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Me answering phone: [greeting]
Client: put me through to [name]
Me: so sorry i didn’t catch that, you’re after [my closest guess to who he means]?
Client: NO! I mean [NAME!] (he then spells the name, no one i know)
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have anyone here by that name.
Client: yes you do.
Person pops up from behind partition “it might be for me?”
Me: are you after [completely different name?]

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I get called down to the front to find an item for a customer and to answer his question. The last one of this item which is a GPS is being sold under cost as it has been on clearance a while. The unit has not even been turned on.

Customer: Can I get a discount on this item?

Me: We are already losing a significant amount of money on this item but I will ask my boss.

*1 minute later after asking my boss*

Me: My boss has authorized [lower price].

Customer: Is that all?

Me: We are losing a significant amount of money already and can’t go lower. *with a smile* If you don’t want it I might pick it up myself as I didn’t even realize it was so cheap.

Customer: No that’s fine i’ll take it.

We end up having a good laugh about it with each other. For those wondering why I didn’t know the price myself, I work in a large store with thousands of items and that product had only lowered in price shortly before I started my shift.

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I am a veterinarian in a country clinic. A client comes in who is notorious for being rude to the reception and nursing staff on the phone, but usually being lovely to the veterinarians. I have just finished a consultation, which included a number of things, resulting in a fairly hefty bill. The way our clinic is set up is there is a small window between the consult room and the reception desk. Clients can’t see in without leaning over the reception, and I can’t see out from where I’m sitting, but I can hear everything that goes on. The following ensues whilst I’m sitting in the consult room doing paperwork:

Receptionist: Your bill for today comes to (total)

Client: What? What on earth for? All I got was some tablets and some shampoo.

Receptionist: Ma’am, there is the consultation charge and you are also buying a small bag of dog food. The main expense is (medication that is pricey but effective).

Client: That’s f***ing ridiculous. And (Boss) never ever charges me for a consult. I want to speak to him.

Receptionist: I’m afraid he’s not in today. But I can get (Manager) for you if you would like to discuss it with him.

Client: I don’t want to talk to bloody (Manager). He’s a money-grabbing a***hole. I want you to remove those charges right now!

Receptionist: I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Client: I’ve been a loyal client to (Boss) for 10 years! But if this is how he is going to treat his good clients, I’ll just take my business to (nearest clinic that is an hour’s drive away).

At this point I’ve had enough, and walk out of the back door of the consultation room and around to reception, where the receptionist is still trying to explain the client’s bill to her.

Me: Is there a problem here?

Client: *suddenly sweet* Oh no, everything is fine. Your receptionist has just added some incorrect charges onto my bill and refuses to take them off. She’s also put the wrong price on (medication). I’m a good friend of (Boss) and he never charges me a consult.

Me: Actually, (Client), I am the one who bills out the charges, not the reception staff. I also explained (medication) to you and how expensive it was, and gave you alternative, cheaper options. You chose that one. Lastly, (Boss) may give you discounts, but I’m not (Boss), and anyway, I highly doubt he doesn’t charge you. So I’d very much appreciate if you would stop abusing the rest of the staff, because quite frankly, it is not going to change the total of your bill.

Client: *slightly taken aback, but getting indignant at the accusation* I have never abused anyone at this clinic!

Me: The vets do talk to the rest of the staff, (Client), and word gets around about who is nice to deal with and who isn’t. I also heard your entire conversation with (Receptionist). So please would you kindly pay your bill, and maybe be a little more thoughtful when you next visit us?

I walked off and waited just out of view in case she kicked up a fuss again. She quietly paid her bill and left. I did get a “stern” talking to by my manager, but he admitted he probably would have said something similar. So remember people, don’t be an a***hole on the phone or in the waiting room – the people you’re wanting to see will know about it!

Slippers, Sneakers, And Tighty-Whities Are Next

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My husband and I have just bought our first home and moved in with our kitty. It is the peak of summer and we are getting him used to the new house before letting him hang out in the yard, so he has not been outside to explore yet. He seems pretty keen on it; he was an apartment kitty before and now we live on a street with only four houses and almost zero traffic. He is a very distinctive white cat with brown socks and brown ear tips.

Once the weather cools down and he is used to the house, I take our kitty out to the back deck and plonk him down, which he responds to by rolling in the grass and sniffing a tree before curling up in the garden bed to nap. I sit outside with him for a bit and then go inside to get a drink. When I come back, I think I am seeing things. There are TWO of him!

An identical cat is perched on the fence leading to my neighbor’s house, and they are holding a staring contest. I go to scoop up my cat when a woman around my age pops her head over the fence.

Neighbor: “Hello! You must be— Oh!” 

She spots my boy in my arms and looks back and forth from him to her cat, who is now purring and headbutting her.

Neighbor: “Well, I’m [Neighbor], and we apparently have twin cats.”

Me: *Laughing* “I’m [My Name], and this is Scarf!”

My neighbor cracks up laughing so hard she nearly falls off of the fence. I’m used to people laughing at Scarf’s name, but she finally stops laughing and picks up her cat.

Neighbor: “This is Pants!”

We both laughed a lot that afternoon, joking about how we needed some more cats to complete the outfit — which did happen a few months ago when they got a kitten named Socks! — and made sure we didn’t own any of the same collars so we could tell them apart.

As I type this, Pants has let himself in through the cat door to loaf around on Scarf’s cat tree. They are both getting older but are firm friends, just like our neighbor is for us. Matching cats are a great icebreaker!

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Revenge Served Cold And With A Side Of Cotton Swabs

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As part of the world outbreak, the hospital that I work for is doing a free drive-thru clinic that you have to ring and make an appointment for. The swabs are nasopharyngeal, which means throat first and then up the nose to an unpleasant degree.

One of the nurses taking the samples is looking through the list of people coming.

Nurse #1: “Oh! [Patient]! I call dibs on him.”

Nurse #2: “Um, sure, but can we ask why?”

Nurse #1: “Sure. Thirty years ago, he broke my nose at a school dance. I can finally get payback!”

Sure enough, when he arrives, she goes to his door.

Nurse #1: “Hello! [Patient], do you remember me?”

Patient: “You are covered head to toe in PPE; I can’t see you!”

Nurse #1: “Oh, right. I’m [Nurse #1]; you broke my nose thirty years ago.”

Patient: “Oh, my goodness!” *Starts laughing* “Yes, I remember that. I’m still sorry. Get on with it, then!”

She does. He coughs and splutters and, with tears in his eyes, he asks:

Patient: “Are we even?”

Nurse #1: “Yup! Good luck with your results!”

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