When Even Chocolate Can’t Save The Day

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I work at a coffee shop chain that allows customers to buy 5.5 gallons of either black coffee or hot chocolate in a reusable cambro that the customer brings back to us when they are done. 

A customer who owns a business in the same strip mall as our coffee shop asks for the cambro of hot chocolate for her salon. This customer isn’t the nicest person we’ve ever worked with but usually responds pretty well to our general manager. She picks up the hot chocolate cambro at 5:00 pm and we don’t think anything of it.

The next morning, she comes storming into our store.

Customer: “Where is [General Manager]?! I demand to talk to him!”

Me: “Unfortunately, ma’am, he is not scheduled today. How may I help you?”

Customer: “You sold me curdled hot chocolate. I can’t serve that!”

Confused, I find my assistant store manager who is working and was the one who sold her the cambro the night before.

Assistant Store Manager: “Ma’am, the hot chocolate was fine when we gave it to you last night. I made it myself. Can you tell us what happened?”

The woman tells us that she bought the cambro full of hot chocolate with the intention of serving it the next day. She literally left a pressurized cambro of hot chocolate out all night. The milk obviously went bad and, due to the pressure, the lid exploded off and curdled hot chocolate went EVERYWHERE in her salon.

Until we can get a hold of her general manager, our assistant store manager agrees to send one of our team members down to the woman’s salon to help her clean it up. It is all over the walls, furniture, and floor, and it smells TERRIBLE.

Per my team member, the woman keeps saying things like, “I don’t understand why it exploded. You should be able to keep milk out overnight with no problem!” As none of us know any non-sarcastic way to explain to this woman that, just like you can’t keep a gallon of milk on a counter unrefrigerated, you certainly can’t keep 5.5 gallons of hot chocolate out overnight, we keep quiet until our general manager calls us back.

General Manager: “SHE DID WHAT?!”

Our general manager ended up calling the woman and explaining why the cambro exploded and that she couldn’t yell at his employees. We aren’t allowed to sell her any more cambros of anything.

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Maybe He Is Looking For De Ting, And De Ting Is Blue?

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We are supposed to greet and offer to assist every single customer that comes into our store, even if they ignore us. I am on the floor walking around when I see a man staring at a section of clearance items, looking very confused. Our clearance is only in one section, so it has a little bit from every department.

Me: “Hello, sir. How are you today?”

Customer: *Angry* “Hmph.”

Me: “Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “You think I’m senile?”

Me: *Surprised* “Oh, no! I—”

Customer: “I’m not senile!”

Me: “No, sir, I didn’t mean to imply that at all. I’ll leave you to your shopping.”

I start to walk away.

Customer: “HEY, GET BACK HERE!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I’m looking for something.”

Me: “What are you looking for?”

Customer: “A… thing.”

Me: “Okay. Let’s try to narrow it down. Is it a food thing, a pet thing, a cleaning thing? Some other kind of thing?”

He sizes up the rough dimensions with his hands.

Customer: “It’s a thing that… I don’t know!”

Me: “Do you know what color it is?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Do you know where you found it last time?”

Customer: “You know what? You can just leave.”

Me: “Okay. If you need any help, just let one of us know, okay?”

Customer: *Grumpy* “Fine.” *To himself* “Stupid girl.”

He left the store empty-handed. I never did find out what he wanted.


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A Statement From Not Always Right

| Right | June 2, 2020

At NAR, we have always tried to provide a safe space for you, our readers, as a daily respite from the stress that many of you encounter. Like you, we are all experiencing fear, anger, and frustration at what is happening in the world. However, there are days where we feel we can not be silent.

The nature of the stories we tell — and the values we stand for — revolve around one thing: justice. This means fighting racism, bigotry, hate, discrimination, violence, and inequality. By telling these stories, even in a light-hearted manner, we are showing how widespread the attacks on these values are, and this has never been more obvious.

The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others are a direct affront to our values. For the black community, it is sadly just the most recent chapter in the longstanding racial injustices they have endured.

The entire NAR team is heartbroken over the senseless loss of life and shares in the outrage being expressed across the world.

We will continue to emphasize stories that promote diversity, inclusion, and justice, now and forever, or at least for as long as it takes for these injustices to be a thing of the past.

