A customer is trying to demand we accept a coupon for alcohol that we cannot legally take in my state. She’s spent nearly ten minutes berating my cashier before I’m made aware of the situation, so I head up to the registers as quickly as I can.

While I’m approaching, I hear:

Customer: “You can’t even do a decent job ringing things up! No wonder you’re working at [Store]! I bet you’ll never move past cashier with that hair color and those tattoos!

My cashier in question has brown hair but has two stripes of peek-a-boo rainbow hair that’s hidden when she wears her hair down (though it’s worn up at this time and it’s visible), and one or two small visible tattoos.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m the manager, and I had heard that you had a problem? Maybe I can help fix it?”

The customer whirls around, an already smug grin on her face, and she gets a good look at me in all of my green-haired, tattooed, pierced glory.

Me: “You asked to speak to the manager, right? How can I help you?”

She left without another word, but I’ve never seen someone as red in the face in person as she was!

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Well, You Gave It A Try

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I live in a small town with only two real grocery stores, one on each end of town. I usually do my shopping at [Store #1], even though I live and work much closer to [Store #2], because [Store #2] does not have a great customer service reputation.

One day, I realize that I forgot something on my latest shopping trip at [Store #1], so I decide to stop in at [Store #2] after work instead of driving all the way across town to [Store #1]. I head into the store, grab the items I need, and head up to the cash register. The cashier scans my items, and when I reach into my pocket for my wallet… it’s not there. I have a sudden flashback of taking my wallet out of my pocket in my car to see if I had enough cash to pay for my items, and I realize that I forgot to grab my wallet when I got out of my car.

I explain my mistake to the cashier and ask if she can hold my items for me until I can get my wallet out of my car. She agrees, so I run out to my car, grab my wallet, head back into the store, and join the register line again, intending to wait for the two customers who were behind me, but are now in front of me, to finish their transactions.

I get back to the cashier and don’t see my items anywhere around the cash register.

Me: “Hi, I’m back. Are my items still here?”

Employee: “No? You said you weren’t able to pay and left. I had [Bagger] run everything back to the shelf.”

Me: “I wasn’t leaving. I said I forgot my wallet in my car and had to go get it.”

Employee: “Well, whatever. Maybe you can find [Bagger] before they get everything put away.”

I did not try to find [Bagger]. I left and made the drive across town to [Store #1]. I haven’t stopped in at [Store #2] for anything since this happened.

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Remaining Cool As A Cucumber

, , | Right | August 2, 2021

I am eighteen, working my first retail job. Two fraternity brothers are buying a cucumber, condoms, and KY-Jelly; the old college “make the clerk blush” game.

Fraternity Bro: “Would you like to be the third in our group?”

Me: *While pointing at the cucumber.* “Looks like you two already have your third.”

I’m the last of five kids who all worked at a bar and they were always telling me stories on how to handle people.

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Throwing A Party, Period!

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A female customer comes through my line with brownie mix, cake mix, several steaks, at least ten bags of chips, several cartons of cola, a few girly DVDs, some books, and a new videogame for an Xbox.

Me: “Having a party?”

Customer: “Yes! My daughter finally got her period! Isn’t that fantastic? She’s twelve! I thought she’d never get it! I got mine when I was ten! Now she just needs to start growing boobs!”

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That Isn’t Rewarding Behavior

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I work at a popular fast food chain. One day, I’m working at the front counter when an old lady comes up and orders food.

Me: “Okay, ma’am, you can just tap your debit card on our reader in front of you.”

She taps her card, then pulls out the fast food place’s app on her phone, which we can scan for points but only before she pays.

Customer: “Can you scan my card for points now?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you should have told me you had a rewards card before you paid. I can only scan that before you pay or the benefits won’t apply.”

Customer: “That’s nonsense! My sister went to another [Chain] last week, and they let her do rewards after she paid!”

Me: “It must have been another store, because our scanner doesn’t work like that. You have to scan before you pay or the benefits won’t kick in.”

Customer: “It was this store, actually!”

Me: “Well, she wasn’t supposed to do that, and I’m honestly not sure how she did it.”

The lady walks away to get her food but comes back a few minutes later.

Customer: “And just to let you know, I’m very, very mad at you!”

I bite my cheek to keep from laughing.

Me: “Sorry to hear that. Have a nice day!”

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