It’s A Shame Being Nice Is A Special Behavior

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(In high school, I work evening shifts as a cashier at a popular fast food chain. When there are no customers in the lobby, I also do custodial work. On this particular evening, business is very slow, so I decide to sweep behind the counter. There is a catchy song playing on the speakers, and I become so deeply absorbed in my sweeping and humming that I don’t notice a young couple entering the lobby.)

Customer: “EXCUSE ME!”

(I get startled and drop my broom. I would be the first to admit that I probably looked pretty silly.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t see you come in! Just a second.”

(I pick up the broom and lean it against the counter, but it immediately slides down and hits the ground with a loud clattering sound. I wince and decide to let it go for now.)

Me: “Sorry about that! Welcome to [Fast Food Chain]; may I take your order?”

(The woman has been staring at me this whole time. Now she smiles in an odd way I can’t quite interpret.)

Customer: “It’s okay, honey, don’t worry!” 

(She gives her order in an exaggeratedly loud, slow voice, and then steps back from the counter to give the young man a turn. Before he orders, she says to him in a loud stage whisper:)

Customer: “Be nice to her; I think she’s ‘special’!”

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(I have been a drive-thru order taker and cashier for 5 years and can multitask as the job demands, but I know my limits. Our store has 2 lanes where cars can order, which then converge into one road going to the payment window. I am taking orders from Lane 1 and processing all payments at my window. The drive-thru is full, with only a short wait as each car collects their food. I have not noticed anything unusual and things are going smoothly until I tell this customer their total.)

Customer: “Now, I know how the drive-thru works, and I want to know why you took so long to take my order that the car in the other lane went ahead of me!”

(I’m confused because I hadn’t noticed any delay, and it is normal for some orders to be quicker than others. I glance at my register screen, confirming that I took her order, which is rather long. I sometimes need a few extra seconds if I’m serving two customers at once, so I give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that I took a bit too long at some point.)

Me: “Well, it looks like you were in my lane, so I might have been taking cash from someone here at the window, or talking to them like now.”

Customer: “That doesn’t matter. I know drive-thru. You should be able to do both at once!”

Me: “I try my best, but I can get confused and get things wrong. I’ve found that people get less upset about waiting than if we have to fix their order.”

Customer: “Well, that’s not good enough. I shouldn’t have to wait. You need to try harder.”

(She finally hands me her card, and I try to process the payment as quickly as possible. The machine doesn’t seem to recognize her card.)

Me (over headset to waiting customer in Lane 1): “Welcome to (restaurant), I’ll be able to take your order in just a moment, sorry.”

Customer in Lane 1: “Hi, I’ll have a (item) meal and a (item) and a-”

Me: “Sorry, I’ll be able to take your order in just a moment, sorry!”

(All the while, the lady is watching. I try several times to get her card to work, but it seems my machine has frozen. The seconds tick by and I feel tension rising as I’m at a loss about what to do and she’s staring at me.)

(Then 3 things happen at the exact same time: I call for a manager, the card machine finally works, and the lady demands that I give her the machine and card so she can do it herself. I hand them over so she can type her PIN. I’m sure she thinks I was being deliberately slow and just pretending her card didn’t work. My manager arrives as I’m handing out the receipt and the lady drives off. Bewildered, I finally get the line of cars moving again. My machine gives me no more trouble that day, and a few hours later a customer tells me that I’m excellent at my job.)

Getting Her To Stop Is Like Trying To Make Fetch Happen

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(Today is October 3rd, it is Wednesday, and I am wearing pink. I’ve decided to get dinner from a well-known fast food taco place before going home and settling in to watch a certain movie. I get in line and am zoning out but soon realize what is happening:)

Customer: “Why did you charge me full price?”

Cashier: “That is the price of that burrito.”

Customer: “But I ordered it without meat. It should be cheaper!”

Cashier: “You can order it without something, but the price stays the same.”

Customer: “But it costs you less to make it. I should be charged less!”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but we don’t do that here.”

Customer: “So, what you are telling me is that if ten of my vegetarian friends all came in and ordered without meat, you’d still charge them full price even though you’d have all that extra meat to serve to all your other customers?”

(The cashier has a deer in the headlights look. By this point, I’ve gone from slightly amused to rather annoyed because I am hungry, she’s holding up the line for other people to order, and she’s becoming more belligerent to the employee. I decide to say something.)

Me: “Ma’am, no fast food place does what you are asking. If you don’t like this policy, please complain to corporate because she’s just following policy. She can’t make any changes. You are complaining to the wrong person.” *looks at the cashier* “Can you give her the phone number for corporate?”

(I got back in line, hoping this had resolved the issue. No. The customer continued to rebuke the employee for several more minutes before she finally felt like she’d been mean enough and walked away.)

