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Fighting Crazy With Crazy, Part 3

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I work in a pharmacy in a large grocery store. I am speaking to one of my coworkers about how uncomfortable some of the men who come to the pharmacy counter make me feel. They often call me pretty, try to touch me, or ask me when I’m leaving. 

Coworker: “You know, you’re pretty small, but if you can’t physically beat a man, you can always out-crazy him.”

Later, I am taking the trash out. In order to do so, I have to go into the back of the store which is usually empty of people. As I’m putting the trash into the bins, a man approaches me.

Creepy Guy: “What’s a girl like you doing back here all by yourself? You know there’s no camera back here, right?”

Remembering my coworker’s advice, I put my hands up like a cat and hissed at him. 

He didn’t seem scared, but he did back up. He also now refuses service from me. 

“If you can’t physically beat a man, you can always out-crazy him” was and still is some of the best advice I have ever received.

Fighting Crazy With Crazy, Part 2
Fighting Crazy With Crazy

Processing A Refund Can Be Tire-ing

, , , , , | Working | December 9, 2022

My spouse and I went to a big box store to pick up some prescriptions and buy groceries. We finished up shopping and went to the checkout. By this time, I was to the point where I needed to finish up and sit down someplace due to health issues, so I wasn’t paying close attention to the process.

I loaded the items onto the belt while my spouse grabbed the bags and put them into the shopping cart. I prepared to pay and looked at the screen, and it said $270. That seemed a little high to me for the number of items we got, but I went ahead and paid. The cashier seemed like she started to say something to me and then changed her mind, but I didn’t think anything of it. I just wanted to get done and go sit down.

We went out to the car and loaded up the groceries, and I got to sit down, and we headed home. I got a text notification from my credit card but didn’t look at it until we got home — about a twenty-minute drive.

When I finally checked the text message, it said that the total purchase was $424.96! What?! I got the receipt out and, sure enough, that was the total. I looked through the items we had purchased, and the very last one was a tire — for $270! I called the store to see if I could get the refund over the phone or online, but no, I had to drive back to the store.

So, twenty minutes back to the store and up to customer service. The only person there, [Employee #1], didn’t know about my phone call, so she started to look at the receipt. [Employee #2] came over.

Employee #2: “Oh, you’re the one who called about the tire!”

She started to process the refund and started having problems. At about this time, [Employee #3] showed up, so she took over trying to process a refund. She also got an error about the product not being in the system.

[Employee #3] called for a supervisor, who looked at the receipt.

Supervisor: “How did you get charged for a tire? We don’t sell tires at this location!”

Me: “I don’t know. I didn’t buy one!”

The supervisor finally decided that he could put the money on a gift card and then go to one of the cashiers and get cash to give me the refund. Then, he couldn’t get the swipe on the computer to put the funds on the gift card! He tried three different gift cards, and then [Employee #3] said maybe it would work on the other computer. She switched it over and got it to work.

[Supervisor] ran to get the cash, and I finally had my refund!

Apparently, the cashier who had checked us out was new. I had seen her manually entering the UPC from one of our items, and she must have entered it incorrectly, selling me a tire instead of a bottle of vitamins! The supervisor was surprised that the computer didn’t catch her mistake, and I told him about her starting to say something to me but then stopping.

The fun part is that some family members work for the big box store corporation. My spouse had texted them about being charged for a “tire” and one of them texted back saying, “That location doesn’t even sell tires!”

Wake Up And Smell The… Coffee…

, , , , , | Right | December 8, 2022

I am working the counter at a coffee shop. A customer comes up.

Customer: “Are you human?”

Me: *Thinking he’s joking* “I hope so.”

Customer: “Hmm…”

He leans over and takes a long uncomfortable sniff.

Customer: “You know when you stretch piercings?”

Me: “I think so.”

Customer: “And they start smelling.”

Me: “No? I don’t actually have piercings, sorry.”

Customer: “Like smelly stretched piercings. That’s you.”

He turns around and leaves.

I’m a bit confused and sniff under my arm. I can’t smell anything, so I ask a colleague who’s just come out from the kitchen.

Me: “Do I smell?”

Colleague: *Sniffs me* “Yeah, like grapefruit. Why?”

After telling her about the customer, she just shrugged.

Definitely the weirdest conversation I’ve had here.

Confused Employee, Party Of One

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Now that the health crisis is over, my place of work wants to hold little parties so that all of us remote workers can meet each other. Most of these are at bars. I don’t drink, so I usually don’t bother to show.

They schedule one such meeting at a bar that’s pretty close to my house. I tell them I’m not going to show because I don’t drink, but they badger me into promising to come to this because it’s so close to my house. Apparently, they chose it specifically so they could meet me.

The day comes and I bicycle to the bar in question. I arrive on time and wait for an hour for anyone else to arrive. I double-check my email to make sure the address and bar name are correct repeatedly. No one shows, not even the Human Resources guy who was so enthused to meet me.

Finally, I buy myself a Shirley Temple, a Virgin Mary, and a plate of wings and have a little party all by myself. I then submit it as an expense.

To my mild surprise, the company reimburses me for it.

When I ask Human Resources about it, they avoid the topic instead of explaining why they didn’t show up.

With All The Exuberance Of A Golden Retriever

, , , , | Right | December 8, 2022

One of my high school jobs is working at a large retail chain pharmacy company. I do just about everything at the store except manager duties and running the one-hour photo machine; you need to be eighteen to use it.

One summer day, I’m working at the front cash register and things are just normal, no big rushes, no problematic customers, just a dull, humdrum day.

As I’m up front ringing up a couple of customers, I see a local man come in. This regular customer comes in a few times a month when the weather is nice. This regular, I’m told (and from what I can tell from a few interactions with him) is not all there mentally. I’m told he’s around forty years old and, due to bad head trauma from a motorcycle accident when he was around twenty, he now basically has the mentality of an eight-year-old. He gets around on his pedal bike and he’s very nice, but he’s not much of a conversationalist.

He comes in every now and then when the weather is nice for biking, and he usually pays for some kind of snack or drink. I don’t know what just transpired back by the one-hour photo counter; all I know is that I am helping a customer and, all of a sudden, the regular comes running through the store and toward the front door in a full-on sprint. He’s running as fast as he can, and I can see he’s holding a couple of items in his hands, but I can’t make out what they are as he dashes past me.

The front entrance doors are sliding automatic doors; you walk on the floor mat and the pressure sensor in the mat triggers the door to slide open. The regular is moving so fast that the doors don’t have time to trigger and open, so he just puts his shoulder down and barrels through them! The doors are designed to swing open on hinges. He runs through the doors so hard that he almost knocks the doors off the hinges, and he continues running through the parking lot to where he parked his bike. 

I am standing there, not sure what is going on and not sure what to do. I look to my right and the store manager is walking up to the front to fix the doors, and he is laughing.

I ask the manager if the guy stole that stuff, and my manager is still laughing as he is fixing the doors.

Manager: “No. He didn’t steal anything. He was very excited about the kite he just bought because he really wanted to get outside in the nice weather and fly it. I’ve never seen someone so excited before to fly a kite.”

My manager couldn’t stop laughing as he walked away back toward the photo counter.