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-Back story: It’s 11:15, our McDonald’s closes at 11:00-
*phone rings*
Me: Sparta McDonald’s, Karlee speaking, how may I help you?
Caller: Uh yes, hi, we just went through the drive thru and no one answered so now we’re standing at the drive thru window and we’d really like some ice cream.
Me: Uh… We’re closed.
Caller: You’re open until 1!
Me: We’re open until 11.
Caller: It’s 10:15!
Me: It’s 11:15.
Caller: Where are you?
Me: Sparta?
Caller: Wisconsin?
Me: ….Michigan.
Caller: Oh! Wrong one.
Me: Yeah, have a good night.
*face palm*

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(I am working graveyards at a popular burger joint, and on this particular night the kitchen is being cleaned. This means every single appliance has been disconnected and pulled away from the wall so that the grease buildup behind them can be cleared out by a contractor specializing in industrial kitchen cleanup. NOTHING is plugged in, the entire kitchen has been dismantled, and we are closed for business until morning. Around 2 AM I go outside for a smoke break, when a truck pulls up to the drive-thru.)

Me: “Sorry, our kitchen is being cleaned so we’re closed right now.”


Me: “…. they’re open.” *points to another all-night place not 20 feet away*

Driver: *makes a disgusted noise and drives off in a squeal of rubber, completely ignoring the other restaurant*

(What I REALLY wanted to say was ‘I don’t know, and–letting you in on a little secret here–I DON’T CARE!’)

Keep Your Brain On Ice

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I’m ordering at a fast food restaurant.

Me: “…and a lemon-lime soda, no ice.”

It is a habit for me to order sodas without ice; I hate the way the carbonation is ruined. I know my wishes are often ignored, so I always check the drink. But this particular day, I’m lost in thought and when I get to the window to get my order, I simply can’t remember what I said.

Clerk: “Here’s your drink.”

Me: “Oh, nuts. Did I say, ‘no ice’?”

Clerk: “Yes, sir, you did.”

He handed me the drink and it was done right for a change. Thanks, dude, for getting it right even when I wasn’t sure myself.

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I’m a manager at a fast food place and had this happen the other day….

A female customer said I need to learn customer service. She ordered a hamburger kids meal then got upset there was no cheese. I explained she ordered a hamburger and it doesn’t come with cheese. She complained and said ” I MEANT cheeseburger even though I said hamburger”. Soooo…. I told her okay…so you want a piece of cheese for it? She said “no I want it melted like how it’s supposed to be made”. When
I explained that cheese only comes melted if it been sitting there for awhile she cursed at me. Then she finally gave back the hamburger. I got irratated with her so I got petty… had a grill guy put cheese on it then rewrap it like a cheeseburger (the burger was fresh and was untouched). She then asked if I put cheese on it and rewrapped it as I wasn’t wearing gloves. I told the truth and said I didn’t touch the sandwich. Then she said you need to learn customer service. And I was done at that point so I shrugged and said okay. She drove off mad that I didn’t react the way she wanted.

Slush The Rules!

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I work at the campground my mother owns. Because we have a lake with a beach, we get a lot of people for swimming only. On hot summer days, there can be a few thousand people coming through in a day, so I help out at the fast food court kind of place that we have.

One summer, we try out a new brand of slushies. Basically, the slushie in the machine is flavorless and we add in pumps of flavor — one pump for a small slushie and two pumps for a large slushie. If you add any more, the slushie will get way too sweet. At any given time, we have two different flavor pumps ready.

There is a pretty long line, seeing as it’s a hot summer day.

Customer: “I’d like a small slushie with both flavors.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can only add one flavor for a small slushie.”

Customer: *Getting angry* “No, you can give me a small slushie with both flavors.”

Me: “No, I can’t, because I have to add the flavor, and I’m supposed to only add one pump of flavor to a small slushie.”

Customer: “I want my small slushie with two flavors; I’ve already gotten it multiple times.”

Me: “I don’t know which of my coworkers sold you that, but I can’t do that because it’s against the rules.”

Because the girl was starting to get really angry, I decided to give her the way-too-sweet slushie so that the other people in line could be helped, as well. I had to get one of my coworkers to take over so I could step out for a few minutes, though.

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