A Syrupy Sweet Exchange

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(I work at a fast food restaurant that’s famous for its customizable frozen custard treats.)

Me: “Hi! What can I get for you tonight?”

Customer: “I’ll have a mini [custard] with hot fudge, hot caramel, and light cookie dough. ‘Light’ means not a lot.”

Me: *fighting back the sass-filled comment that I thought about* “All right, that’ll be [total]. And you can have a seat; I’ll bring it out to you.”

(The customer goes and sits in the dining room. In the process of making the [custard], it melts a good amount due to the hot ingredients. Normally I’d remake it, but since I can’t do anything about the fact that hot things melt cold things, I deliver it and go back behind the counter. I start doing some miscellaneous cleaning while I don’t have anything else to do.)

Customer: *comes back up to counter with [custard]* “You f***** up my order. This is unacceptable, and I can’t believe you gave this to a paying customer.”

Me: *very politely* “I’m sorry. What seems to be wrong with it?”

Customer: “It’s all melted. I can’t eat this s***.”

Me: “Would you like me to remake it?”

Customer: “Sure, just don’t f*** it up this time.”

Me: *not wanting to make it the same way so we’re back where we started* “Would you like to try it with chocolate syrup and caramel syrup instead? They aren’t hot like the others, but taste the same.”

Customer: “Sure, all I give a f*** about is you not f****** up my order again.”

Me: *remakes it and delivers to her table* “Again, I’m sorry about that.”

Customer: “Whatever.”

(I go back around the counter and I see my manager looking confused.)

Manager: “What was that?”

Me: “She ordered a [custard] with hot fudge and caramel and cussed me out when it melted.”

Manager: “Some people expect us to defy physics. Get used to it.”

Trying To Get Racism Licked

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(It’s early in the morning and I have ordered coffee and a doughnut. I am at the drive thru window waiting. I look in and see the man serving me picking up my doughnut and licking it before putting it in a bag. He comes over.)

Me: “Do you mind giving me a doughnut that doesn’t have your spit on it, please?”

Worker: “What?”

Me: “Get me a different doughnut.”

Worker: “You don’t want me to serve you, do you?”

Me: “Not after rubbing your tongue over my doughnut.”

Worker: “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”

Me: *incredulous* “It’s because you literally licked the doughnut you were about to give me.”

Worker: “I’m not serving a bigot like you!” *closes the window*

(I drove off, and as I turned out I could see him enjoying my doughnut and coffee. I complained to the company and was given a load of vouchers as compensation. I drive past the place on the way to work, and I haven’t seen that guy since.)

Unfiltered Story #103845

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(I’m an 18-year-old girl, about 5’2″. I work the drive-thru at a popular chicken-based fast food chain. It is just past closing time, and a customer knocks on the locked drive-thru window.)

Manager: *an average-sized adult man* “[My Name], go see what that guy wants.”

(I brush off the fact that this is clearly an unsafe situation and unlock and open the window. The customer is a large man in a pick-up truck.)

Customer: “I’d like some chicken for $5.”

Me: “Okay, well we have a $5 meal, which comes with two pieces of chicken, a small side and a drink!”

Customer: “Nah… I’m gonna give you $5, you just give me some chicken in a box.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that, sir.”

Customer: “What, you’re just going to throw it away anyway…”

Me: “The dark meat, yes, but we use the leftover white meat for other recipes. I’m also only an hourly worker; I can’t make those types of transactions.”

Customer: *fidgets in his seat and grows visibly annoyed*

Me: “…let me get my manager.”

(I walk away and let the manager barter away the dark-meat chicken we were going to throw away at the end of the night. While I’m glad the food was going to use, I’m certain that the manager was pocketing the money for the exchange, since the location he’d previous managed was shut down due to fraudulent errors in the books.)

This Place Is Not High-ly Recommended

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(I’m at a fast food place known for their tacos, etc. It’s a little after midnight and I pull into the drive through.)

Employee: *giggles* “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]. Unfortunately, we, uh… we don’t have any food right now.”

Me: “No food, eh?”

Employee: *giggling more* “Nope. We, uh, didn’t get… the truck… Should be here in a few hours.”

Me: “I see.”

Employee: “So, uh…”

Me: “Yeah, I’ll go somewhere else.”

(I have worked in a few fast food places before, and I find it hard to imagine that a place like that was completely out of everything they offered. I’m pretty sure they were high and just didn’t want to make any food. But since I was also just looking for some munchies, I decided not to call corporate or make a scene. I just went to a different fast food place and called it a night.)

Not Very Closed Minded, Part 27

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(It’s near the end of the night and we’ve been closed for about half an hour at this point. All of our lights are off, including the one on our drive-through menu board. I head outside to take out the last load of garbage. There’s a car at our drive-through speaker:)

Driver: *spotting me* “Hey, nobody is answering me! I’ve been here for five minutes now.”

Me: “Sorry, we actually closed a half hour ago.”

Driver: *seemingly ignoring me, yelling at the speaker* “I CAN’T READ YOUR MENU! TURN ON A LIGHT FOR ME!”

Me: “Sir, like I said, we actually aren’t open right now. We closed about half an hour ago. We’ll be open at 11:00 am tomorrow, though, if you’d like to come by then.”

Driver: *pulls out a flashlight and reads the board* “I WANT A #5 COMBO! HELLO? HEELLOOOO?!”

Me: “Sir, sorry for repeating myself, but we’re closed. Nobody is going to take your order, because we aren’t open. We’ve been closed for a while now, but you’re more than welcome to come back tomorrow when we’re open again.”

Driver: *suddenly notices me again* “Why aren’t you in there making my food? You’ve been out here doing nothing this entire time!”

Me: “I can’t take your order, sir. Even if I did, all of our tills are offline and our equipment is shut down and being cleaned. There is no way I could possibly give you any food tonight.”

Driver: “Oh, well, why didn’t you just say so?”

(He sped off after that.)



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