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Total-ly Blanked

, , , , | Right | November 28, 2022

I ring up a customer and tell him his total.

Customer: “Okay.”

And he just stands there… expecting me to do something else. I wait a few seconds more.

Me: “Again, that is [total]. Is that going to be cash or credit?”

He looks at me like I have two heads. I wait again.

Me: “Uh, are you going to pay for all of this, or were you just wondering how much it costs?”

The man gets all huffed up and says in a loud voice:


I am stunned and really at a loss for words. Another customer behind him is fed up.

Next Customer: “She told you three d*** times!”

He scowled at us both but silently paid and stormed out.

Two Kilograms Of Food, Twelve Metric Tonnes Of Rudeness

, , , , | Right | November 26, 2022

I work in a pet store. Due to various events going on in the world, there are a lot of problems getting our merchandise. Also, this brand is produced in England, and since Brexit, there have been a lot of problems receiving it; we are in Sweden.

We sell dog food in different sizes: 2 kg and 12 kg. For this brand, the 12 kg is sold out. This older couple approaches the till with a 2 kg in hand.

Couple: *In a very rude tone* “You’re out of the 12 kg bags. You should sell us this bag at the same price per kilogram!”

Me: “I’ve already talked with my boss about this issue, and unfortunately, I am not able to sell you the 2kg bag at a reduced price, since we still buy them at a higher price than the 12 kg.”

They become even ruder.

Couple: “They were able to do it at [Store ten minutes away]!”

Me: “In that case, you are more than welcome to go back to that store and make the purchase there. I could also check online and see if they have the 12 kg bags in stock.”

I check, and they do have it in stock. This answer makes the couple more upset.

Me: “I understand that you are upset; however, this is not my fault. Please stop being rude.” 

They did not stop being rude, but they eventually bought the 2 kg bag and muttered under their breath about how horrible it was. I told them that I would not risk my job for them.

More Registers, Less Patience

, , , , , , , , | Right | November 25, 2022

It is Black Friday, and it’s my last one before I leave retail to go to college. I was hoping to avoid this holiday but it looks like I have to endure one more.

One thing that always gets me about Black Friday is that many customers are shocked that there are lines on the busiest shopping day of the year. This year, however, is my last year, and my patience is running out.

I am checking out my line as fast as I can. Our store opened at midnight, and it is now almost three in the morning. The woman behind my current customer is trying to cause a scene. She has two young children who are arguing and grouchy (and who likely should be asleep). The children also keep kicking the customer I am currently serving, who has told them to stop, but their mother has done nothing.

Next Customer: “Why don’t you open more registers?!”

Me: “We currently have twenty-four registers, ma’am, and all are open.”

Next Customer: “Then you should build more!”

Me: “Build more? For one shopping day of the year?”

Next Customer: “Well, yeah! You need to build more and hurry up! I have kids!”

Current Customer: “Well, ma’am, we all make mistakes, don’t we?”

Seeing Red On Black Friday

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: PinkhairLiLi | November 25, 2022

Back in college, I lost my job due to my school schedule conflicting with the hours my boss demanded I should work. It was the holiday season, so I decided my best bet was to find a retailer that was looking for seasonal staff and look for another job in the meantime.

I ended up finding a very popular bath and body store in the mall that was hiring. It was just over the border into the states from Canada. For the first few weeks, everything was fine. I was getting the hang of it, I knew the products well, the discount was great, and I hadn’t had any real wild entitlement incidents… until Black Friday.

On Black Friday, I got scheduled for a twelve-hour register shift. It wasn’t the worst thing I could be doing for twelve hours. Most people were pretty pleasant and just excited to get holiday shopping underway. Cue this customer.

She immediately came up to the register with probably easily $400 in merchandise and slammed it down in front of me. I tried to remain pleasant and asked if she found everything okay and if she needed anything wrapped.

Me: “All right, so we’re looking to wrap all this up today?”

Customer: “Well, that’s your job, isn’t it? Am I supposed to wrap it myself?”

Me: “No, ma’am, but sometimes people put these into other gifts, so they don’t always want them wrapped. Are all the same scents going together and being wrapped? Or is there another way you’d like them separated?”

Customer: “Are you actually a r****d? Just wrap them!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I’ll get right on that just as soon as we complete the transaction. Your total today is [amount]. Will you be paying cash or card today?”

Customer: “Card! Did you put my discount in for coming from Canada?”

Me: “I’m sorry? We don’t offer a discount for Canadian shoppers. I do apologize.”


Me: “Let me call over my manager and confirm that I didn’t make a mistake. Give me one moment.

I called over my headset, and the manager told me that had NEVER been a thing.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I spoke to my manager, and we have not ever nor are we currently offering a discount for Canadian shoppers. I do apologize for the confusion there.”


Me: “Okay, ma’am, just go ahead and slide your card for me, and then we’ll get this all wrapped up.”

The card declined.

Me: *Speaking quietly* “I’m sorry, ma’am, do you have another form of payment? It says this card was declined.”


Me: *Speaking very loudly* “Your card declined. Do you have another form of payment?”


The woman then proceeded to pick up a lotion bottle (one of the glass spa ones) and whip it at my head. That one got her escorted out of the mall and banned by security. I, on the other hand, was fine. I took off my apron and walked out. The money was soooooo not worth it.

Here’s your gentle reminder not to be a jerk to retail workers this holiday season.

Of All Days, Today Is NOT The Day To Try Me

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: DanceDangerous7950 | November 25, 2022

When it’s a slow, usual day in retail, I usually don’t care how people talk back to me. I just want them out of the store ASAP. Black Friday is a different issue. The store has two lines: one that nearly reaches the entrance and another that has to loop around near the changing rooms.

I am one of the assigned register people, and I’m doing my thing next to my coworker who is also doing her thing. We are helping out both lines the best we could.

While I’m checking out a lady’s piles of sweaters and coats, asking her the usual questions, I keep hearing this woman behind her complaining about the wait. I don’t make out details, but it’s a lot of huffing, and every time I glance at her, she is rolling her eyes.

Finally, I print out the first customer’s receipt and thank her for her patience. Now, I have to deal with this impatient woman.

She walks up to the counter, slams her two T-shirts down, and says:

Customer: “Did you really have to take that long? I want a faster checkout.”

Me: “I’m going as fast as I can.”

Customer: “Well, do better.

I’m not kidding. She says that. On Black Friday.

And I lose it.

Me: Get out of my line.”

Customer: “What?!”

Me: *Pointing to my coworker* “She will be more than happy to help you when it’s your turn after everyone else—”

My coworker’s line is almost at the entrance.

Me: “—but get out of my line.”

I stared her down so that she knew I wasn’t kidding until she threw her hands up in the air and stormed out of the store.

Was I in the right? Nope. Not even a little. But it felt so good, especially since my manager didn’t go after me for it and understood.