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(I work at a McDonalds we get one customer who comes in on occasion and likes to mess with us. I already know that whenever I ask him how his day is he always says “Horrible” with a straight face so I start off with that)

Me: Oh no here comes trouble, how may I help you this horrible day?

Customer: I would like pork chops, mashed potatoes and a beer

Me: Well I can get you a root-beer, bacon and I could smash up a hash-brown,

Customer: I don’t like your attitude… I’ll have 2 McChickens

Me: Of course that will be $2.12

(He pays and a moment after serving a customer before him he comes back to me)

Customer: I have been waiting an hour where is my food?

Me: Please be patient

Customer: Well I think I deserve free food…

Coworker: 2 McChicken!

Customer: you got lucky this time.

Me: Have a McHappy day

(I wish he would stop in more often I love customers who joke around. Though the manager got really confused when she heard me ask “how may I help you this horrible day”)

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I’m the customer in this story. I’m in a hurry one day, so I decide to go to this national fast food chain restaurant to try the new chicken sandwich that they’ve been advertising recently. This location has two drive thru ordering stations that feed into one line for the windows. When I arrive, both ordering stations are empty.

Cashier: Hello, welcome to [restaurant], may I take your order?
Me: Just a second. (I find the item on the menu). Okay, I’ll have the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes.
Cashier: Okay, that’ll be $4.97. Please drive up to the first window.

Just as I say “Thanks,” another customer drives around the line and pulls her car in between me and the only other vehicle in line ahead of me, completely bypassing the ordering stations.

When she gets to the window, she slowly places her order and hands the cashier her credit card. The cashier hands her the payment slip and a pen, she signs it and hands it back, then the cashier hands her the receipt and some cash. I finally get to the window.

Cashier: Okay, so you had the buttermilk chicken sandwich with no tomatoes, right?
Me: Yes.
Cashier: (Looking at the POS and asking a coworker) “Where did you put that chicken sandwich?”
Me: I don’t know what happened, but that lady cut ahead of me in line and didn’t even stop to place her order.
Cashier: Oh, here’s your order. Yes, she said that she was in a hurry to get on the road. She paid for her order and yours, so we had to refund her.
Me: …
Cashier: That’ll be $4.97.
I hand over some cash.
Cashier: Here’s your change. Thank you and have a nice day.
Me: Thanks, you too.

Once she received her order, two cups of coffee, she pulled forward just enough so that I could reach the take-out window and proceeded to customize her coffees. The ironic part is that this all took way longer than if she had just done things the right way, and I was out of there and on my way while she still sat there!

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(I’m working on the tills at a fast food restaurant when one of the customers orders one meal and a drink. Drinks usually cost £1, but due to the sugar tax recently introduced in the UK, soda costs £1.10. The customer orders a Pepsi.)

Me: “I’m afraid the Pepsi will be £1.10 instead of £1 due to sugar taxes.”

Customer: “Sugar tax? There’s no such thing as sugar tax. You’re a f****** liar, [My Name].”

(I am unsure how to respond to this until he says he’ll pay the 10p anyway. I continue on the till when I hear a commotion by the collection point.)


(I’m sick of the customer but ask to see his receipt and offer to make a separate order for a mini-fillet burger, knowing full well it wasn’t a part of his original order.)

Customer: “I don’t have my receipt. Why would I?”

(At our restaurant, each order has an order number, printed on the receipt, that is called out when the order is ready, so he certainly does have his receipt and, at this point, I realise he is trying to get free food.)

Me: “Well, in that case, I’m afraid I cannot check your order to see if the mini-fillet wen—”


(A few minutes later, a coworker hands him a free mini-fillet, and the customer complains that it’s “not wrapped correctly.” We’re all sick of him at this point, but eventually, he sits down to eat. I finish up on the tills and then head out to clean the lobby.)

Customer: “[My Name]! Get me the manager. Now. This entire restaurant is appalling.”

Me: “I’m really sorry you’re disappointed. My manager is working up front–” *points to my manager* “–if you’d like to have a word with her.”

Customer: “NO! You can go get her for me.”

(Basically, the customer is so lazy he can’t be bothered to get up and speak to the manager himself. I inform the manager, who has decided to ignore the customer entirely — rightly so, as there is not an actual issue. So, I walk out to the lobby when he calls me over.)

Me: “I’m really sorry, but the manager’s not available right now. She’ll be with you shortly.”

(I’ve not got the patience to deal with him.)

Customer: “Tell her it’s rude to make customers wait.”

(I went back, explained to the manager what he was doing, came back, apologised, and continued cleaning the lobby. As I did so, the customer continually harassed me for the manager and eventually got up to harass the manager himself. The manager ignored him completely, refusing to say a word to him, until he eventually left. That customer spent over two hours harassing me, the kitchen staff, and the manager before he left. If he’d stayed any longer, the manager probably would have called the police. The worst part of it, though, is that someone has a sad enough life to harass a restaurant for free food and false negativity. It also would have been better if I’d stayed at home like I was supposed to be doing that day and wasn’t called in to cover for someone, but oh, well.)

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I am in line at a popular Chinese food chain restaurant. The lady in front of me begins ordering.
Lady: “I would like some fried rice”
Employee scoops rice onto dish.
Lady: “That’s too much rice.” Walks out the door.
Me and the employee share a ‘what just happened??’ look.

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I have just started my first fast food job, and I’ve already been put up front. I’ve been working about an hour now, and have already made a couple mistakes since I’m not used to the screen or anything else, really. This middle-aged guy comes in, and I greet him and take his order.
“Your total comes to —” I give him the total, and he looks at the screen we have for the costumers to go over it. Mind you, throughout the whole order, I was moving pretty slow, and kept apologizing while my face had begun to burn.
“Oh I think you messed up in the middle there, I wanted a number three instead of a number four, and guacamole with that.” He says.
“I’m sorry, let me just fix this for you…” I apologize, and as I’m staring at the screen, trying to figure out how exactly to do what I needed to, he stands there patiently.
“Is everything okay?” He asks, seeing me looking back for some other employee to help me.
“Oh yes, sorry, I’m still new here. Sorry for the wait.” I apologize one more time. I’m a naturally timid person and often apologize a lot, and I’m just dreading meeting one of those nasty customers that everyone talks about.
“It’s okay, take your time.” He says. After a few moments, I’m able to finally correct his order, and with shaky hands I collect his change.
“We’ll have that right out for you.” I say, and he goes to sit down. A few minutes goes by, and he gets his order. I see him come back to the counter with the receipt in his hand, and I go up to him.
“Is everything okay sir?” I ask.
“You guys didn’t give me a fry. I asked for a small fry.” He says.
As I don’t really know if he meant he didn’t get a fry, I ask him if he would like to order a small fry. “No, you guys owe me a fry!” He starts getting a little angry, and I hurry over to my supervisor to help him. It turns out, they just forgot to put a fry on his plate, and I didn’t forget to ring it up. My supervisor gets him his item, and he walks away.
After a while, as I’m cleaning up a few things, he starts walking past me towards the door. I thank him for coming, and see him turn to me. “Thanks, you’re doing a good job, by the way.” That put a smile on my face, and helped me get through the rest of my shift.
So to the stranger and all people who are patient with newer employees, me and every employee thank you!