Like so many have done in our stories, if you see racial injustice (or injustice of any kind), call it out. Spread the word far and wide that this is a real threat to our society, and that change is not achieved through silence. This is how we fight for a future that lives up to these values and ideals, so we never have to read a story about racism and injustice again.

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There Is A Pot Of Feel-Good Gold At The End Of This Rainbow

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I pick up the phone one night and answer with our usual spiel. The woman on the phone orders a pizza and a couple of containers of pasta and a garlic bread for delivery.

After ordering her normal food, she pauses and says this:

Woman: “This is going to sound nuts, but do you think there is any way you guys could make a rainbow pizza?”

Me: “Uh… so, a pizza shaped like a rainbow? Or with all the toppings mixed on top?”

Woman: “Honestly, I don’t mind. It doesn’t even have to taste nice. My five-year-old daughter is very sick and in hospital, and tonight is her birthday. She asked earlier for a rainbow pizza, and I didn’t think it was possible, but I figured it never hurt to ask. I don’t think she’d even be well enough to eat any of it, but seeing one would make her happy…”

The woman’s voice cracks as she’s talking. One of the pizza cooks has wandered over to get a drink and has heard my half of the conversation. I put the woman on hold and ask the pizza cook directly. When he hears it’s for a sick kid, he picks up the phone himself.

Pizza Cook: “Hi! Any allergies?”

Woman: “Nope. Can you really do it?”

Pizza Cook: “I’m gonna try my hardest!”

I take her address for delivery it’s going to the hospital and let her know it’ll be there as soon as possible. By now, the pizza cook has grabbed the other cook and they are excitedly talking between themselves. One of them ducks to the supermarket while the other one carefully stretches a pizza base into a rough rainbow shape.

When he comes back, they set to work on making the rainbow pizza. They use capsicums for the orange and green, cheese for the yellow, and tomatoes on the red arch, and I laugh when I realise the supermarket trip was for purple cauliflower that they’ve quickly blanched. I wonder what on earth they are going to use for the blue strip, and they produce a bottle of blue food dye and start tinting some of our bechamel sauce!

After it runs through the oven, it looks incredible. They carefully arrange some of our garlic poppers at the base of the rainbow-like clouds and pack it neatly into an oversized calzone box. The delivery driver has gotten involved and is doodling balloons on the outside of the boxes.

The girlfriend of the pizza cook is our dessert girl, and she has arranged some brownies in a box with some sprinkles and icing. The delivery guy carefully carries it out and the pizza cooks look pleased with themselves.

About half an hour later, the delivery driver comes back, grinning ear to ear. He pulls out his phone to show us photos of that sweet little girl’s face when she opened up her rainbow pizza and her birthday brownies. She was over the moon!

Her family regularly comes back to us now. She is still sick, but she is doing much better and is always a ball of sunshine when she comes in, calling us all her friends. Rainbow pizza went through some flavour testing and recipe changes and is now a permanent part of our menu!

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Need To Lock Down Those Delivery Estimates

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We are processing online orders while everyone is stuck at home on lockdown, and as an art and craft retailer, we’re busier than we ever have been before.

Most customers are very understanding and patient, but then sometimes you do get people who make you question your own sanity. Are people just not aware of what’s going on around them? Or do they think if they place an online order, robots do it all? You press a button and an order comes out?

One particular customer messages us on a Wednesday to say that his order is late. I check his estimated delivery and see that it is not due until the next Saturday or Monday.

Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that your order has not yet arrived; however, your estimated delivery is between Saturday and Monday, so please allow at least up until this time for delivery to be made. I can see from your tracking that your parcel is currently at your local depot so it should be delivered soon.”

Customer: “No. There’s no reason for this order to be later than today; I’ve received post with no problem all week. If you dispatched with Royal Mail, then it should have arrived by now, regardless of the estimate. I’ve ordered next-day deliveries and they’ve arrived the next day!”

This is not a next-day delivery.

Customer: “You’re just using the outbreak as an excuse!”

Me: “I’m very glad to hear that you have been receiving parcels without any problems, but I’m afraid that this does not change the fact that your estimated delivery is between Saturday and Monday.”

Customer: “NO, IT ISN’T!”

We’ve had many customers complaining that orders were late, but this is the first insisting that, during a national emergency, his order should be early!

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