The Drive To Anger

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A customer of ours who we hardly ever hear from, who is about seventy years old, gives us a call.

Me: “[Insurance Company], this is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, this is [Customer]. I was in the hospital recently and I am now in rehab. I know a while back someone told me that [Granddaughter] is not allowed to drive my car. She has her own insurance and lives elsewhere but is driving me occasionally now since I am unable to drive while in rehab. Is that right?”

Me: “Hmm, well, I see that she is listed in the household but is not assigned to your car. Let me double-check with a team member and I will get back to you within a few minutes, is that okay?”

Customer: *A little miffed* “All right, that’s fine.”

I find a note from two years ago that the customer did, in fact, sign a form that means the granddaughter is not allowed to drive her car due to her terrible driving record. This also means that in the event of a claim where the granddaughter happens to be the driver, our company could deny coverage.

Me: “Hello, [Customer]? This is [My Name] from [Insurance Company] again. I did some research, and back in September of 2011, you signed a form that prevents us from assigning [Granddaughter] to your car. But, that doesn’t mean she can’t drive you around in her own vehicle.”

Customer: “What? That’s not what I asked! Why does her car have anything to do with my insurance?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I am not saying that her car is insured here; I am just saying that if she has to drive you in her car, that is perfectly fine. But if she drives you in your car, then there could be a denial in coverage if something were to happen because you signed that form two years ago.”

Customer: “All you had to do was tell me that she still isn’t allowed to drive my car. You didn’t have to go into when I signed something and stuff about her car.”

Me: “O-okay, ma’am. Well, you were correct; she is still not allowed to drive your car.”

Customer: *Huffs* “Thank you.”

Me: “You’re welcome, goodbye—”

Customers: *Muffles* “Stupid b****.” *Hangs up”

I guess sometimes it’s best not to go into greater detail?

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21 Funny Stories About Canada – Happy Canada Day!

| Right | July 1, 2020

Dear readers,

We know we’re doing a few roundups about that other country on the North American continent, but we can’t ignore that today is also Canada day! So here are 23 stories about that huge cool country to the north (or the south, if you live on the North Pole) – even if many of its neighbors don’t know where it is.


A Nation Of Size Queens – Not everything is bigger in the US…

Too Provincial With Provinces – All Canadians live on Canada Street, Canada.

Freedom Fries Aren’t Free – Playing fast with the food of a nation.


When Boomers Go Boom

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We are a married couple in our late twenties expecting our first child. While we’re standing in the return line, we overhear an older woman in her fifties being rude to the girl who is trying to help her. 

Rude Woman: “Do you know what you’re doing? Are you new here?”

Clerk: “No, ma’am, I am not new.”

Rude Woman: “Well, we’re going to sit here until you figure out how to do this. I want to order this item, at this price, and have it shipped.” 

We turn to each other and comment on how rude the woman is being and that she should just order the item online. Little do we know, the older man standing off to the side is the rude woman’s husband.

Rude Man: “We don’t want to order it online. Why don’t you just be patient and wait your turn?”

My Wife: “The issue isn’t us waiting in line, as we just walked up anyway, but that your wife is being very rude to the girl trying to help her.”

The man directs his next comments to me instead of my wife.

Rude Man: “Why don’t you just mind your own business, duuuuuude?” 

He sarcastically says the word “dude” as if I am some punk teenager disrespecting him.

Me: “I am minding my own business, duuuuude. Why don’t you tell your wife to be kind to the clerk?” 

The man starts acting as if he is going to brawl with me.

Me: “Really? What are you going to do about it?” 

While the rude man is backing down, it ends with my wife waving a diaper changing pad in front of us.

My Wife: “Okay, you two are done!”

The rude man cowered down, turned around, and ignored us for the rest of the time we were in line. Here we thought it was typical for older generations to reprimand younger generations to be courteous and show respect, not the other way around!

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Everyone Is Awesome!

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I’m working at the cash register when two men enter the store. One of the men wants to return a pair of faulty shoes, while his friend waits by his side.

Me: “All right, guys. Let me call my manager down and we’ll get this started for you.”

I call my manager down, since they have to verify the return. I’ve only worked at the store for nine months, so I don’t have the authority to run anything through on my own.

Me: “Okay, it’ll just be a second. We have to call the managers down to start this.”

Customer: “That’s fine.”

Me: *Jokingly* “I can’t do it because I’m not awesome enough to be a manager.”

Customer’s Friend: *Very serious* “Why would you say that?”

Me: *Laughing* “It’s fine, believe me. I’m okay.”

Customers’ Friend: “You shouldn’t say that about yourself.”

My manager arrives and clears them for an exchange. They wander through the store for a bit and then come back to the registers to complete the transaction with my manager. I happen to finish with another customer at the same time. I turn around to watch the store for anyone needing help.

Customer’s Friend: “Hey!”

I turn to face him.

Me: “Yes?”

Customer’s Friend: “Don’t you do it. Don’t you say anything bad about yourself.”

I try to placate him.

Me: “All right. I am awesome, then.”

Customer’s Friend: “I have a friend who does that all the time. I get so angry at him. You should never self-defecate yourself.”

I blink for a second in shocked hilarity.

Me: “I won’t, sir, I promise.”

It took me a second to decipher what he meant from what he actually said. After he left the store, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate response than embarrassed laughter.

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Making A Spectacle Of Himself

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I am alone at work while my coworker is on her lunch break. A male customer has been browsing glasses for quite some time. He eventually picks out a pair and approaches me.

Me: “Hello, sir, how can I help?”

Customer: “I’d like these, please.”

Me: “Certainly. Do you have an up-to-date glasses prescription with you?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, so, do we perhaps have one on our records for you, then?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Ah, right then. So, were you looking to book an appointment for a sight test today, instead?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: *Becoming more uncertain* “Did you just want the frame without prescription lenses maybe?”

Customer: “I want a pair of spectacles!”

Me: *Slightly taken aback* “Um… Well, without a prescription, I don’t think we’re able to help you today, I’m afraid.”

The customer sniffs and clenches his fists. For a few seconds, I think he is going to throw his chosen frames at me. Eventually, he just throws them down on the desk in front of me and storms out.

Me: “Have a nice day, then?”

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