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*I speak perfect english…typical, mid-western, American accent…this is important to the story*

Me: Thank you for calling ******, my name is ******, how can I….

Customer: Get me someone who can speak English.

Me: Excuse me? Sir, I’m speaking English.

Customer: Whatever, give me an American.

Me: Sir, it sounds like you’ve had a rough time today, give me your phone number and I’ll make this as easy as possible for you.

Customer: *yelling into the phone now* Give me an American who speaks English!!

Me: Sir, I am American and I’m speaking English..

Customer: Sure, sure you are, now, GET ME TO SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH!

Me: Right away sir, one moment, I’ll get my supervisor for you.

*I really would have liked to have found out what happened to that guy…*

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Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. How can I help you?”
Customer: “We are flying from [City in Russia] to Amsterdam. Is it, like, in Holland?”
Me:”Yes, it is”
Customer: “Then we are going to the Hague. I heard it is, like, in the Netherlands. We have to get a visa to the Netherlands, right?”
Me: “Exactly”
Customer: “Won’t we have problems with arriving in Holland on the Netherlands visa? I know it’s all Shengen, but my friend once wasn’t allowed entering Germany because he had a Spanish visa ”
Me: “Umm… Holland and the Netherlands are the same country. Just different names”
Customer: “I understand, but… are you sure border guards let me go from Holland to the Netherlands?”
Me (sigh): “I’m 100% sure there’s no border between the two.

(Finally, I schedule an appointment with the Embassy for her and send her a confirmation letter from their site. She calls back after that)

Customer: “Are you trying to fool me? I can read English! Your letter says I am going to Deutsch Embassy! I want a visa to the Netherlands, not to Germany!”
Me: “Deutsch? Do you mean Dutch?”
Customer : “So… Am I going to the Embassy of Denmark?”

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I work for an organization that is commonly mistaken as a government agency. This person called three times this morning. The calls were almost identical.

Me: “Good morning, [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hi there. I was wondering if you have an [Officer Title] there?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. The [Officer Title] works for the [Government Agency]. Would you like their phone number?”

Caller: “No, no. I just want to confirm. I’m writing an article. You don’t have an [Officer Title] there?”

Me: “No, we don’t. He works for [Government Agency].”

Caller: “Aren’t you the [Government Agency]?”

Me: “No, we’re not.” 

I go on to explain the differences between my organization and the government agency, and the call ends with her seeming to understand.

Five minutes later, she calls back, and we repeat the call.

Five minutes later, she calls back, seemingly more confused than ever. I explain that she can Google the government agency, and she’ll find all she needs to know about the [Officer Title], and that I can direct her to their office, if she’d like, for more information.

Caller: “You sound like you’re trying to be helpful, but I know you’re trying to brush me off! Just because I stutter doesn’t mean I’m an idiot! I know you’re the same organization! Why don’t you get off your high horse and help me?!

Me: “Miss, I’m sorry you feel I am being patronizing. I am not. My organization may seem to be similar to [Government Agency], but—”

I go on to explain again.

Me: “I would very much like to help you, but the best way I can do that is to direct you towards the office and person you are seeking. Would you like that phone number?”

Caller: “NO! Ugh. You’re useless. I’ll call the corporate office.”

I haven’t had a call from them yet, but… yeah. Awesome!

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(I provide various support for a popular video game, and at present am working on BIlling.)

Customer: Why are you rejecting my payment?

Me: I’m afraid that according to our records, we’re contacting your bank for payment and they are refusing it. Unfortunately you would actually need to ask them what’s going on to have it resolved. :)

Customer: There’s nothing wrong with my account, I’m using it daily for other transactions.

Me: I totally understand the frustration, but it is not actually use rejecting the charge. I’m afraid that the bank is refusing the payment when we contact them.

Customer: Listen mate, the card is fine, you are just refusing it. I don’t understand why you won’t take my payment.

Me: We would love to be able to accept it, but your bank is literally rejecting it and telling us there’s an issue you need to contact them about.

Customer: I don’t see why they would reject a charge from you and only you. No other company is having an issue so you are the only common denominator.

*internal screaming*

Me: Neither do I, but that seems to be what they are doing. Hopefully they can tell you why, *heavily accented* when you contact them.

Customer: Why won’t you just accept my payment? Good day.

(Tea break time before I punch through the screen because I go through this at least four times a day.)

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(I work in a call center for a major health insurance company. Basically I’m the jack-ass you call and yell at when your lab work wasn’t paid for. When a call comes in, if the caller has entered their member ID when prompted by the phone system, we get a little pop-up with their name and a general description of what they’re calling about. A call comes through, and I greet the caller as I always do:)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Insurance Company], my name is [name]. Do I have the pleasure of speaking with [Name from the screen pop]?”

Caller: “I don’t like that greeting, I’m going to call back.”


(I’m pretty sure he had to call back more than once, considering in our training for the job, we are all taught the same standardized greeting…)