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When Fast Food Workers Snap

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(This happens shortly before I put in my two-week notice. I’m a closing manager, and it’s felt like the store manager has had it out for me for a long time. Friday nights, our busiest night, I’m stuck with only one employee from 8:00 pm until we close at 2:00 am. I’ve complained about this many times after she complained about my speed of service. Eventually, she gave me someone else until 11:00, except he’s never been trained and slows things even more. Most of the orders this late are small items off the value menu, and I’ve been running $200 hours since 9:00 pm. I agree that times were ridiculous, often reaching twenty minutes. My cashier calls for me over our headsets, telling me the customer at the windows is upset, so I go over to help.)

Me: *genuinely hoping to help the customer* “I was told that you have a problem?”

Customer #1: “Yes, I’ve been waiting for half an hour for my order!”

(We have a monitor next to the window that shows how long customers have been there.)

Me: “I apologize for the wait—”

Customer #1: “You bet you are! I’m calling corporate!”

(At this point, I don’t care about professionalism. I’m quitting soon and it’s been a rough night.)

Me: “My timer says it’s only been seven minutes since you pulled up. Your order is being made fresh right now.”

Customer #1: “It had better be fresh!”

(She only ordered a ten-piece nugget. It takes about three minutes to cook, and of course, this makes her angrier.)

Me: “Sorry again about the wait. It won’t be much longer.”

Customer #1: “It had better be fresh.”

Me: “I just told you it will be; that’s why you’re still waiting.”

(When the nuggets are almost done cooking, I wash my hands, put on gloves, and bag the nuggets myself. I give her a little extra sauce to try to make her content.)

Customer #1: “These aren’t hot; I waited for them to be cooked fresh!”

Me: “They’re hot. I pulled them out of the fryer myself. They literally cannot be any fresher; you’ll burn your mouth if you eat them right now.”

Customer #1: “No, they’re cold. You made me wait this long for cold nuggets.”

(I’m getting really frustrated at this point, but I finish the transaction. She knocks on the window to get my attention again.)

Customer #1: “I want these for free. Give me back my money.”

Me: “What?”

Customer #1: “I said I want these for free! And give me a milkshake for my trouble!”

Me: “No. I’m not even allowed to give out shakes for free. And you’re keeping either your nuggets or your money.”

Customer #1: “You made me wait for so long for cold nuggets!”

(At this point, she’s been in my drive-thru for close to twenty minutes. I’m more than annoyed with her and don’t want to let her win. If she was civil about it, I would have thrown in a value fry or charged her for a ten-piece.)

Me: “Look, I’m not giving you anything for your wait. You could have driven off at any time; it’s not our fault you decided to wait here for so long. We’re right next to another fast food place that is actually staffed and could have gotten your nuggets much sooner.”

(I close the window and lock it before she can say anything else. She honks and yells at us for a few minutes after that, until she finally drives off. To make things worse, the next customer wasn’t much better.)

Customer #2: “What is taking so long? I’ve been waiting for a long time!”

Me: “I’m really sorry about the wait. We’ve been really backed up and the customer ahead of you wasn’t happy about waiting for her order to be fresh. Your order is fresh, too. It just finished cooking.”

(Usually, people are happy to hear their food is fresh and ready for them when they pull up. Not this guy.)

Customer #2: “I want my entire order for free!”

(It’s an order close to $20.)

Me: “You know what? You won’t be paying anything tonight. You have a good night.”

(I locked my window again. Everyone behind him had pulled off, much to my relief. It was after 11:00 pm by then, so it was just me and my cashier. It was really petty of me, but I took over order taking and told customers we were unable to take any orders because equipment was malfunctioning, so we could catch up on closing procedures so we could hopefully get out somewhat close to on time.)

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Short Fry

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(I have just ordered a meal at the speaker of a fast food restaurant and was told to drive up to the window. This particular drive-thru is one of those one-window deals. There is only one car in front of me and, from where I’m sitting, the driver looks unhappy. Even with my window down, I can only really catch some of the conversation, as the restaurant is right next to a very busy street. There is a lot of hand movement and finger-pointing from the driver, as well as her holding her bag out of the window and shaking it. Also, after the bag shaking, the driver puts the bag on the seat next to her and rummages in it for almost a minute, while the cashier tries to get her attention. Eventually, a small fry is handed through the window to the driver. She snatches it, yells something, and drives off. I pull up to the window.)

Me: “What was that all about?”

Cashier: *obviously frazzled* “She yelled at me that we shortchanged her on her fries!

Me: “What, you forgot an order?”

Cashier: “No, the number of fries in her large fry!”

Me: “Was she counting them?!”

Cashier: “Yes!”

(I start laughing and get my order, which happens to be a burger.)

Me: “Before I go, how many seeds are on this bun?”

Cashier: “Don’t you dare!”

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