Pride Goeth Before The Bigot

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(My friend is at a gay bar during Pride Weekend in Canada. While there, a rather douchey American guy tries repeatedly to hit on her. She tells him several times that she isn’t interested but he keeps trying. Eventually, he stumbles over to her, quite drunk, and says loudly:)

Guy: “Hey, have you noticed how many [homophobic slur]s there are in here?!”

(A few people around him give really weird stares.)

Friend: “Er… What do you expect? It’s Pride Weekend.”

Guy: “Pride Weekend? What the f*** is that s***?”

Friend: “Well, it’s a weekend for LGBTQ people to celebrate being themselves.”

Guy: “What’s LBTGQ?”

(A couple of her friends laugh loudly at this.)

Friend’s Friend: “Sweetie, take a look around; you’ll have your answer!”

(Almost immediately the guy’s eyes bulge out of his skull.)


(He bolted outside. My friend later saw him yelling into his phone at someone about how they had “set him up.” My friend and her buddies had a good laugh about it. Can’t imagine that guy made too many friends that weekend.)

That Sure Is Some Premium Racism

, , , | Right | December 7, 2017

(I’m standing at the counter when two female customers, the first one African-American and the second one white, get in line for service.)

Customer #1: “Hi, can I get a pound of [Premium Brand] ham?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. We don’t carry [Premium Brand] products. We have [Competing Brand] instead.”

Customer #1: “Oh, that’s no good. I only eat [Premium Brand]. I guess I’ll go somewhere else.”

Me: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

(She walks away, and the second customer approaches.)

Customer #2: “I’d like a half-pound of [Premium Brand] roast beef, please.”

Me: “I’m sorry, as I was just telling that other lady, we don’t carry any [Premium Brand] products.”

Customer #2: “You REALLY don’t have any? You weren’t just saying that?”

Me: “Just saying that? No, ma’am, I wasn’t just saying that.”

Customer #2: “Oh. I just assumed you did have it, but you didn’t sell the good stuff to [racial slurs].”

Me: “…You have a good day, ma’am.”

Boy Is That Teacher In Trouble

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(Just a few months ago, two students in my year at school came out as transgender. Both were born female but identify as male, and they have been easily accepted by almost everyone. They have had their genders changed on the school registers, and their feminine names altered to the masculine ones they prefer. Aside from the odd bully, they never seem to get into much trouble, until our school pulls a small group of students out of classes for a special workshop and talk. The two trans students and about 30 others, myself included, show up at the hall where the talk is going to take place. The teacher greets us in the usual manner you would expect and ushers us inside. That’s when things start to go downhill.)

Teacher: “Hello ladies! As most of you know, National Women in Engineering Day was last week and [Name of School] has picked you guys to participate in a workshop that we hope will encourage you to take a career in engineering when you leave school.”

(By this point, many of us are glancing towards the two trans students. They look extremely uncomfortable, obviously wondering if there has been some kind of mix up.)

Teacher: “You girls are the highest performing students in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) out of your year, so we feel you are more than capable of completing these tasks we have selected.”

(The two students stand, starting to leave, as there is no real reason for them to be there.)

Teacher: “[Student #1], [Student #2]! Where are you going?”

Student #1: “To class, Mrs. [Teacher].”

Teacher: “No! Sit back down, and be respectful!”

Student #2: “But miss, this is a workshop about women in engineering and we’re—”

Teacher: *interrupting* “I know what you girls are! Stop with this ridiculous nonsense about being boys. You are girls, you were born girls and you will always be girls.”

(Everyone in the entire hall has their jaws on the floor. The trans students look understandably upset, while the teacher is simply glaring at them. None of us know what to do, until another student stands up, and stalks out of the room. There is silence for a few minutes. The student returns with one of the deputy heads.)

Deputy Head: “Mrs. [Teacher]. May I have a word with these students?”

(The teacher looks smug and nods.)

Deputy Head: “What Mrs. [Teacher] has just said is absolutely incorrect. Girls can be boys, and boys can be girls. I hope that none of you will support the nonsense view that she has just tried to teach you. Mrs. [Teacher], my office. Now.”

Bagpipes Are A Scottish Instrument But Welcome To All

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(I am out and about in town when I hear someone talking loudly. I turn down the high street and there is a man stood on the steps of a monument, addressing the people. I stop to listen and slowly realise the man is making racist remarks about Muslims, saying that they should leave and other rubbish. I am dumbfounded, and can see from looking around that others are either pointedly ignoring him or throwing him nasty looks. I opt to just ignore him and move on. That’s when I hear a familiar but faintly annoying noise. I stop to look and sure enough, a young lad, probably around 15, comes into view playing the bagpipes. Other people stop and stare as this teenager walks down the street towards that man. The boy gets up next to him and continues, completely drowning out the man. The man gets annoyed and moves. The lad follows, playing away.)

Man: *yelling* “It’s my right to speak my mind!”

Boy: *stops playing and retorts* “And it’s my right to play the bagpipes in a public space!”

They Speak Only Intolerance

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(I am a bagger at a major grocery chain. I am packing a customer’s order as she uses the PIN pad.)

Customer: *to cashier* “SELECT a language? I don’t WANT to select a language? There should only be ONE language!”

(Trust me when I say she wasn’t joking. Our store gets a lot of Spanish-speaking customers, some of whom work for a landscaping company that keeps this customer’s neighborhood aesthetically pleasing and safe.)

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