Bad Customers Emerging

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(I work in a well-known office supply store. Recently, we were supposed to have a big merger happen between us and our competitor, but it got shut down. All the workers knew it, but the customers didn’t exactly get the memo. At least, so I thought. A woman and her son walk up to the register with their items.)

Me: “Hi! How ya doin’? Get everything you need?”

Customer: “Yes, I did. If you don’t mind, I’d like to use these coupons.”

Me: “Sure! That shouldn’t be a problem!”

(I look down at the coupons and see that they’re from our competitors, the ones where the merger got rejected.)

Me: “Ma’am, you do realize that this is [Company], not [Competitor]?”

Customer: “Whatever happened to that merger?”

Me: “It got rejected.”

Customer: “That’s not the way I heard it; I read on the Internet it was a success! Now, if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it if you’d use the coupons. I’m too tight on money to pay full price.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can’t use these coupons here. If you have a lower price to show me on, let’s say, your smartphone, then I’ll be happy to price match it.”

Customer: “I don’t have time for that; just use the coupons!”

Me: “Ma’am, as I said before, I cannot use these. The merger didn’t happen, and we are both still separate companies.”

Customer: “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘good customer service’?”

Me: “Yes, I have, and I’ve also heard about the art of ripping companies off. I’ll say it one last time: you can pay full price for the items, or leave now and use those coupons at [Competitor], since you’re so set on using them.”

(The customer reluctantly paid full price for the items and left the store with her son. The last thing I heard her say to him while walking out was something about not coming back to an establishment that gave her “poor service” as I did. All I have to say is, policy is policy. Take it or leave it.)

Common Sense Has Other Left The Building

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(I work in a small shop near a popular affluent retirement community. We recently got a credit card machine that will read the new chips in credit cards, and has a screen for signatures. Some of our customers are having difficulties with the machine.)

Me: “Please insert the chip in the card reader.”

Customer: *places the card on top of the pin pad*

Me: “Please use the slot underneath the pin pad.”

Customer: *puts the card in properly*

Me: “Please sign on the screen.”

Customer: *signs name, and stares at the buttons at the bottom of the screen, that read ACCEPT, CLEAR, and CANCEL*

Me: “Touch ‘ACCEPT’ at the left, please.”

Customer: “This one?” *reaches for the CANCEL button at the right*

Me: “The one on the left, please. ‘ACCEPT.’”

Customer: “It’s this one?” *again going for the CANCEL button at the right*

Me: *in slight desperation* “Your other left, ma’am.”

Bagfuls Of Drama

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(I’m waiting in line at a bookstore that has recently started charging 20 cents for plastic bags. The customer in front me is a lady in her 60s.)

Customer: *rants about the store charging for plastic bags* “I think the store should at least offer paper bags as an alternative, free of charge.”

Cashier: “It’s all about protecting the environment, and the impact of paper bags on the environment is comparable to the one plastic bags have.”

Customer: “What’s this world coming to? It all boils down to, ‘If you want to save the planet, kill yourself.’”

Cashier: “Well, do you want a bag or not?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Food Fraud

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Me: “Would you like to make a donation of a food item to help a local food bank?”

Customer: “I would if it actually went to them, but I honestly don’t trust you.”

Me: *long pause* “All right, your total is $8.47.”

Throwing Lies Around

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(I’m working at a busy time and there is a queue. Our tills have a small bagging area. I’m a fast worker, so I tend to scan items quite fast and pass them towards the customer. This is one customer I deal with.)

Me: “Hello there. Thanks for waiting. Would you like a bag?”

Customer: “Don’t call me an old bag!”

(I assume she’s joking. She asks for a big bag eventually, and goes to start packing while her daughter puts more shopping on. I scan at my usual pace to clear the belt enough for it to be loaded.)

Customer: “Look! She’s throwing my shopping at me now!”

(I’m taken aback and start scanning slower. I was by no means “throwing” it at her; I was scanning at a pace which allowed her to pack and which let her daughter reload.)

Me: “I’m sorry.”

(I keep scanning slowly, and the customer looks impatient waiting for each item. I realise I can’t win.)

Me: “Okay, that’ll be [total].”

Customer: *throws a note at me and says sarcastically* “Oh, sorry!”

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