They Rib You About It Every Few Years

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I am at a fast food restaurant. Every couple of years, they have a specialty sandwich that I am very fond of. In my town, we have five of this restaurant chain, and I find out that this year, only one of the locations — the one farthest from me — is participating in the newest rerelease of the sandwich. As I don’t drive, I go out of my way in a rideshare to visit the restaurant two days after the sandwich is supposed to be in stores.

Me: “I’d like the combo with two [Sandwiches], please.”

Employee: “Er, see that truck out there?” *Points* “That’s all of our [Sandwiches]. They just got here, late. This evening is the earliest we’ll be able to sell them.”

I am probably visibly massively disappointed.

Me: “Oh. Darn. Y’all are the only [Restaurant] in town doing them this year, and I probably won’t make it back again before they’re off sale since I live on the other side of town. We’re moving out of the country in the spring and they don’t ever sell them where we’re moving, so I guess that’s the end of my [Sandwich]-eating days!”

I laugh a little.

Me: “I’ll have the [chicken nuggets meal], instead, then.” 

I take my food and go sit at a table, reading on my phone while I eat. After about ten minutes, the employee approaches my table and leans in to speak quietly.

Employee: “We just unloaded the first boxes of [Sandwiches]. My manager said if you want a few, we can go ahead and give them to you early.”

Me: “Oh, my gosh, that would be great! I just need two; I’ll come up and pay for them now!” 

Employee: “No, no, she said we’ll give them to you for being so patient and because you spent more than you would if we’d had the [Sandwich] combo meals ready to go.”

They did give me two sandwiches free, and they were delicious the next day. I honestly think it was less about the money I’d spent and more about the fact that I hadn’t thrown a tantrum, but either way, their kindness made my day!

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No Cream Or Sugar Is Sweetening This Guy’s Attitude

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A man comes through the drive-thru and orders coffee and a sandwich. We’re not a place that makes the coffee how you want; we just put cream and sugar in the bag. He comes to the window to pay.

Me: “Do you need cream or sugar?”

Customer: “No, it’s fine by itself.”

About three minutes later, he comes into the store, angrily asking for a manager.

Manager: “How can I help you, sir?”

He shoves his coffee at her.

Customer: “What do you think is wrong with my coffee?!”

It looks like simple, plain black coffee.

Manager: “What do you think is wrong with it, sir?

Customer: “When I order coffee, I expect these idiots to make it exactly how I want it. This is black; I need my coffee with lots of sugar and cream! I want a refund! This is bulls***!”

My manager points over to the coffee stuff.

Manager: “Why don’t you go make it yourself, idiot?”

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She Lives Her Life In A Different Lane From Everyone Else

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I’m the manager in this story, which takes place during a normally very busy time on a Saturday. This cashier has only been working at our store for about a month.

Customer: “Hi. I came through the drive-thru and came inside to pay for my order.”

Cashier: “Um… hang on, let me get a manager.”

The cashier finds me.

Cashier: “Hey, this lady at my register said she came through the drive-thru but came inside to pay?”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Cashier: “She came inside to pay and I didn’t know what to do.”

Me: *Sighing* “I’ll have to take her card to the back booth to pay for it and get her out of here.”

I approach the customer.

Customer: “Yeah, I came through the drive-thru but came inside to pay.”

I take her card without a word. I go to the back to cash out her order, return her card, and give her her food since, by this point, it’s ready. I turn to the cashier after she leaves.

Me: “Did she really just… Why?!”

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Time And Fried Wait For No Man

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I have been working at this chain for a few years, so I am quite proficient at my job and am usually commended on my customer service.

I am on the dinner shift taking orders for drive-thru. As it is a busy night, they have rostered enough people on so that I can just take orders and I have a coworker next to me taking the money. There is already a long line of cars waiting to have their orders taken.

This particular fast food chain has timers for how long it takes from the customer arriving at the speaker box to when they pull out of the drive-thru. These will vary slightly depending on the length of your drive-thru. Our particular store has a three-minute timer that we are supposed to meet consistently to stay in the green.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]. Please place your order.”

The customer is in a van and is taking orders from various people in the car. Any time when it sounds as if she has finished her order, I ask:

Me: “Is there anything else I can get for you today?”

I have my managers talking over my headset, giving me updates on the timer, as they have cleared all of the drive-thru customers before her. The timer is over five minutes, and the line of cars is blocking most of the small car park. As we have two speaker boxes, one behind the other, the managers have already taken the order for the car stuck behind her, which is a singular meal.

This whole time, I have been as polite as possible and not said anything rude, but all of us in the store are getting frustrated, wishing she had come into the store to order. Around the seven-minute mark, I ask her:

Me: “Is that all tonight?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Finally! There is an audible sigh of relief from everyone listening in on the headset.

Customer: “For my second order…”

We do allow split orders in the drive-thru, though only usually two per car.

This order didn’t take quite as long, but I politely tried to hurry her along as she was well over the timer and had ruined our times for the night. We are ranked against all the stores in the country, and occasionally, the managers will offer free meals if we don’t go over the time on any cars.

She finally pulled up to the window at about the ten-minute mark. I was taking the next customer’s order and my frustrated coworker, who has less patience than I, was still polite but quite short with her trying to hurry her through the drive-thru.

After she finally left, my manager came down to tell me that she had complained about me, saying I was rude and rushing her through her order. Fortunately, my managers know I am always polite and listened to the whole conversation on the headset.

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Unfiltered Story #223033

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I customer went to school with comes into my shop.

Customer: What size is this? *holds up cup*

Me: Large.

Customer: How can you know? You barely looked at it.

Me: It has LARGE written on it.

Customer: Well, you don’t have to be so F**KING RUDE! *leaves shouting that I’m stupid because I got a C in English while he got an A*